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Kevin MacDonald on Nordfront Radio

November 6, 2015


From the description (rough translation):

Macdonald, who is a professor of psychology at California State University-Long Beach, is best known for his use of evolutionary psychology to explain Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy.

He says among other things that some characteristic traits he attributes to the Jews, such as ethnocentrism, has been achieved by eugenics in history, with the aim to oust non-Jews and to reduce the confidence and power of white Europeans in Europe and the United States.

The show included: Professor Kevin Macdonald’s background and what led him to take an interest in evolutionary psychology and jew group evolutionary strategy. His vision of Jews as a group evolutionary entity. His view of Russia and jew-American foreign policy. What kind of future he sees if we do not break the trend. What he considers important for white people to focus on.

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