MILO: ‘The Patriarchy? Oh, You Mean Western Civilization’

In his talk at Ohio University on defining the patriarchy, MILO said that the patriarchy is syonymous with western civilization.

Spoiler Alert! Yuge Trump Announcement Leaked Early

Trump reveals new details on upcoming Trump administration.

Four Prominent Whistleblowers Throw Support Behind Pete Hegseth For Sec VA Position

Hegseth appears to be the most knowledgeable on the subject, of the names who are in consideration. Via Daily Caller: Four prominent whistleblowers are supporting Army veteran Pete Hegseth for the position of secretary of the Department of Veterans. In a letter sent Thursday to Trump Tower in Manhattan, Brandon Coleman, Ryan Honl, Joseph Colon, […]

Intersectional Alt-Right Live with Anglin and McFeels! LIVE LIVE LIVE!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 3, 2016

I’m on RIGHT NOW with D’Marcus and Ken.

And Jazzhands.

Thought I’d let yall know.

Tonight we host Andrew Anglin and Jazzhand McFeels and discuss the future of the Alt-Right and what strategies we can use going forward.


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Donald Trump Takes on China; Opens Communications with Taiwan

Donald Trump
President-elect Donald Trump spoke with President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan on Friday, who offered her congratulations on his victory and discussed the close economic, political, and security ties between the two countries.

It Ain’t Over Till Hillary (and Soros) Say It’s Over!

Guest post by Joe Hoft


As reported earlier, corrupt Hillary Clinton is not accepting her defeat in the recent Presidential election. Instead, in ways only the corrupt Clinton’s could conjure up, she put in place a process to steal the election.

It was clear when Jill Stein asked for recounts in three states won by President-elect Donald Trump in this year’s election (Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania) that Stein was not acting alone   The Clinton’s had somehow enticed her to do so.  For one, why did Stein select only these three states to do recounts  – states that if overturned would give Hillary the election?  Rampant voter fraud is also suspected in (Chicago) Illinois, California (illegals) and New York (NYC), so why did Stein only select those three Midwestern states for recounts if she was interested in the integrity of the voting system?

Secondly, where was the money coming from that went into Stein’s fundraising account?  We reported that payments from a ‘bot’ in the amount of $160,000 on the hour every hour during the first days of her ‘fundraising’ drive were being made.  Where did this money come from?

Thirdly, we reported that George Soros was behind the recount.  The corrupt plan to steal the election from President Trump began when a group of “scientists” claimed that the election results were hacked and suggested recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.  Even shamed pollster Nate Silver stated these allegations were wrong and that Michigan did mostly paper voting so computer tampering would not appear there.  Then it was uncovered that a member from the group of ‘scientists’ happens to be voting-rights attorney John Bonifaz who launched the National Voting Rights Institute In 1994 with Soros.  Bonifaz was the Institute’s President.

(Billionaire Soros, admited to helping the Nazis steal from Jews in WWII, was noted repeatedly in Wikileaks’ emails as the puppet master behind the corrupt Democrat Party, and is reportedly wanted by Russia dead or alive for being a threat to Russian security.)

The bigger question with the recounts is – how do the Clintons make the steal?  All the votes have to be certified by December 13 according to a report on Friday.  Some suspect that the recounts will be stalled to prevent these states votes being considered in the national election.  But under this scenario Clinton would still be losing to Trump in the electoral college by 260 (306 minus 46) to 232.

Another scenario is that these states will move to the Hillary column after the recounts are complete, which would give her the win.  But after the first day of recounts in Wisconsin, Hillary picked up only 1 vote.  The probability that Clinton could pick up more than 1,000 votes in any one state is very low, making it statistically impossible for Clinton to win enough votes in any one of these states, let alone all three, to steal the election.

One thing is for sure, when you are dealing with the Clintons, anything is possible.  Who could have predicted that Hillary would not be in jail already for Whitewater, Filegate, her Email scandal, the Clinton Foundation, etc…  

If the steal is in play, we will find out in the next couple weeks with election results due by December 13.  The Clintons (and Soros) can’t be gone soon enough.

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EndGame Exotica Dec. 02, 2016

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GEO = Geopolitical News

News & Views: Trump already saving American jobs?

Dec. 02, 2016GEOa

News & Views: Quickly reshoring American manufucturing?

Dec. 02, 2016GEOb

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It’s Official: AmRen is Russian Propaganda

Over the years, American Renaissance has been called many things, but name-calling has reached a new level of absurdity. Last week, the Washington Post introduced to its readers a website called that calls–along with some 200 other websites–“Russian propaganda outlets.” As the so-far anonymous people who run PropOrNot explain, these sites display “a pattern of behavior, by consistently, uncritically, and one-sidedly echoing, repeating, being used by, and redirecting their audiences to Russian official and semi-official state media.”

These miscreant websites reportedly appeal to “U.S. military veterans, Wall St. insiders and finance specialists, natural-food and health enthusiasts, racists, homophobes, peace activists, and politically-active Americans on both the right and left.” Liberals love what they call “intersectionality” and can find it most anywhere. What do AmRen and and have in common? We’re all tools of the Kremlin. PropOrNot generously notes that we may only be what they call “useful idiots” and not outright traitors: “Some people involved seem genuinely unaware that they are being used by Russia to produce propaganda, but many others seem to know full well.”

Just as we were scratching our heads over this, we got a call from Bill Boyarsky of, which is also on the list. Truthdig is openly “progressive,” and its editors are just as puzzled as we are to be called Putin propagandists. Mr. Boyarsky, a veteran journalist with decades of experience at the Los Angeles Times, is investigating PropOrNot, and wanted to hear our views. In a cordial conversation, in which we agreed to disagree on just about everything else, we had a good laugh over PropOrNot’s zany accusations. We should expect an in-depth report from Truthdig sometime early next week.

One of the joys of the Trump victory is watching lefties squirm. They were so sure of a Hillary victory, so sure they were on the triumphant side of history, that they are grasping for anything–and I mean anything–to explain defeat. The loons at PropOrNot actually think that sites such as AmRen and Truthdig, along with,,, the Drudge Report, and were part of “Russia’s attempts to influence the US election.” We were all circulating Russian-made anti-Hillary “fake news” to tip the election into the lap of Donald Trump, notorious Putin admirer. Defeat seems to have so unhinged some of the “fake news” sleuths that they have started cooking it up themselves.

What do we care? Thanks to these cranks, we have been getting an extra 40 or 50 clicks at every day. We look forward to being fingered for our key role in the conspiracy to ban aspirin, make Zoroastrianism the state religion, and move the Capital to Dubuque.

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National Bugle Radio: Slattery & Striker on Pizzagate, Tulsi Gabbard, and European Politics

Daily Stormer
December 2, 2016


Dr. Patrick Slattery and Eric Striker of the Daily Stormer had a conversation about the Washington pedophile scandal known as Pizzagate and why scandals like this can have political significance beyond tablid titilation. Then they went on to discuss Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard as by far the best candidate for Secretary of State. While she is not discussed much in the media, she is a favorite of Steve Bannon. Finally they talked about elections and electoral issues in Holland and France, both of which may be on the verge of electing nationalist, anti-EU leaders.


Youtube link

Varney: Democrats Still Believe Millions Are “RACIST, SEXIST DEPLORABLES” (VIDEO)


Stuart Varney did an analysis of the Hillary campaign’s reaction to their stunning loss in the election today. He broke it down perfectly and brought the Democratic Party into the mix as well. In Stuart’s opinion, they just don’t get it.

Here’s what he said:

“They just don’t get it. The Clinton camp clearly cannot come to terms with losing the election. Their disarray was on full display last night at a post election debate between the leaders of both campaigns. Why did Hillary lose? Robby Mook and Jennifer Palmeri from the Clinton camp offered the following explanations: Trump gave a platform for white supremacists. The FBI’s James Comey tipped the scales. The Russians fed Wikileaks damaging material.

That’s it. Not a word about Hillary’s lack of vision, her leftist policy ideas or failure to communicate with working families. Palmieri and Mook seemed to agree with Hillary’s branding of millions of Americans as racist, sexist deplorables who are irredeemable. That’s the way they see us.”

There’s more. Watch the whole thing:

Varney hit the nail on the head.

Democrats are completely out of touch with America and they can’t even see it!

Cross posted from American Lookout.

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Populist-Nationalist Tide Rolls On In Europe And The West

People of European stock--wherever they may live--have a right to independence and peaceful self-determination, to racial freedom and liberty, to separate development, to exclusive control of their ow...

Truth Will Out Radio: Censorship

Radio Aryan
December 2, 2016


Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise present an episode of Truth Will Out Radio devoted entirely to censorship. Starting with a message from Jez Turner urging us to send Christmas cards to prisoners of war, the two hosts then go through the various ways that the system seeks to censor us as Dennis recently had Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told removed from Youtube once again. This was carried out under the excuse of copyright violation, but it was really after a critic failed to find any other way to discredit it.

If they are unable to remove the content, then our enemies will try to remove our ability to receive funds or make transactions through pressuring payment processors like Paypal, LibraPay or Patreon. They will threaten to expose these companies for supporting hate and try to starve us into silence. This does not just happen to alternative media sites, mainstream ones like Breitbart and the Daily Mail have also recently been hit by advertisers such as Kelloggs and Lego withdrawing their funding in attempts to force them to lie about immigrants in their news stories.

The more support we get for our cause, the more the calls for censorship increase as the Left desperately tries to silence even the mildest of disagreement with globalism. There have been calls to ban Donald Trump from Twitter and even the Trump sub-Reddit has been shut down, when he can hardly be called an extremist. Dennis explains what happened to him when he went on Reddit and how they tried to hide the votes his documentary received, in an effort to keep it from hitting the monthly top spot.

Even the social pressure to conform contributes to keeping people silent, as we automatically self-censor our own thoughts to avoid stating forbidden words and concepts. It is obvious that Negroes are different to us, yet most White people will lie to themselves and claim that the difference is only skin deep, even while dogs are barking and babies screaming at the presence of one of these creatures.

The internet has given us a great chance to avoid censorship, but it is being handed over from America to the UN. Hopefully this will not mean an end to free speech on the net, as so long as there is at least one country that still protects it our propaganda will still be available. America does not look like it’s going to do away with the right to disagree any time soon, so we should be safe for the time being and the more the Left throws tantrums about it, the more they drive normies into our open arms.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Censorship – TWOR 120216

Download (59:58)

Truth Will Out Radio will be back next Friday on Radio Aryan at 3pm EDT/8pm BST.

See the daily radio schedule for more alt-right audio available for download.

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‘A Marine’s Marine’: Veteran Lawmakers Praise Gen. ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis’ Pick

Gen Mattis with Marines
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Some U.S. lawmakers who served in the military prior to joining Congress welcome President-elect Donald Trump’s appointment of retired Gen. James "Mad Dog" Mattis to be his secretary of defense, despite criticism that it breaks tradition of naming a civilian for the post.

‘A Marine’s Marine’: Veteran Lawmakers Praise Gen. ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis’ Pick

Gen Mattis with Marines
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Some U.S. lawmakers who served in the military prior to joining Congress welcome President-elect Donald Trump’s appointment of retired Gen. James "Mad Dog" Mattis to be his secretary of defense, despite criticism that it breaks tradition of naming a civilian for the post.

Amy Schumer to Star in Live-Action Movie ‘Barbie’

Actress Amy Schumer is currently in negations to play the staring role in the upcoming live-action film Barbie, which is being produced by Sony Pictures.

Report: Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson a Dark Horse Candidate for Trump Secretary of State

FILE - In this May 28, 2014 file photo, ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson listens to a reporter's question after the annual meeting ExxonMobil shareholders meeting in Dallas. Tillerson on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 said he expects the price of oil to remain low over the next two years because of ample global supplies and relatively weak economic growth (AP Photo/LM Otero, File)
McClatchy reports that president-elect Donald Trump may have a surprise pick for Secretary of State -- Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson -- rather than the big-name candidates who have received the most press speculation so far.

Good News! First Day Of Wisconsin Recount Nets Hillary…One Vote…

All she needs is 22,000 more… Via Daily Caller: The first day of Wisconsin’s presidential recount narrowed the gap between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President-elect Donald Trump by precisely one vote. Trump defeated Clinton in Wisconsin’s initial tally by about one percent, or just over 22,000 votes. Nevertheless, Green Party candidate Jill […]

WOW! Arkansas Lawmaker Wants The Clintons’ Names Removed From Little Rock Airport


If you needed further proof that the Clintons are pretty much finished in American politics, here you go. A state senator in Arkansas is calling for the removal of the Clintons’ names on Little Rock Airport.

This has got to sting.

The Hill reports:

Ark. lawmaker wants Clintons’ names removed from Little Rock airport

An Arkansas state senator wants to take Bill and Hillary Clinton’s names off the state’s largest airport.

State Sen. Jason Rapert (R) said November’s election results show Arkansans don’t believe the Clintons should have Little Rock’s airport named in their honor.

“The Clintons left Arkansas and do not reside here,” Rapert told The Hill. “Many in our state do not want the first thing people see and last thing they remember about Arkansas being two of the most scandal-ridden politicians in American history.”

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was routed in Arkansas in the presidential election, losing to President-elect Donald Trump 61 percent to 34 percent. Clinton won only eight of the state’s 75 counties — including Pulaski County, where the airport is based. No Democrat has seriously competed for Arkansas’s electoral votes since former President Bill Clinton won reelection in 1996.

Arkansas Democrats will probably fight this with tooth and nail. Frankly, it doesn’t even matter if it happens or not. The mere fact that it’s even being suggested speaks volumes.

Making a recommendation like this would have been unthinkable just a month ago.

Cross posted from American Lookout.

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Watch: Howard Dean Drops Out of DNC Chair Race, Says Dems Young Leader, He Doesn’t Support Ellison

On Friday’s broadcast of “MSNBC Live,” former Vermont Governor Howard Dean commented on his departure from the race to be DNC Chair by saying that the party needs a younger leader, and that he does not Representative Keith Ellison’s (D-MN) candidacy. Dean said he was dropping out because “I really feel strongly that our party needs to turn itself over to the next generation, and I’m very happy to stay in the background and help coach the — whoever the chair is. I just think that one of the problems that we had in this election was, we’ve got to connect more with young people, and that means not having faces like mine.” He added that it was “better” to have someone young running the party. Dean continued by praising South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Jaime Harrison and New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley, but added that other people might join in, and he may or may not endorse someone. When asked about Ellison, Dean answered, “I do not support Keith as long as he has his Congressional seat.” He added that he might support Ellison later, but doesn’t now. Follow Ian Hanchett on Twitter @IanHanchett

Report: Facebook Planning to Promote News from ‘Favored’ Media Partners

Facebook is developing a feature that will promote content in people's news feeds from publishers specifically chosen by the company, according to a report from Business Insider.

Illegal Alien Nicknamed ‘Taliban’ Sentenced to Life in Prison After Shooting Death of American Student

An illegal alien and MS-13 gangbanger nicknamed "Taliban" will serve the rest of his life in prison after ordering another gang member to shoot into a crowd in 2010, killing a high school student.

Goodlatte: Background-Check Failure Causes Feds to Suspend Citizenship Approvals

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., today exposed that USCIS halted naturalization ceremonies and stopped accepting new citizenship applications after it learned that its computerized case management system had not run FBI background checks on certain citizenship applicants. Earlier this year the DHS Inspector General revealed that the system had issued hundreds of green cards to incorrect names and addresses, sparking national security fears.

Des Moines Antifa Confirms That Iowa State University Raised Security Fees To Censor MILO

The Des Moines Anti Fascist group posted to Facebook today, claiming that Iowa State University did indeed increase security fee prices in an attempt to censor MILO.

Mother of OSU Terrorist at Funeral: “I Love You My Son. I Know They Kill You for No Reason.”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2016


So, they buried the terrorist.

His mother is saying he did nothing wrong.

Columbus Dispatch:

An 18-year-old who was shot and killed by an Ohio State University campus police officer, after he rammed a car into a crowd then stabbed several people, was buried Thursday afternoon.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s body was washed, wrapped in white cloth and prayed over as part of an hour-long funeral service that included dozens of people at the Masjid Ibnu Taymiyah and Islamic Center on Mock Road on the North Side.

His mother kissed her son for the last time as his body was prepared for burial.

“She was crying, and said, ‘I love you my son. I know they kill you for no reason,'” said Ahmed Sh. Ahmed, director of the mosque.

Witnesses to Monday’s attack, however, said the car that Artan drove targeted the crowd of students and faculty standing outside Watts Hall that morning. And when people rushed to help after the crash, he jumped from the car with a knife and began slashing people. Officer Alan Horujko shot and killed him within minutes.


Federal authorities say they believe Artan was inspired by American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, a leader of al-Qaida in Yemen who was killed by an American drone strike.

At least 11 people were injured in Monday’s attack. Federal and local authorities continue to investigate what made the Somali refugee do what he did. ISIS has claimed Artan was acting as one of the terrorist group’s “soldiers.” Everyone who was injured will survive, authorities say.

Ahmed at the mosque said family members of Artan’s are still shocked over his death. They say he was a nice young man, an A student who completed his studies at Columbus State Community College in a year and a half, before starting classes at Ohio State University as a logistics-management major this fall.

“He had a dream to be someone to help his community and serve his community,” Ahmed said. “That’s what they told me.”

Artan worked at the Home Depot on West Broad Street, a few miles from his home in western Franklin County. He was an hourly associate who worked there less than a year. A customer recalled seeing him about a month ago: “He was in the appliances section whistling and seeming very happy, very engaged in his work. Very polite.”

His brother loaned him his Honda Civic — the car used in the attack — to travel between school and work.

Early Monday morning, Artan took his little sister to school. He purchased a knife at Walmart at some point, though it’s unclear whether it’s the same one he used in the attack. Family members have said they didn’t notice a change in Artan’s behavior leading up to the attack. His mother believes he was innocent and awaits the conclusion of investigators, Ahmed said.


I called that – bought the knife on the day. I said that Somalians are so stupid, there is no way he could have planned this more than a few hours in advance.

These people can have a whim to murder random people the same way you or I could have a whim to go see a movie in the theater in the afternoon. Usually, you won’t do that, just like they won’t usually kill random people, but any day you could end up with an afternoon off and say “hey – I think I’ll drop by the AMC and see what’s playing.”

This mother though – this is interesting.

See, she doesn’t care about objective facts. She doesn’t care about universal morality. “Did he do it?” is not a question that is entering her mind.

She cares about her own people vs. the other. In some way, you could say this is respectable, and something that probably white people should begin emulating. But clearly – or at least, you would think it was clear – you don’t want to import tens of thousands of people into your country who view you as a racial enemy that should be annihilated.

Viral Video: 7 Year Old Texas Girl Shoots First Deer With AR Style Rifle

Watch the priceless reaction from the young hunter.

Facebook Announces AI Program to Flag Offensive Content in Live Streams

Facebook "Instant Games" is launching in 30 countries with 17 titles available
Facebook has announced it is developing an artificial intelligence program in order to analyse and flag offensive live streaming videos.

Anti-Trump Students Protest Hampshire College Raising American Flag to Full-Staff

Student flag burning Beck DiefenbachAP
Students at Hampshire College were upset Friday when school officials decided to raise the American Flag once again to full-staff after students demanded it be placed at half-staff because of the election of Donald J. Trump.

New Video Dialogue: The Forgotten Period Between Versailles & …


The Decline of European-Western Man & Civilization (Spengler)
The Traditional Versailles Narrative
The Fascist Element within Socialism
1919: A Most Volatile Year…

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PA Police: Hillary Fan Bashed Elderly Woman’s Head with Chair During Election Argument

An argument over the recent election ended with one Donora, Pennsylvania, supporter of Hillary Clinton charged with assault after hitting a 69-year-old woman over the head with a chair, according to police.

The View Complains Trump Won Election ‘Illegitimately’ Because of Racists, FBI, and Lies

Friday’s “Hot Topics” on the View was so incredibly biased it was hard to know where to begin. After playing a leaked audioclip of Trump aide Kellyanne Conway arguing with Clinton aide Jennifer Palmieri about the election results, Behar asked the panel if Palmieri was right in calling out Conway for winning on a platform of white supremacists. The liberal panelists wholeheartedly agreed with Palmieri, with Sara Haines making the most ludicrous comment.

7 Things to Know About Secretary of Defense Nominee James Mattis

LAS VEGAS, NV - JULY 23:  Retired Marine Corps Gen. James "Jim" Mattis speaks during the DIRECTV and Operation Gratitude day of service at the fifth annual DIRECTV Dealer Revolution Conference at Caesars Palace on July 23, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for DIRECTV)
Retired Marine General James N. Mattis, named on Thursday as President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for Secretary of Defense, is a larger-than-life figure with a fascinating career. Following are some choice details from his biography, and some lines of attack the Trump team might want to be on guard against.

Andrea Mitchell: Voters Saw Hillary as ‘Man,’ ‘Did Not See Humanity in Her’

On her MSNBC show on Friday, anchor Andrea Mitchell decried the fact that the usual liberal identity politics did not work with voters in November’s election. Talking to Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd, she fretted over the revelation that campaign focus groups “showed that people related to Hillary Clinton as a man.”

Hungary: Biological Threat of Migrants

Daily Stormer
December 2, 2016

They’re enriching your healthcare system.

MLB Bans Chewing Tobacco For All New Players…

Controlling people’s lives one chew at a time. Via Deadspin: As part of baseball’s new Collective Bargaining Agreement, which was finalized late Wednesday night, MLB and the MLBPA agreed to a ban on smokeless tobacco for new major leaguers going forward, according to the Associated Press. City-specific bans already apply to ballparks in Boston, Chicago, […]

Illegal Immigrant Ordered Deported Now Accused of Raping Minor

illegal rape suspect
An illegal immigrant who was ordered to leave the country a year ago is now being sought by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for allegedly raping an underage girl.

Cannabis Set to be Legalised in Ireland for Medicinal Use

Legislation's sponsor says it would be good news for people suffering chronic illness.

#DumpKelloggs Petition Generates 250,000 Signatures in Two Days

Breitbart News' #DumpKelloggs petition initiative has garnered a whopping 250,000 signatures within 48 hours of Kellogg’s decision to pull its advertising in an attack on the "values" of Breitbart and its 45 million monthly readers.

#DumpKelloggs Petition Generates 250,000 Signatures in Two Days

Breitbart News' #DumpKelloggs petition initiative has garnered a whopping 250,000 signatures within 48 hours of Kellogg’s decision to pull its advertising in an attack on the "values" of Breitbart and its 45 million monthly readers.

WATCH: Two Trapped As Building Collapses in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sioux Falls
Two people are believed trapped after a building collapsed downtown around 10:30am central time.

FBN’s Stuart Varney Derides ‘Weak’ November Jobs Report

Not everyone in the news media cheered on the November jobs report. Fox Business Network (FBN) anchor Stuart Varney criticized the report’s numbers on Dec. 2.

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