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Pigs Fly: Nets Suddenly Respect President Bush After He Skewers Trump

<p>Christmas came early for the liberal Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) on Thursday when former President George W. Bush spoke out against the Donald Trump administration. In a disgusting display of sudden respect for a long time political foe, the network’s championed Bush’s hammering of the current president. And the icing on their anti-Trump cake was former President Obama doing the exact same thing too.</p>

Cupp Slams Media/Politicians: No ‘Basic Curiosity’ for Niger Ambush

<p>During Wednesday’s edition of HLN's <em>Unfiltered</em>, host S.E. Cupp was outraged over the fact that much of the media coverage this week in and around D.C. has centered around what President Trump may or may not have said to a Gold Star family instead of demanding answers for the ambush in Niger. “It's a little empty to be outraged over what the President did or didn't say to these Gold Star families. If you're not also asking: Why they are now gold star families,” she lamented to her panel.</p>

Glenn Greenwald Slams Liberal Media for ‘Extreme Groupthink’

<p>In a Tuesday appearance on Fox News Channel’s <em>Tucker Carlson Tonight</em>, the progressive journalist and co-founder of The Intercept Glenn Greenwald spoke with Carlson about the media’s fixation with the Russia story and how they got so many things wrong. And in the process, Greenwald called out the liberal media for being a self-gratifying echo chamber where consequences for false reporting no longer apply but benefits flow.</p>

Excessive Celebration: ABC Falsely Claims NFL Not Making Players Stand

<p>Tuesday’s edition of ABC’s <em>World News Tonight</em> was a prime example of how sensationalism in journalism damages credibility. Instead of leading the show by reporting on something important like CBS did with the opioid epidemic, or political conflict like NBC, ABC chose to celebrate the NFL seemingly not requiring players to stand during the National Anthem at a meeting earlier in the day. But the problem was, setting the league’s policy was not the goal of that particular meeting.</p>

Nets Forget Obama Admin Championed Bergdahl as a ‘Hero’ Coming Home

<p>In a military courtroom in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina on Monday, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl pleaded guilty to charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy and faces up to life in prison. Back in 2014, President Obama traded five dangerous terrorists to get Bergdahl back. And in a flawed political calculation, the administration championed him as a 'hero.' But considering the massive blowback that followed the ill-advised move, the Big Three Networks omitted that from their Monday evening reports.</p>

Nets Omit Federal Judge Rejecting Menendez Motion for Acquittal

<p>In a devastating day in court for New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez Monday, a federal judge threw out the defense’s motion for acquittal, which was made last Thursday when the prosecution rested its case. In his decision, the judge noted that “a rational jury could conclude the defendants entered into a quid pro quo agreement.” But despite the damning development, the liberal Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) continued their utter denial of the trial’s existence.</p>

Van Jones: Trump ‘Willing’ to Have Americans Die ‘to Get His Way’

<p>On Thursday, President Trump signed an executive order that made it easier for small and medium-size businesses to band together in order to buy health insurance as a group and get a better rate. The Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) found that idea abhorrent and smeared it as a threat to Obama’s legacy. The hyperbole continued during ABC’s <em>This Week</em> on Sunday were CNN’s Van Jones claimed Trump had no regard for the wellbeing of Americans.</p>

CNN: ‘Autocrat’ Trump Violating First Amendment and Should Be Removed

<p>CNN’s un-<em>Reliable Sources</em> went off the rails Sunday as media preacher Brian Stelter dedicated part of his sermon to attacking President Trump for slamming NBC News. “These next words from President Trump, this tweet I'm about to show you, these are not the words of a western democratic leader, they’re the word of an autocrat,” he declared. And added to mix were two guests who claimed the President’s words, not actions, were in direct violation of NBC’s First Amendment rights and he should be removed from office because of it.</p>

SNL Mocks ‘Kellywise’ Conway as Evil Clown from Horror Film ‘IT’

<p>After taking a week to slam alleged sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, NBC’s <em>Saturday Night Live</em> poured great detail into a skit that mocked White House adviser Kellyanne Conway as a loon and for her makeup. In a skit resembling the hit movie remake of Stephen King’s “IT,” comedian Alex Moffat played CNN’s Anderson Cooper who was being lured into the sewer by Kate McKinnon, who played Kellyanne Conway.</p>

Mollie Hemingway Hammers Media for False Kelly Quitting Stories

<p>In a surprise appearance in the White House Briefing Room on Thursday, Chief of Staff John Kelly address the press to dispel all their rumors (aka news reports) that claimed he was unhappy in his position and was thinking about leaving. And in a panel discussion on Fox News Channel’s <em>Special Report</em>, Federalist journalist Mollie Hemingway went to town on the media for over-relying on “unreliable anonymous sources.”</p>

Nets Denounce Health Care Executive Order as Threat to Obama’s Legacy

<p>On Thursday, President Trump, with the aid of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, unveiled an executive order designed to bring new freedom to the health insurance market by allowing people to form associations in order to buy insurance across state lines. But the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) weren’t going to lie down and let people have affordable insurance. Instead, they would lie and mislead about what the order actually did and about how it would affect people’s insurance.</p>

ABC/CBS Tout NBC’s Trump Story, Nothing on Their Weinstein Blackout

<p>On Wednesday, ABC and CBS were absolutely giddy over an NBC report that asserted President Trump wanted to inflate the U.S. nuclear arsenal “ten-fold” to 1960s levels. The report added fuel to the liberal claims that Trump was a madman looking to trigger an all-out nuclear war. And when Trump shot back they were licking their chops. But as they were hyping NBC’s reporting on Trump, they turned a blind eye to NBC’s dubious coverage of alleged sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.</p>

Nets Yawn as Federal Prosecutors Rest Case in Menendez Bribery Trial

<p>Justice Department prosecutors rested their case against Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez on Wednesday, much to the silence of the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC). With dozens of charges against him, prosecutors allege Menendez and his associate Dr. Salomon Melgen were responsible for an expansive quid-pro-quo scheme that spanned years. The case had all the hallmarks of a spicy courtroom drama, but the networks were more interesting in covering for the Democrat.</p>

Cupp Slams Liberals for Trashing GOP Women While Silent on Weinstein

<p>During her show on Tuesday, HLN’s S.E. Cupp unloaded on liberal Hollywood for keeping Harvey Weinstein’s predatory nature an “open secret” throughout the industry while slamming and shaming conservative women as traitors to their gender. “But there's another problem here, and it's why so many women like me are angry that Hollywood protected Weinstein’s horrific treatment of women for so long,” she exclaimed. “That's because Hollywood and Democrats—the combined self-proclaimed arbiters of “what’s good for women”—have for years insisted that I am bad for women.”</p>

Nets Downplay NFL Commissioner Caving to Trump in Kneeling Saga

<p>NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handed President Trump a victory on Tuesday after he sent a memo to all 32 teams directing them to have their players stand during the playing of the National Anthem. When players across the league took a knee during the National Anthem to protest the President, the liberal media went absolutely gaga. In fact, the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) dedicated 92 minutes of coverage over two days, which resulted in the drowning out of the Puerto Rico Crisis (only 25 minutes). But following the NFL’s concession, all of them downplayed it.</p>

CBS Bemoans Loosening Energy Regs, Glorifies China’s Green Energy

<p>On Monday, EPA Director Scott Pruitt announced that he would be putting an end to the Obama-era policy known and the Clean Power Plan. The plan put stiff regulations on new and existing coal-fired power plants which resulted in many being closed down, miners to be let go, energy bills to skyrocket, and put greater strain on the power grid. All in the name of so-called green energy. <em>CBS Evening News</em> was put off by the EPA’s reversal and turned to China for their example for how the U.S. should operate.</p>

Nets Blackout Twitter Shutting Down Blackburn Campaign Video

<p>While the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) were busy hyping up the feud between President Trump and Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker Monday evening, they blacked out Twitter’s targeting of the conservative woman looking to replace the retiring Senator. Earlier in the day, Twitter blocked the advertising for a campaign video posted by Marsha Blackburn and claimed it was “'inflammatory’ & ‘negative.’”</p>

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Calls Out Media for Glorifying Gun Violence

<p>Wayne LaPierre, the executive vice president and the CEO of the National Rifle Association (NRA), appeared on CBS’s <em>Face the Nation</em> on Sunday for an exclusive interview with host John Dickerson. While there, he felt for the Las Vegas victims, defended the Second Amendment and his organization, and called out those in the media (Hollywood in particular) who got rich off of glorifying gun violence and “irresponsible use of firearms.”</p>

SNL Smears Gun Owners as Crazy Poor People with Small Penises

<p>While the adults were investigating the motives of the man responsible for the Las Vegas mass shooting, and other were discussing new regulations of bump stocks, the man-children at NBC’s <em>Saturday Night Live</em> were attacking all gun owners for the acts of one man. “The investigation into the tragedy in Las Vegas this week has sparked a larger debate in America between people who want common sense gun control and people who are wrong,” announced fake newsman Colin Jost, setting the tone for the bit.</p>

CNN Journalist Panel Whines Slow Progress on Gun Control

<p>In the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, much of the political world’s attention was trained on the rifle accessory known as a bump stock. The Las Vegas shooter had 12 rifles fitted with the device which allowed him to shoot his weapons as though they were full auto. Even the NRA had called for greater regulation of the devices. But many in the liberal media, as demonstrated by CNN’s <em>Inside Politics</em> panel on Sunday, questioned if it meant anything and whined that gun control wasn’t advancing fast enough.</p>

WATCH: Charlie Sykes Beats Himself Up for Being a Former Conservative

<p>Former conservative radio host Charlie Sykes appeared on MSNBC’s <em>MTP Daily</em> on Thursday to promote his new book <em>How the Right Lost Its Mind</em>. And in an embarrassing show of self-flagellation, Sykes whipped himself for his past life of being a conservative radio host before making his way into the arms of the liberal MSNBC as a news analysis. All of his self-loathing was for the amusement of host Chuck Todd, who prodded his guess along, and to get into the liberal network’s good graces.</p>

NBC Blacks Out Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment Allegations

<p>In a report Thursday that exposed the so-called ‘open secret in Hollywood,’ The New York Times published accusations going back decades the claimed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was a serial sexual harasser. ABC Correspondent Linsey Davis described the allegations as “explosive,” but on <em>NBC Nightly News</em> and <em>Access Hollywood</em>, they completely ignore the story altogether. The NBC blackout came after they touted such accusations again late Fox News boss Roger Ailes and host Bill O’Reilly.</p>

CBS Whines Dianne Feinstein’s Past Gun Control Efforts Fizzled

<p>In the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting a few days ago, liberals all across the country and in the media had begun to push for greater gun control. On Wednesday, Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein announced a bill to ban the so-called “bump-stocks” that allowed the shooter to use his semi-automatic rifle as one that was fully automatic. And in looking back at her past attempts at gun control, <em>CBS Evening News</em> whined about her previous assault weapons ban getting sunk in Congress.</p>

Gun Grab Debate: David French Tries to Talk Down Hysterical Chuck Todd

<p>With the Las Vegas mass shooting just a couple days old, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd was eager to push the gun grabbing debate. So to satisfy his urge, he dedicated nearly all of Tuesday’s <em>MTP Daily</em> to talking about different proposals for gun control and hammering the National Rifle Association (NRA) for standing up for the Second Amendment. But Todd did bring on the <em>National Review</em>’s David French who attempted to calm his host’s hysteria.</p>

ABC/CBS Discredit Trump’s Visit to Puerto Rico as Photo-Op

<p>President Trump was in Puerto Rico on Tuesday to tour the storm-ravaged capital city of San Juan and some of the surrounding suburbs. He met with local officials and residents while helping to hand out much-needed supplies. But that didn’t seem to be good enough for the liberal networks of ABC and CBS. Both bemoaned Trump’s visit and touted those who called it an elaborate photo-op.</p>

Williams: Why Weren’t Sandy Hook Murders ‘Sad Enough’ for GOP?

<p>For much of Monday, MSNBC had disgraced anchorman Brian Williams hosting their Las Vegas shooting aftermath coverage. During the five P.M. hour, which was usually reserved for <em>MTP Daily</em>, Williams had Connecticut Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal on to smear Congressional Republicans a “complicit” the murder of 59 people and injury of 527 others. He even used the deaths of the first graders in Sandy Hook to do it.</p>

Kimmel: GOP Should Pray ‘God to Forgive Them,’ Helped Cause Shooting

<p>The liberal media’s favorite late night shill and self-described pizza eating expert, Jimmy Kimmel used his show the day after the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada to push for gun control while smearing Congressional Republicans for helping to cause the bloodshed. “They should be praying for God to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run this country because it’s so crazy,” the emotional Kimmel exclaimed to his audience.</p>

With No Sign of Motive, ABC/CBS Urge Trump to Call Vegas Terrorism

<p>Serval hours after the horrific mass shooting at a country music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, law enforcement officials were still searching for what motivated the shooter who killed 59 and wounded 527 people. And despite President Trump calling the shooting “pure evil” on Monday, both ABC and CBS were upset that he had yet to label the massacre as terrorism.</p>

Nets Whine ‘Little Will Change’ With Gun Control Under Trump

<p>It didn’t take long on Monday for the liberal media to start calling for sweeping legislation restricting every Americans’ right to keep and bear arms in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among the day’s false reports about how suppressors work and the overblown availability of fully automatic weapons, the Big Three Networks complained that not much was going to get down to push their anti-Second Amendment agenda while Trump was in office.</p>

Stephanopoulos Insists Tax Reform Just Cuts for the Wealthy

<p>Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin appeared on ABC’s <em>This Week</em> on Sunday to combat the liberal media’s flagrant lies and falsehoods about the administration’s tax reform framework. Before having to deal with Chuck Todd’s historical revisionism on the relationship between tax cuts and economic growth, he had to deal with ABC’s Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos who insisted over and over that the tax cuts were only meant for the wealthiest Americans.</p>

Chuck Todd: Tax Reform a ‘Houdini’ Act, Cuts Don’t Equal Growth

<p>After the White House and Congressional Republicans rolled out their framework for tax reform last week, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin made the rounds on the network morning shows to beat back the hysterical liberal media criticisms. When he appeared NBC’s <em>Meet the Press</em>, the Secretary had to content with a ludicrous Chuck Todd who smeared the tax reform proposal as a Houdini act and outlandishly claimed that no study had ever shown that tax cuts equal economic growth.</p>

ABC Touts Actor Saying Trump Is ‘Going to Hell’ in Golf Cart

<p>Over the weekend, instead of reporting on the Puerto Rico relief efforts and how they were crippled by circumstance, the liberal media chose to champion the anti-Trump criticism from Democratic San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz. After President Trump pushed back against the criticism, the media sensed blood in the water and went all in. On Sunday’s <em>Good Morning America</em>, ABC Correspondent David Wright touted public outrage at the President, including one actor claiming Trump was going to Hell.</p>

CNN/MSNBC Push Accusation Trump Treating Puerto Rico Poorly

<p>On Thursday, the federal government stepped up its hurricane relief effort in Puerto Rico by dispatching three-star Army general, Lt. Gen. Jeff Buchanan to oversee all operations. The move came as the sheer devastation from Hurricane Maria continued to cripple relief efforts and supply distribution. Instead of recognizing the unique and difficult challenge that trying the aid Puerto Rico was, both CNN and MSNBC tried to paint the Trump administration as uncaring of their plight.</p>

Nets Ignore Dem. Menendez Allegedly Interfering in Foreign Affairs

<p>During a stunning Day 13 in the federal corruption and bribery trial of Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez and a close friend, Dr. Salomon Melgen, prosecutors argued to the jury that the duo conspired to manipulate a U.S. government shipment to the Dominican Republic. But despite the shocking revelations, none of the networks in the Big Three (ABC, CBS, and NBC) decided to mention it to their viewers.</p>

ABC/NBC Ignore Contractors Building Border Wall Samples

<p>There was a big step forward in the process towards constructing President Trump’s long-promised border wall on Wednesday. Down on the border, teams of contractors were beginning to descend on the area to begin construction on their visions for what the wall itself would look like. In spite of this progress, both ABC and NBC chose to skip this development during their evening broadcasts. <em>CBS Evening News</em> was the only one to mention the construction competition.</p>

ABC/NBC Mislead on GOP Tax Reform, Leave Out Key Details

<p>President Trump was in Indiana on Wednesday to unveil the administration’s framework for their ambitious tax reform proposal. The aim of the reform was to grant individuals, families, and businesses the tax relief they so desperately needed. But during their evening newscasts, ABC and NBC failed to mention key details as they pretended not to know how it would help the middle class or affect the President himself.</p>

CBS Moves on from Secretary Mattis Being Targeted in Rocket Attack

<p>In a brazen attack on a civilian facility on Wednesday, terrorists in Afghanistan launched an unsuccessful rocket attack on the international airport in Kabul. The apparent target of the attack was Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and the airplane he arrived on, but he was far from there at the time. Despite this heinous assault on civilians in the hopes of killing a U.S. official, and the network previously mentioning it, <em>CBS Evening News</em> failed to report an update on the situation.</p>

Gumbel Thanks Trump’s ‘Racist’ ‘Childish’ Comments for ‘Energizing’ Athletes

<p>With President Trump’s feud with the NFL still swirling around the liberal media, sportscaster Bryant Gumbel signed off of his HBO show, <em>REAL Sports</em>, on Tuesday by thanking Trump for waking up American athletes. But being Bryant Gumbel, he had to go as low as he possibly could. With claims that the President was being racist, he lamented that America hasn’t come that far.</p>

ABC Finally Spends Time on Puerto Rico, Uses it to Slam Trump

<p>As the Media Research Center documented on Monday, the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) had buried the devastation of the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico underneath a mountain of coverage of President Trump’s spat with the NFL. Come Tuesday, they finally got around to giving the crisis the airtime that it deserved as all of them started they evening programs with it. But for ABC, it was just another opportunity to rake President Trump over the coals.</p>

CNN Bemoans Venezuela in Travel Ban, Ignores History of Selling Visas They Reported!

<p>With the President’s new travel ban taking effect in October, the communist rulers of Venezuela spoke of on Monday by calling it “a form of psychological and political terrorism.” And in a article published that same day, reporter Catherine Shoichet sympathized with the regime and parroted their slams of the U.S. But what went unmentioned, was CNN’s previous reporting which documented how members of Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry were possibly selling their passports and visas to terrorists.</p>
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