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CNN Host Finds Nothing But ‘Racist’ Intent in Trump ‘Breeding’ Tweet

<p>After a trio of CNN political analysts pestered Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders about a controversial Trump tweet on immigration during Monday’s White House press briefing, the speculation about the President’s intent continued on CNN’s <em>Erin Burnett OutFront</em> later that evening. And, of course, the only implications they could think of involved the President being a staunch racist. “And pretty much all of them are pretty racist. In fact, all of them are pretty racist,” declared Burnett.</p>

NBC’s Mitchell Pushes Democratic Case Against Confirming Pompeo to State

<p>In an 11th- hour vote change from Senator Rand Paul (KY) Monday, CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s nomination for secretary of state was allowed to go to the full Senate for a confirmation vote. Defying expectations and an obstructionist Democratic Party, the progress of Pompeo’s nomination drew the ire of <em>NBC Nightly News</em> and Chief Foreign Affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell, whose report on the vote was filled with Democratic gripes and talking points.</p>

CNN Media Panel Questions, Frets If Fox News Is Controlling the Government

<p>Deep in the bowels of the internet, you’ll find conspiracy theorists who believe lizards are in control of the government, but on CNN’s “<em>Reliable Sources</em>” you’ll find people who believe the government is run by a Fox. Fox News that is. It has been a growing concern among left-wing media hacks that, since President Trump took office, conservative media now had the access and influence President Obama had gifted to them. And in recent weeks, CNN has been on a crusade of making it seem like it was abnormal.</p>

Stephanopoulos: ‘Not Always Fair’ to Report ‘Wrongdoing’ of Candidates, It ‘Equalizes’

<p>In a stunning moment of candor from ABC host George Stephanopoulos during Sunday’s <em>This Week</em>, the longtime Clinton flack lamented the media coverage Hillary Clinton received during the 2016 election. During the “powerhouse roundtable” discussion analyzing the media’s role in 2016 (yes, they’re still hung up on it), he was put off how media equalized Clinton and Donald Trump when it came to their wrongdoings.</p>

ABC Suggests Utah Primary a Sign GOP ‘Still Very Much in Trouble’

<p>For months, the liberal media soothsayers have claimed to be reading the bones and insist they see a “blue wave” coming to wipe out the Republican Party. Their hysteria went to a new level during Sunday’s <em>Good Morning America</em> when the folks at ABC tried to argue that since former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney didn’t win the Utah GOP nomination for Senate via the caucus and had to face a primary, it meant there was trouble brewing for the party.</p>

Maddow Accuses Comey of Casting ‘Aspersions’ on AG Lynch’s Reputation

<p>The second high-profile stop for former FBI Director James Comey on his book tour Thursday was MSNBC’s <em>The Rachel Maddow Show</em>. Just as the show began the White House released all of the memos Comey kept on his interactions with the President, so the interview was dominated by softball questions mostly stemming from those. But as the show was wrapping up, Maddow took the opportunity to rhetorically get in his face about how he hurt former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s reputation.</p>

NBC Ignores McCabe’s Criminal Referral, ABC and CBS Downplay

<p>Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s retirement went from bad to worse Thursday, when the Bureau’s Inspector General brought his case to federal prosecutors with a criminal referral. McCabe was fired in March after an IG investigation found he had lied to investigators about leaks to the press during the Clinton e-mail investigation. When It came to reporting the damning news that evening, <em>NBC Nightly News</em> ignored revelation all together while ABC and CBS gave it less time than his firing.</p>

CNN Panel Gives Their Opinions About Why Opinions on Opinion-Shows Is Bad

<p>In a jaw-dropping display that was one part a lack of self-awareness and another part hypocrisy, Wednesday’s prime-time <em>Anderson Cooper 360</em> featured a panel of CNN analysts sharing their opinions about opinion shows like <em>Hannity</em> on Fox News. Their opinions varied but were largely against the mixing of opinion and news. And that was their opinion on the news of the day. The hypocrisy was so thick you could cut it with a knife.</p>

ABC, NBC Skip Cuba’s Sham Election Handing Off Control to Another Dictator

<p>The communist government of Cuba held their sham election for a new leader on Wednesday after President Raul Castro stepped down to make way for Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel to take the reins. The news of the transition broke early that morning, but both ABC and NBC appeared too lazy to even give it a simple brief on their morning and evening broadcasts. CBS and Spanish-language networks Univision and Telemundo all ran reports on the transition.</p>

Comey Questions Colbert About ‘Pee Tape’ Hotel Room in Moscow

<p>In a disgustingly gushy interview on CBS’s <em>The Late Show</em>, former FBI Director James Comey admitted that no one went to investigate the Ritz-Carlton Moscow hotel room where the Steele dossier alleged President Trump paid for the services of prostitutes. But host Stephen Colbert apparently did and begged the former investigator to ask him about it. “Is it big enough for the-- a germophobe to be at a safe distance from the activity,” he obliged.</p>

ABC, CBS Ignore High-Level U.S. Talks With North Korea Ahead of Possible Meeting

<p>In a remarks late Tuesday afternoon, President Trump revealed the United States was in high-level talks directly with the North Korean government and had given the okay for South Korea to negotiate an official end to the decades-long state of war. These were major developments on the world stage but the evening broadcasts of ABC, CBS and Spanish-language networks Univision and Telemundo flat out ignored them. Only <em>NBC Nightly News</em> thought it was importing enough to inform their viewers about.</p>

Morbid: MSNBC Uses Death of Barbara Bush to Malign the State of the GOP

<p>The news of Barbara Bush’s passing wasn’t even an hour old Tuesday night when MSNBC host Chris Hayes had his <em>All In</em> panel use the news to malign the current state of the Republican Party. The liberal brought on anti-Trump Republican David Jolly and former Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer (CA) to discuss how the GOP had fallen so far since it’s heyday with the Bush dynasty.</p>

CBS Frets Comey’s Comments Complicated his Testimony in Case, Impeachment

<p>The day after former FBI Director James Comey’s interview with ABC News where he repeatedly slammed President Trump, the liberal media was largely fawning for his chides and speculation of Russian influence. While their colleagues were focused on touting Comey’s media antics, <em>CBS Evening News</em> spent their Monday report fretting about the damage Comey may have done to any legal or political case against Trump.</p>

CNN Panel Swoons for Comey’s ‘Extraordinary’ Smears of the President

<p>Mere seconds after ABC wrapped up their Sunday night broadcast of its exclusive interview with former FBI Director James Comey, CNN began its so-called “Special Report” in which they mostly gushed about what it meant for him to trash Trump like that. While they did have some criticisms (which largely centered on his handling of the Clinton investigation), the stacked liberal panel sang Comey’s praises for speaking out against the President.</p>

ABC Presses Comey on Trump’s Fitness for Office, Need for Impeachment

<p>Shortly before ABC wrapped up their hour-long special interview on Sunday night with former FBI Director James Comey, Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos pressed Comey on whether or not President Trump was fit to be president and whether or not he needed to be impeached. The answers may or may not be surprising.</p>

CNN Throw Down: Gagliano Torches Stelter’s Lionization of ‘Feckless Leader’ Comey

<p>With less than two hours until the highly anticipated ABC interview between George Stephanopoulos and former FBI Director James Comey, the liberal media was abuzz with speculation and admiration. One of Comey’s loudest supporters was CNN’s media reporter Brian Stelter. And amid his lionization of Comey during <em>CNN Newsroom</em> Sunday night, CNN law enforcement analyst and former FBI Special Agent James Gagliano embarrassed Stelter by calling out Comey for being a “feckless leader.”</p>

CBS Highlights NFL Cheerleader Discriminated Against for Being Christian

<p>It’s not often the liberal media report on issues important to the values of conservatives and it isn’t often that they do it in a respectful way. But during Thursday’s <em>CBS Evening News</em>, the network put a spotlight on a case in Florida where former Miami Dolphins cheerleader Kristan Ware filed an official discrimination complaint against the organization saying she was harassed and made to feel unwanted because of her faith.</p>

Nets Fawn for Comey Book Excerpts Blasting Trump, Apology for Angering Hillary

<p>The liberal media don’t appear to show any signs of whiplash due to their wild love/hate relationship with former FBI Director James Comey. He was obviously still in their good graces Thursday evening with the three major network news outlets (ABC, CBS, and NBC) and Spanish-language network Univision hyping reported excerpts from his soon to be released book <em>A Higher Loyalty</em>. The three touted how Comey “blasted” President Trump for being “unethical” and his apparent apology to Hillary Clinton.</p>

O’Donnell: Paul Ryan Worse Than Pedophile and Slave Owning Speakers

<p>MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell has a reputation as a liberal bomb thrower (and hater of hammering). And during Wednesday’s edition of <em>The Last Word</em>, he had his claws out for House Speaker Paul Ryan who earlier that day announced he was retiring. According to the MSNBC host, Ryan was a worse speaker than pedophile Dennis Hastert and the pre-Civil War speakers who owned slaves; all because “they were all more effective in their job as speaker than Paul Ryan,” who wouldn’t oppose Trump.</p>

Claiming Scalps: NBC Declares Paul Ryan Victim of 2018 ‘Blue Wave’

<p>Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan (WI) left much of Washington, D.C. stunned Wednesday when he announced his retirement from Congress after over 19 years in office. But while ABC’s <em>World News Tonight</em> and <em>CBS Evening News</em> reported on his retirement and touched on GOP struggles in the midterms, <em>NBC Nightly News</em> almost celebrated it. Correspondent Kasie Hunt called it a victory for Democrats by declaring “Ryan couldn't escape the building blue wave.”</p>

We Finally Arrived! Bernstein Declares ‘Constitutional Crisis’ Is Now

<p>For many months, the liberal media had been warning us President Trump had the country on a crash course with a constitutional crisis because of his anger at the special counsel investigation. Arguably, chief among those doomsday soothsayers was CNN’s Carl Bernstein who has been comparing Trump to Nixon and Watergate since former FBI Director James Comey was fired. But during an appearance on <em>Anderson Cooper 360</em> Tuesday, Bernstein had an update: “We’re in a constitutional crisis.”</p>

Nets Ignore GOP Senators Pressing Facebook on Bias and Censorship of Conservatives

<p>The political highlight Tuesday was the joint hearing of the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees where Senators grilled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about his company’s conduct for hours. Of course, a focus for three major liberal news networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) was the probing questions regarding the information allegedly used in the 2016 election. But they ignored questions by Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Ben Sasse (R-NE) regarding liberal bias and censorship of conservatives.</p>

MSNBC Republican Proclaims Founding Fathers Applauding Cohen Raid from Heaven

<p>The faux Republicans hired by MSNBC are known for their wild use of hyperbole during their anti-Trump screeds. But political analyst Steve Schmidt set a high bar for himself during Monday’s <em>11<sup>th</sup> Hour</em> when he went on a loud tirade slamming the President for how he responded to the news his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen was raided by the FBI. And he was so happy about the raid, he claimed: “you can hear the faint applause from heaven of this country's founding fathers.”</p>

ABC, NBC Push Smear: Trump Helped Cause Syrian Gas Attack of Civilians

<p>A top story Monday evening was the anticipation President Trump would announce a plan to strike back at Syria in retaliation for apparently using chemical weapons on civilian populations. While the President himself came out strong against the Assad regime by condemning them and their Russian and Iranian backers, both ABC and NBC pushed a smear by Senator John McCain (R-Ari.) blaming Trump for the attack. And CBS failed to report the President’s condemnation of Russian President Vladimir Putin.</p>

CNN’s Stelter Claims Fox News Pushed ‘Manufactured Crisis’ at the Border

<p>With the National Guard on its way to the U.S.-Mexico border to aid Border Patrol, CNN’s Brian Stelter kicked off <em>Reliable Sources</em> on Sunday by suggesting that Fox News had a hand in their deployment. According to him, <em>Fox and Friends</em> fed President Trump a steady diet of misleading reports that got him to send in the troops. Yet, Stelter and his panel never explained what was wrong with the reports and they even noted other outlets reported the same thing.</p>

WH Adviser Bossert Fights Off Immigration Fact-Twisting By ABC’s Raddatz

<p>White House Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert appeared on ABC’s <em>This Week</em> on Sunday to discuss President Trump’s plans for illegal immigration following his order to move National Guard troops to the border. Fill-in host Martha Raddatz deployed the classic liberal media tactics such as selectively picking data points and placing false blame in an effort to trip up her guest. But Bossert held her off and schooled her on the issues.</p>

CNN’s Gergen Laments Trump Bringing About ‘the Death of Democracy’

<p>In a very candid expression of his displeasure for President Trump during an appearance on <em>Anderson Cooper 360</em> Thursday, CNN commentator David Gergen suggested that the President was bringing about the “death” of democracy in America. The comment was telling because it didn’t faze his host or fellow talking head, former Obama Chief Strategist David Axelrod.</p>

CNN’s Stelter Hides Liberal Bias of Former Sinclair Producer He Champions

<p>In an obnoxious and greatly misleading article published on Wednesday, CNN media reporter Brian Stelter championed former KHGI-TV producer Justin Simmons for quitting his job at a Sinclair Broadcast Group-owned ABC affiliate in Nebraska following the controversy of their scripted promise to be factual. While Stelter tried to portray Simmons as a down-the-middle journalist standing up to corrupt conservative state propaganda, his subject has a long history steeped in the leftist anti-Trump resistance movement.</p>

CNN Deeply Concerned by ‘Trump Playing to His Base On Multiple Fronts’

<p>In recent days and weeks, President Trump has made broad and swift moves on policies ranging from immigration to tariffs to looking to pull out of Syria. All of these policy actions are popular with the President’s base, a.k.a blue collar working Americans. But during Wednesday night’s edition of <em>Anderson Cooper 360</em>, CNN ran a ridiculous report about what Trump was doing and who he was doing it for. With all the sober seriousness of a report about corruption, CNN reported on Trump playing to his base.</p>

CBS, NBC Decry Trump Pulling U.S. Out of Syria, Declare It ‘Retreat’

<p>In a recent public statement at the White House this week, President Trump expressed his desire to pull U.S. troops out of war-torn Syria and bring them home. Of course, the hypocritical liberal media became enraged and threw up their arms in protest. During their Wednesday evening broadcasts, CBS and NBC were sure to voice their contempt for the idea by arguing there was so more to be done. <em>CBS Evening News</em> even declared it a “retreat” order by the President.</p>

MSNBC’s Wallace Mistakes Pop of Soda Can Opening for Gunshots

<p>In the midst of covering the unfolding active shooter situation on the YouTube campus in San Bruno, California on Tuesday, MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace interrupted her commentary on <em>Deadline: White House</em> because she thought the sound of someone popping open a soda can somewhere near set was gunshots.</p>

CNN Plagiarist Zakaria Says Trump’s ‘Words Are Weightless Often’

<p>Often while watching CNN, one can only just shake their head at the utter lack of self-awareness regarding many of their anti-Trump declarations. One such moment occurred during Tuesday’s edition of <em>Anderson Cooper 360</em> when infamous plagiarist and CNN host Fareed Zakaria chastised President Trump, suggesting that no one believed what he said. And to add to the irony of the situation, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper agreed that it was a sorry state of affairs.</p>

The Company Line: Cupp Smears Sinclair, Sounds Like Heaven’s Gate Cult

<p>Normally, HLN’s <em>S.E. Cupp Unfiltered</em> can be counted on to push back against the liberal media when they get stirred up into one of their nonsensical frenzies with the most recent case being the gun control debate. But on Tuesday, Cupp parroted the CNN company line by condemning Sinclair Broadcast Group as nothing more than state-owned propaganda. She even took it a step farther and compared them to Heaven’s Gate suicide cult.</p>

Disgraced Anchor Dan Rather Loses It Over Sinclair Promising to Be Factual

<p>On Monday, disgraced CBS anchor Dan Rather attacked Sinclair Broadcast Group in a rambling Facebook post because they had their anchors read promotional statements promising to be factual in their reporting. Of course, the man who sank his own career with a fake news story he still believes has a problem with people promising to tell the truth.</p>

Nets Ignore Dem Lawmaker Not Running After Shielding Abusive Staffer

<p>Recently, Connecticut Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty was exposed for shielding and supporting her former chief of staff, Tony Baker after he was accused of sexual harassment and threatening the life of another staffer. This story was first published online late last Thursday and appeared on the front page of <em>The Washington Post</em> the following day. The liberal major network news outlets (ABC, CBS, and NBC) ignored those revelations then, and on Monday they ignored Esty announcing that she would not seek re-election.</p>

HLN’s Cupp Calls Out Liberal Media for Opposing Conservative Views

<p>HLN conservative S.E. Cupp has been on a roll this week with using her show (<em>S.E. Cupp Unfiltered</em>) drawing attention to the media’s massive liberal bias. First, a CNN host admitted he let an anti-gun teen get away with falsehoods, then she and her panel tore into the media for unfairly smearing Trump’s recent hires as unqualified talking heads. On Thursday, she ratcheted up the criticism by calling them out for being hostile to conservative views and hiring ones whose principles were squishy.</p>

Banana: CNN Smears Dr. Jackson as Just an Unqualified Trump Loyalist

<p>On Wednesday night, CNN continued its unholy and fact-devoid crusade to tar and feather every one of President Trump’s new high-profile government hires as nothing more than a clueless Trump stooge off the street or a Fox News personality. This time, their unfortunate target was Navy Rear Admiral Dr. Ronny Jackson hours after the President nominated him to be the new Secretary of the Department for Veteran’s Affairs.</p>

Nets Ignore DOJ Watchdog Investigating Trump-Russia Alleged Probe Bias

<p>The saga of the Trump-Russia collusion probe took an interesting turn Wednesday when it was announced the Justice Department’s Inspector General had opened up an investigation into accusations the probe was politically biased. The liberal media gobble up almost any development in the Russia story but when it came to this investigation, none of major network news outlets (ABC, CBS, and NBC) or the Spanish-language networks (Univision and Telemundo) reported it on their evening newscasts.</p>

HLN Panel Slams Media for Smearing Trump’s Hires as Talking Heads

<p>In what appeared to be a shot across the bow of their parent network CNN on Tuesday, the panel on HLN’s <em>S.E. Cupp Unfiltered</em> slammed media outlets who discredited President Trump’s new White House hires because they spent time on cable news. “So is the media smearing the President's pick just to beat up on Trump or are these TV talking heads actually dangerous,” conservative host S.E. Cupp wondered.</p>

ABC, NBC Fret Citizenship Question on Census Could Affect Dem House Seats

<p>On Tuesday, the Trump administration announced that it would be reapplying a question about citizenship to the 2020 census form, a question that was removed by the Obama administration for 2010’s. While the <em>CBS Evening News</em> didn’t find it newsworthy, both ABC’s <em>World News Tonight</em> and <em>NBC Nightly News</em> dedicated time to stoking fear about the question being asked. They worried it could drive illegal immigrant communities into the shadows and cost Democrats valuable seats in the House.</p>
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