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Olbermann: It’s a ‘Fallacy’ That Liberal Bias Is Hurting ESPN, NFL Ratings

<p>Leftist table-pounder Keith Olbermann – now with <em>GQ</em> (“Gentlemen’s Quarterly”?) -- has started a publicity tour for his new book <em>Trump Is F*cking Crazy (ThIs Is Not a Joke).</em> In an interview with a supportive Marisa Guthrie at <em>The Hollywood Reporter, </em>Olbermann fought back against the notion that liberal activism and Colin Kaepernick were ruining the NFL ratings. It’s a “logical fallacy,” he insisted. Olbermann also denied ESPN is losing viewers because of its liberal bias. (He didn’t deny the bias, just the viewer loss.)</p>

Taxpayer-Funded PBS and NPR Can’t Locate a Clinton-Russia Story

<p>In a shock to no one, the liberal networks funded by taxpayers -- PBS and NPR -- have so far ignored the emerging new investigative stories on Russian involvement with the Clintons and the Obama administration. A Nexis search finds nothing there. PBS and NPR have hammered on Russia over the last two days, but only as it deals with the Trump angle.</p>

Trump Tweets ‘Forced’ FCC Chairman to Defend First Amendment?

<p><em>Washington Post</em> media blogger Erik Wemple was published in the newspaper on Wednesday on how Trump “forced” Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai to defend the First Amendment. So do Pai's words somehow demonstrate he had to respond to passionate liberal outrage? Or do Pai's words underline that this entire controversy was the cliched nothingburger? Pick B. </p>

PBS ‘Frontline’ Program Spews the Fake News of Scott Pruitt’s ‘War on the EPA’

<p>The long-running (and long-slanted) PBS documentary series <em>Frontline</em> returned to the airwaves with a program aggressively titled “War on the EPA.” Everything about this production fits a conservative’s definition of “fake news.”</p>

Schieffer: Critics of an ‘Independent Press’ Are ‘Undermining Foundations of Democracy’

<p>CNN <em>Reliable Sources</em> host Brian Stelter routinely suggests President Trump is an “autocrat.” His blustery tweets that network news is so distorted they ought to have their broadcast licenses evaluated put Stelter into Category Five panic. At the end of his interview with “legendary journalist” Bob Schieffer on Sunday, he returned to the topic, and Schieffer suggested people trying to undermine the credibility of the "independent press" are “undermining the foundations of our democracy.”</p>

People Gave Less Pages to Weinstein Than Roger Ailes This Week

<p>The newest edition of <em>People</em> magazine could barely touch the sex scandal of Hollywood titan Harvey Weinstein. Tucked in the top-left corner of the cover were the words “A sexual harassment scandal rocks Hollywood.” Inside, there was not a whole page of copy. By contrast, this week’s <em>People</em> gave three pages to a big article on former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson, whose sexual harassment accusations against Fox News chief Roger Ailes created a similar hubbub a year ago.</p>

PBS Liberal on Trump Undoing Obamacare, Iran Deal: ‘Any Jackass Can Kick Down a Barn’

<p><em>PBS NewsHour</em> anchor Judy Woodruff recently boasted her show rose above "a false sense of combativeness." So when their week-in-review segment airs on Fridays, typically no one stands up for the conservative side as liberal <em>NewsHour </em>analyst Mark Shields combatively whacks at Republican officials as the worst kind of political villains and vandals. On Friday, Shields responded to efforts to curtail Obamacare by quoting an old Democrat that "any jackass can kick down a barn...that's what they're about, dismantling." But David Brooks actually disagreed. </p>

AP Lingo Police: Use ‘Gender Confirmation’ Surgery for Sex Change, Avoid ‘Born a Boy or Girl’

<p>Ken Shepherd at the <em>Washington Times </em>reported the AP Stylebook team are re-jiggering their politically correct terminology again on the transgender issues. They took to their @APStylebook Twitter page on Tuesday to offer an update.  </p>

On PBS, Tina Brown Explains How Harvey Weinstein Bought Off Reporters

<p>On Tuesday's <em>Charlie Rose</em> show on PBS, former magazine editor Tina Brown -- who ran<em> The New Yorker, Newsweek,</em> and for a short time a Harvey Weinstein-backed magazine called <em>Talk </em>-- spoke about working with Harvey. Rose barely questioned Brown, and just let her talk. Access Hollywood picked up a piece of this conversation -- about how the movie mogul could buy writers' silence with money, and if he couldn't, he could above their pay grade to editors and kill negative stories that way. </p>

AP’s Democrat Stretch: ‘Steve Bannon Had Ties to Harvey Weinstein’

<p>John Hinderaker at Power Line pointed out how energetically Associated Press reporter Erica Werner could stretch the Harvey Weinstein scandal: “Steve Bannon had ties to Harvey Weinstein.” Bannon and Weinstein briefly had a DVD-distribution business that went bankrupt. Werner even produced transcripts of old conference calls where Bannon spoke of his "honor" of doing business with the Weinsteins.</p>

Embarrassing: NPR Insists a Gateway for Russian Hackers No Longer Underwrites NPR

<p>Liz Harrington at the Washington Free Beacon reports that NPR isn't as hostile to Russian hacking as other liberal media outlets. They told the Free Beacon that the Moscow-based software company Kaspersky Lab, which was used by hackers to steal classified documents from the National Security Agency, is no longer one of its corporate underwriters. The company had been an NPR sponsor "for several years."</p>

NBC Cowardice: HuffPost Reports How Network Execs Quashed Farrow’s Weinstein Scoop

<p>The Huffington Post has a new article on how NBC executives quashed Ronan Farrow's Harvey Weinstein story by freelance reporter Yashar Ali and Lydia Polgreen, the site's executive editor. Washington Post data reporter Christopher Ingraham responded by tweeting "Becoming more and more clear that what happened at NBC is straight-up journalistic malpractice." The HuffPost suggested cowardice at NBC...putting the NBC peacock feathers on the butt of a chicken.</p>

Ronan Farrow: NBC Rejected My Weinstein Story…But It Wasn’t Under-Reported

<p><em>Variety</em> and The Huffington Post are reporting that NBC News passed on Ronan Farrow’s investigation into Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s sexual exploitation of women. NBC declined to comment on the record as to why it would let this scoop slip away. Unnamed sources said the story Farrow brought to NBC was underbaked. On Tuesday night's <em>The Rachel Maddow Show </em>on MSNBC, Farrow objected to that spin.</p>

Facts Don’t Match! Columnist Fails to Show Hillary Is a ‘Tough But Fair Media Critic’

<p><em>Washington Post</em> media columnist Margaret Sullivan veered into the absurd on Monday with a column that she summarized on Twitter:  “Hillary Clinton thinks the news media was unfair to her. She’s right.” For example, “She makes a convincing case that coverage of her email practices as secretary of state was way over the top.”</p> <p>Actually, Hillary claimed it was “the biggest nothing-burger ever....They covered it like it was Pearl Harbor.” Does Sullivan find that characterization convincing? Or is that way over the top?</p>

WashPost Book Critic Enjoys Charlie Sykes Saying GOP Needs an ‘Exorcism’

<p>You can tell when a fight between conservatives delights liberal journalists. Charles Sykes, who had conservative credentials as an author and talk-show host, wrote an angry book for the never-Trumper called <em>How The Right Lost Its Mind. Washington Post</em> book reviewer Carlos Lozada enjoyed Sykes writing that in victory, Republicans won't need an "autopsy" like 2012, but an "exorcism of the forces that have possessed and, ultimately, distorted conservatism.”</p>

In Memoir, Katy Tur Says Don’t Hate Her; She Embodies ‘Objective Truth’

<p>One of the repeated themes in NBC reporter Katy Tur's Trump-campaign memoir <em>Unbelievable</em> is her fear of the Trump mob ripping her to pieces. For example, one metaphor was "They turn all at once, a large animal, angry and unchained. I force a laugh." Why would anyone hate me, she asks, when I am merely representing the "notion of objective truth"? </p>

Free Beacon Editor: The ‘Crisis’ of Trump Has Popped the Liberal Media Bubble

<p>Washington Free Beacon editor-in-chief Matthew Continetti wrote a column on Friday titled “Pop Goes the Liberal Media Bubble.” He argued that the ascent of Donald Trump has “precipitated a crisis” in the media, already struggling with declining television viewership and newspaper/magazine circulation. He’s so outside their boundaries of decency and reason, they have to lash out at him daily.</p>

NY Times Art Critic Cheers Trans/Queer Exhibit Stretching Gender ‘To the Snapping Point’

<p>On September 29, <em>New York Times</em> art critic Holland Cotter championed an exhibit of “queer” and trans art under the headline “When It Comes to Gender, Let Confusion Reign." The exhibit at the New Museum in Manhattan is titled “Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon.” Cotter cheered breaking down "the binary male-female face-off" and stretching "the perimeters of gender to the snapping point."</p>

Sean Spicer Mocks WashPost for Skipping Weinstein Scandal In Their Hard Copy

<p>Former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer upset some journalists on Friday morning by noting that the hard copy of Friday's <em>Washington Post</em> carried nothing -- zippy, zero, zilch -- on Hollywood powerhouse/Democratic donor Harvey Weinstein's trail of sexual harassment allegations. One might understand not throwing it on the front page -- but to leave it out entirely? It's not like the story broke in the evening. The<em> Times</em> touted their exclusive on Twitter at 2:07 pm.</p>

Jaw-Dropping NY Times Headline: ‘Chuck Todd Thinks It’s Important to Stay Neutral’

<p>Ana Marie Cox interviewed Chuck Todd for this Sunday’s <em>New York Times Magazine</em> interview. That’s the third MSNBC host this year, after Joy Reid and Nicolle Wallace. The headline? “Chuck Todd Thinks It’s Important to Stay Neutral.” Cox avoids the hardballs as Todd says "I feel the need to reinforce the wall between the news media and the politicians." But his wife works for politicians...and they've thrown parties to "honor" campaign operatives. </p>

Jaw-Dropping NY Times Headline: ‘Chuck Todd Thinks It’s Important to Stay Neutral’

<p>Ana Marie Cox interviewed Chuck Todd for this Sunday’s <em>New York Times Magazine</em> interview. That’s the third MSNBC host this year, after Joy Reid and Nicolle Wallace. The headline? “Chuck Todd Thinks It’s Important to Stay Neutral.” Cox avoids the hardballs as Todd says "I feel the need to reinforce the wall between the news media and the politicians." But his wife works for politicians...and they've thrown parties to "honor" campaign operatives. </p>

CNN Succor Squad Gushes ‘Reluctant’ Jimmy Kimmel Is ‘America’s Conscience’

<p>The party-line liberalism of the CNN Media Unit was on display again Tuesday night with a Bill Carter article headlined “How Jimmy Kimmel became America’s conscience.” Because liberalism equals conscience. On Wednesday morning's <em>New Day, </em>Carter and Brian Stelter suggested Kimmel's rants are powerful because he's a "reluctant crusader." </p>

WashPost’s Wemple Lectures: Never, Ever Say Trump Gave a ‘Pitch Perfect’ Speech!

<p>In the Republican half of America, CNN has been viewed as a relentless source of negative coverage of President Trump. But liberal journalists get upset when CNN somehow breaks from its usual stance and says something nice….even after a horrific mass shooting. CNN anchor John King called Trump’s speech to the nation on Monday morning “pitch perfect” for the situation. <em>Washington Post</em> media blogger Erik Wemple angrily denounced this as a horrible "cable news malady."</p>

Fake News: NYT’s Krugman Tweets Cholera Outbreak In Puerto Rico, ‘Heckuva Job, Trumpie’

<p>Chuck Ross at The Daily Caller reported that leftist New York Times columnist/economist Paul Krugman uncorked some fake news on Twitter out of hurricane-battered Puerto Rico on Saturday. He claimed an outbreak of cholera in the wake of the hurricane and added “Heckuva job, Trumpie.” Six hours later, shortly after the Centers for Disease Control tweeted that there were no cholera cases in Puerto Rico before Hurricane Maria hit and that they anticipated no cholera cases, Krugman withdrew the charge. "Heckuva job, Kruggie"?</p>

WashPost Lines Up Third Graders to Denounce Trump

<p>In July, <em>The Washington Post </em>assembled a grade-school "Kids Chorus" to sing/mock Trump's tweets over bongo drums. That same spirit infuses a story in Sunday's <em>Washington Post Magazine,</em> interviewing third-grade students for their opinions on Trump and issues they think define Trump -- racism, immigration, police brutality, "inequality and privilege," and climate change. To no one's surprise, the <em>Post</em> had just as much trouble locating a conservative or Republican third-grader as they do in pretty much every other news story they produce.</p>

Katy Tur’s Book Reveals a Reporter Who Can’t Stop Insulting Trump

<p>Reading through Katy Tur's memoir of the Trump campaign, titled <em>Unbelievable,</em> suggests something she didn't mean -- it's unbelievable that she thinks she wasn't a tremendously anti-Trump reporter. Her contempt for Trump is all over the pages of her book. His vocabulary is a like burning, derailed freight train wreck. He debates like a "cranky toddler with a hammer." He has "the grace of a falling piano." He walks around in a "halo of crudeness." </p>

NPR Hails Playboy Porn Baron Hugh Hefner… Saved Its Vicious Obit for Mother Teresa

<p>The death of <em>Playboy</em> founder Hugh Hefner reminds us once again that National “Public” Radio emphatically prefers sinners over saints. Twenty years ago, the fiercest obituary on Mother Teresa, the famous nun now honored as a saint by the Catholic Church, came from Scott Simon on NPR. He provided a platform for Christopher Hitchens, an atheist who wrote a book-length attack on Mother Teresa called <em>The Missionary Position,</em> and Simon attacked her “tolerance for tyrants and criminals.” Fast forward to <em>Morning Edition</em> on Thursday, and there was Scott Simon once again….and he couldn’t locate anyone to denounce Hefner.</p>

WashPost Columnist Hates Pro-Lifers Claiming Victory as Clinic Closes; Is She Pushing Fake News?

<p><em>Washington Post</em> Metro columnist Petula Dvorak lamented on Friday about “An abortion provider’s agonizing decision to quit.” Todd Stave agreed last month to sell his property to the Maryland Coalition for Life, “the antiabortion group that opened a crisis pregnancy center across the parking lot and staged frequent protests outside his door.” Dvorak couldn't accept pro-lifers claiming victory....and she again forwarded Stave's claim that his father's clinic (which he inherited) was firebombed in 1992, but there's no easily found evidence to back up that claim.</p>

Lame! WashPost Feigns Scandal on Neil Gorsuch Speech at Trump Hotel

<p>In one of the lamest government-ethics stories ever to grace the front page of <em>The Washington Post,</em> Supreme Court reporter Robert Barnes offered an article/attack on new Justice Neil Gorsuch speaking at the University of Louisville alongside Mitch McConnell. The headline was “’Victory Lap’? Gorsuch’s critics cry foul over speeches.” They also forwarded complaints Gorsuch would speak and at the Trump International Hotel before the Fund for American Studies and before the Federalist Society. Hello? Liberal justices routinely speak before liberal groups. </p>

‘Nero’ at the ‘Petting Zoo’: Joy Reid Claims ‘Puerto Rico Is Trump’s Katrina’

<p>In case you didn’t get enough MSNBC on TV, you can check out Joy Reid on The Daily Beast with a wild and woolly editorial headlined: “Puerto Rico Is Trump's Katrina: President Donald Trump … does not care … about brown and black people.”  At least it was marked “OPINION.” It also had the unsubtle subheadline “NERO.” When he visited Texas, he had a "petting zoo of black evacuees.".</p> <p> </p>

On PBS NewsHour, Trump UN Speech Gets ‘B for Bombast and Bullying and Belligerence’

<p>President Trump drew rave reviews on the right for a forceful address on global issues at the United Nations. But you wouldn't know that from the Week in Politics segment on Friday's PBS NewsHour. Liberal analyst Mark Shields gave it a "B for bombast and bullying and belligerence." Pseudo-conservative analyst David Brooks called it "self-destructive." Shields compared Trump unfavorably to JFK and Reagan...but three years ago, Shields suggested Barack Obama was Reaganesque.</p>

Why Bila Left ‘The View’: CNN Tipped Her ABC Was Recruiting Meghan McCain

<p>After Jedediah Bila surprised viewers by announcing she was leaving <em>The View</em> crew on ABC after just a year, reports quickly surfaced that ABC was in negotiations with Meghan McCain shortly after she departed Fox News. The London <em>Daily Mail</em> reported Bila was “blindsided by the shakeup” when she was told by a “friend at CNN” over last weekend. ABC apparently said "Oops, you weren't supposed to find out this way."</p>

Jimmy Kimmel’s ABC Crusade for Obamacare Aided by Chuck Schumer

<p>The Daily Beast reports that ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel's televised crusade for three nights against a Republican health-care bill was aided by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. The Democrat's team "provided technical guidance and info about the bill, as well as stats from various think tanks and experts on the effects of [the Graham-Cassidy bill]."</p>

WashPost Columnist Channels AFGE Union Leader’s Attack on Reagan’s ‘Industrial Violence’

<p>Labor-union loathing for Ronald Reagan boiled over in Thursday’s Washington Post. Joe Davidson, who writes a union-sympathizing column called “Federal Insider,” channeled outrage over Labor Secretary Alex Acosta putting Ronald Reagan in the Labor Department’s Hall of Honor. Union leader Alex Bastani slashed Reagan's decertifying an air traffic controllers' union when they went on strike as a "cruel act of industrial violence." They didn't note Franklin Roosevelt considered government-employee strikes to be "intolerable."</p>

WashPost Objects to Spicer Saying Media’s ‘Largely a Liberal Group’ Going Soft on Dems

<p>Former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer granted an interview to Washington Post media blogger Erik Wemple, which naturally focused on Wemple’s loathing of Team Trump’s media-bashing – which usually ignores Team Media’s relentless Trump-bashing.</p>

NBC Skips Own Poll Results on Gun Rights, Hillary’s Toxic Unpopularity (Worse Than Trump)

<p>An <em>NBC News/Wall Street Journal </em>poll asking about voting issues aside from jobs or foreign policy drive voting decisions, and gun rights vs. gun control topped the list. NBC didn't report those results...or the the results that Hillary Clinton in August of 2017 is more unpopular than Donald Trump. That might put a damper on the book tour.</p>

Katy Tur: I Don’t Vote Because…I Want to Appear Neutral (on MSNBC?)

<p>MSNBC host Katy Tur is granting interviews to promote her book <em>Unbelievable </em>on being a political correspondent on the Trump campaign, and that included an hour-long softball session on NPR's<em> Fresh Air with Terry Gross. </em>Tur claimed she doesn't vote because "I don't have a horse in the race." Earth to Miss Tur: When you host a daily program on MSNBC and received adulatory hour-long interviews on NPR, the public can guess which side you're on. </p>

PolitiFact ‘Fact Checks’ Hillary’s Book, Fails to Find a False Thing In It

<p>PolitiFact advertised on its home page an article on “Fact checking” Hillary’s campaign book What Happened. Don’t be shocked: PolitiFact didn’t find anything that they would call “False,” let alone “Pants on Fire.” They were very selective and helpful in picking out claims from the book...they skipped over Hillary suggesting the media favored Trump, for example.</p>

NBC/MSNBC Creates Its Own (Liberal) Media Reporting Unit

<p>NBC News has announced it will create a more formal media-news unit (like CNN’s) as media “credibility is under attack.” <em>New York Post</em> media writer Claire Atkinson will head the unit, but the remaining names look pretty liberal, starting with Fox News-busting Gabriel Sherman and BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith, who can’t find anyone in the media who sounds like a liberal activist.</p>

More CNN Hate: Chef-Host Bourdain Cracks to TMZ He Would Serve Trump Poison

<p>x</p> <p>CNN's non-news hosts have a serious hate problem with President Trump, from Kathy Griffin to Reza Aslan, and now to Anthony Bourdain, the chef who hosts their food/travel show Parts Unknown. TMZ interviewed Bourdain and asked him about being invited to cooking for President Trump and North Korean dictator. Asked what he would serve, Bourdain said "Hemlock." When reached by Fox News, Bourdain, apparently joking, said that he meant to say “kale” instead of poison.</p>
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