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Sky News Broadcasts Ethnic Minority Kids Reading from ‘Rivers of Blood’, Slips ‘White’ Into Speech Where Enoch Never Said It

Sky News has broadcast a package on Enoch Powell’s infamous Birmingham Speech, including a clip of a young girl of ethnic minority background misquoting the speech by adding the word “white” in. The clip which aired on the 50th anniversary of the speech sees leading left wingers, wet Tories, and ethnic minorities lamenting Powell’s warnings over mass migration. But in the opening scenes, three children — all of ethnic minority backgrounds — were asked to read from parts of the speech. The first recites: “In 15 or 20 years, on present trends, there will be in this country 3.5 Commonwealth immigrants and their descendants”. This quote is accurate, and in fact cites figures given by the Labour Party’s Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Julian Snow MP. The next quote however, includes an errant “white” where Powell never spoke it. “As I look ahead, I am fitted [sic] with much foreboding,” says one girl, adding: “Like the Roman I seem to see the white River Tiber foaming with much blood”. Powell actually said: “As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see the River Tiber foaming with much blood.” He gave the original quote here,

Kassam: 50 Years On, It’s Clear to Me That Enoch Was Right

Last weekend the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) aired the now infamous ‘Birmingham Speech’ by former Member of Parliament Enoch Powell. In a testament to the corporation’s ongoing inability to even remotely disguise its own leftist bias, the speech was not aired as a whole for people to make their own minds up about, but rather with “expert commentary” interspersed. The broadcast — voiced by the actor who played Star Wars’ Emperor Palpatine — concluded with the BBC’s Amol Rajan concluding that the speech “was racist”. But it most evidently wasn’t, and Rajan had previously disclosed to me privately that not only was he not an expert on the speech, but that he also had little knowledge of Powell’s life and therefore the references the late-MP was making in the address. That aside, it is evident why the liberal-left have to portray Powell as a “fascist” and his speech as “racist”. Because he was right. I’ve spent the past few months becoming somewhat of a Powell expert/obsessive. I’ve read almost every single word he wrote, and heard — over and again — almost every word he said that is publicly available. Much of it is incredibly hard to find, and Powell’s

Ex Mex Prez Vicente Fox Lets ‘Globalist Cat Out of Bag’ in Farage Debate: Lauds Authoritarian China, Slams Democracy

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland — The former Mexican President Vicente Fox let the “globalist cat out of the bag” last night at Maryland University, heaping praise on the pragmatism of the authoritarian regime in China, while blasting democracy and the will of the people in a 90-minute-long debate against former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage. The two men locked horns in the “Nationalism vs. Globalism” debate series, hosted by the Steamboat Institute and moderated by Wall Street Journal’s Mary Kissell. The two traded blows on issues like trade, democracy, the European Union and Trump’s border wall plans for over an hour before President Fox launched into a broadside against the idea of democracy. “You visit China today, you visit the east. No more ideologies,” said Fox, moments after stating his support for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in Mexico’s upcoming Presidential elections. While Fox defeated the 71-year-long “perfect dictatorship” of PRI, which governed uninterrupted for 71 years, he declared his support for the neo-liberal party which also curiously finds itself as a member of the Socialist International group, stating: “I know [the PRI candidate, Meade] has the burden on his shoulder of PRI corruption… I always go more for the person,

5 Ways the Remain Camp Cheated During Brexit…. And Still Lost!

The past week has been full of news stories surrounding Brexit, a Facebook data-mining initiative by Cambridge Analytica, and a new “whistleblower” making allegations about the behaviour of the establishment Vote Leave campaign. No such scrutiny nor column inches have been afforded to all the ways the Remain campaigns cheated the system, even when there have already been fines levied upon Remain groups and campaigners for such brazen behaviour. In short: the losers are trying to write history. 1. Liberal Democrats Fined Nearly the MAXIMUM Allowed by Britain’s Elections Regulator Late last year Britain’s Electoral Commission levied an £18,000 GBP fine on the Liberal Democrats party for providing inadequate invoices and receipts — or, in some cases, not providing them at all. “The total sum, which nears the [Electoral] Commission’s maximum individual fine of £20,000, is made up of two fines,” the regulator explained in an official statement. “The first fine, of £17,000, was imposed for failing to provide acceptable invoices or receipts for 80 payments with a total value of more than £80,000. “In some cases no invoices or receipts were provided at all, and in others some were provided which were inadequate, such as credit card statements, or were

Guardian Columnist: ‘We Don’t Demonise the Rich Enough’

As if we don’t have enough roadblocks to wealth, success, and aspiration, Guardian columnist Zoe Williams — who has never created a real job (or done one) and never invented anything — now wants the rich to be further demonised. She writes of Sir James Dyson: …I get it: he is very rich, and his smartness is greater than mine by whatever factor his wealth is. I still say he’s wrong about this. We don’t demonise rich people anything like enough. There is a protective cordon around them that predates the right’s idiotic appropriation of the language of prejudice (“you’re discriminating against white men!”) by ages, probably centuries. Eating them, squeezing them till their pips squeak, heaping any hostile attention upon rich people en bloc – even in its glory days, when it sounded quite fun – has the tang of envy, which is less poisonous than, say, race hate, but somehow more shameful. Williams may be right about not being as smart as Sir James Dyson OM CBE FRS FREng (she churlishly refuses to recognise even his knighthood in her column). But she clearly hasn’t used the smartness she insists she has to employ over 8,500 people and create £2.5bn of taxable

Sh*thole Mayor Sadiq Khan Slips Cash to Somali Mosque Amidst £1.4m Handout for Knife Crime Campaigns

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has unveiled a £1.4m fund to tackle knife crime, boasting of a £6,400 award to a London Islamic Centre while maintaining that his budget doesn’t allow him to hire more police. The announcement this week revealed the Mayor plans to give the tax payer funded Croydon Black and Minority Ethnic Forum £49,736 to “deliver training and support to five grassroots organisations who provide activities for people affected by knife crime in Croydon”. The programme is said to reach “at least 60 people”. The Somali Relief and Islamic cultural centre — which shares an address with the Learner’s Academy — will receive £6,337 “to deliver five community consultation events for 100 Somali parents and young people in Southwark to raise awareness of knife crime”. Khan has maintained, throughout his tenure, that he cannot solve London’s crime problems due to a lack of funding from central government. But the Mayor has blown millions on “green” initiatives, hate-crime monitoring, exclusive toilets for London bus drivers, and other vanity projects. Hammersmith and Fulham Anti-Tribalism Movement — another organisation already in receipt of UK tax payer cash via the Foreign and Commonwealth Office — will receive £31,173 for the Anti-Tribalism Movement which will go towards tackling

Thousands Gather in London’s Speakers’ Corner to Hear Tommy Robinson Deliver Banned Right-Wing Activist’s Speech

Speakers' Corner
Thousands of free speech enthusiasts, alongside a handful of hard-left and Islamist opposition, gathered at Speakers' Corner in London’s Hyde Park this afternoon to hear a speech written by Generation Identity’s Martin Sellner, delivered by former EDL leader Tommy Robinson.

KASSAM: The Week In Which Britain Locked Up Journalists for Being Right Wing

I never thought I’d say it, but I’m not entirely sure how long Breitbart London and I will be welcome in the United Kingdom. This week, right wing journalists Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone, as well as identitarian activist Martin Sellner, were banned from Britain. The usual arguments about “conductivity to the public good” were deployed, but transparently nonsensical for at least two reasons: 1. The government’s words also included the specific demonization and targeting of “right wing” groups or ideas; 2. These same principles seem not to apply to jihadists returning to the UK from Iraq and Syria, and everyone knows it. Bonus number three in that list is that these three bloggers, vloggers, and activists couldn’t pose a public threat if they tried, quite frankly. No offence to them intended, but they’re hardly Augosto Pinochets preparing the choppers. To the people claiming my deportation document is fake, it’s not. Not sure why there are spelling mistakes—perhaps they didn’t care enough to proof read. This is the exact document I was given upon being denied entry to the U.K. — Brittany Pettibone (@BrittPettibone) March 12, 2018 This is also the week during which a group I have no

WATCH — Steve Bannon Recalls Brexit Victory Night During Zurich Speech, Warns EU ‘Better Start Listening’

Former Breitbart News Executive Chairman has recalled the Brexit victory night in the opening part of his speech in Zurich this week. Bannon was hosted by Die WeltWoche, delivering an hour-long address on the populist-nationalist revolt taking place across the Western world. He recalled the beginnings of Breitbart London, as well as the website’s influence in the Brexit campaign. The speech attracted protests from local socialists, where he discussed France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and the United States. “You’re beginning to see a symbiotic relationship,” he said, before discussing recent electoral upsets for establishment parties in Italy. Issuing a warning to the European Union and its institutions, Bannon stated: “The European Central Bank and the guys in Brussels better start listening or they’re going to have a bigger revolt on their hands than they have today”. Watch the full video above.

EXCLUSIVE — Sweden Democrats Refute PM’s ‘No Go Zone’ Denial as ‘Fake News’

Sweden Democrats
The leader of the populist Sweden Democrats has issued a scathing rebuke to the country’s Prime Minister following a press conference with President Trump in the White House today. Answering a question about the rise of migrant crime and no go zones, Prime Minister Stefan Loefven told the world: “…it is not like you have these ‘no go zones’. We have our share of domestic challenges no doubt about that”. But Jimmie Akesson — leader of the insurgent Sweden Democrats — told Breitbart London this evening: The Prime Minister’s statement is simply not true. We have re-occurring incidences of cancelled bus lines in fear of entering certain immigrant heavy areas, frequent attacks on emergency vehicles, oftentimes lured in there by fake 911 calls for the sole purpose of attacking the emergency personnel, and even reluctance in simple services such as delivering mail or investigating illegal television/cable services. In some areas self-appointed sharia police patrol the streets enforcing dress-code rules and proper Islamic behaviours. Akesson added: “The police themselves have confirmed the existence of no go zones for the entire world to see. The statements of the Prime Minister is nothing short of a classic example of fake news.” The party pointed

Swedish PM Admits Migration, Organised Crime ‘Challenges’ — Denies ‘No Go Zones’

Sweden’s Prime Minister has admitted a link between gang violence and mass migration in a press conference alongside U.S. President Donald J. Trump in the White House today, but says that his government is solving the situation. Speaking on the subject of crime and immigration, Stefan Loefven, who has previously criticised President Trump’s warnings over Sweden admitted: “We have our share of domestic challenges no doubt about that. “We inherited a legislation that was not sustainable on migration which meant that in 2015 we received 163,000 refugees. Bear in mind we are a country of 10 million inhabitants, so that was a lot. “We changed the legislation so now we have decreased the number of refugees entering Sweden and we’re also putting pressure on the other European Union countries to take their share of the responsibility, this is not a responsibility for one, two, three or four countries. It is a shared responsibility. He then linked the issue with an organised crime wave in Sweden, as evidenced in the book No Go Zones: How Shariah Law is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You. “We also have problems with crime,” the Swedish PM added. “Organised crime in Sweden. Shootings. But it

New York Times Reveals Trump, Breitbart Right On Gang Crime, Grenade Attacks in Sweden

The New York Times has broken ranks with the the establishment media, publishing an effective mea culpa over the mainstream denial of migrant-related gang crime in Sweden. The paper — which previously mocked President Trump for highlighting Sweden’s migrant crime problems — published over 1,500 words on the subject in its Sunday edition this weekend, stating: Weapons from a faraway, long-ago war are flowing into immigrant neighborhoods here, puncturing Swedes’ sense of confidence and security. The country’s murder rate remains low, by American standards, and violent crime is stable or dropping in many places. But gang-related assaults and shootings are becoming more frequent, and the number of neighborhoods categorized by the police as “marred by crime, social unrest and insecurity” is rising. Crime and immigration are certain to be key issues in September’s general election, alongside the traditional debates over education and health care. Sweden’s immigration problems have been reported on by Breitbart London since 2015, when the site dispatched reporters to the country to describe the worsening conditions in many migrant-dominated suburbs. Additionally, Breitbart London interviewed Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Akesson, the only politician in the country willing to speak openly about the problems. The establishment media dismissed Akesson

Brexit’s House Globalist Daniel Hannan Slams CPAC for Marion Marechal Attendance

Pro-Soros cash, anti-Trump Member of the European Parliament Daniel Hannan MEP used his column in the Washington Examiner this weekend to slam the American Conservative Union — the conveners of the Conservative Political Action Conference — for inviting French firebrand Marion Marechal Le Pen. Ms. Le Pen — who was one of the most controversial and well-received speakers of the conference last week — has long-been lauded as the French right’s next hero, and as a result, was invited to address the CPAC conference in order to “hear her out”.  Her speech was so well received that long-standing National Review columnist Mona Charen was booed and escorted out of CPAC with security for attacking her on the main stage, two days after Ms. Le Pen spoke. Now Hannan — who used to be invited to CPAC in the days when it was run by Never Trump types and Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) — has called Ms. Le Pen’s involvement “disastrous” and attacked her in the Washington Examiner. An ideological ocean separates Anglo-American rightists from Euro-authoritarians. Or, at least, it did until very recently. That ocean has been narrowing since Republicans began taking up positions that they recently denounced as

Dan Hannan Defends Soros and Big Money, Pro Mass Migration Billionaires

The notionally “Conservative” Daniel Hannan MEP has intervened in the Brexit debate in defence of Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros and other pro-mass migration backers such as the Koch brothers. Hannan — whose globalist duplicity I have written about many times — has revealed his hand again, writing for the Washington Examiner in a piece entitled “In Defense of George Soros“. In the article he states criticism of Soros’s interventions has “unpleasant undertones”, though he concedes this allusion to anti-Semitism is less powerful than it once was given Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s scathing remarks about the billionaire leftist. Presumably, however, this means without such comments Hannan would join the brigade of establishment mouthpieces attempting to tie concerns over Soros’s personal and political agendas to Jew-hatred. Daniel Finkelstein in the Times of London today embodies such thoughtless debasement of anti-Semitism, using it as a political cudgel to shut down discourse. And Hannan — a man who has previously toured America attempting to flex his “conservative” credentials — cites the pro-mass migration Koch brothers as rationale for why the right should not be concerned about big money donors: Try flipping it around. Imagine a Soros of the Right, a wealthy backer of

Left-Wingers OUTRAGED Britain Won’t Imperialistically Impose Gay Marriage Laws on Bermuda

Britain’s Labour Party is demanding the UK government impose an imperialistic diktat upon the predominantly black citizens of Bermuda for refusing to adhere to the liberal-left’s same-sex marriage demands. Helen Goodman — Labour’s shadow Foreign Office minister — said the devolved, democratic decision taken by Bermuda to repeal gay marriage laws — “turns same-sex couples into second class citizens”, implying force should be used to impose gay marriage laws. “For that to happen anyone in the world would be shameful. For it to happen in a British territory, for the legislation signed by a British governor and permitted by a British foreign secretary makes us complicit in something which this House has repeatedly voted against,” she argued. Apparently imperialism is fine, but only in the pursuit of leftist goals like those of the LGBTQII++ lobby, in a mostly Christian nation. The British government called Bermuda’s decision “disappointing” but resisted getting involved despite the island’s status as a British Overseas Territory. It’s almost as if the Brits retain some knowledge about holding together an empire. If Bermuda were in the European Union, there’d have probably been some kind of sanctions, or perhaps a gay-migrant quota by now. Renowned mastermind (click it) David Lammy MP

UK Police Threaten Public over ‘Islamophobic’ Tweets on FGM Awareness Day… Despite ZERO FGM Convictions

A UK police force has used the "Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation Day" to issue threats against Twitter users for "Islamaphobic" [sic] abuse.

UK Police Threaten Public over ‘Islamophobic’ Tweets on FGM Awareness Day… Despite ZERO FGM Convictions

A UK police force has used the "Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation Day" to issue threats against Twitter users for "Islamaphobic" [sic] abuse.

Bombshell: UK Govt Review into Sharia Admits Systemic Discrimination Against Women, Unknown Number of ‘Councils’, Forced Marriage Victim Made to Appear with Abusers

A controversial review into the state of Sharia law in the United Kingdom and the bodies administering it has revealed the British government to be unaware of exactly how many of the Islamic law councils are operating in the country, an admission of systemic discrimination against women, including the victim of forced marriage being asked to appear alongside her family, with an "inappropriate" adoption of civil legal terms used.

5 Takeaways From Soros at Davos: U.S. Gerrymandering, Court Rigging, And Forcing the EU to Give 20% of Its Annual Budget to Africa

Most media organisations focused on George Soros’s comments about social media and the oligarchy of information arbiters following his annual appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week. But the Open Society Foundations chief gave away some key information about the playbook the hard-left and the Democrat Party will be using in the next few years. Here’s what you need to know about what their most important billionaire backer told the crowd in Switzerland this week: 1. Trump is Trying to Turn the U.S. Into a Mafia State This is a pretty rich claim from a man who has undermined nations and institutions in pursuit of his get-richer-quicker schemes. From uranium interests to breaking the Bank of England, Soros has never given two hoots about the nation state nor its integrity. So imagine my surprise to hear him opine this week: I attribute [the length of my speech] to the severity of the problems confronting us today… I find the current movement in history rather painful. Open societies are in crisis and various forms of dictatorships and mafia states, exemplified by Putin’s Russia, are on the rise. In the United States President Trump would like to establish a mafia state

UKIP to Hold Emergency Membership Meeting after No Confidence Vote in leader Henry Bolton

Henry Bolton
The UK Independence Party is set to hold an emergency general meeting following a National Executive Committee vote of no confidence in its scandal-rocked leader Henry Bolton. A statement from the party reads: In an emergency meeting of the UKIP National Executive today, a discussion took place on recent press coverage of the party leader, Henry Bolton. Having heard a statement from Mr Bolton, the NEC asked a number of questions pertaining to that coverage. At the conclusion of that discussion, the committee took the decision to hold a vote of no confidence in the Leadership of Henry Bolton. The vote was carried unanimously with the exception of the Leader. This decision will automatically trigger an EGM of the party, to allow the membership of UKIP the democratic opportunity to decide to endorse or reject that vote of no confidence. The party is required to hold such an EGM within 28 days of today’s date unless Henry Bolton resigns in the meantime. Members will be written to in the next ten days to give details of where and when the EGM will take place. Party leader Henry Bolton has been embattled in a national scandal after he left his wife for

Managed Decline: Guardian Says Britain’s Economy Can’t Handle Brexit

I’ve written about the consensus within the political establishment about Britain’s managed decline before. Today, it rears its ugly head in the Guardian/Observer, with Economics Editor Philip Inman declaring that Britain’s economy can’t handle Brexit. Inman — a graduate of Liverpool John Moores University in a city once believed to be worthy of managed decline itself — has decided that the reasons Britain voted for Brexit are indeed the reasons Britain can’t handle Brexit. A decline in our manufacturing, our fisheries, and with key economic decisions made by a foreign power in a foreign city. These are just some of the reasons Britain wants out of the European Union. Inman, however, sees it the other way: Manufacturers were unable to make things cheaply, reliably or efficiently enough against the headwind of a high-value currency, forcing many to give up. An economy that boasted 20% of its income coming from manufacturing in the 1980s found it was the source of barely 10% at the beginning of this decade. To this, Brexiteers may say: “Yeah exactly,” and Inman would reply, “Yeah exactly”. The differences stand in the optimistic disposition of Leavers, and the refusal of the political establishment to want to deal with any

Sadiq’s London: Knife Crime, Gun Crime, Theft, Burglary, Rape, Homicide all MASSIVELY Up

Earlier this year London overtook New York City as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. The House of Commons recently revealed the UK capital has more acid attacks per capita than any other city in the world

Her Majesty The Queen’s Christmas Address Reflects on Horrors of Radical Islamic Terrorism in 2017

Her Majesty The Queen has delivered her regular Christmas address to the United Kingdom and her Commonwealth allies, reflecting on the radical Islamic terrorism that tore through London and Manchester this year. Speaking from Buckingham Palace, Her Majesty began by reflecting on her own past 60 years of delivering speeches to the nation at Christmas, and the technological advancements she has witnessed since. Pivoting to the terrorist atrocities of this year, Her Majesty said: We think of our homes as places of warmth, familiarity and love; of shared stories and memories, which is perhaps why at this time of year so many return to where they grew up. There is a timeless simplicity to the pull of home. For many, the idea of “home” reaches beyond a physical building – to a home town or city. This Christmas, I think of London and Manchester, whose powerful identities shone through over the past twelve months in the face of appalling attacks. In Manchester, those targeted included children who had gone to see their favourite singer. A few days after the bombing, I had the privilege of meeting some of the young survivors and their parents. I describe that hospital visit as

Fake News: ‘Shock’ Poll Alleges Brexit ‘Remainers’ Now Have 11-Point Lead over Leave… They Don’t

A new poll alleging an 11-point lead for 'Remain' campaigners if a Brexit referendum were held today is being intentionally used to deceive the British public over the sentiment of their fellow countrymen, with the latest data burying the fact that the "gains" in the Remain column are made up of 2016 referendum non-voters.

Kassam on Alabama: Brexit Has Taken Nearly 30 Years, And So Will Making America Great Again

Anti-Moore Posse: McConnell, Bezos, Romney, Ivanka, Flake, Obama
Sometimes the uniparty will still win. But we’re still better off than we were even two years ago, when the uniparty always won

Kassam: Britain’s Continued ‘Managed Decline’ Is a Warning for America, That’s Why I’m Thankful for the U.S.A.

The Brexit vote on June 23rd 2016 was a rebuke of the theory of “managed decline”, the prevailing political philosophy within Britain’s career political class and gargantuan bureaucracy since the end of the Second World War.

Kassam: As One of Only Two People in Both the Brexit and Trump Victory Parties, I Still Can’t Decide Which was Bigger, June 23rd, or November 8th

I scarcely “remember, remember” what I was doing on Nov 5th 2016, but as one of only two people (that I’m aware of) who were in both the Brexit and Trump victory parties, the November 8th is a night I won’t be forgetting in a while.

Kassam: The Republican Swamp Got the Loss they Wanted, Now They’re Going to Try and Tame Us

The Virginia GOP lacks the organisation, and their candidate lacked the kind of authenticity it takes for conservatives to win elections

Kassam: McConnell’s DACA Amnesty Plan Will Hand the House of Representatives to Democrats, Ripe for Impeachment Attempts

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell this morning told Hugh Hewitt on MSNBC that amnesty for the recipients of the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals could form part of a deal with the Democrats, in exchange for things such as scrapping the Diversity Visa programme.

Kassam: Fear-Based Latino Victory Ad is a Reflection of CNN’s America, Not Trump’s

"We are the future," is the slogan of the hard-left Latino Victory Fund, a group which has dumped cash on creating a fear-mongering advertisement ahead of the Virginia gubernatorial elections next week

Guardian: ‘Trump, Assange, Bannon, Farage bound together in an unholy alliance’, Farage Ridicules

The Observer — the Sunday edition of Britain’s Guardian newspaper — has today published a conspiracy-laden opinion column asserting there is “a spider’s web of relationships and networks of power and patronage and alliances that spans the Atlantic and embraces data firms, thinktanks and media outlets”. Author Carole Cadwalladr admits her daily research into the subject sends her into “one long headspin”, while former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has taken to his Sunday morning LBC radio show to ridicule her claims. Ridiculous claims in The Guardian are fake news. There is no grand conspiracy – they are just desperate. — Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) October 29, 2017 The article reads: What on earth was Farage doing advancing Calexit – Californian Brexit? And why did I find a photo of him hanging out with Dana Rohrabacher, the Californian known in the US press as “Putin’s favourite congressman”? The same Dana Rohrabacher who’s met with Don Trump Jr’s Russian lawyer and – wait for it – also visited Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy. And who is now interceding on his behalf to obtain a pardon from Don Trump Junior’s dad. (You got this? Farage visited Trump, then Assange, then Rohrabacher. Rohrabacher met Don Trump’s Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya. Then Assange.

KASSAM: More on That Fox News Fake News Alabama Poll… Featuring Karl Rove

Last night I happily tore apart the Fox News Alabama poll which risibly placed Democrat candidate Doug Jones at level pegging with conservative Judge Roy Moore

KASSAM: Fox Alabama Poll Sees Murdoch’s Network Enter ‘Very Fake News’ Territory

Fox News is the target of a lawsuit brought by a former guest commentator who alleges she was raped by a Fox Business News anchor
Fox News thinks its pollster has revealed a dead heat between Roy Moore and his Democrat opponent in Alabama... here’s why they’re wrong...

REVEALED: Iran Hacks 9,000 UK Parliament E-mails As Govt Opposes Trump Decertification of Iran Deal

The British government faces accusations of failing to represent the country’s national interests as it was revealed overnight that a cyber attack launched against parliamentary e-mails, previously blamed on Russia, actually came from the Iranian regime. Around 9,000 parliamentary e-mails were affected by the breach, with the news coming out on the same day the UK government doubled down on its support for the Iran deal that U.S. President Donald J. Trump refused to certify. The “brute force” attack, reported overnight by The Times of London, is believed to include e-mail from Theresa May’s office as well as those of other Cabinet members. At they same time, the British government alongside its European Union partners pushed back against President Trump’s decision not to recertify President Barack Obama’s Iran deal. Immediately after the U.S. government declared they could not and would not “make this certification”, EU and UK sources began major spin operations in Iran’s favor. Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) stated: “Our governments are committed to ensuring the [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action to Congress] is maintained” and their social media feeds began blasting out pro Iran deal statements: The Iran Deal neutralises their nuclear programme — Foreign Office

KASSAM: Replacing Columbus Day with ‘Indigenous People’s Day’? Why Not Just Scream ‘I Wish I Was Never Even Born!’

The moves to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day is basically a tantrum by a 10 year old screaming “I wish I was never born!”

Vegas: When is Terrorism not ‘Terrorism’ — And Why?

The gunman holed himself up inside a hotel room on the 32nd floor of Las Vegas' Mandalay Hotel and opened fire on a crowd of 22,000 people down below
Blue tick Twitter users have been using the mass shooting incident in Las Vegas to whip up identity-based anger and foster victimhood mentalities. “I don’t understand,” wrote user Greg Baum, “Why it’s not terrorism. Because the shooter’s not Muslim?”

Size Matters: The 9-Point Alabama Win Is What Forced Corker out, Others May Follow

MONTGOMERY, Alabama — When Judge Roy Moore looked set to defeat Luther Strange last night, as the results started to flood in from counties across Alabama, I felt a sense of deja vu wash over me.

UK PM May Dings Trump at U.N. General Assembly: Backs Paris Agreement, Lectures on Refugees

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May used her United Nations General Assembly speech today to rail against President Trump, and indeed the same values and ideas that propelled the British public to vote for Brexit in 2016. In typically bizarre and philosophically bunk form, Mrs. May proved again why she is scarcely the leader to take Britain into a post-Brexit world, and indeed why she has no business leading the Conservative Party. Just days after the terror-linked arrests of refugees from across the Muslim world in her own country, she lectured on immigration, potentially alienating Britain’s best ally in a post-Brexit world: President Trump and the U.S. government: Many [migrants] are refugees fleeing conflict and persecution. Others, economic migrants, prepared to risk everything on perilous sea crossings in the desperate search for a better life for themselves and their children. Through this migration we also see the challenges of economic inequality between countries and within them… Sharper words — extolling the virtues of liberalism and neoliberal extremism which were roundly rejected by Britain and America in 2016 — were saved for a thinly veiled attack on the U.S. administration: This inequality, together with weaknesses in the global trading system, threatens to undermine

UK PM May Dings Trump at U.N. General Assembly: Backs Paris Agreement, Lectures on Refugees

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May used her United Nations General Assembly speech today to rail against President Trump, and indeed the same values and ideas that propelled the British public to vote for Brexit in 2016. In typically bizarre and philosophically bunk form, Mrs. May proved again why she is scarcely the leader to take Britain into a post-Brexit world, and indeed why she has no business leading the Conservative Party. Just days after the terror-linked arrests of refugees from across the Muslim world in her own country, she lectured on immigration, potentially alienating Britain’s best ally in a post-Brexit world: President Trump and the U.S. government: Many [migrants] are refugees fleeing conflict and persecution. Others, economic migrants, prepared to risk everything on perilous sea crossings in the desperate search for a better life for themselves and their children. Through this migration we also see the challenges of economic inequality between countries and within them… Sharper words — extolling the virtues of liberalism and neoliberal extremism which were roundly rejected by Britain and America in 2016 — were saved for a thinly veiled attack on the U.S. administration: This inequality, together with weaknesses in the global trading system, threatens to undermine

KASSAM: POTUS Signs ‘Anti-Hate’ Resolution, a Major Assault on America’s First Amendment

DACA wasn’t the biggest win for the swamp-left this week. Blink and you’ll have missed it. In amongst the furore over immigration, news coverage of Hurricane fallout, and North Korea’s latest tub thumping, President Trump signed that anti-free speech resolution I warned about just a few days ago. The Associated Press reports: President Donald Trump has signed a resolution condemning white supremacists, neo-Nazis and other hate groups following a white-nationalist rally in Virginia that descended into deadly violence. The resolution also urged Trump and his administration to speak out against hate groups that espouse racism, anti-Semitism and white supremacy. That’s not entirely accurate. In fact it’s a pretty thoughtless and likely intentional misinterpretation of the breadth of this resolution and its real world implications. As I’ve already pointed out, the resolution expresses “support for the Charlottesville community”, which is great, but then demands the President rejects “White nationalists, White supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups” and urges him and his cabinet to “use all available resources to address the threats posed by those groups”. Were it simply this symbolic, I wouldn’t be banging on about it. Were epithets like “white nationalist” or “white supremacist” not used
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