President Trump Trolls ‘Liddle Adam Schiff the Leakin’ Monster’ After Mueller’s Indictment Reveals Russians Began Interference Operation in 2014

On Friday, the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced that a grand jury indicted 13 Russian nationals, along with 3 Russian entities, accused of “supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump … and disparaging Hillary Clinton.”

The 37-page indictment was a big fat nothingburger.

Not only was Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians completely pathetic, it revealed these Russians started organizing their campaign in 2014, well before Donald Trump became president.

Ranking member of the House Intel Committee and suspected leaker, Adam Schiff (D-CA) called out Obama on Sunday for not acknowledging the ‘Russian interference’ sooner.

On Sunday, Adam Schiff said on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’, “At the time, we could get the Obama administration to acknowledge the Russian interference,” stating Obama’s response was not “sufficient.”

Schiff also attacked POTUS Trump and said, “None of that is an excuse for this president to sit on his hands. It is inexplicable for the president of the United States to sit on sanctions that Congress passed.”

President Trump unleashed a tweetstorm on Sunday and dedicated a couple of tweets to “Liddle Adam Schiff, the leakin’ monster of no control.”

Trump tweeted: Finally, Liddle’ Adam Schiff, the leakin’ monster of no control, is now blaming the Obama Administration for Russian meddling in the 2016 Election. He is finally right about something. Obama was President, knew of the threat, and did nothing. Thank you Adam!

Trump then hammered Schiff and Crooked Hillary Clinton.

Now that Adam Schiff is starting to blame President Obama for Russian meddling in the election, he is probably doing so as yet another excuse that the Democrats, lead by their fearless leader, Crooked Hillary Clinton, lost the 2016 election. But wasn’t I a great candidate?

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#MAGA: Pastor Mark Burns Announces Congressional Campaign

Is South Carolina cucked enough to elect Mark Burns to replace Trey Gowdy? YES.

Imagine still thinking you are going to reform the GOP … with Senator Mitt Romney and Rep. Mark Burns.

San Francisco Welcomes Giant Inflatable Trump Chicken for President’s Day

Trump Chicken (Mandel Ngam / AFP / Getty)
Anti-Trump protesters in San Francisco launched a giant rubber inflatable chicken with hair resembling that of President Donald Trump and wearing a mock prison uniform near Alcatraz Island on Saturday afternoon.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid: ‘Fox News Has Decided the Grist for the Ratings Mill Is Black People’

Joy Reid
Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” host Joy Reid discussed the back and forth between LeBron James and Fox News host Laura Ingraham. Reid declared Fox News had decided “grist for the ratings mill is black people.” Reid said, “There is this extent to which Fox News has decided that the grist for the ratings mill is black people, black NFL players, black NBA players. You had Eminem make a music video attacking Donald Trump — that’s not interesting to them. The grist is always black and brown people because they know that it sells.” She continued, “All they do all day and all night is find black people to put on TV and say, point and point and point and look at them.” She added, “It’s literally throw off your inhibitions, if you have these feelings about black and brown people or Jewish people, let your freak flag fly.” Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN

Rush Limbaugh: I’ll Support ‘Amnesty’ for Illegal Immigrants If They ‘Can’t Vote for 15 to 25 Years’

Rush Limbaugh
On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” nationally syndicated conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said Democrats want to increase their voters by granting citizenship to illegal immigrants. He proposed “permanent citizenship to whatever number of illegal immigrants there are in the country” if you will make as part of a deal “they can’t vote for 15 to 25 years.” Partial transcript as follows: WALLACE: All right, let’s move on to immigration. The Senate voted down four proposals this week, everything from the president’s basic plan to a  bipartisan plan. On your radio show, you recently said that you would be willing to grant citizenship to all of the dreamers in return for full funding for the border wall. And at a certain point, after a lot of pressure, the Democrats seemed to agree to that of the president demanded  more. So what’s — what’s going on here? LIMBAUGH: Well, this is actually take a lot to unpack. I don’t — it’s a political issue that the Democrats do not want solved.  Well — all this is, is an effort by the Democrat Party to provide for themselves a current underclass. They need a permanent underclass that is  dependent on the government for their survival. That’s why they

Joe Kennedy se mofa de los ‘pensamientos y oraciones’ en Al Punto

<p>El congresista Joe Kennedy compareció en el semanario político Al Punto de la cadena Univision para ser presentado como un presidenciable en el 2020, y no perdió tiempo en mofarse de las reacciones de muchos de sus paisanos ante la tragedia.</p>

Media, LeBron Take Aim at Ingraham Over ‘Shut up and Dribble’ Remarks

<p>Left-stream media are circling the wagons around LeBron "King" James, a "political commentator disguised as an NBA star," after Fox News' Laura Ingraham told him and basketball player Kevin Durant on Thursday to "shut up and dribble." Her comment came on the Ingraham Angle Fox News show the same day they criticized President Donald Trump. Since the two athletes in question are black, the media verdict on Ingraham is, to the surprise of no one, that she's a "racist." "Ignorant," too.</p>

Joe Kennedy Joins Al Punto, Mocks ‘Thoughts and Prayers’

<p>U.S. Rep.Joe Kennedy came on Univision's Sunday political-affairs show Al Punto in order to be touted as a 2020 presidential candidate, and wasted no mocking the reactions of a significant portion of his fellow countrymen in the face of tragedy.</p>

RUSH LIMBAUGH: All of This Spying on Trump Happened with Obama’s Knowledge and Probably Encouragement (Video)

EIB Network radio host and best-selling author Rush Limbaugh joined Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday this morning.

Rush weighed in on the Mueller witch hunt today during his discussion with Chris Wallace.

Rush said the DOJ’s Special Counsel’s purpose is to destroy President Trump.

Rush Limbaugh also said Hillary was not charged with crimes because then they would have to indict Barack Obama who “probably” encouraged the spying on Donald Trump.

Rush Limbaugh: It is about protecting Hillary AND Obama. Obama is the primary person being protected. Because all of this spying and all of this collusion to destroy Trump happened with his knowledge and probably encouragement. And the reason Hillary isn’t charged is because that would mean Obama would have to be exposed in participating in this scheme too.

Via FOX News Sunday:

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Donald Trump Fuels Viral ‘Loser CNN’ Meme

“The Fake News of big ratings loser CNN,” Trump wrote, retweeting a cartoon image of an old Wolf Blitzer searching for evidence of Russian collusion.

ABC’s Raddatz Hands Over Control of Show to Radical Anti-Gunners

<p>ABC News gave up any illusion that they were going to objectively cover the Parkland school shooting on Sunday when fill-in host Martha Raddatz relinquished control of <em>This Week</em> to radical anti-gun activists. Between students claiming the GOP had blood on their hands and claims the NRA was sponsoring the shootings, and letting a Democratic Congressman control the debate and grill a Republican, it was clear ABC stood against gun rights.</p>

Trey Gowdy Voices Support of Bump Stock Ban After Florida School Shooting

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
During the February 18 airing of Face the Nation Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) voiced support for banning bump stocks in the wake of the Florida school shooting.

J.J. Abrams: ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Critics Felt ‘Threatened’ by Women

HOLLYWOOD, CA - DECEMBER 14: Director J.J. Abrams attends the World Premiere of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at the Dolby, El Capitan, and TCL Theatres on December 14, 2015 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)
J.J. Abrams has a theory about why some critics of 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' disliked the film so intensely.

J.J. Abrams: ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Critics Felt ‘Threatened’ by Women

HOLLYWOOD, CA - DECEMBER 14: Director J.J. Abrams attends the World Premiere of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at the Dolby, El Capitan, and TCL Theatres on December 14, 2015 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)
J.J. Abrams has a theory about why some critics of 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' disliked the film so intensely.

Gay Olympian who Bashed Vice President Pence, to Serve As NBC Correspondent for Rest of PyeongChang Games

Adam Rippon may not have succeeded in getting Vice President Pence removed as the head of the U.S. Olympic delegation, however, the considerable publicity the figure skater generated while bashing the VP seems and being among the first two openly gay Olympians in U.S. Winter Olympics history, has landed him a spot at NBC.

AG Sessions Defends FBI Director Wray After Calls for His Resignation Following Florida Mass Murder (VIDEO)

Attorney General Jeff Sessions went on with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.

Sessions spoke to Maria after another week where Americans learned the FBI ignored calls to investigate mass murdered Nikolas Cruz at least two times before last Wednesday’s Florida school shooting.

Florida Governor Rick Scott called on Wray to step down on Friday after it was reported the FBI ignored calls to investigate killer Nikolas Cruz.

Sessions defended FBI Director Christopher Wray on Sunday.

AG Jeff Sessions: We are setting a tone of professionalism and responsibility and lawfulness in this department. We expect it in every member. We got a new FBI director. A new Deputy FBI Director… Chris Wray is a man of integrity and decency.

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AG Sessions Defends Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Wray After Another Week of Deep State Failures (VIDEO)

Failed Attorney General Jeff Sessions went on with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.

Sessions spoke to Maria after another week where Americans learned the FBI ignored calls to investigate mass murdered Nikolas Cruz at least two times before last Wednesday’s Florida school shooting.

AG Sessions defended Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is currently running the DOJ, and FBI Director Christopher Wray..

Florida Governor Rick Scott called on Wray to step down on Friday after it was reported the FBI ignored calls to investigate killer Nikolas Cruz.

When asked about recent attacks by Newt Gingrich Sessions defended the Department of Justice, Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein.

AG Jeff Sessions: We have the responsibility to ensure the integrity of this process. I am going to use my authority as the Attorney General to ensure that. But the management of this case which I recused is in the hands of Mr. Mueller and supervised by the acting Attorney General of this investigation Rod Rosenstein, a proven professional in Deputy Attorney General.

This comes after Rod Rosenstein screamed at and threatened Intel Chairman Devin Nunes just a few weeks ago during a private meeting.

Sessions then defended FBI Director Christopher Wray.

AG Jeff Sessions: We are setting a tone of professionalism and responsibility and lawfulness in this department. We expect it in every member. We got a new FBI director. A new Deputy FBI Director… Chris Wray is a man of integrity and decency.

This was a shocking interview by the failed Attorney General.

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Rush Limbaugh on Florida Shooting: Gun-Free School Zones Mean Only the Attacker Is Armed

Cory Doctorow/Flickr
During the February 18 airing of Fox News Sunday Rush Limbaugh referenced the Florida shooting and observed that gun-free school zones mean that attackers are the only ones who are armed.

Media Fawn Over North Korea

On January 17, NBC’s Joe Scarborough tweeted an image of Stalin, with the words, “Free press is the despot’s enemy.”

A few weeks after this weet, several American mainstream media outlets approvingly covered the propaganda efforts of North Korea at the Olympics. The star of this effort was Kim Yo Jong, the sister of the Kim Jong Un. She didn’t say a word to the media but was promptly proclaimed a breakout star by the press, garnering positive reviews from the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and other media outlets which have been merciless towards their own president, Donald J. Trump.

Even the “Democratic People Republic of Korea News,” (@DPRK_News) a satirical Twitter account that posts amusing articles in the style of propaganda blasts, temporarily broke character in to condemn the reporters who were falling so obviously for a propaganda offensive, as political commentators such as Frankl Luntz noticed. (@DPRK_News deleted the tweets after a few hours, the better to continue fooling mainstream media outlets who occasionally quote it as if it is actually from North Korea.)

Contra Joe Scarborough’s sanctimonious tweet above, covering for foreign tyrants is a long tradition for American reporters, especially during the Stalin era. The most notorious example is Walter Duranty of the New York Times, who ran interference for the Soviet government during the purges and famines of the early 1930s.

As he wrote in 1932, as millions were dying from man-made famines:

Enemies and foreign critics can say what they please. Weaklings and despondents at home may groan under the burden, but the youth and strength of the Russian people is essentially at one with the Kremlin’s program, believes it worthwhile and supports it, however hard be the sledding.

Such coverage is a notable contrast to largely anti-Russian tone of most media outlets today.

One of the Beltway Right’s most noteworthy columnists believes he has the explanation. Ben Shapiro is now a regular contributor at National Review and has been promoted by the leftist press as a leading conservative voice. Mr. Shapiro specializes in making incisive observations about the way progressives operate and then shepherding readers back into the world of conventional conservative politics. He displays his usual tactics in “Why the Media Is Fawning Over North Korea.”

Mr. Shapiro starts with some valid criticism of leftist reporters. He points out how journalists have been shrieking for years about how President Donald Trump must never be “normalized,” yet they fell all over themselves to normalize perhaps the most repressive regime on the planet—which recently murdered American Otto Warmbrier. Mr. Shapiro also scores when he notes how the same celebrities and journalists who think it is heroic to show disrespect for the American national anthem were outraged when Vice President Mike Pence refused to stand for the North Korean anthem.

Finally, Mr. Shapiro is absolutely right in decrying how the same reporters and feminists who pretend the Trump Administration is imposing patriarchal society out of The Handmaid’s Tale are suddenly charmed by the North Korean cheering squad. “Now such costumes are cute and funny, and the Stepford-wives smiles pasted on the faces of the victims of an authoritarian state are somehow cause for celebration,” he writes.

Perhaps the most prominent example of this seeming reversal in the use of patriarchal imagery has to be a column from Molly Roberts at the Washington Post. She blamed the White House for sending Vice President Mike Pence and thus ensuring a North Korean propaganda success. Vice President Pence, she wrote, was an “oh-so-manly statesman whose view of his craft makes no room for the opposite sex,” and therefore liberal reporters can’t be totally blamed for their desire to “celebrate a powerful woman,” in this case, Kim Yo Jung. While Molly Roberts admitted the reaction to Kim Yo Jong reeked of pro-female “stereotyping,” and had reservations about “hailing a totalitarian dignitary as a female hero,” she still pinned the blame on the vice president. “Pence’s record on women made his attempt to lord it over one likely to backfire,” she wrote, incoherently. Even when American journalists write about the patriarchy, authoritarianism, and kitsch of a totalitarian foreign regime, they have to blame conservative white men.

What Mr. Shapiro did not point out, but would undoubtedly agree with, is that the media’s blind spot extends to the North Korean regime’s racial policies. As chronicled in the book The Cleanest Race by B.R. Myers, North Korea is bound together by a certain sense of blood loyalty more than any kind of Communist dogma or Juche ideology. The North Korean regime’s efforts to protect the racial and cultural purity of the Korean people is an important part of the government’s legitimacy. According to Mr. Myers, the North Korean regime now admits South Korea has been more successful in pursuing economic growth, but only at the cost of becoming what North Korea portrays as a decadent cultural colony of the United States and its globalist system. Indeed, some white advocates also have sympathy for North Korea for this reason, something you would expect liberal reporters, who are so fond of playing guilt-by-association, to seize upon and use against the regime.

Mr. Shapiro’s explanation for why reporters fell for North Korea’s propaganda efforts is thin. “They have a century-long history of fawning over leftist dictators,” he writes, citing positive coverage for Ho Chi Minh, Mao Zedong, and Hugo Chavez. “Mix the pure awe the media feel at collectivist displays with more than a touch of fetishism of the exotic, and then combine that with media antipathy to limited-government principles, and you get a peculiar warmth toward some of the worst people on earth,” he explains.

But “antipathy to limited-government principles” is an inadequate explanation. Indeed, the American press is extremely negative towards some foreign regimes it accuses of “authoritarianism.” For example, the Washington Post has run a long series of articles and editorials claiming Hungary is becoming an authoritarian state, including:

The New York Times has taken a similar line, with stories and columns including:

Or consider the American media’s largely hostile treatment of Poland.

Articles and columns about Poland in the New York Times include:

This last is from the Times Editorial Board as a whole.

The Washington Post takes a similar line on Poland, with its Editorial Board declaring, “Poland’s autocratic counterrevolution draws nearer,” accusing the “right-wing nationalist” government of wanting to “dismantle the core institutions of a free society.” Certainly, the mainstream media did not feel “pure awe” at the “collectivist display” of Poland’s recent mass Independence Day march. Many America media outlets condemned it.

The error Mr. Shapiro makes is typical of conservatives. He thinks the “what” of politics, the policies and system of government, is more important than the “who” of politics, the question of what group benefits. The mainstream media seem quite willing to tolerate authoritarianism and strong government if they are in the service of non-whites. They condemn Russia, Poland, and Hungary, not because they oppose “limited government principles,” but because they see their governments as acting openly in the interests of white populations and traditional Western values.

North Korea won praise because its military adventurism, over-the-top nationalism and frank racial chauvinism ostensibly benefit nonwhites. Hungary, Poland and Russia are far more libertarian than North Korea, and arguably more than some Western countries that regulate political speech, such as Germany. Yet in recent months, these right-leaning governments are receiving worse press than North Korea. If you are viewing this from the perspective of “limited government principles,” this makes no sense. But viewed from the perspective of race and culture, it makes perfect sense. And as long as Beltway Right mouthpieces such as Mr. Shapiro fail to notice this, conservatives will remain unable to combat media bias.

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Russia: Gunman Kills Churchgoers at Folk Festival in Muslim-majority Dagestan

A gunman has killed four women and injured three others, including police officers, at a folk festival in the Russian republic of Dagestan.

Kasich: Trump Tweeting FBI Missed FL Shooter Warning Because of Russia an ‘Absurd Statement’

John Kasich
Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) said President Donald Trump’s tweet saying the FBI missed the warning on Florida shooter because they are working on the Russia investigation is an “absurd statement.” Very sad that the FBI missed all of the many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter. This is not acceptable. They are spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign – there is no collusion. Get back to the basics and make us all proud! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 18, 2018 Partial transcript as follows: BASH: You’re talking a lot about Congress. They’re obviously is a man sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the president, and historically presidents do take on leadership roles on issues like this. President Trump tweeted overnight that it’s very sad that the FBI missed signals about the florida shooter because they were spending too much time trying to prove collusion with Russia. what’s your reaction to that? KASICH: I don’t agree with that. I think it’s an absurd statement. OK? Absurd. the fact of the matter is, the FBI apparently made a terrible mistake and people should be held accountable but we

FL Shooting Survivor: We Want to Create a ‘Badge of Shame’ for Any Politicians Accepting Money from the NRA

Cameron Kasky
Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” students who survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL that left 17 dead discussed their plans to have a nationwide protest march to hold politicians who accept money from the National Rifle Association (NRA) accountable. Cameron Kasky, said,”The reason we are starting March for our Lives and doing this on March 24 is we’ve been hearing a lot that this is not the time to talk about gun control and we can respect that. We’ve lost people. It’s important to mourn. Here’s the time to talk about gun March 24. My message for the people in office is, you’re either with us or against us. We are losing our lives while the adults are playing around. And we have received endless support from your generation, and we thank everybody for that immensely because we really appreciate it. We don’t need you. On March 24, you are going to be seeing students in every single major city marching, and we have our lives on the line here and at the end of the day that is going to be what’s bringing us to victory and to making some sort of right out

Sen. Lankford Corrects Chuck Todd: Handguns Far More Popular for Crime Than AR-15s

During a February 18 appearance on NBC's Meet the Press, Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) told Chuck Todd that handguns are used for crime far more often than AR-15s.

ABC, NBC Eagerly Tout ‘Angry’ Students’ New Gun Control Efforts

<p>The liberal media flocked to a gun control rally that was held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Saturday in the wake of the Parkland school shooting. They were eager to spread the group’s message and during their Sunday morning shows, ABC’s <em>Good Morning America</em> and NBC’s <em>Sunday Today</em> hyped the new wave of “student activism” and claimed they had the “momentum here.”</p>

Justice vs. Power

Donald Trump speaks in 2015 at a meeting of Jews organized by the Jewish newspaper The Algemeiner. Jewish groups are attempting to build a world in which they are a ruling class and Whites no longer exist. (Ironically, the decoration of this theatre, the Capitale on Bowery, includes swastika ornamentation…

STUNNING: Mueller Patched Together Much of His Indictment from 2015 Radio Free Europe Article

After sixteen months of investigations and over a year-and-a-half of the FBI and Obama administration spying on Donald Trump, his family, his business, his campaign, his transition team and his administration — Special Counsel Robert Mueller dropped an absolute nothing-burger on Friday in announcing charges against Russian operatives who sullied the US election process during the 2016 election and following Donald Trump’s victory.

The indictment named 13 Russian operatives from the internet Research Center LLC. in St. Petersburg who attempted to “interfere” with the 2016 US presidential election.

The full report is here.

But this information is nothing new.

It appears Mueller and his team of far left attorneys copied much of their report from an earlier RFE article.

4chan has a thread alleging Robert Mueller and his high-priced sham investigators got all the names and the idea for his Russian indictment from a 2015 Radio Free Europe article.

We plugged the article into Google translate (It’s in Ukrainian), and the article reads like the Mueller indictment.

Here is the Mueller indictment describing the Internet Research Agency LLC:

And here is the RFE article from 2015:

For the third year, first in St. Petersburg, in the village of Ol’hina, and then in the city itself, on the street Savushkina, in the building number 55 there is a mysterious organization, which is officially called the Limited Liability Company Internet Research, and unofficially nicknamed by its employees, the so-called “Kremlin trolls”, “the Ministry of Truth” .

The official founder and director general of this organization is the retired militia colonel Mikhail Bystrov , and is funded by the Concord holding, headed by friend and chef of President Vladimir Putin Yevgeny Prigozhin . Since 2000, this holding organizes banquets in the Kremlin, as well as cooperates with “Vointorg” and the Ministry of Defense.

In the “Trust Ministry”, approximately 400 people, who change one at a time for 12 hours, sit around the computer around the clock and write in blogs – mostly in “Live Journal” or “VKontakte”. There are several departments. In one they are engaged in the blogosphere, in another they are preparing TK – technical tasks, in the third one – they comment on the news in Russian and foreign media , in the fourth – mount photos in the photoshop, forcing, say, heads of Navalny and Obama to the bodies of animals, and so on.

The article even has a photo of the Ministry of Justice headquarters on Savushkin Street in St. Petersburg–

It appears the hotshot liberal Mueller team produced their report with the help of a report written back in 2015.

And there’s this…

The Russian ads mentioned in Mueller’s indictment were already released by the House Intelligence Committee in November 2017.

Facebook previously announced the Russian ads comprised .004% of their advertising during the election.

As previously reported…
The House Intelligence Committee released a sampling of Facebook ads linked to Russia. One of the ads released was a sponsored post for the Nov. 12 anti-Trump march at Union Square against Trump in New York City after the election.

Mueller’s Friday indictment was a nothing-burger that contained information previously reported.

They have nothing.

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‘Outrageous’: Netanyahu Slams Polish Prime Minister’s Claim Jews Helped Perpetrate the Holocaust

Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu (Gali Tibbon / AFP / Getty)
TEL AVIV - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday slammed Polish counterpart Mateusz Morawiecki’s “outrageous” remark that Jews helped perpetrate the Holocaust, saying that the comment highlighted the Polish prime minister's insensitivity.

Sweden Democrats Promise to Reduce Asylum Numbers to Zero and End Chain Migration

The anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats (SD) have promised to reduce both asylum claims and chain migration -- or 'family reunification' -- to zero, and pledged to turn the migration board into a "remigration" board.

WashPost Spin: Trump Doesn’t Really Like Victims, He Prefers First Responders

<p>John Sexton at Hot Air pinpointed an obnoxious <em>Washington Post</em> article on President Trump visiting the victims of the Parkland school shooting. <em>Post</em> reporter Josh Dawsey openly editorialized that Trump doesn't care about victims as much as he wants to praise cops and first responders, and suggested that maybe Trump didn't meet with victims (despite Trump posting hospital pictures on Twitter).</p>

Integration . . . Disintegration

The Burden of Brown, Raymond Wolters, University of Tennessee Press, 1984 (paperback edition 1992), 346 pp., $14.95

The most unjustifiable excesses of “civil rights” — affirmative action, busing, racially gerrymandered voting districts — have invariably been the work of the U.S. Supreme Court. Nine unelected justices have repeatedly endorsed ruinous policies that flouted the Constitution, the Congress, and the will of the American people. In The Burden of Brown, Professor Raymond Wolters of the University of Delaware chronicles the formulation of one of those ruinous policies: the mandatory racial mixing that destroyed the American public school system.

The Burden of Brown by Raymond Wolters

The United States has a written Constitution that is supposed to be the basis for all laws. There is a procedure for amending it. However, in Professor Wolters’ view, Supreme Court justices have essentially appointed themselves as a standing constitutional convention. On matters of race and education, they have ignored the framers’ intent and simply draped their own liberal values in constitutional language.

The mischief began in 1954 with the Court’s famous decision in Brown v. Topeka Board of Education, which Professor Wolters calls one of the most important events in recent American history. As is well known, this ruling repudiated the 1896 decision of Plessy v. Ferguson, which established that the races could be separated if they were treated equally.

The Supreme Court ruled that separate schools were inherently unequal, but this is not necessarily so. In fact, the NAACP had successfully sued many districts and forced them to give black schools equal facilities. Professor Wolters notes that in many segregated districts, black schools were better appointed and black teachers were better paid than their white counterparts. Whites were willing to pay higher school taxes in order to maintain separate instruction.

The Court’s assumption about the inequality of separateness was based largely on the work of Kenneth Clark, a black sociologist. In a famous experiment, Dr. Clark had shown black children a white doll and a black doll, and asked them to pick the one they liked. Most picked the white doll, and Dr. Clark argued that segregated schools made blacks feel inferior.

What Dr. Clark did not publicize was the fact that when black children attending integrated schools in Massachusetts were given the same test, they chose the white doll more often than did southern blacks attending segregated schools! The Supreme Court was persuaded by Dr. Clark’s data and searched the Constitution for a way to order school integration. They found it in the 14th amendment, which requires that states give all citizens equal protection under the law.

However, to read this amendment as forbidding segregated schools was an act of pure imagination. The same 1866 Congress that passed the amendment established racially segregated schools in the District of Columbia. Twenty-three of the 37 states then in the Union also had legally segregated schools and did not desegregate them after ratifying the amendment. Neither Congress nor the states saw any contradiction between equal protection and racial separation. The Brown decision forced upon the 14th amendment concepts alien to the men who had written and ratified it.

Massive Resistance

One of the great strengths of The Burden of Brown is that in explaining the machinations of the Court, Professor Wolters describes in fascinating detail what the ruling meant to real people in real schools. By the time Brown was decided, it was a consolidation of suits filed in five different districts. Professor Wolters recounts the depredations of 30 years of integration in each of them. It is startling to realize what has changed since the 1950s — and what has not.

One thing that has certainly changed is the extent to which whites are willing to mobilize to defend their own racial interests. One of the districts to which Brown immediately applied was Prince Edward County in Virginia, a state that briefly mounted what was called “massive resistance” to integration.

The governor, Lindsay Almond, insisted states have the right to resist unlawful federal tyranny. Under his guidance, the state legislature voted to withhold funds from any school that integrated and to issue tuition vouchers for students to use in private schools.

In 1958, when federal judges ordered integration, the state cut off funds and the schools closed. Many students found places in private schools, but others were left in the lurch. The next year, the Virginia supreme court ruled that the state constitution required the operation of public schools, and pronounced the closures illegal. Governor Almond, realizing that the only way to forestall integration was to defy the court and keep all schools closed, gave up and agreed to integrate.

However, as Professor Wolters points out, massive resistance collapsed only because whites broke ranks. Whites who lived in areas with few blacks were the first to capitulate. They assumed that a trickle of blacks would not ruin their schools, and they were not willing to hold out for the benefit of districts in which whites would be swamped. Also, it is important to remember that in the late 1950s, no one had heard of busing. Everyone thought that desegregation simply meant the removal of racial barriers so that blacks who wanted to cross them could. If the Virginians in their safe suburbs had known that blacks would one day be bused into their midst from the slums, they might have fought on against the federal government.

The whites of Prince Edward County, 65 miles southwest of Richmond, did fight on. There were more black than white students in the county, and whites had good reason to fear integration. Blacks were not only far behind whites in academic subjects, they were 14 times more likely to have venereal diseases and ten times more likely to have illegitimate children. Whites feared that racial mixing could lead to miscegenation.

The county therefore closed its public schools and reduced property taxes to offset the difference. With a tremendous outpouring of unity, whites built private schools — first in temporary quarters and then in sturdy, permanent buildings. Contractors donated materials, parents volunteered time, and a private, all-white school system known as Prince Edward Academy was born.

Whites offered to set up similar schools for blacks, where students could spend their vouchers just as whites did. On the advice of the NAACP, the blacks refused. It made much better copy for liberal newspapers if blacks were left with no schools at all; idle children made whites look like cruel bigots.

Prince Edward County was free to act as it did because counties were not under a state constitutional obligation to provide public instruction. As it happened, the public schools stood empty from 1959 to 1964 — longer than anyone had anticipated. When President John Kennedy took office he urged foundations and big corporations to donate money and materials for public schools. The Free Schools, as they were called, opened with great fanfare in 1963, with per pupil expenditures twice as high as those at the Academy.

Finally, in 1964, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that since Prince Edward County had closed its public schools solely to evade an integration order, it must reopen them. Of course, there is nothing in the Constitution that forbids doing something legal for the sole purpose of avoiding something illegal — people do it all the time — but legalities scarcely mattered since segregationists had to be taught a lesson. Even some liberals worried that the Court was exercising tyrannical powers by ordering a county to raise taxes and spend money against its will.

Prince Edward County obeyed the Court. Per pupil spending at the reopened public schools was slightly more than at Prince Edward Academy, but blacks still complained that it was less than at the Free Schools.

The county has continued with its two school systems. The voucher system was, of course, struck down by the courts and whites had to reach into their own pockets for tuition. Most were glad to. During the 1970s, while the national average SAT scores dropped by nine percent, scores at the Academy rose by five percent. As graffiti, vandalism, and violence spread through integrated schools, they were practically unknown at Prince Edward Academy. Unlike students elsewhere who locked up their belongings for fear of theft, academy students left things wherever they liked. As the rest of the country plunged into the blackboard jungle of the 1970s and 1980s, the academy retained the civility and demeanor of the 1950s.

Across the Country

Professor Wolters’ accounts of what happened in the other districts directly affected by Brown are equally illuminating and well told. In Washington (DC) there was little resistance to integration; whites simply vanished.

During the brief, initial collision whites were astonished at the language of blacks. One school principal said that he “heard colored girls at the school use language that was far worse than I have ever heard, even in the Marine Corps.” At Theodore Roosevelt High School, blacks shouted so many obscenities at cheer leaders during the 1954-5 school year that the school switched to boy cheer leaders. Blacks were notorious for pawing white girls in the halls. Noting that black high school students were 23 times more likely to have venereal disease than whites, some principals stopped having school dances.

Some things never seem to change. The Washington Post used to sponsor an annual football game between the champions of the public schools and the parochial schools. By 1962, the public league was almost all black and the parochial league was almost all white. That year, when the black team lost, thousands of blacks poured onto the field, brandishing sticks and shouting “Get the whites.” In the two hour brawl that followed, all but 30 of the 346 injured were white. Newspapers solemnly reported that race had nothing to do with the melee.

As the DC school district turned black, standards plummeted. In 1976, the valedictorian at one high school was in the 39th national percentile in verbal ability and in the 16th percentile in math. Schools saw the inevitable increase in shootings, muggings, knifings, rapes, etc.

Another Brown district was in South Carolina. Here, whites mounted a full-blown court case against integration based on the view that blacks were intellectually inferior to whites and that the gap in inherent ability was wide enough to justify separate education. No matter how good their case, the South Carolinians were in the awkward position of asking a district court to overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling in Brown. This the lower court refused to do, and the state became the last to integrate its schools. As happened all across the country, whites promptly left the public schools which, when left to blacks, descended into chaos.

During this time, it was common for Southerners to argue that if Northerners only had blacks in their midst they would understand the folly of school integration. Senator Richard Russell of Georgia even advocated a plan to pay black families $1,500 each if they would move to the North and show Yankees just what a scourge they were. Robert Patterson, founder of the anti-integration Citizens’ Councils used to argue that a sure cure for integration was a stiff dose of Negroes.

The Burden of Green

Of course, Northerners got their comeuppance when the Supreme Court decided that schools must not merely be open to all races but that students had to be forced to mingle whether they wanted to or not. This resulted in the nightmare of busing, which wracked Boston and Louisville as much as it did any city in the South.

As Professor Wolters explains, until 1968, when the Supreme Court once again decided to amend the Constitution, virtually everyone thought that the Brown decision required only the dismantling of legal segregation. Black students who had been denied admission to white schools now had the right to attend them. All that the NAACP asked in 1954 was that race be disregarded when students were assigned to schools. No one dreamed that race could be made the primary criterion for assigning students to schools in order to mix the races.

That, however, was the result of Green v. New Kent County. After the failure of “massive resistance” this Virginia county had duly ended legal segregation. It allowed all students to attend the schools of their choice and provided free transportation to make this possible. However, no whites transferred to black schools and only a few blacks transferred to white schools. Though the system was no longer legally segregated, most children of both races still had classmates of the same race.

The Court held the then-fashionable view that unless the races were thoroughly mixed they could not be properly educated. As Judge J. Skelly Wright had written in a 1967 lower court decision, “Racially and socially homogeneous schools damage the minds and spirits of all students who attend them.” He wrote that schools should “produce attitudes of tolerance and mutual sharing,” and had visions of “Negro and white children playing innocently together in the schoolyard.”

By no stretch of the imagination can the Constitution be read to allow the federal government to force black students to go to school with whites if blacks are free to do so but choose not to. And yet, in its wisdom and its bliss, the Supreme Court decreed that Americans could not be left with free choice if they did not exercise it in a way that brought the races together in promiscuous contact. The Court decided that the children of New Kent County must once again be assigned to schools on the basis of race, but this time in order to mix them rather than separate them.

Professor Wolters notes that on the day after the Court heard the oral arguments in Green v. New Kent County, Martin Luther King was assassinated. A wave of race riots swept the country as the Court deliberated. No doubt the justices thought their ruling benefited the country, but Professor Wolters quotes Daniel Webster: “It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions.” The folly of busing had begun.

One of the school districts that bore the full brunt of busing was New Castle County, Del., another Brown district that Professor Wolters describes in detail. This case was yet another striking triumph of rule by the judiciary.

New Castle County contains the city of Wilmington, whose schools had become black, dangerous, and ineffective, as well as a number of surrounding white suburbs that had good schools. There were 11 different school districts in the area, none of which practiced segregation but all of which reflected the essential racial homogeneity of their neighborhoods.

Professor Wolters explains that those who first brought the suit to disperse Wilmington’s black students throughout the county had two motives they did not reveal to the courts. First, they wanted whites to share the burden of dealing with troublesome blacks. Second, they thought that if the suburbs lost the advantage of having all-white schools, there would be less incentive for whites to shun Wilmington. Some might return to the city and property prices might recover. The argument they made to the Court, however, was the usual one about how racial separation was bad for education.

The Court’s 1978 ruling was a breathtaking intrusion on local autonomy. It dissolved the 11 separate districts and appointed a single school board for the entire 250 square-mile area. It also ordered that students, both black and white, be bused so that every school would reflect the 80:20 white-to-black ratio of the total student population.

In the suburbs, property taxes were raised 20 percent to pay for the costs of busing and to establish a new, uniform curriculum. White teachers attended dewy-eyed seminars on how to see themselves as “facilitators” rather than lecturers, who would teach “cooperation” as much as the three Rs and thereby raise the “self-esteem” of ghetto blacks. An “interfaith taskforce” was set up to prepare teachers for “empathetic listening” and “values clarification.” Big companies like DuPont, whose executives already sent their children to private schools, churned out propaganda in favor of the new plan.

Of course, shipping underclass thugs to the suburbs where “facilitators” greeted them with “empathetic listening” was no cure for delinquency. Along with the blacks came graffiti, false fire alarms, broken windows, theft, extortion, fights, and assaults on teachers. Gangs of thieves would clear out suburban lockers by the score and bring the booty home to Wilmington in school buses. Although blacks were only 20 percent of the student population, they accounted for 66 percent of all racial assaults.

Whites responded as they always do. In just the first four years, 35 of the 103 public schools in the area closed as whites cleared out. The number of private schools went from 44 to 78, and most had waiting lists and were bursting at the seams. Before busing, the suburban schools had a rich array of options for gifted students. After busing, these programs shriveled to nearly nothing, with all the old effort devoted to remedial education.

Judge Murray Schwartz had personally overseen the execution of the Supreme Court ruling. Three years after busing — to the hoots and jeers of angry whites — he took his own children out of public schools and sent them to private academies. Even Joseph Biden, the relentlessly liberal Democratic senator from Delaware, had to admit that the New Castle County plan was a failure.

New Castle County is a symbol for virtually every school district in which blacks were sent in large numbers to white schools. The schools deteriorated. Whites fled. Whites who cared about education had to pay for two school systems: a taxpayer-financed one for blacks and a privately financed one for themselves.

Did this upheaval accomplish anything? If racial mixing was the goal, it was a modest success in some areas. In others, the transition from free choice of schools to forced busing left schools more segregated than ever. Whites welcomed the motivated blacks who came to white schools for better educations. Civility and learning could not survive court-ordered bus loads of underclass truants.

What about the racial gap in test scores? As Professor Wolters explains, the media trumpeted the cheerful prediction that integration would help blacks and not harm whites. For a brief period this seemed true. Studies in the early 1960s showed that blacks in majority-white schools had slightly better test scores than blacks in all-black schools. Few people realized that this was because of free choice. It was smart, ambitious blacks who went to majority-white schools. They would have done better work than other blacks no matter where they studied.

Thirty years after Brown, which ravaged the public schools, emptied the cities of whites, and sowed chaos in the lives of millions of Americans, the brute facts remained unchanged: average black test scores were at the 15th percentile for whites. Black first-graders were still one year behind whites, and black high school students were still three years behind. Just as before integration, household income could not explain these gaps. Whites from the poorest families got higher test scores than blacks from the richest families.

The hopes of school integration foundered, as egalitarian hopes always do, on the unyielding facts of biology. The Supreme Court trampled the Constitution in the name of liberal pieties about the dominance of environment over genetics. Willful ignorance has a price and, as always, it was whites who paid it.

[Editor’s Note: This review appears in A Race Against Time: Racial Heresies for the 21st Century, a collection of some of the finest essays and reviews published by American Renaissance. It is available for purchase here.]

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