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DHS Prepares Plan to End Work Permits for Foreign H-1B Spouses

Officials at the Department of Homeland have drafted plans to end former President Barack Obama's policy of awarding an extra work-visa to many H-1B guest workers.

DHS To Send 59,000 Haitian ‘TPS’ Migrants Home if Democrats’ Refuse Immigration Deal

Officials at the Department of Homeland Security announced Tuesday that officials would not re-extend the “Temporary Protected Status” permits for 59,000 Haitians who have been living in the United States since their homeland was damaged by an earthquake in 2010. The decision to not extend the TPS status is required by law, said a senior administration official. He said: The acting secretary of homeland security, Elaine Duke, today will announce her decision to terminate the Temporary Protected Status designation for Haiti, with a delayed effective date of 18 months to allow for an orderly transition before the designation finally terminates on July 22, 2019 … based on all available information, the acting secretary determined that the extraordinary and temporary conditions as a result of the 2010 earthquake that in turn formed as the basis for Haiti’s TPS designation no longer exists, and thus pursuant to statute, the current TPS designation, must not be exxtened. The 59,000 TPS Haitians now in the United States can either return home or seek alternative legal status to remain, the official said. After that date, the Haitians will be treated as illegal aliens if they do not have alternative legal status, such as citizenship via

Doug Jones Backs DACA and Dream Act Amnesties

Democratic candidate Doug Jones supports the Democrats' proposed DACA amnesty for 690,000 illegals and the bigger 'Dream Act' amnesty for at least 3 million illegals, plus millions of their chain-migration relatives.

GOP Leaders Debate Combination Plan to Cut Legal Immigration, Approve a DACA Amnesty

House leaders are developing an ambitious immigration bill that would offset an amnesty by cutting the annual number of legal immigrants, according to GOP Rep. David Brat.

Hispanic Caucus Builds Wall Against GOP Latino Representative

A Hispanic GOP politician says he is being excluded from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus because of "bigotry," but a caucus spokesman said he was blocked for not supporting the identity group's "values."

Democrat NatSec Chiefs Compare ‘Dreamers’ to U.S. Soldiers: ‘Leave No Man or Women Behind’

Illegal immigrants deserve the same respect and urgent support as Americans soldiers fighting on the battlefield, according to a group of 13 Democratic-affiliated national security officials who are urging Congress to extend the military's promise of "leave no-one behind" to several million illegal aliens now demanding an unconditional amnesty.

DHS Reverses, Will Accept Some Mail-Delayed DACA Applications

The Department of Homeland Security has bent under progressive pressure and will allow a few hundred DACA illegals to refile their delayed-in-the-mail applications for their DACA amnesty extension.

U.S. Chamber: ‘Dreamers’ Make America, Americans Have No Role

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has posted two billboards in front of the White House which declare America was built by foreign 'Dreamers,' not by Americans, who apparently have no place in the poster or in America's society.

Business Group Promises 300,000 Job Openings If Trump Enforces Immigration Laws

A lobbying group for wealthy investors admits that 300,000 new jobs will be opened for Americans and for legal immigrants in the months up to the November 2018 election if Congress allows enforcement of existing immigration laws.

DACA Migrants Have One-Quarter College-Graduation Rate of Americans

Only four percent of older 'DACA' recipients have completed college, far below the roughly 17 percent of similar-aged young Americans who have college degrees, according to data released by the Migration Policy Insitute, which favor immigration.

Poll: 77% of Democrats with 4-Year Degrees Think Sex Not Determined at Birth

Three out of four college-educated Democrats seem to believe that a man can be a woman if he just says so, regardless of his biology, genetics, and genitalia, according to a skewed survey conducted by the Pew Research Center.

Donald Trump’s Deputies Spike Repatriation of Illegals

President Donald Trump's deputies are ramping up enforcement of the nation's popular immigration laws, and are repatriating more illegal immigrants back to their homes.

Sen. Kennedy Pushes Bill To End Visa Lottery

visa lottery
Louisiana GOP Sen. John Kennedy is stepping forward with a bill that would end the lottery-visa program, which has allowed luck and foreigners to send 5 million unscreened immigrants into the United States since 1990.

Amnesty Would Threaten GOP Hold on House, Say Activists

Grass-roots campaigners are warning GOP legislators to oppose any amnesty in the pending Christmas budget battles.

New Yorker: Sen. Tom Cotton, Harvard’s Populist Champion

Senator Tom Cotton is the Harvard-trained lawyer who is helping lead the nation's populist rejection of Harvard-style post-graduate elitism and all it stands for, says a complimentary profile in the New Yorker magazine.

Trump Turned US Red Because of Blue-Collar Surge, Black Indifference, Admits Progressives’ White Paper

Donald Trump won the presidency because non-college white votes surged towards the polls, and because African-Americans walked away, says a new survey by the left-wing Center for American Progress.

Administration Official Dangles ‘Amnesty’ for 350,000 Semi-Illegals

The federal government is playing amnesty hardball by ending the 18-year “Temporary Protected Status” for 5,300 Nicaraguans and by setting a six-month date for deciding whether to end TPS for 86,000 Hondurans who have been in the United States since 1999. The split decision puts more pressure on Democratic legislators and activists to compromise on their nation-changing mass-immigration policy. That policy also demands a no-strings amnesty for 3.3 million so-called ‘dreamer’ illegals, including the roughly 690,000 beneficiaries of the DACA amnesty invented by former President Barack Obama. Democrats also want permanent residency for the total population of 350,000 TPS beneficiaries. The White House’s political calculus was admitted by a “senior administration official,” who answered a question from Breitbart News during an evening press conference: I will say that the administration’s intention with this was to look at what the statute required under the law … That being said, the administration understands that there are a number of individuals who have been in a TPS status for –– in the case of Nicaragua potential for 20 years … and given that the lengthy period of their presence here, that Congress may wish to provide a solution that allows them a more permanent status versus this 18-month

State Department OKs Departure of 300,000 ‘TPS’ Refugees

The Department of State says more than U.S.-based 300,000 foreign refugees can be returned home in the next few months, according to a Friday report in the Washington Post.

Business, Progressives, Promote Visa Lottery After Jihad Attack

visa lottery
Progressive and business groups are defending the visa-lottery program which invited Islamic believer Saifullah Saipov into the United States before he murdered eight cyclists in New York, while mainstream Republicans step up their calls for careful, pro-American immigration rules.

Trump, Senators: No DACA Amnesty in Budget Bill

President Donald Trump and a group of GOP Senators are urging the GOP’s House leadership to exclude any DACA amnesty-for-benefits from the year-end budget debate.

Trump, Senators: No DACA Amnesty in Budget Bill

President Donald Trump and a group of GOP Senators are urging the GOP’s House leadership to exclude any DACA amnesty-for-benefits from the year-end budget debate.

Democratic ‘Cisgender’ Memo Apparently Seeks to Exclude Normal Men From Jobs

A manager at the Democratic National Committee tried to hide job opportunities from men, marking a possible act of discrimination by a pro-transgender manager against normal men.

Diversity-Visa Jihadi Exposes Democrats’ Bluff on DACA Amnesty, Budget Talks

The visa-lottery jihadi has rolled over the Democrats' audacious plan to bluff their way to winning a no-strings amnesty for millions of young 'DACA' illegals during the Christmas budget fight.

Schumer on Diversity Visa: ‘This is an Excellent Program’

Sen. Chuck Schumer's long record of enthusiastic support for his diversity visa program is making it difficult for him to escape partial blame for the October 31 truck attack by a diversity-visa recipient who killed eight cyclists in Manhattan.

NY Sen. Schumer Created Diversity Visas Which Invited Alleged Killer to NY

The Democrats' Senate leader, N.Y. Sen. Chuck Schumer helped create the 1990 diversity visa program which reportedly provided a green card to the Uzbek immigrant who allegedly killed eight New Yorkers on October 31.

Judge Directs Military To Accept ‘Transgender’ Recruits

A judge says she has the authority to countermand the Commander in Chief's power to accept or reject potential military recruits, highlighting the judiciary's continued efforts to seize political power from legislators and presidents.

Politico Claims Boehner Stopped 2013 Amnesty Because Public Wanted ‘Legalization’ But Not ‘Citizenship’

Then-House Speaker John Boehner deep-sixed the 2013 amnesty-and-cheap-labor bill because he was afraid that only 40 GOP legislators would support an amnesty which gave citizenship to illegals, according to Politico.

Transgender Candidate Targets Kindergartens, GOP Legislator

Transgender advocates nationwide are pouring huge amounts of money into northern Virginia to defeat a veteran state legislator, GOP Rep Bob Marshall, who openly opposes the transgender ideology.

Paul Ryan Says He Wants to ‘Fix’ DACA: But Reformers Want Much More

House Speaker Paul Ryan says he wants to “fix” the DACA amnesty problem, but pro-American reformers want him to reach higher and reshape immigration policy to help Americans. “We are having lots of discussions about how to do it, and the timing is just something that is open to debate,” he told Reuters in a video interview released Thursday. In a response to a vague question about the DACA amnesty and the much bigger Dream Act, Ryan continued: I want to do it. Yes. The goal is we want to fix this, and we’re working on it, and we want to make sure we do it in such a way that we don’t have the same problem down the road. That means border security and interior enforcement so that we don’t have another DACA problem you know, five, ten years down the road. But the 690,000 DACA illegals or the 3 million “Dream Act” beneficiaries are only one part of the cheap-labor immigration problem, say pro-American immigration reformers. Instead of just focusing on the ‘dreamers,’ Republicans — including Ryan — should use the favorable political climate to push for a strategic shift in immigration policy that would help Americans, improve

GOP Leaders Get 1 Million Guest-Workers for Food Industry, in Trade for E-Verify

The GOP's House leadership has won a committee's approval for the food industry's huge H-2C outsourcing bill by adding an amendment which requires all employers to verify the legality of possible new hires.

President Trump Allows Refugee Restart, Amid New Security Rules

President Donald Trump is restarting the nation's expensive policy of transplanting foreign refugees into towns and cities around the nation, following a 120-day pause for the development of new security provisions.

President Trump Allows Refugee Restart, Amid New Security Rules

President Donald Trump is restarting the nation's expensive policy of transplanting foreign refugees into towns and cities around the nation, following a 120-day pause for the development of new security provisions.

Politico: GOP Senators Plan No-Safeguards Amnesty by Spring

Establishment GOP Senators are trying to assemble a cheap-labor amnesty for young illegals which will not protect Americans workers from unscrupulous employers, nor reduce the huge annual inflow of migrants and workers, according to a report in Politico.

Democrats Claim ‘American Workers First’ As GOP Bill Outsources Food-Industry Jobs

Far-left Democratic legislators were able to champion American workers Tuesday morning because GOP leaders pushed an outsourcing bill which would allow food-industry companies to hire a million minimum-wage foreign workers.

Food Industry Sets Tuesday Vote To Import 1 Million Visa-Workers

Farm industry lobbyists and the GOP chairman of the House Judiciary Committee will try again on October 24 to pass a bill that would let companies import an army of 1 million low-wage foreign workers for a wide variety of Americans food-sector jobs.

Trump’s Immigration Policies Match Public Opinion, Polls Show

President Donald Trump's two-track immigration policy is a close match for Americans' dual-track American-jobs-first view of immigration, according to polls and immigration experts.

Sarah Sanders Slams Sen. Brown Over Claims of ‘White Supremacist’ in White House

The White House is using Sen. Sherrod Brown's claim of racism in the White House to cut the legs out from his pending 2018 reelection campaign in Ohio.

New York Magazine: Democrats Commit Suicide By Favoring Immigrants

Democrats are committing political suicide by refusing to moderate their immigrants-first policy agenda, says the liberal intellectual who launched the push for same-sex marriage.

Democratic Leader Embraces Corporate Amnesty Boosters

House Democrats are binding themselves tighter to the nation's cheap-labor business community as they intensify their opposition President Donald Trump's popular, wage-boosting immigration principles.

Critics: N.C. Democrats, Transgender Groups Ask Judge to Create ‘Harvey Weinstein Bathroom Law’

North Carolina's Democratic governor is asking a judge to cancel the state's much-debated "bathroom law" and to adopt instead an ACLU-approved policy which bars women and girls from keeping aggressive men out of their public bathrooms.
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