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A-Hole Of The Week: General James Clapper

Clapper denies Trump was ever under surveillance

This Is Why Trump Wants A Wall

Trump using the wall as a bargaining chip

Are Americans Really Abandoning Donald Trump?

Trump supporters jump the gun and burn MAGA hats after rumors were spread about his DACA strategy

Roger Stone: What’s Wrong With Jeff Sessions/ The Left’s Hypocrisy Is Unending

It's astounding that the Trump Justice Department is trying to withhold the Clinton memos

UN Passes Newest Crushing Sanctions On North Korea

UN passes resolution unanimously

CBS Admits Weather Modification Lasers Are In Operation

Infowars has been covering weather modification for decades, but MSM is just starting to talk about it

Flashback! Alex Jones Predicted CIA Would Blame Bin Laden For Terror Attack Before 9/11

"We're aware of who the terrorists are, if you pull this"

Roger Stone: My Call For Medicinal Marijuana

The war on drugs must come to an end

Kid Rock Is Exactly What Politicians Deserve

The establishment politicians of the past are going to be replaced with real Americans

Infowars Exclusive: Will Trump Administration Stop Terrorist Uranium Trafficking In Somalia?

Somali government requests U.S. assistance with ISIS ally Al-Shabab

The Liberal Media Totally Ignores President Trump’s Address On Tax Reform

MSNBC and CNN both refused to show Trump's latest speech because it would give their viewers a glimpse of truth

North Korea Threat To US Will Be Met With “Massive Military Response”

The US Defense Secretary issued a warning after North Korea's latest missile test

Watch Live: Trump Protesters Demand Erosion of National Sovereignty

Protesters complain over Trump enforcing immigration laws

Infowars Reporter Mobbed By Trump Protesters

Out of control liberals shout at reporter and unplug his microphone

Watch Now: First Look at Harvey Destruction

Real news reporters show you the damage dealt to Texas coast

Watch: Infowars Storms The FEMA Dome During Hurricane Harvey

Texas residents prepare for major catastrophe as Harvey hits land

University Of San Francisco Hosts Black Only Student Orientation

Colleges are pushing America back in time when it comes to race relations.

Savage: US Could Drop Neutron Bomb on NKorea

Neutron blast would preserve life of innocents while targeting regime

Awan Arrested At Airport As Democrats In Panic

The DNC and MSM are totally ignoring the Awan story.

Democrats Fear This Gay Trump Supporter

Leftists struggle to silence diverse Trump supporters

Fake News Triples Down On Photoshopped Trump Picture

GOP Republican used a fake image to show he's friendly with Trump.

EXCLUSIVE: Lab Analysis Shows Photoshopped Trump Picture

Are GOP politicians pretending to jump on the Trump train?

Is Twitter Rigging What Its Users See?

Social media giants continue online free-speech experiments.

Trump Jr. Fights Back Against Fake News Attacks

The Russian/Trump hysteria continues.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Paid Protesters Get Off Bus, Go To Protest

Trump protesters bussed in yet again.

Meet The Man Who Is Going To Beat Paul Ryan

Establishment reps feeling pressure

Video: ANTIFA Violently Interrupts Anti-Sharia Protest

Radical leftists yet again attempt to stop free speech

President Trump Is Freeing America

Trump takes on regulation and bureaucracy

CNN Admits Chemtrails Exist

Once again the mainstream media is years behind when it comes to breaking news.

London Bridge Attack: Do Liberals Have a Brain? Or a Soul?

Political correctness will kill us all

Infowarriors Face Down The Globalists

Liberty is the natural remedy

Diverse Crowd Of Trump Supporters Protest Bilderberg

The globalists will ultimately fail

Infowars Invades Bilderberg 2017

Once again the world elite gather to plot how they can retain power.

Exposed: The White House Leaker Has Been Identified

Attempts to bring down Trump intensify in West Wing

The City Of Baltimore Is Utterly Collapsing

Baltimore has a worse homicide rate than Chicago, but doesn't receive as much attention.

How Winning Fixes Everything

The key to life is to dominate life

Trump Causes Dems To Expose Themselves With One Move

That was easy

CONFESSED: Obama Official Admits Climate Data Rigged For Political Purposes

No real surprise there

Roger Stone: CIA Director Must Prove Russian Connection Or Resign

Pompeo goes after WikiLeaks, but Trump does not agree.

Trump Boosting Economy

A look into how Trump has turned the economy around.
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