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Knife-Wielding Man Shot At Amsterdam Airport…

Via ABC: Dutch military police said they shot a knife-wielding man on Friday at one of Europe’s busiest airports. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee announced via Twitter that “the situation is safe” at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport after the suspect, who threatened to use a knife, was detained and removed from the scene. The airport’s main plaza […]

LIVE COVERAGE: Tax Plan Looks Set to Pass as GOP Prepares to Release Final Tax Bill

Republicans came together Friday to craft a tax cut bill that appears to have the backing of all 52 GOP Senators.

CBO: Graham/Durbin Dream Act would add $25.9 bilion to deficit

  by  Eric Ruark

The CBO just released its score of Senators Lindsay Graham (R-SC) and Dick Durbin's (D-Ill.) Dream Act of 2017 (S.1615). The CBO found that it would increase the federal budget deficit by $25.9 billion over the next ten years, if enacted.

Bombshell: Lisa Bloom Sought 6-Figure Payoffs for Donald Trump Accusers

Lisa Bloom sought payoffs as high as six figures to convince women to come forward with accusations against President Trump.

Seasons’ GREATNESS: New York Fed Nowcast Hits 4.0% GDP Growth

The Trump economic boom is picking up steam as American heads into the final weeks of the president's first year in office.

5th Generation of Sulzberger Family to Take the Reins at the New York Times

Arthur Sultzberger Jr, 2002
Perhaps the most famous dynasty in American media will make its succession to the fifth generation this January after New York Times Chairman and Publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. announced his retirement from the latter role Thursday.

Eminem Calls Donald Trump ‘Aryan,’ Fantasizes About Ivanka in Trunk of His Car

Rapper Eminem called President Donald Trump an "Aryan," fantasizes about kidnapping first lady Melania Trump, and embraces Black Lives Matter on his latest album in four years.

Trump Admin. Puts End to Work Permits for H-4 Visa Holders

The Trump Administration announced Thursday its plans to end the Obama-era rule that allowed spouses of H-1B foreign workers to receive work permits.

The notice, which was published recently in the Unified Agenda, a semi-annual list of regulations under development by the federal agencies, stated that the DHS is reviewing the 2015 final rule in light of President Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” executive order.

Breaking: Lawyer Lisa Bloom Promised Cash To Trump Sexual Harassment Accusers During Campaign

Huge. And possible money from Hillary PAC. Via Daily Caller: A high-profile feminist attorney promised two women they would be financially compensated for publicly accusing President Donald Trump of sexual harassment in the waning months of the 2016 presidential election. Lisa Bloom, who represented four Trump accusers – two of whom came forward, told the […]

GOP Wins Rubio Vote After Adding an Increase to Child Tax Credit – Tax Bill Full Speed Ahead

GOP leaders have finally settled on a tax bill that will grant major tax breaks to low and middle income Americans by reducing various benefits granted to higher earners.

With the tax bill now set in stone, it appears that the GOP may achieve their legislative goal. In a bid to speed up the process and ensure a victory, the Republicans agreed to grant a more generous child tax credit in the final bill, an appeal to Senator Marco Rubio who said he would not vote for the legislation unless more low income Americans were to benefit.

A Rubio spokeswoman told the New York Times that the Senator would be voting “yes” on the tax bill, which will allow families that owe zero federal income taxes to still claim up to $1,400 of the allotted $2,000 child tax credit, which is up $300 from the previous number.

Rubio’s vote is almost a guarantee for the GOP who will walk away from this bill with a major victory if they can lock it in for next week. It was also reported by Fox News on Twitter not long after the news about Rubio’s vote came out that Senator Corker would also be voting “yes” on the tax bill:

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Lefty-Media, Comics Decry Internet’s Death After FCC Repeal of Net Neutrality

<p>Celebrities, comedians and left-wing media outlets lashed out at the Federal Communications Commission for reversing positions on “net neutrality,” a regulation imposed on internet providers during the Obama administration.</p> <p>“GO FCC YOURSELF,” proclaimed the front page of HuffPost on Dec. 14, with a photo of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. That was also the name of the website shortcut liberal comic John Oliver has been promoting for months to get opponents to comment against repeal. Yahoo News reported that some Twitter users even urged FCC chairman Ajit Pai to go kill himself for voting against net neutrality.</p>

Trump Opens Up 80,000 White-Collar Jobs to Americans

The administration's decision to reverse President Barack Obama's expansion of the H-1B program has been met with criticism by advocates for cheap foreign white-collar labor.

YouTube Temporarily Suspends Ajit Pai’s Parody Video on Copyright Grounds

YouTube took down a video featuring FCC chairman Ajit Pai making the case for Title II repeal earlier today, only to restore it several hours later.

Adam Schiff Panics After Strzok Text Messages Released ‘I’m Worried GOP Will Shut Down Mueller Investigation’

Ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff (D-CA) came unhinged Friday after Mueller, Rosenstein and the team of corrupt hacks took a beating this week in a hearing.

Text messages between Trump-hating FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress FBI lawyer Lisa Page were trickled out this week after DOJ official Bruce Ohr was demoted for his contact with Fusion GPS.

The demoted DOJ official’s wife, Nellie Ohr is also up to her eyeballs in corruption as she used to work for Fusion GPS and the CIA.

Mueller’s wheels are falling off. Everyone knows it. The Dems are panicking now because one by one the corrupt liberal hacks are being exposed.

Adam Schiff is in full panic mode and went on a tweetstorm Friday morning.

Schiff is angry that Mueller’s team is being picked apart and fears the witch hunt will be shut down. He’s also worried that after the bogus Russia investigation is shut down an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s crimes will be opened.

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Illegal Immigration Surges Back To Obama Levels

This isn’t surprising:

“The number of illegal immigrants detained along the Southwest U.S. border has increased by double digits since October, according to newly released data.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) data shows 39,006 people were detained while attempting to cross the border in November, an increase of 12 percent from the previous month and more than double the number of arrests in March and April.

The data also show the number of unaccompanied minors and families apprehended while crossing the border increased by double digits in November — by 26 percent and 45 percent, respectively — according to CBP.

The number of arrests in November is the highest number since late 2016, under former President Obama, and the most apprehensions since President Trump took office. …”

I said all along this was going to be temporary.

The decline in illegal immigration was a reaction on the part of illegal aliens. It wasn’t due to any policy change on our end. In light of the campaign rhetoric, they wanted to see how the Trump presidency would play out. Maybe the word has gotten back to them that fewer illegal aliens are being deported and they are more optimistic about their chances of being allowed to stay in the United States.

If I was an illegal alien, I would have done the same thing. I would have waited to get a feel for the new administration. I doubt they follow the news as closely as I do, but the Republican Congress decided to spend $700 billion on the NDAA which includes a $62 billion war chest for future overseas wars WITHOUT funding the border wall. We also spent another $36.5 billion on a disaster relief package for Puerto Rico. The coyotes must have a sense of the political climate in Washington.

At best, the Trump administration wants to dial back refugee resettlement and immigration enforcement to George W. Bush administration levels. They also want to focus on violent criminals like the Obama administration. The reality is nothing like the dream of rightwing deportation squads.

Obama State Department Let Clinton And Huma Make Off With Boxes Of “Muslim Engagement” Documents…

Hmmm… Via Daily Caller: The Obama State Department allowed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her top aide Huma Abedin to remove call logs, scheduling documents and files described as “Muslim Engagement” from government premises by labeling the records “private,” Judicial Watch has learned. Judicial Watch obtained records about the document removals in response […]

Catholic Leader in Gaza Calls For Revolt Over Trump’s Jerusalem Decision

al-aqsa protest
Head of the Catholic community in Gaza Emanuel Mussalm has called for civil disobedience in Jerusalem in response to U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to recognize the city as Israel's capital.

White House Aims to Sway Opinion on Immigration Overhaul

The White House is embarking on a major campaign to turn public opinion against the nation’s largely family-based immigration system ahead of an all-out push next year to move toward a more merit-based structure.

The administration was laying the groundwork for such a drive even before an Islamic State-inspired extremist who was born in Bangladesh tried to blow himself up in Midtown Manhattan on Monday. It is assembling data to bolster the argument that the current legal immigration system is not only ill-conceived, but dangerous and damaging to U.S. workers.

“We believe that data drives policy, and this data will help drive votes for comprehensive immigration reform in Congress,” said White House spokesman Hogan Gidley.

White House officials outlined their strategy this week exclusively to The Associated Press, and said the data demonstrates that changes are needed immediately. But their effort will play out in a difficult political climate, as even Republicans in Congress are leery of engaging in a major immigration debate ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.


The administration is stressing key numbers: Department of Homeland Security data that shows nearly 9.3 million of the roughly 13 million total immigrants to the U.S. from 2005 to 2016 were following family members already in the United States. And just one in 15 immigrants admitted in the last decade by green card entered the country because of their skills.

Other planned releases: a report highlighting the number of immigrants in U.S. jails, assessments of the immigration court backlog and delays in processing asylum cases, and a paper on what the administration says is a nexus between immigration and terrorism.


The proposed move away from family-based immigration would represent the most radical change to the U.S. immigration system in 30 years. {snip}

Gidley said that for those looking to make the case that the U.S. is ill-served by the current system, “transparency is their best friend.”

“The more people know the real numbers, the more they’ll begin to understand that this is bad for American workers and this is bad for American security. And quite frankly, when these numbers come out in totality, we believe it’s going to be virtually impossible for Congress to ignore,” he said.

{snip} Trump has laid out general principles for what he would like to see in an immigration bill in exchange for giving legal status to more than 700,000 young people brought to the U.S. illegally as children. These include the construction of a border wall, tougher enforcement measures and moving to a more merit-based legal immigration system. In September, Trump gave Congress six months to come up with a legislative fix to allow the young immigrants known as “Dreamers” to stay in the country, creating an early-2018 crisis point he hopes will force Democrats to swallow some of his hardline demands.


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Illegal Immigrants to Be Given $1bn for Healthcare Under Contentious New California Democratic Proposal

California, flush with cash from an expanding economy, would eventually spend $1 billion a year to provide health care to immigrants living in the state illegally under a proposal.

The proposal, announced on Wednesday by Democratic lawmakers, would eliminate legal residency requirements in California’s Medicaid program, known as Medi-Cal, as the state has already done for young people up to age 19.

It’s part of $4.3 billion in new spending proposed by Assemblyman Phil Ting, a San Francisco Democrat who leads the budget committee.

Assembly Democrats also want to expand a tax credit for the working poor, boost preschool and child care, and increase college scholarships to reduce reliance on student loans.

They also would commit $3.2 billion more than required to state budget reserves.


Many are people living in the country illegally, who are ineligible for U.S.-funded health care assistance.

While federal funds cover at least half—and as much 95 percent—of the cost for citizens and legal U.S. residents on Medi-Cal, the state would have to pick up the cost on its own for people living here illegally.

Expanding access to health care has been a contentious issue for California lawmakers, who targeted last year by protests from liberal activists who want the Legislature to provide state-funded coverage to everyone, regardless of immigration status.


H.D. Palmer, spokesman for the Department of Finance, said Brown wants to boost state reserves and avoid committing to unsustainable spending.


Ting, the head of the Assembly budget committee, said lawmakers were exploring ways to restructure the state tax code if Congress approves a proposed U.S. tax overhaul.

California leaders have warned that the measure could harm taxpayers by restricting a federal deduction for state and local taxes, which is especially lucrative in high-tax states like California.

‘I’m very concerned that this tax cut is a tax increase for middle-class and working-class Californians,’ Ting said. ‘So we are looking at ways that we can help mitigate that.’

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Federal Report Finds Regression for Black Managers in Financial Services Industry


The GAO examined diversity trends in the financial services industry from 2007 through 2015. It found good news and bad.

Lumped together, the representation of African Americans, Latinos, Asians and others in lower-, mid- and senior-level management positions in the financial sector increased from 17 percent to 21 percent in the period.

Before diversity advocates cheer, they should read on.

While overall diversity increased, the percentage of black managers dropped. Meanwhile, at 48 percent, women were close to parity with men in lower- and mid-level management slots. But among the top positions, the glass ceiling largely prevailed. Upward mobility to senior-level management remained stagnant for women, at about 29 percent over the eight-year period.

The GAO drew from Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) data. The agency collects information annually from private employers with at least 100 staffers, including federal contractors. In a report on financial sector diversity seven years ago, the GAO found that “without a sustained commitment among financial services firms to overcoming challenges to recruiting and retaining minority candidates, limited progress would be possible in fostering a more diverse workplace.”

But even limited progress escaped black people seeking power within the financial sector.

“Since 2007, Asians had the largest gains, increasing their representation among managers from 5.4 percent to 7.7 percent,” the GAO reported. “Hispanics made smaller gains. In contrast, the proportion of African-Americans in management positions decreased from 6.5 percent to 6.3 percent.”


Beyond being asked for the research by the Democratic legislators, why did the GAO, a congressional watchdog agency that generally focuses on federal agencies, look at the financial services sector? The agency examines a wide variety of subjects “so long as there is some connection to a federal oversight role or federal dollars,” said GAO spokesman Chuck Young.

“Firms of a certain size are required to supply workforce information annually to the EEOC,” added Daniel Garcia-Diaz, the GAO’s director of financial markets and community investment. “In addition, Dodd-Frank Act requires financial regulators to promulgate standards for assessing diversity among regulated financial institutions. And finally, such firms can serve as federal contractors—some fulfilling regulatory requirements for federal business with minority- and women-owned businesses. So, it’s an area with multiple federal connection.”


While “diversity” is widely touted these days, that is not enough. The report points out that inclusion is key. That means power in top-level, decision-making positions.

For more than a decade, “researchers and the federal government have recognized that a focus on inclusion in the workplace is an important component of creating and sustaining a diverse workforce,” the GAO report said. “For example, the Office of Personnel Management notes that optimal performance is based on both diversity and inclusion.”

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The Community-College ‘Segregation Machine’


. . . Hundreds of thousands of community-college students are placed in remedial classes every year, and few get past them, especially few black and Latino students.

“There is no excuse for this,” said Julianna Barnes, the president of Cuyamaca College. “It really is a civil rights issue.”

An analysis of California community-college data by The Hechinger Report and inewsource, both of which produced this story in partnership with The Atlantic, yielded stark results. Only 1 percent of African-American students and 2 percent of Latino students who enrolled in the lowest level of remedial math in 2014 made it through an entry-level college math class within two years (the amount of time it’s supposed to take to earn a full associate’s degree).

At many community colleges, a student can start four levels below college level, which means they must pass four math or English classes before they are allowed to attempt a class that earns them credit toward a bachelor’s degree. Although whites and Asians also have poor pass rates in these low-level remedial classes, the inewsource/Hechinger Report analysis found that Latino students are twice as likely as whites to end up in the lowest level of remedial English. African-American students are five times as likely.

And in math, the situation is even worse. “Having four levels of developmental math is like having a graveyard—almost no one gets out,” said Arturo Martinez, a math professor at El Camino College in Torrance, California.

The impact may be far-reaching: While close to half of all Asian-Americans and 41 percent of whites in California have bachelor’s degrees, the same is true for only 23 percent of African-Americans and 11 percent of Latinos.

The culprit, say experts and academics, has been the rules governing community-college placement decisions. Almost anyone can enroll at a community college in California, but each college has its own process to decide how to place students. Even though state law requires colleges to consider more than just a standardized exam in this process, those exams have long been used as the deciding factor, despite questions about their accuracy.

In October, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill mandating that community colleges consider high-school grades, grade-point average, or coursework—not just placement tests—when assigning students to classes. It prohibits these schools from placing students in remedial courses unless those students are “highly unlikely to succeed in transfer-level coursework.”


Data show that most students who are placed directly into college-level classes pass at much higher rates than those who go through a remedial sequence, including those who went to low-performing high schools.

A statewide study by an independent nonprofit found that the most powerful predictor of success in college was grade-point average. On average, the study found nearly three-quarters of students with a 2.6 high-school GPA passed college-level English. Roughly the same was true for college-level statistics.


“Sometimes when students fail their first test, they don’t come back,” said Rachel Krajewski, who has taught college algebra for the past two years at Cuyamaca. “We’re trying to move them from, ‘I don’t get it, I’m not good enough,’ to ‘I don’t get it yet.’”

The results have been promising. The California Acceleration Project, an advocacy group founded by faculty, reported that pass rates for underprepared students at Cuyamaca in college-level math jumped to 67 percent last year, up from 10 percent the year before. And all racial groups benefited—success rates were four times higher for Latinos, five times higher for white students, and nine times higher for black students.


While the California Acceleration Project is aggressively pushing for changes, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, also comprised of faculty, opposed the remedial legislation that just passed.


California is not alone in grappling with this problem. In the fall of 2015, Tennessee stopped offering remedial classes at all of its public colleges and universities, moving to the co-requisite model where students take college-level courses with an extra support class to help them keep up.

According to the Tennessee Board of Regents, pass rates in math quadrupled, and success rates for students of color were six times higher. English pass rates followed a similar pattern, as did success rates for low-income students, adult students, and students who had entered at low levels of preparedness, as measured by ACT scores.

The City University of New York phased out remedial classes at four-year colleges starting in 1999 and shuffled those students to the system’s community colleges. It launched several pilot programs, like the co-requisite model, with success, and plans to roll out a system-wide overhaul of its remedial system next fall.


Other state systems, such as those in West Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida, have begun similar efforts. In August, the four-year California State University system decided to get rid of all remedial classes.

A working group met in November to come up with guidelines for how California’s community colleges must revamp their approach to remedial education. All colleges must implement the changes required by the new law by the fall of 2019.


Using students’ high-school transcripts in the placement process meant that 82 percent of new students could take college-level English, instead of 28 percent previously, Smith said. The old way—using placement tests—felt to Smith “like a segregation machine.”


The move quadrupled the number of African-American students who were passing entry-level English in one semester.


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GOP Turn Focus To FBI’s McCabe Over Texts On ‘Insurance’ Against Trump

Smoking gun? Remember McCabe is the one who despite conflict refused to step away from the Clinton email case and now was involved in the Russia investigation. Via Fox News: Top Republicans are turning their focus to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as they scrutinize a host of anti-Trump texts exchanged between two bureau officials, […]

Mitch McConnell PAC Releases Video Blaming Steve Bannon for Alabama Loss

On Tuesday Judge Roy Moore lost the Alabama Senate runoff election to replace Jeff Sessions in the US Senate.

Moore lost to ultra-liberal Doug Jones by 20,000 votes in the Alabama Senate race on Tuesday.

Early in the primary race McConnell backed Luther Strange instead of popular Republican Mo Brooks. Voters chose Roy Moore over McConnell’s candidate.

McConnell told Moore to step down a month before the election.
And he wants to blame Steve Bannon for the loss?

Now Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell is blaming Steve Bannon for the loss.

Conservative Sean Hannity blamed Mitch McConnell for the Moore loss on Tuesday.

Here’s just one response to Mitch McConnell:

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Official Conducting House Ethics Investigations Charged with Sexual Misconduct

A sign for the Office of Congressional Ethics hangs on a wall October 30, 2009 in Washington, DC. A document from the House of Representatives ethics committee inadvertently placed on a publicly accessible computer network outlined investigations into the activities of 30 lawmakers from the House. The 22-page document, titled 'Committee on Standards Weekly Summary Report,' was discovered on a file-sharing computer server and also outlined investigations by the Office of Congressional Ethics, a quasi-independent body that initiates investigations and provides recommendations to the ethics committee. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
An official with the House Ethics Committee is embroiled in an ongoing lawsuit that charges him with mistreating women.

Official Conducting House Ethics Investigations Charged with Sexual Misconduct

A sign for the Office of Congressional Ethics hangs on a wall October 30, 2009 in Washington, DC. A document from the House of Representatives ethics committee inadvertently placed on a publicly accessible computer network outlined investigations into the activities of 30 lawmakers from the House. The 22-page document, titled 'Committee on Standards Weekly Summary Report,' was discovered on a file-sharing computer server and also outlined investigations by the Office of Congressional Ethics, a quasi-independent body that initiates investigations and provides recommendations to the ethics committee. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
An official with the House Ethics Committee is embroiled in an ongoing lawsuit that charges him with mistreating women.

Reuters: Germany — Migrants Must Learn More About Holocaust

Israeli Embassy In Berlin
Newly arrived migrants should learn more about the Holocaust in their integration lessons, a German politician has said as Europe experiences a rising tide of anti-Semitic incidents. Reuters reports: More emphasis should be placed on the Holocaust in integration courses for migrants, Germany’s justice minister said, reflecting heightened unease among leading politicians about a spate of anti-Semitic acts including Israeli flag burnings. More than a million migrants have arrived in Germany in the last three years, many of them fleeing conflict in the Middle East, causing concern that anti-Semitism could increase. German police have reported protesters setting Israeli flags ablaze and using anti-Semitic slogans in Berlin and other cities in demonstrations against U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In a piece for weekly magazine Der Spiegel, Justice Minister Heiko Maas wrote that the Holocaust, in which the Nazis killed six million Jews, and its significance needed to become an even more important part of integration courses and migrants should be tested on it in the examination at the end of their course. Read more at Reuters

REPORTER: ‘Mark My Words, The House is Going To Be Rocked in The Coming 72 Hours’

Capitol Hill is on pins and needles amid a deluge of sexual harassment allegations. According to the Daily Caller‘s Luke Rosiak, one of the leading journalists investigating the Awan brothers’ scandal, things are about to take yet another dark turn.

“Congress’ human resources scandal is just getting started. I anticipate we will see the resignation of more than a dozen House members over harassment and secret settlements, and soon,” tweeted Luke Rosiak.

“Mark my words, the House is going to be rocked in the coming 72 hours. Tick Tock,” added Rosiak.

Recently, Rosiak has issued his own Hannity-style “Tick Tocks.”

“Tick Tock. Stay tuned for news of another secret House settlement, related to an allegation of sexual assault,” tweeted Rosiak on December 4th.

Several hours later, Rosiak revealed Rep. Gregory Meeks ‘brokered a settlement in 2006 over allegations that the lawmaker fired a staffer in retaliation for reporting that she was sexually assaulted at a business tied to a campaign contributor.’

Rosiak reported:

Andrea Payne, then a congressional aide in Meeks’ Queens office, filed a complaint with the Office of Compliance, and Meeks fired her weeks later. He admitted that the cause of her termination did not have to do with the quality of Payne’s work.

“This is an action to recover for damages sustained by plaintiff when Representative Meeks violated her Constitutional rights by retaliating against her, and ultimately terminating her employment, because of her sexual assault lawsuit,” Payne’s attorneys wrote.

Andrea Payne claimed she was sexually assaulted by the physical therapist working at Flowers Physical Therapy. Payne alleged the physical therapist tried to insert one of his fingers into her vagina even though according to her medical records her injuries were no where near her groin.

Rep. John Conyers’ lawyer Arnold E. Reed also hinted the damn may be about to break when it comes to future allegations. 

“If people were required to resign over allegations, a lot of people would be out of work in this country including many members of the House, Senate and even the president,” Reed wrote prior to Conyers’ resignation.

As one Senate staffer admitted to the Daily Caller, “Things have gotten dark around here,” in light of the Franken allegations. “Everyone is walking on eggshells, asking who’s next?”

According to Axios reporter Jonathan Swan, claims against the Democrat lawmaker are the “very tip of the congressional iceberg.

“Democratic Sen. Al Franken is the very tip of the congressional iceberg. Many more stories are coming and we wouldn’t be surprised if they end several careers. A Republican source told me he’s gotten calls from well-known D.C. reporters who are gathering stories about sleazy members,” says Swan.

The “next wave,” is coming, Swan adds.

In a report by CNN, over 50 current and former lawmakers, aides and staff say they have personally experienced sexual harassment on Capitol Hill.

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Research: Anti-Semitic Attitudes Common Among Asylum Seekers

German researcher and historian Günther Jikeli has found that anti-Semitic attitudes are common among asylum seekers as the federal government's Facebook page was inundated with anti-Semitic messages this week.

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle: It ‘Isn’t an Opinion’ to Say That Trump Is a ‘Bully’

<p>It’s hard to notice, given all the other vitriol on the cable network, but MSNBC’s 9am hour has morphed into one of the liberal network’s most biased. On Friday, an agitated Stephanie Ruhle flat-out declared that it “isn’t an opinion” to say Donald Trump is a “bully.” Apparently, it’s just a fact.</p>

Matt Damon Excuses Al Franken’s Groping as ‘Terrible Joke,’ Louis CK ‘Just Kind of Shameful’

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 23: Actor Matt Damon takes break from signing autographs to pose for a picture at the premiere of 'The Bourne Supremacy' at the new Greater Union Cinemas in Bondi-Junction August 23, 2004 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Patrick Riviere/Getty Images)
In what is being described as a "trainwreck" interview with the Rolling Stone's Peter Travers, Downsizing star Matt Damon excused Sen. Al Franken's (D-MN) alleged serial-groping as a "terrible joke."

FBI Graduates Laugh Hysterically After Donald Trump Attacks ‘Fake News’

President Donald Trump speaks during the FBI National Academy graduation ceremony, Friday, Dec. 15, 2017, in Quantico, Va. “The President of the United States has your back 100 percent,” Trump told graduates, saying law enforcement officers need to be supported. “I will fight for you and I will never, ever, let you down.” (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
President Donald Trump delivered a speech to graduates of the FBI academy on Friday, but a line about the news media earned the most laughter from some attendees and members of their families.

Illegal Immigrant in Kate Steinle’s Death Wants Gun Conviction Overturned

FILE - In this July 7, 2015 file photo, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, right, is led into the courtroom by San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi, left, and Assistant District Attorney Diana Garciaor, center, for his arraignment at the Hall of Justice in San Francisco. The murder trial started Monday, Oct. 23, 2017, for Garcia Zarate, a Mexican man who set off a national immigration debate after he shot and killed Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier on July 1, 2015. Garcia Zarate has said the shooting was accidental. (Michael Macor/San Francisco Chronicle via AP, Pool, File)
The illegal immigrant charged with felony possession of a firearm instead of the murder of Kate Steinle is now seeking to have his felony possession charges thrown out.

Charlottesville: James Fields Has Charges Increased To First-Degree Murder

Congratulations, Goyim, you now live in a country where traditional definitions of crimes no longer matter thanks to the hard work of Jews and Leftists during the last few generations or so.

Once there was a time (I can vaguely recall the days) when first-degree murder entailed detailed planning (premeditation) to the point where nobody could say that the crime was caused by passion/impulsiveness.

If we were to use James Fields as an example, he would have had to sit there in his big, beautiful Dodge Challenger plotting carefully to specifically target the morbidly obese woman in black (Heather Heyer) in order to kill – accidentally causing death has never been typically cited as cause for a first-degree murder charge.

But none of that matters now – leaving our men to rot in the confines of a prison cell is now top priority in many parts of this nation.

Fox News:

An Ohio man accused of killing a woman by plowing his car into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, Va., during the summer now faces a first-degree murder charge.

James Alex Fields, 20, appeared in court for a preliminary hearing Thursday, where Charlottesville General District Judge Robert Downer Jr. agreed to prosecutors’ request to upgrade the second-degree murder charge that Fields previously faced.

All other charges against Fields were also certified to proceed. The case will now be presented to a grand jury for a possible indictment.

He’ll be indicted, he’ll be held without bail until his trial, and then God only knows how the situation will proceed.

If previous hearings in the area are any indication, expect Antifa to explicitly intimidate witnesses, jurors, and even defense attorneys without repercussions.

Fields is accused of killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injuring dozens more after he allegedly rammed his car into a crowd of counterprotesters Aug. 12 during the Unite the Right rally that erupted into utter chaos and violence.

Fields, who was described by a former teacher as having a keen interest in Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler, quietly sat in a striped jumpsuit with his hands cuffed during Thursday’s hearing.

His attorney, Denise Lunsford, did not present evidence or make any arguments at the hearing. However, she cross-examined Charlottesville Police Det. Steven Young, asking him if searches of Fields’ computer, phone or social media revealed any evidence that he was part of Vanguard America or any other white nationalist group.

“No,” Young replied.

Young, also testified that he was one of the first police officers to arrive on the scene, and that Fields seemed in shock and cried after learning that someone had died, the New York Post reported.

Shock and tears after learning someone was dead.

This alone should have been enough to halt the attempt to up the charges – the statement indicates that there was no premeditation at work in Fields’ mind.

Evidence showing that Heyer was likely never even touched by the Challenger should also have been included.

And to top it all off, the defense should also have included comments by Heyer’s equally-rotund mother claiming that her daughter passed away from a heart attack and not from blunt force trauma – believe it or not, it often takes quite a lot to kill someone with a vehicle (broken legs, ribs, and collarbones are the most common injuries).

It’s really quite sickening when you realize that if you ever find yourself surrounded by rabid Communists wielding clubs and bats, you may wind up facing life in prison (or death in some states) if you try to utilize self-defense measures.

And it’s even worse when you ponder the reality that no matter how much evidence you have in your legal arsenal, crucifixion will still be allowed to proceed.

Will Smith: ‘Darkness’ of Trump Era a Reaction to ‘Light’-Filled Obama Years

Will Smith Concussion
Will Smith delved into politics at a press event for his latest film Bright this week, calling the country's current political environment a "natural reaction" to what he described as the more favorable years of Barack Obama's presidency.

Senate Parliamentarian Kills Efforts to Lift Rules Against Churches’ Political Speech

BEDMINSTER TOWNSHIP, NJ - NOVEMBER 20: A view of Lamington Presbyterian Church, where president-elect Donald Trump attended a morning church service, November 20, 2016 in Bedminster Township, New Jersey. Trump and his transition team are in the process of filling cabinet and other high level positions for the new administration. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
Efforts to lift legal constraints on the policial speech of churches and other nonprofits as part of the tax overhaul were blocked Thursday by a ruling from the Senate parliamentarian.

Hannity’s ‘Tick Tock’ Revealed: ‘Prominent’ Attorney Caught Raising ‘Donor Cash’ For Trump Accusers

Sean Hannity promised another “Tick Tock,” Friday morning — the Fox News host was most certainly not bluffing.

The Hill‘s John Solomon reports a ‘prominent’ attorney sought ‘donor cash,’ for women willing to come forward accusing President Trump of sexual harassment. The attorney is none other than Lisa Bloom, who recently came under fire for advising sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.

The Hill reports:

A well-known women’s rights lawyer sought to arrange compensation from donors and tabloid media outlets for women who made or considered making sexual misconduct allegations against Donald Trump during the final months of the 2016 election, according to documents and interviews.

California lawyer Lisa Bloom’s efforts included offering to sell alleged victims’ stories to TV outlets in return for a commission for herself, arranging a donor to pay off one Trump accuser’s mortgage and attempting to secure a six-figure payment for another woman who ultimately declined to come forward after being offered as much as $750,000, the clients told The Hill.

The women’s accounts were chronicled in contemporaneous contractual documents, emails and text messages reviewed by The Hill, including an exchange of texts between one woman and Bloom that suggested political action committees supporting Hillary Clinton were contacted during the effort.

Bloom admitted to The Hill that she sought funds from Trump accusers prior to the election.

“Donors reached out to my firm directly to help some of the women I represented,” said Bloom.

“Our standard pro bono agreement for legal services provides that if a media entity offers to compensate a client for sharing his or her story we receive a percentage of those fees. This rarely happens. But, on occasion, a case generates media interest and sometimes (not always) a client may receive an appearance fee,” added Bloom.

On last Friday’s edition of the Glenn Beck’s radio program, former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly doubled down on claims about the existence of an audio recording of an anti-Trump individual offering “$200,000 to file sexual harassment charges against then-presidential candidate Donald J. Trump.”

Credit: Tiger TV

Bloom is the daughter of disgraced lawyer Gloria Allred, who’s client Beverly Nelson was caught forging a portion of Judge Roy Moore’s alleged signature inside her yearbook.

Earlier this year Bloom represented failed comedian Kathy Griffin.  Griffin tried to defend herself for holding a fake head that looked like President Trump with blood all over it.  After being called out for being violent and gross and not funny, Griffin hired Bloom and held a press conference.

The post Hannity’s ‘Tick Tock’ Revealed: ‘Prominent’ Attorney Caught Raising ‘Donor Cash’ For Trump Accusers appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Ratings for ‘Thursday Night Football’ Crash to Season Low

The NFL has struggled mightily this year to get people to watch their primetime games, as the ratings from the Week 15 edition of Thursday Night Football continue to come in, it's clear that those struggles will continue until the end of the year.

Stolen Valor: Man Fraudulently Poses as Green Beret to Worm Way into New York Society

A New York man who served in the army for only eight years as a driver far from any battle zone is accused of taking on the fraudulent mantle of a 25-year veteran Green Beret with a chest full of medals. The deception was designed to help him worm his way into New York society events, a report reveals.

Rodman: Kim Jong-Un Doesn’t Want War — ‘He’s Changed So Much for the People’

Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman discuss the issues of the day. (KCNA/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)
Wednesday on “The Late Show,” NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman opened up about his visits with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, saying the dictator has “changed” and does not want war. “He said, ‘I don’t want war,'” Rodman recalled from one of his recent visits with Kim Jong-un. “He sounds like he’s more of a kid than anything,” he added. “I think he really wants to change his culture, but I think he’s forced to be in this position because every time I go over there he’s changed so much for the people. And people don’t see that.” Follow Trent Baker on Twitter @MagnifiTrent

Actresses to Wear All Black at Golden Globes to Protest Hollywood Sex Abuse

Female actresses attending this year's Golden Globes ceremony are reportedly planning to wear only black in protest of the widening sexual abuse scandal that has engulfed Hollywood this year.
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