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GOP Sen. Collins Defends Her Huge ‘Prioritization Amnesty’ Plan

Susan Collins
Maine GOP Sen. Susan Collins tried to pass a stealthy ‘prioritization amnesty’ for 12 million illegals on February 15.

White House: Democrats’ ‘Open Border Fringe’ Blocks Immigration Reform

Senate Democrats "are held hostage by the radical left in their party, which opposes any immigration control at all," said a White House statement slamming the Democrats who blocked President Donald Trump's amnesty-and-reform compromise on February 15.

Democrats, Business-first GOP Senators Block Trump’s Immigration Reforms

Forty-nine Democrats and 11 business-first Republican Senators blocked President Donald Trump's proposed four-part amnesty-and-immigration reform agenda, pushing the hot-button topic into the November election.

Lindsey Graham Lashes Out at DHS Criticism

Amnesty advocate Sen. Lindsey Graham lashed out at the Department of Homeland Security after the agency criticized the amnesty amendment being pushed by Graham, other business-first Republicans and by progressive Democrats.

White House Threatens Veto of Schumer’s Amnesty For Future Illegals Bill

White House officials are recommending the President veto the amnesty bill pushed by the so-called Common Sense Coalition, a few hours before the radical legislation is expected to face a vote.

GOP Senate Campaign Manager for 2018 Splits from GOP, Pushes Amnesty

The Senate GOP's campaign manager for the 2018 campaign is pushing a new amnesty bill that would aid millions of illegals -- even though polls show 2018 voters overwhelmingly prefer immigration policies which aid Americans.

Trump Backs Grassley Bill, Rejects Swing-Voting Senators’ Amnesty

The group of swing-vote Senators announced Wednesday morning that they have completed a draft amnesty bill which would deliver just two of President Donald Trump's four immigration requirements.

Axios: Trump Will Veto Democrats’ Senate Amnesty Bills

The President will veto the Senate Democrats’ draft amnesty bills, a White House official told The site reported late on February 13: A senior administration official said Tuesday night that President Trump “will veto any bill that doesn’t advance his common-sense immigration reforms” — a hardening of the White House bargaining position as the Senate begins an epic debate … In discussing the White House’s strategic thinking, the administration official asserted confidence on immigration, saying Democrats who resist Trump’s approach will “be walking into a political suicide march.” The administration official said: “The White House has claimed the mainstream, middle ground on immigration.” The veto threat, however, prompted a scornful response from an unnamed Democrat staffer, who said: “We have claimed the middle ground, and the President has rejected it … He’s using Dreamers as leverage to achieve immigration policies that are broadly unpopular.” The Democratic amnesty bills include Sen. Dick Durbin’s DREAM Act and Sen. Chris Coons’ joint amnesty with GOP Sen. John McCain. The White House threat and Democratic response suggest that both parties are looking past the Senate’s stalled debate on immigration and amnesty to the critical November 2018 election. A win by the GOP in 2018 will help

CEOs to Congress: Import More Cheap Labor

Companies are facing pressure to raise wages, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is threatening to punish legislators who deny amnesty for roughly 3.5 million 'dreamer' illegals and 'Temporary Protected Status' migrants.

Democrats’ Gag Order Blocks Senate Immigration Debate

Democrats are blocking GOP Senators from debating proposals sought by GOP voters during the Senate’s debate on immigration, and are demanding the Senate only discuss the terms of an amnesty for millions of illegals. The surprise Democratic filibuster began Tuesday morning when the Senate’s Majority Leader, GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell, introduced an amendment restricting sanctuary cities, which polls show are very unpopular. Sen. Chuck Schumer quickly objected, saying it “doesn’t address dreamers, nor does it address border security.” “We need to be focusing on making laws that deal with those two issues, not making a point,” Schumer later told reporters. “We want to do two things – protect Dreamers and get 60 votes.” “The path to sixty [votes] is by focusing” on just those issues, said Sen. Chris Coons who has drafted an amnesty bill with GOP Sen. John McCain. “I think we should stay on this topic until we get this job done,” Coons said, adding: If we build bipartisanship in solving this, something that has long been the hallmark of Senator [John] McCain’s leadership in this body for more than three decades, I think we then lay the groundwork for bigger and more important work. When asked by a reporter

Democrats Oppose Sealing Border-Law Loopholes

Democrats are quietly rejecting the legal reforms needed to stop waves of migrants from walking through President Donald Trump’s proposed concrete-and-rebar wall. The fundamental disagreement over border-law loopholes is rarely cited by media, even as Democrats gradually admit they can fund construction of the wall. But the disagreement over the legal reforms threatens to tie up the Senate’s high-visibility debate on immigration, which has already gotten tangled in a dispute over sanctuary cities. The border-law problem was casually admitted on Monday by the Democrat’s top amnesty advocate, Sen. Dick Durbin. He spoke at an informal press conference on Monday, according to the Washington Times, and he said: While Democrats have said they are open to fencing, manpower and technology, Republicans argue about half of illegal immigrants don’t come across the U.S.-Mexico border but enter legally as visitors and don’t leave. Republicans say the border can’t be secure unless the conditions that entice people to attempt illegal immigration are solved, such as the jobs magnet, an asylum system susceptible to fraud, and easier treatment of illegal immigrant children and families from Central America than from Mexico. … Democrats said that was reaching too far. “Believe me, we’re not going to solve that problem this

Senate Amnesty Bills Get Rushed to a Thursday Vote

The Senate’s supposedly open and lengthy debate on immigration and amnesty will likely come to a quick end on Thursday, leaving both Democratic and GOP groups scrambling to find 60 votes before a Senate recess starts on Friday. The short period means the outcome will be deeply shaped by Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell’s power over the debate rules and by President Donald Trump’s willingness to Tweet a promised veto of any bill he does not meet his popular goals. “This is going to be done or not done this week,” Sen. John Cornyn, the second-ranking Republicans in the Senate, said Monday. “People had better get to work because the clock is ticking.” The Senate goes into recess on Friday for a week, allowing home-state voters to meet their Senators and make clear their support for an amnesty, a compromise or opposition to an amnesty. Those voters have plenty of opportunities to make their views clear via many civic groups and websites, such as NumbersUSA, Stop or United We Dream or Mark Zuckerberg’s The short process may also be tangled up if Texas Sen. Ted Cruz uses his rights under Senate rules to force other Senators to debate the large and small amnesties

Trump’s DHS Budget Requests Seek $1.6 Billion for Border Wall in 2019

border wall
President Donald Trump's Department of Homeland Security is asking Congress for $1.6 billion in appropriations to build 65 more miles of border wall in 2019 -- and is also asking for $18 billion to be set aside in the two-year budget for border-wall funding over the next few years.

AFL-CIO Unions Prod Employers to Hide Illegal Migrants From Enforcement Agencies

The Democratic Party's allies in the AFL-CIO's unions are pressuring companies to protect foreign migrant employees from deportation, effectively converting the pro-worker unions into wage-cutting front-groups for employers.

Six Ways the GOP Is Trying to Lose the Amnesty and Immigration Fight

GOP Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has devised an immigration debate this week which can help an alliance of Democrats and perhaps 15 business-first Republican Senators push an amnesty through the Senate while sidelining President Donald Trump's plans.

Politico: Trump’s Capitol Hill Deputy Keeps Neutral in Critical Amnesty Fight

President Donald Trump's legislative affairs director does not try to push Senate Democrats to support Trump's pro-American immigration-reform promises and policies, according to Politico.

Swinging Senators Offer Amnesty With a ‘Trigger’

A group of swing-voting Senators has drafted an immigration proposal which recycles the failed "trigger" scheme from the disastrous Gang of Eight amnesty plan which eventually loosed Donald Trump on Washington.

Swinging Senators Offer Amnesty With a ‘Trigger’

A group of swing-voting Senators has drafted an immigration proposal which recycles the failed "trigger" scheme from the disastrous Gang of Eight amnesty plan which eventually loosed Donald Trump on Washington.

Author: Transgender Theology Trashes Truth, Threatens Teenagers

Are you confused by the new transgender ideology? Can't keep track of its competing demands? Puzzled by the claim that biology is imaginary yet feelings are concrete?

Democrats, Business Sacrifice ‘Dreamers’ To Preserve Chain Migration

Democrats pose as ardent champions of the 3 million 'dreamer' illegals -- but they are deliberately sacrificing the illegals' interest in a quick and narrow amnesty to instead protect the continued chain-migration inflow of Democratic-leaning voters.

Former Lobbyist at DHS Recuses Self From H-1B, Indian Outsourcing Issues

The chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security has recused himself from a variety of hot-button outsourcing issues related to Indian software companies and the huge H-1B and L-1 visa programs.

Paul Ryan: DACA Amnesty Is ‘Next Big Priority’

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday that an amnesty and immigration bill is the "next big priority" for the House.

Congress’ Leaders Exclude Border Wall Funding from $296 Billion Budget Deal

The two-year budget deal includes no money for the border wall but does direct the Department of Homeland Security to allocate $23 billion for disaster relief, plus roughly $800 million for various disaster-related construction and procurement projects.

Pelosi Is Entranced By 3 Million ‘Dreamer’ Illegals, Sidelines 310 Million Americans

Illegal immigrants are a blessing, they are doing what the Founding Fathers would wish, they are the best of the best, more American than Americans, reinvigorating, they are fabulous, beautiful, and patriotic, yes, very patriotic.

Budget Deal Sinks 2018 Amnesty, Splits Democrats

The two-year budget plan announced Wednesday by top Senate leaders has caused an apparent split between Sen. Minority Sen. Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

Ryan to Senators: No Amnesty Debate in House Unless Trump Approves

House Speaker Paul Ryan has dropped a ton of bricks on the Senate Democrats' push for a no-strings amnesty, by declaring that he will not allow a House debate on any amnesty-and-immigration bill unless it is supported by President Donald Trump.

Wash Post on Immigration: Celebrate Demographic Change, Ignore Economic Impact

The Washington Post's editors posted a long article February 6 which supposedly showed how President Donald Trump's immigration reforms would change the nation's racial demographics -- but it completely ignored immigration's economic impact on Americans.

Poll: DACA Amnesty Bombs In GOP Primaries

A DACA amnesty is strongly opposed by the Republicans who vote in GOP primaries, says a new poll by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

Democrat Sen. Carper: Discard Millions of Americans so Illegals Can Get Jobs

Democratic Sen. Tom Carper says 'dreamer' illegal immigrants should be hired to replace millions of Americans who supposedly are too unskilled, uneducated, lazy or drugged up to work for companies.

Trump Touts Non-Existent March 5 Deadline for DACA Deal

President Donald Trump suggested February 5 that Congress faces a March 5 deadline for dealing with the 690,000 DACA illegals, even though the deadline has been vaporized by a California court.

GOP Kevin McCarthy Slams ‘Orthodoxy’ of Diversity, Praises Americans’ Culture of Freedom

The House Majority Leader, GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy has opened another huge crack of the Washington establishment by slamming the Democrats' sacrosanct ideology of government-imposed, divide-and-rule diversity.

Author of Obama’s Playbook Urges Democrats to Moderate Immigration Radicalism

A left-wing writer who helped create the Obama era of progressive rules now says Democrats need to move towards the center on immigration.

Author of Obama’s Playbook Urges Democrats to Moderate Immigration Radicalism

A left-wing writer who helped create the Obama era of progressive rules now says Democrats need to move towards the center on immigration.

Democrats Reject Trump’s Amnesty Framework, Seek Alliance With GOP’s Business Wing

Democratic Senators are rejecting President Donald Trump's four-part amnesty-and-immigration reform, and are instead working with business-first GOP Senators to pass an amnesty with only token reforms.

WH Shows 15 Jihadis Who Got Visas by Lottery or Chain Migration

White House officials rolled out a list of 15 visa-lottery jihadis and chain-migration terrorists to pressure Democrats towards a compromise on the president's "framework" amnesty-and-immigration plan.

Intel Chairman: Democrats Used ‘Media Stunts’ to Hide FBI, DoJ Abuses

Democrats have staged a series of "media stunts" to prevent the public learning how FBI and Justice Department officials used Democratic-funded rumors to justify federal surveillance of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, says a press statement from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Progressives: Grab Trump’s Amnesty Offer Before Midterm Election

President Donald Trump gestures as delivers his first State of the Union address in the House chamber of the U.S. Capitol to a joint session of Congress Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018 in Washington, as Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan applaud. (Win McNamee/Pool via AP)
Democrats should quickly grab President Donald Trump's amnesty-and-immigration offer before the next election, says a group of progressives cited in a New York Times op-ed article.

Trump to Democrats: Compromise on Immigration Now or Get Nothing After Election

President Donald Trump suggested Thursday that the GOP could postpone his immigration-and-amnesty push, and instead pass a no-compromise immigration rewrite in 2019.

Trump’s Draft Border-Wall Plan Fills Legal Loopholes Vital to Democrats

A copy of President Donald Trump's draft immigration and amnesty bill includes many legal reforms which would fill the "catch and release" legal loopholes used by migrants to walk through the border.

Immigrants Sent $140 Billion From U.S. Back To Homelands in 2016

Legal and illegal immigrants wired almost $140 billion from the United States back to their home countries and foreign relatives in 2016.
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