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Zuckerberg Promises Facebook Crack Down on Free Speech

Mark Zuckerberg, one of the world’s wealthiest and most influential men, is promising to step up censorship of “hate” content on Facebook. CNet reports:

Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday weighed in on the violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend.

The Facebook CEO promised the social network will take down any post that “promotes or celebrates hate crimes or acts of terrorism.” He also condemned neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

“With the potential for more rallies, we’re watching the situation closely and will take down threats of physical harm,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “We won’t always be perfect, but you have my commitment that we’ll keep working to make Facebook a place where everyone can feel safe.”

Facebook: A safe space for liberals who feel threatened by the mere mention of politically-incorrect ideas.

Zuckerberg in recent months has been more willing to wade into political debate. For example, he sharply criticized President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration. On Wednesday, he got even more personal.

“I know a lot of us have been asking where this hate comes from. As a Jew, it’s something I’ve wondered much of my life,” Zuckerberg wrote. “It’s a disgrace that we still need to say that neo-Nazis and white supremacists are wrong — as if this is somehow not obvious.”

Zuckerberg’s post also aligns with the company’s newly revised mission of “bringing the world closer together,” instead of merely making it “more open and connected” — which has been the company’s motto for years. On Wednesday, he brought it back to the company line: “We need to bring people closer together, and I know we can make progress at that.”

This is a major trend of our time: multinational corporations and public institutions enforcing Leftist speech codes by firing dissidents or denying them platforms. This has the effect of making free speech all but meaningless in our society, as I recently tried to explain to the Left-wing readers of The San Francisco Examiner.

Goldman Sachs Discriminating Against Black ‘Jewish’ Bankers?

Rebecca Allen, a Black female banker, is suing Goldman Sachs for racial discrimination. In a hilarious twist to the story, Allen claims to be Jewish and says that her superiors at the Jewish financial firm made anti-Semitic remarks about her. Reuters reports:

A black banker in Goldman Sachs Group Inc’s (GS.N) personal wealth management unit filed a lawsuit on Wednesday accusing the firm of steering top clients to her white colleagues and denying her promotions because of her race.

Rebecca Allen in the lawsuit filed in federal court in Manhattan said Goldman’s virtually all-white senior leadership team favors white bankers for promotions and lucrative accounts, so they earn more than black coworkers.


Allen, who was hired in 2012, said that last year she was removed from an account she had worked on for three years by a Goldman partner, Christina Minnis. Allen says her supervisor met with Minnis about the decision and said she made racist and anti-Semitic comments about Allen, who is also Jewish.

…In Wednesday’s lawsuit, Allen says her male colleagues were assigned to more lucrative accounts. But her legal claims stem only from alleged discrimination based on her race and religion.

So, we have a Black “Jewish” banker trying to out-jew a bunch of Jewish bankers. lol This should be a lot of fun to watch!

University of Florida Denies Richard Spencer’s Right of Free Speech

Richard Spencer, Alt-Right leader and head of the National Policy Institute, is being denied the right to speak at the University of Florida, a publically-funded institution. The Orlando Sentinel reports:

White nationalist leader Richard Spencer will not be allowed to speak at the University of Florida next month, the university said in a statement Tuesday.

University President W. Kent Fuchs said his administration had decided to deny a campus venue to Spencer’s National Policy Institute, citing the recent violence in Charlottesville, Va., as well as what Fuchs described as calls online for similar violence in Gainesville.

Fuchs invoked his disagreement with Spencer’s views and the possibility for violence (always started by ANTIFA terrorist groups when police refuse to do their job) as reasons for denying Spencer his constitutionally-protected right to free speech.

“I find the racist rhetoric of Richard Spencer and white nationalism repugnant and counter to everything the university and this nation stands for,” Fuchs said.

Fuchs cited “serious concerns for safety” and said the decision was made “after assessing potential risks with campus, community, state and federal law enforcement officials.”

The shitlib president then joked about how his university values free speech – while shutting down free speech.

Fuchs said UF “remains unwaveringly dedicated” to free speech, but the First Amendment “does not require a public institution to risk imminent violence to students and others.”

Imagine an obese slob saying that she is unwaveringly dedicated to losing weight while scarfing down a triple cheese burger, large fries and large Coke. No one would take such a fatty seriously. For the same reason no one takes President Kent Fuchs’ supposed dedication to free speech seriously. He has sided with ANTIFA criminals in no-platforming Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right.

Steve Bannon Confirmed for /Our Guy/

The White House’s initial hesitation to condemn the Alt-Right for the violence at this weekend’s demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia (as demanded by the media, cuckservatives and Democrats) lifted our spirits.

Donald Trump’s eventual attack upon us had the opposite effect. Much like his missile strikes against Syria earlier this year, Trump’s statements were a cave to establishment pressure from people who do not support him. Trump disappointed us by attacking the most energetic core of his base. As Alt-Righters know, the Left never attacks its extremists. It draws energy and ideas from its base. On the other hand, the cucked Right is quick to denounce Right-wing extremists and does so with great enthusiasm and moralizing. This doesn’t make conservatives more principled than liberals; it makes them weaker and less effective.

As it turns out it was Steve Bannon who got Trump to initially hesitate in condemning the Alt-Right. The New York Times reports:

Mr. Bannon embodies the defiant populism at the core of the president’s agenda. Despite being marginalized, Mr. Bannon consulted with the president repeatedly over the weekend as Mr. Trump struggled to respond to the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Va. In general, Mr. Bannon has cautioned the president not to criticize far-right activists too severely for fear of antagonizing a small but energetic part of his base.

And for his troubles in defending us Bannon is facing the wrath of establishment forces from not only the media but also from within the Republican Party itself, as the Times explains.

Rupert Murdoch has repeatedly urged President Trump to fire him. Anthony Scaramucci, the president’s former communications director, thrashed him on television as a white nationalist. Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, the national security adviser, refused to even say he could work with him.

…“I don’t think that White House has a chance of functioning properly as long as there’s a resident lunatic fringe,” said Mark Salter, a longtime adviser to Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona. At best, he said, Mr. Bannon seems willing to “tolerate something that’s intolerable” in Mr. Trump’s base.

It should be noted that the same voices calling for Bannon to be fired and Trump to take up the Left’s fight against the Alt-Right were the ones calling for war against Syria. Bannon was right on that issue as well. Though perhaps not with us on every issue, in general Bannon is /our guy/. And unless Trump wants to needless enrage its base and turn an energetic, youthful and tech-savvy Rightist movement against him, his administration needs to leave Bannon alone.

Jews, Muslims, Blacks & Gays March Against Alt-Right in Atlanta

The coalition of the gutter came together in Atlanta, Georgia Saturday night to condemn the Unite the Right rally and Whites standing up for their own interests. Screaming cat ladies wore shirts saying “Punch More Nazis” while ironically condemning the violence (started by out of control SWAT teams and ANTIFA terrorists) in Charlottesville, Virginia at yesterday’s Alt-Right rally. Apparently the irony of that was lost upon the Atlanta marchers. Fox News reports:

Several civil rights organizations came together to condemn Saturday’s violence and rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and march in the streets of downtown Atlanta.

Leaders from Bend the Arc Jewish Action, Color of Change, Human Rights Campaign, and Muslim Advocates gathered Saturday night to condemn the violence.

The organizers of the rally say they will urge President Trump to call the rally a “white supremacist convention.”

…Hundreds of people joined the march as the night went on, as the event ended at City Hall, where speakers told the crowd the changes they believe need to come from the incidents in Virginia.

Livestream ‘Unite the Right’ Rally in Charlottesville, VA

For those unable to make it to the Unite the Right event in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend here are some livestreams. Don’t miss any of the fun!

Charlottesville: Huge Torchlight March & Rally

Alt-Right protesters who oppose the removal of an historic monument of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia staged a large torchlight march (see video below) and chanted “You will not replace us!” They gathered around a mknument of Thomas Jefferaon at the University of Virginia for a short rally and then left the area after the visually-stunning show of strength. Police then moved in to remove an unlawful assembly of Left-wing, anti-White supporters of the Jewish mayor and Black vice mayor who have fought against the statue and free speech. The march and short rally was a taste of what is to come today as many hundreds of Alt-Righters will gather at noon for a larger rally featuring many of the big names of the pro-White movement.

CNN reports that Mayor Mike Signer, who hails from a liberal New York Jewish family, called the march a “cowardly parade of hatred, bigotry, racism and intolerance.”

Shitlibs are freaking out on Twitter. They will be talking about this event for years to come! Amy Siskind, a feminist and homosexual activist, condemned the “White, straight, Christian male” Alt-Right protesters as a “sickness.” She condemned the gathering as based on “hatred afraid of progress and change.” Quite clearly, she regards replacing Whites and eliminating symbols of our heritage as “progress and change.” This is the primary agenda of the US Left today and the reason that the Alt-Right is necessary.

Charlottesville, VA: Judge Rules in Favor of Alt-Right; ANTIFA Slashes Tires & Knocks Out Windows

The Alt-Right is 2-0 against shitlibs in court. The Progressive attempt to shut down free speech has failed again. A Jewish mayor and Black Panther Vice Mayor attempted to deprive White activists an opportunity to protest moves by the city of Charlottesville, Virginia to take down Southern monuments in the city. But that failed in court as the Alt-Right successfully argued for their right to free speech.

And the ANTIFA is up to its old tricks of Left-wing terrorism. The communist group has slashed tires and broken windows of cars they suspect of belonging to Identity Dixie peaceful protesters.

ANTIFA destroys private property
ANTIFA terrorists attack peaceful Southern protesters

Beyond the Wall: Plantation Futurism

Recently, I had the honor of being on Beyond the Wall, a podcast for Alt-Right goys in Latin America. We discussed a lot of subjects, including the Golden Circle, Duginism, the South as a conquered nation, Whites in Latin America, types of empires, nationalism in Spain, Carlistas, the Valley of the Fallen, etc. I apologize for the poor audio quality on my end. But hopefully y’all will enjoy it as much as I did.

Click here for the podcast!


Netanyahu: Jewish Media is ‘Fake News’

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Right-wing prime minister of Israel, recently attacked the Left-wing Jewish media in his country as “fake news” and “thought police.” At a huge rally in Tel Aviv Netanyahu accused the media of seeking to undermine the rule of law and overthrow his government. The adoring crowd of nationalist supporters cheered his attacks on the media and sang songs about crowning him their king.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

The Likud came out en masse in Tel Aviv on Wednesday night to support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who lashed out at the media to a responsive chorus of resounding boos.

Netanyahu accused the Left and the media of being one and the same, together on “an obsessive, unprecedented witch-hunt against me and my family, seeking to overthrow the government…. Their goal is to put inappropriate pressure on law enforcement, with no connection to justice.”

The prime minister called the media the “thought police.”

“God forbid if you think differently from them!” he quipped.

Netanyahu also pointed out to the adoring crowd how “the fake news media repeated that if we don’t withdraw from territories in our homeland, Israel will be isolated and weak and abandoned.

…The rally was held in a packed hall at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds, after it was moved from a smaller location due to the large number of Likud members who signed up to attend.

People held signs warning of a putsch and saying “the Left thinks the rule of law is a joke.” They sang, “Bibi, king of Israel,” to the tune of the song about King David, and toted posters – on which Netanyahu’s face was emblazoned – bearing the slogan “My prime minister.”

…The prime minister said a Likud member told him that the Left “knows they can’t win in the ballot booth, so they are trying to circumvent democracy and topple me without elections.

Sounds just much like the situation here with the Leftist Jewish media relentlessly attacking President Donald Trump and seeking to overthrow his administration. Fake news and thought policing seem to be staples of the Jewish media where ever one goes.

Thankfully, Prime Minister Netanyahu is on to these Jews! He knows the score all too well and is fully supportive of our efforts to body-slam the Jewish media and deprive them of all influence over our society.

Check out the based Israeli in a yarmaluke attacking the Jewish media! lol

Clown World: Military Trannies Sue Trump

Just when you think we have reached peak degeneracy and folly, Clown World assures us that greater depths of insanity are at hand.

In this case we have a group of emotionally unstable soldiers from the most powerful military in all of human history suing their commander-in-chief because he will not allow so-called “transgendered” people (who are confused as to their sexual identity and dress up as members of the opposite sex and sometimes even mutilate their genitals) to remain in the military. This brings up questions of such people’s combat effectiveness, their extremely high rate of suicide, their effect upon morale and the high cost to tax payers of medically mutilating their genitals and pumping them full of drugs to simulate their “transition” to the opposite sex. This has become the new civil rights cause of our era as society rapidly unravels.

The Washington Post, an openly partisan and far-Left newspaper, reports:

Five active-duty service members sued President Trump Wednesday over his intentions to ban transgender personnel from serving in the military.

“The directive to reinstate a ban on open service by transgender people violates both the Equal Protection component of the Fifth Amendment and the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution,” states the suit filed in U.S. District Court in Washington by five anonymous “Jane Does.”

They are represented by the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) and GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD).

…Since the Obama administration lifted the ban on transgender troops in June 2016, hundreds of service members have come out and are serving openly. A Rand Corp. study commissioned by the Pentagon last year estimates that there are about 11,000 transgender troops in the reserves and active-duty military.

There are 11.000 of these mentally-ill freaks in the US military! And, with the backing of lawyers and most of the US media cheerleading, these trannies will seek to over-throw the will of the commander-in-chief. Only in Clown World! This is not a serious country.


White Births A US Majority Again

Excellent news from The New Observer:

The white birth rate in America has staged a near miraculous comeback and was a majority of live births in 2016—reversing a decade long decline—if the figures in the latest National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) report is accurate.

This new report, titled “Births: Provisional Data for 2016,” dated June 2017, although it was only released last week.

According to the report, the provisional number of births for the United States in 2016 was 3,941,109, down 1 percent from 2015.

The general fertility rate was 62.0 births per 1,000 women aged 15–44, down 1 percent from 2015 to a record low for the United States.

Among the race and Hispanic origin groups, the number of births ranged from 9,342 births for non-Hispanic Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander (NHOPI) women to 2.054 million births for nonHispanic white women.

The report’s “Table 2: Births, by race and Hispanic origin of mother” claims that of the 3,941,109 births in 2016, some 2,054,564 were “white” nonHispanic.

This amounts to 52 percent of the total.

…The Hispanic birth rate—one of the biggest drivers of the nonwhite population explosion of recent years—has, according to these figures, fallen substantially.

In 2016, it was reported that the Hispanic birth rate had slowed, and the latest figures may be confirmation of this fact.

The figures must however be taken with some caveats. Firstly, the racial classification system used by the U.S. government is notoriously inaccurate, and includes all those it calls “Caucasian” as white, even if they come from North Africa, Arab nations and the Middle East.

Yes, there are caveats. But this is still good news. Any decline in the birthrates of non-Whites, especially Third World immigrants, is a major win for us.

Problems With Chris Cantwell’s Polygyny Proposal

In recent weeks Radical Agenda podcast host Chris Cantwell has proposed polygyny (not polygamy) as a way to bolster White demographics. Cantwell, a libertarian activist who has moved in a decidedly pro-White direction over the last several months, has spoken at length about the problems Whites face as a shrinking majority in the United States and a small minority world-wide. He has embraced the need for a White ethno-state, a popular proposal on the Alt-Right. But he has also repeatedly spoken at length about the benefits polygyny could offer White Nationalists. He envisions this arrangement as a way for White elites to spread their genes more widely. He also notes that this practice in a White Nationalist area or ethno-state could lead to a shortage of White women. Cantwell has argued that this would prompt young White men to leave the pro-White territory and go out into multi-racial or non-White areas to find women. He has described this as a way of Whitening the world. He says that Whites should be exporting their genes rather than importing non-White genes.

Cantwell has repeatedly asked listeners to his program to call in and give him good arguments against polygyny as a practice among White Nationalists. With that in mind I will give a few reasons why polygyny is not something our movement should embrace.

  • If practiced intensely in a given area polygyny comes with some genetic health risks such as those which afflict certain polygamous Mormon communities in the Western USA.
  • If successful it would lead to a shortage of women, thus encouraging men to leave the pro-White area. This would deprive the ethno-state or community of needed manpower.
  • The exodus of White men from the ethno-state would likely lead to out-breeding with other racial groups. Cantwell embraces this idea for those outside of the ethno-state. This would create potentially dangerous ties between White families in the ethno-state and mixed-race families outside of it.
  • Over time, if practiced intensely, this racial-mixing outside of the ethno-state would create lots of mulattos, mestizos and happas. This would blur the distinction between White and non-White. The Whitest of these racially-mixed people could present a problem for the ethno-state because of their mostly-White appearance and family connections to people in the ethno-state. This could lead to significant amount of non-White genes flowing back into the ethno-state.
  • The creation of numerous castes of part-Whites would elevate the IQ of areas outside of the ethno-state. The part-Whites present a greater danger than the non-Whites because of their Whiter appearance, higher IQ and (generally speaking) greater animosity for Whites. The creation of large numbers of frizzy-haired mulatto women with problem glasses is a frightening prospect. In fact, we face that in the next generation in the current system. Adding to their numbers would be imprudent.
  • The embrace of polygyny by the ethno-state would be a sharp break with White cultural norms. It would make the Whites of the ethno-state appear strange or cult-like to outside Whites who might otherwise be sympathetic. This is a needless barrier to entry or support.
  • Finally, polygyny is un-necessary. Whites took over and re-populated most of North America, Australia, New Zealand, large regions of Latin America and parts of Africa. They did so mostly without polygyny. It was fateful and tragic policy decisions on citizenship, voting rights and (most of all) non-White immigration which has of late harmed these once pro-White areas and threatened the survival of our race. It is such policies which must be changed, not the White family structure as it has existed for centuries. If such policies can not be changed in existing polities then separation, secession or revolution are in order.

DOJ Preps for Fight Against ‘Affirmative Action’

The US Department of Justice is preparing for a campaign of legal battles against universities which have adopted policies that discriminate against higher performing White applicants in favor of lower performing non-Whites. The New York Times reports:

The Trump administration is preparing to redirect resources of the Justice Department’s civil rights division toward investigating and suing universities over affirmative action admissions policies deemed to discriminate against white applicants, according to a document obtained by The New York Times.

The document, an internal announcement to the civil rights division, seeks current lawyers interested in working for a new project on “investigations and possible litigation related to intentional race-based discrimination in college and university admissions.”

…The document does not explicitly identify whom the Justice Department considers at risk of discrimination because of affirmative action admissions policies. But the phrasing it uses, “intentional race-based discrimination,” cuts to the heart of programs designed to bring more minority students to university campuses.

The project is another sign that the civil rights division is taking on a conservative tilt under President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It follows other changes in Justice Department policy on voting rights, gay rights and police reforms.

While the Alt-Right and Alt-South have leveled numerous justified criticisms against the Trump Administration we can be assured that moves like this on behalf of White people would not be taking place if Donald Trump had lost the 2016 presidential election. If Hillary Climton or a cuckservative had won the might of the DOJ would have been firmly against our interests and out to destroy what is left of White America.

Chinese SJW Angry At Native Charlotteans

Chinese liberal activist Amy Chiou has penned an article in The Charlotte Observer to express her frustration with people who take pride by saying “I’m a native Charlottean” in being from the city in which she now resides. Chiou writes about how natives look skeptically upon the team of outside political activists she leads in setting up shop in their city:

The first time I heard these words, I was working on a political campaign. People walked into our campaign office constantly to express their skepticism of a team of outsiders. They questioned whether we could win a local election.

Chiou blasts the city’s “system of inequity” and natives of the city who prefer that their way of doing things not be pushed aside by outsiders. Is this unreasonable of Charlotte natives? Chiou seems to think so. She contrasts natives as “people who have a history here” with outsiders such as herself, described as “people who want a future here.” She also writes that pride in one’s home city makes her feel unwelcome, attacking the phrase, “I’m a native Charlottean.”

Personally, when I hear these words, I feel unwelcome. I am reminded of my outsider status. I want to be respectful of history and context and as a result, take longer to offer my ideas. I spend time figuring out how to present solutions in the “Charlotte way.” A few times a month, I think about whether I belong here. And, I’m not alone.

Not only does Chiou demand that natives change their ways to accomodate her and stop expressing pride in Charlotte as their home city, she also admits to working with a group of “young civic leaders” who do not identify with the city but wish to determine its future. She is the executive director of a far-Left group called Queen City Forward.

Last week, I attended a meeting of young civic leaders. As part of our introductions, we were asked whether we considered Charlotte “home.” Only one person out of ten said yes, and yet, collectively, we had contributed so much to making Charlotte a great place. Around a single table were people involved with alleviating homelessness, improving public education, catalyzing entrepreneurship, transforming criminal justice, elevating local politics, developing mentorship and leadership and building community. Professionally, we represented real estate, law, public service, higher education, nonprofit, banking, and tech. And yet, we were hesitant, almost reluctant, to claim Charlotte as our home.

This is hubris, plain and simple. Why should an outsider, especially one who does not identify with a city, have a say in its politics and organization? Imagine the arrogance of penning an article in a major newspaper of such a city detailing all of this and expecting sympathy from readers.

I once lived in a foreign city for a number of years. I knew I was a foreigner there and never sought to undermine the natives’ sense of pride or ownership of their city. I was an outsider, a foreigner. As such, my opinion meant almost nothing there. This is a lesson Chiou appears unable to learn. She questions whether she, a racial alien and Leftist activist who does not identify with a Southern city, belongs in that city. I can tell her without hesitation that she does not belong. It is perfectly reasonable for natives to be upset with her as she tries to change their politics and culture to fit her values.

It is time for Amy Chiou to say goodbye to Charlotte, North Carolina. Shanghai is calling you home, Chiou. It is ruled by the Communist Party, so I know you will feel at home there. And it is populated by Chinese people like yourself, so you should have no problem with identifying with it.

As you hopefully pack your bags I’m sure that many people in Charlotte will join me in happily bidding you “ciao,” Amy.

Alt-South Celebrates Orlando, FL’s New Golden Circle Flag

Leaders of the city of Orlando, Florida chose to celebrate its 142nd birthday with a new flag prominently featuring a large golden circle, reports WFTV 9 ABC. The Golden Circle refers to the old plantation civilization of the New World centered around the Caribbean Sea. It utilized a labor and social system which included African slave labor and White supremacy. A Southern Nationalist paramilitary order named Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) organized across Dixie in the mid 1800s. The KGC and other like-minded groups launched efforts to take Cuba, Mexico and Nicaragua to establish a Southern-led empire of plantation societies. When the Southern States seceded in 1860-61 the KGC strongly supported the Confederate cause. Florida was the third Southern State to secede from the Union.

The Alt-South strongly supports Orlando’s beautiful and symbolic new banner and looks forward to seeing it displayed widely throughout the city. Orlando demonstrates the vast potential of Dixie and points to the as-yet-unrealized dream of a Southern empire. The use of the golden circle, a highly important symbol for secessionists, neo-Confederates and Southern Nationalists, is an obvious “dog whistle” to the Alt-South. As the city explains on its website, “The reflection of the “O” in the water symbolizes our careful consideration of our past and our bold vision for the future.” It goes on to explain the symbolism of “patriotism” and “timelessness” captured by the wonderful new flag.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Orlando’s city, especially Mayor Buddy Dyer. We understand in the present hostile climate of Leftist political oppression that Mayor Dyer must parrot Progressive anti-White and anti-Southern rhetoric against his wishes. However, with the embrace of this new flag the mayor and city government have communicated their Alt-Right and Alt-South sympathies to us. Message received, friends! And may God bless you, Orlando and the entire Golden Circle.

Future generations of Southern Nationalists will doubtlessly carry this new Golden Circle banner as our troops go forth to stamp out degeneracy and bring civilization, inequality, paternalism and Southern leadership to the entire Caribbean region! And until then this banner will delight and inspire our growing movement.

Summer of the Black Sun: Another Sign in the Heavens

As the Alt-Right rises and challenges the forces of evil to save our race and nation we have another important sign in the heavens of change at hand. And it happens on the night of our movement’s biggest event in decades as we rally around the monument of General Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia. Travel and Leisure reports:

The Perseid meteors are caused by Earth colliding into a stream of debris left behind by Comet Swift-Tuttle, and the meteors visible this August come from the parent comet hundreds – if not thousands – of years ago.

…The meteor shower can last anywhere from several hours to a few weeks, explains Cooke. In 2017, the Perseids are most active from the end of July to the end of August, and this year’s expected peak is August 12.

An ancient sign in the heavens comes to us. And then the sun goes black as the age changes. This is the Summer of the Black Sun. The world will never be the same. Our time is at hand.

H/t Aaron Dale

ICE Rounding Up Immigrant Teen Gang Members

Donald Trump’s Administration continues to make positive moves on immigration. Think Progress reports on the latest white pill:

The Trump administration will engage in “preventive enforcement” to detain and deport Central American immigrants suspected of gang involvement, a senior White House administration official told reporters Thursday evening. The press call took place ahead of a presidential visit to New York to discuss ways to combat the well-organized and major street gang MS-13, which has extensive networks in El Salvador and the United States.

…An internal U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency memo as seen by Reuters last week indicated that immigration agents should, in part, target immigrant teens aged 16 and 17 years old who came into the country without guardians and are suspected gang members for deportation proceedings. As such, agents have been conducting nationwide raids this week on minors who have been arrested for suspected gang activity. Under the previous Obama administration, minors could be deported if they had been convicted of crimes.

…The senior administration official also said on the call that the Trump administration would look to Congress to pass legislation to fund the hiring of 10,000 more ICE agents for the enforcement and removal of immigrants; hire more immigration judges on the border; close a “loophole on catch-and-release,” a practice which ended in 2006to release immigrants into the United States while they awaited their court hearings; and force localities and states to cooperate with federal immigration agents to detain immigrants for deportation proceedings.

Despite the media’s open war on the White House, the economy is growing, young immigrants are being deported, the DOJ is cracking down on sanctuary cities and illegal immigrants are now widely fearful of being deported. And it looks like Obama’s DACA program which shields at least 800,000 illegal immigrants from being deported will probably be struck down in a court challenge.

Sperm Count Down 59% in Western Countries

Infertility is a growing problem for White men and a major new front in the campaign of White genocideCBS News reports on the bad news:

Sperm counts in Western countries have decreased by half in recent years, suggesting a continuing and significant decline in male reproductive health, a new evidence review reports.

Sperm concentration decreased an average 52 percent between 1973 and 2011, while total sperm countdeclined by 59 percent during that period, researchers concluded after combining data from 185 studies. The research involved nearly 43,000 men in all.

“We found that sperm counts and concentrations have declined significantly and are continuing to decline in men from Western countries,” said senior researcher Shanna Swan.

…[I]n Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia, “the declines are strong, significant and continuing,” she said.

…”We are worried about these low sperm counts not only because people have trouble conceiving, but also because men with low sperm counts go on to have higher all-cause mortality,” Swan said. Studies have shown “they die younger and they have more disease, particularly cardiovascular disease and cancer,” she added.

Democrats’ New Economic Populist Appeal Runs into Amnesty Problem

Representative Dave Cicilline, an openly homosexual Democrat from Rhode Island, recently went on Tucker Carlson’s Fox television show to promote his party’s renewed focus on Middle America. This re-direction came after US Senator Chuck Schumer (D) said that Hillary Clinton lost last year’s presidential election because she had no real message. This is a break with the “Russia hacked the election” narrative for the Left which seeks to shift responsibility for the election defeat. And some members of the party apparently understand that they have lost most of Middle/White America by aggressively pushing Progressive social causes such as transgendered bathrooms, gun control, open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants while ignoring the concerns of traditional Americans. Now at least some Democratic leaders such as Schumer and Cicilline seem eager to take about addressing issues important to middle class White voters. This follows months of Progressives insisting that the Democrats should not reach out to “hillbilly” and “racist” Trump voters.

There is just one problem with the new focus on lifting up White Middle Class voters of the type who voted for Trump: Democrats appear unwilling to budge from their position of amnesty for 10 million or more illegal Third World aliens. As Tucker pointed out several times in his exchange with Cicilline, when you flood a market with low wage workers it will drive down wages. Put simply: Third World immigration hurts American workers by driving down their wages. Tucker was relentless on this point but Cicilline indicated that his party refuses to move away from amnesty. Carlson asked him more than once if Democrats were finally willing to put the eceonomic interest of American citizens over those of illegal immigrants. And repeatedly Cicilline refused to do so, rejecting even the soft civic nationalism that Tucker pitched to him. And so the Democratic rhetoric about a populist appeal to Middle America which addresses their concerns and seeks to lift them up is just empty words.

Cosmoplitan: Men Sexually Pleasing Women is ‘Sexist’

There really is no room at all for men in the ugly world of feminism – except as a punching bag and foil for Progressive righteousness (much as the Germans are now a foil for Jewish righteousness and Southerners and Afrikaners are foils for Black righteousness). As if to prove this point Cosmopolitan has an article out by Hannah Smothers entitled “Why Guys Get Turned On When You Orgasm – And Why That’s Aa Bad Thing.” Smothers, a shitlib feminist with problem glasses, writes:

It’s not enough that men are alreadyhaving more orgasms than women. To make matters worse, a new studypublished in the Journal of Sex Researchfound — aside from deriving pleasure from their own orgasms, obviously — men also derive a specific sort of masculine pleasure from making female partners orgasm.

…Men felt more masculine and felt high self esteem when they imagined a woman orgasmed during sex with them. “These results suggest that women’s orgasms do function — at least in part — as a masculinity achievement for men,”researchers wrote.

A normal prson might look at this and marvel at a natural design whch makes a man would feel good and masculine about making a woman feel good and feminine. Amazing how nature works, right?! But a liberal looks at this and sees a problem – and then blames men for it.

…[T]hey explained why it’s a bad thing for men to gain masculinity points for bringing female partners to orgasm. “One reason is that it might pressure some heterosexual men to feel like they have to ‘give’ women orgasms, as if orgasm is something men pulled out of a hat and presented to women,” they wrote. “This ties into cultural ideas of women as passive recipients of whatever men give them.”

The researchers draw a fairly frightening conclusion from the research findings. When women’s orgasms begin to serve as a masculinity achievement for male partners, the orgasms cease to be about women’s liberation or sexual pleasure. They just become another opportunity for men to flex, or “shore up their sense of masculinity.”

Bull Connor: History’s Unsung Hero

Few men have been more unjustly maligned than Theophilus Eugene “Bull” Connor, Birmingham, Alabama’s Commissioner of Public Safety. Larry Ridgeway at Identity Dixie remembers this great man who stood up to the South’s enemies:

Looking back on my childhood, I remember the names of men put forth as men that were worthy of looking up to. I remember the story of how Lincoln freed the blacks and how Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act and was told that these men were heroes for their heroic deeds. Upon further examination though, it is not these men that are heroes, it is the men who stood against them that are thereal heroes. Men who stood up against the tide of, not only federal overreach, but the breach in contract with the laws of nature – blacks arelesser thans and, if anything, should be subjugated. When opposition to the “muh Civil Rights” movement comes to mind, one can think of none other than Bull Connor.

…In 1934, he entered and won the race for a seat on the Alabama House of Representatives on the Democratic ticket. During his term as a legislator he opposed increasing the state sales tax and increasing licensing fees, while voting to raised the poll tax (a measure to keep poor whites and blacks from voting. Hallelujiah).

In 1936, he decided not to stand for re-election, instead deciding to run for the head of the Birmingham Public Safety Commission. A position he won and would hold for twenty three years until 1963. The math doesn’t add up because he took time away in the early 50’s due to an extra marital affair.

During his time in this position, he did many things I consider to be badass (to say the least). In 1938, he ordered the attendees of the Southern Conference for Human Welfare at Municipal Auditorium not to “segregate together” causing a scene with the-then First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt (who was intensely disliked in the South at the time).

In 1948, his officers arrested a U.S senator from Idaho, Glen H. Taylor, who was running for Vice President on the Progressive ticket alongside Henry Wallace, for attempting to speak with the Southern Negro Youth Conference, thereby violating the city’s segregation laws. This is pretty fucking sweet if you ask me.

Also in 1948, he led a walkout at the Democratic National Convention by southern delegates in protest of Harry Truman’s civil rights policies. He also ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1950.

Be sure to read the entire article (warning: some bad language)

Egyptian Muslim Governor of Michigan?

Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed, a young epidemiologist, former Executive Director of the Detroit Health Department and the son of an Egyptian Muslim immigrant, is running on the Democratic ticket for governor of Michigan. His candidacy is getting a lot of media attention because of El-Sayed’s immigrant Muslim background. Michigan was 76% White in 2010. In the 2016 presidential election the State narrowly went for Donald Trump, who edged out Hillary Clinton 47.5% to 47.2%.

Can El-Sayed become the first Sultan of the Caliphate of Michigan? Before we write off that possibility let’s remember that London, England is now governed by Pakistani Muslim Sadiq Khan. Ireland has a gay Indian Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar. And Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, a Pakistani Muslim woman, is a Member of the UK Parliament for Scotland. I was going to list the Muslims immigrants elected to high office across the West but there are far too many to write here. Just check out this partial list and try not to get to black pilled. Remember, they all have to go back – even the “assimilated” ones.

Foreigners Buy Record Number of US Houses

The United States is increasingly just an economic zone, not a real country for a specific people or culture. It is just a strip mall, for sale to the highest bidder. This is not a real country.

CNBC reports:

Foreign purchases of U.S. residential real estate surged to the highest level ever in terms of number of homes sold and dollar volume.

Foreign buyers closed on $153 billion worth of U.S. residential properties between April 2016 and March 2017, a 49 percent jump from the period a year earlier, according to the National Association of Realtors. That surpasses the previous high, set in 2015.

…Foreign sales accounted for 10 percent of all existing home sales by dollar volume and 5 percent by number of properties. In total, foreign buyers purchased 284,455 homes, up 32 percent from the previous year.

Half of all foreign sales were in just three states: Florida, California and Texas.

Chinese buyers led the pack for the fourth straight year, followed by buyers from Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico and India. Russian buyers made up barely 1 percent of the purchases.

Mexicans doubled their home purches in the US, heavily favoring cheaper houses in Texas. Meanwhile Baby Boomers from Canada sold off expensive houses in their country and poured into Florida. And Chinese moved on houses in California and Texas.

US conservatives have long been eager to trade demographics for money (“it’s the economy, stupid!”) even though in the long run the demographics will result in the conservatives permantly losing political influence. On the other hand, the Alt-South places a higher priority on maintaining the nation as a distinct people and culture. We understand the country first and foremost as being the homeland for the ethnic group and the economy as serving their interests, not the other way around.

Feminism is Ugly

We have all seen them. Feminists. Those who need an excuse for getting fat, having an awful hair cut, dying their hair blue, putting a bull ring through their nose, letting their body go, being a slut, being outspokenly rude in public or just in general being a degenerate waste of a female human being. Feminism is ugly. It always has been. Nothing about it is attractive, healthy or interesting. And it is worth taking a moment to shame these creatures in the hope of saving young girls from their sad fate.

Don’t be ugly. Don’t be a feminist.

Neo-con Max Boot Destroyed by Tucker Carlson

Leading neo-conservative writer Max Boot recently appeared on Tucker Carlson’s television show to defend his belligerent attitude toward Russia. Boot, a Russian Jewish immigrant who advocates US military intervention around the globe to advance liberal democracy, has been a fierce critic of President Donald Trump and his pivot toward an America First foreign policy – which he has likened to American Nazism. In examing US policy through the lense of what is good for “foreign-born Jews” (his words, not mine), Boot has attacked putting America’s interests first as “xenophobic” and a “mean, crabbed, selfish vision of America’s role in the world.” The neo-con intellectual also has been fairly open in writing about the fact that the roots of his hostility toward Putin and his Right-wing, pro-Christian regime lie in the Jews’ historical ethnic conflict with Russians.

In his debate with Tucker Carlson Boot attacked Russia as America’s number one threat and compared those such as Carlson who advocate a pragmatic approach to international disputes as morally degenerate. Carlson repeatedly blasted Boot for moralizing foreign policy, though never explicitedly condemned him for putting Israeli and Jewish ethnic interests over American interests. The exchange has received a great deal of media interest though and is another indication of a strong shift away from Israel First/neo-con foreign policy on the US Right – a development which those of us on the Alt-South can cheer with enthusiasm.

Alt-South: Each in His Place

The traditional South placed great importance on inequality and interdependence “that brings about the beautiful Harmony of Nature.” US Vice President and Southern political theorist John C. Calhoun viewed this as key to governance and social harmony. August O. Spain explains in The Political Theory of John C. Calhoun (Bookman Associates, 1951):

In Southern society, then, a superior race governed and directed the labors of an inferior people for the best moral and material welfare of both. In any complete society a variety of skills and abilities of low and high degree were essential to its efficient functioning. The caste organization of Southern society resting upon the social subordination of the Negro slaves afforded the necessary variety; and, furthermore, it met the requirements of morality by distributing social privilege according to power, knowledge, and virtue. Something of the Platonic conception of justice was included in the emphasis that Dabney, Hammond, and Simms placed upon the necessity of order and rank in society and their identification of them with justice when distributed properly. “Each in his place” made for justice, order, stability, and progress of civilization. The harmony, happiness, and resulting stability of this society were especially impressive to Calhoun and Fitzhugh. The latter claimed, apparently taking his cue from Calhoun, that the Southern farm was a joint concern in which slave consumed more of the coarse products than the master and was far happier; it was the “beau ideal” of communism. It was a favorite idea of Calhoun that the Southern plantation was simply an extension to the community of the family regime, communistic and benevolently paternal. “The Southern States,” he declared, “are an aggregate, in fact, of communities, not of individuals. Every plantation is a little community with the master at its head who concentrates in himself the united interests of capital and labor, of which is the common representative. These small communities aggregated make the state in all, while action, labor, and capital is equally represented and perfectly harmonized. Hence the harmony, the union, and stability…” of the South.

This focus on social harmony, the extended family regime, paternalism and the united interests of capital and labor distinguishes the Southern tradition from the failed philosophies upon which Modern and Post-Modern Western societies have been built. These latter societies pit individual against individual, divide the interests of capital and labor and achieve no harmony or moral distribution of social privilege. The man they produce is a deracinated, soulless and besieged creature with no home or proper place.

KKK Legacy: Mexican Immigrant Gives Thumbs Up in GA Court After Murdering Family

The hateful legacy of Southern racism was on display in a Georgia courtroom as a Mexican immigrant woman smiled and gave thumbs up for the camera after stabbing her husband and children to death with a small knife. The Chicago Tribune reports:

A woman charged with killing four of her young children and her husband smiled and flashed a double thumbs up to news cameras during her first court appearance Friday in metro Atlanta before telling a judge she doesn’t want an attorney.

Also, an immigration official said the woman, who is from Mexico, entered the U.S. illegally.

Isabel Martinez, 33, appeared before Gwinnett County Magistrate Court Judge Michael Thorpe a day after police said she stabbed the five to death and seriously injured another child at her home. The surviving 9-year-old girl remained hospitalized with serious injuries.

Before the hearing began, Martinez sat with other inmates and posed for cameras — smiling, giving the thumbs up, putting her hands in a prayer position and spreading her arms out wide.

As Thorpe listed the charges — five counts of malice murder, five counts of murder and six counts of aggravated assault — Martinez smiled, shook her head “no” and wagged her finger at him.

The Mestizo woman even had the heart to respond with kindness and an anti-racist message of inclusiveness and love in the face of hateful instructions of the White supremacist judge.

“Ma’am, I’m going to caution you to cut out the display for the cameras,” he said. “It’s really not a good idea, probably not to your benefit.”

…”You are the hope of the world, each one of you,” she said in Spanish, appearing to address the news cameras. “It doesn’t matter what color you are because God loves us all.”

This tragedy is a direct result of the enduring legacy of racial hatred and ignorance in the South. The Ku Klux Klan caused this act of horror by lynching a number of Black rapists in the 1920s. Martinez and her family had a bright future ahead of them as hard-working natural conservatives who would have paid into the system to keep Social Security afloat for retiring American seniors. Those lives were so tragically cut short by the enduring systemic racism and legacy of White supremacy which drove Martinez to slaughter her family.

Let us resolve to live up to Martinez’s inspiring dream of color-blind hope and love. It is the least we can do to heal the world.

‘Diversity’ Drives Passengers to Abandon MARTA After I-85 Bridge Rebuilt

A collapsed bridge and the horrible traffic congestion of Atlanta’s roads can’t convince most people to give MARTA, the city’s public transportation system, a chance. Curbed Atlanta reports that “Proponents hoped the catastrophe [of the bridge collapse] would mark a permanent shift toward public transit. It didn’t.” Michael Khan writes:

The collapse of the Interstate 85 bridge and subsequent six-week closure of one of Atlanta’s most important vehicular arteries was an excellent opportunity to introduce those accustomed to commuting by car to alternative forms of transit.

Many saw it as a chance to hook the masses on MARTA, and an initial jump of ridership by 25-percent looked promising.

Since the road reopened in May, however, it seems the majority of commuters have returned to their old ways, with ridership falling to pre-collapse levels, according to 11Alive.

Khan then goes on to speculate that MARTA’s “breakdowns in service on high-demand days destroy confidence in the usability of the system.” While it is likely that the Black Leftist-governed city does a poor job of operating an efficient infrastructure I think the real problem can be more easily explained. As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has explained, the behavior of many of the Blacks who use MARTA frightens or disturbs White passengers. The city insists that the transit system is safe but that assurance seems to have little effect upon White travelers.

“Diversity” is essentially why public transportation is not popular in the United States. Europe’s relative lack of “diversity” until recently made public transportation there an attractive alternative to driving. The same is true in Japan. Leftists have long wanted to see the US embrace mass transit. But America’s demographics, especially in most of the urban areas where public transportation is most needed, make it unappealing for most Whites.

23andMe Explains Cherokee Princess Syndrome

Cherokee Princess Syndrome (CPS) arises from the popular myth in some parts of the South that everyone has a little American Indian in them. Typically, this myth is passed down from in one’s family and attributed to “high cheek bones” or dark hair. Antebellum Southerners often wrote negatively about American Indians and sought to resettle tribal bands beyond the Mississippi River in an effort to open up more land in the Southeast for White settlement. However, later generations during a time in which Whiteness was portrayed megatively in the media seem to have adopted CPS in part as a way to escape White guilt. One will often hear refrains such as “I am not all White” or “My great grandma was a full-blooded Cherokee” from White people with fair European features who seem to know nothing else of their ancestry except for their single alleged Indian ancestor. CPS can also be partly attributed to the imposed deracination of Southerners and the poverty inflicted upon us through punative eceonomic measures following the conquest of the Confederacy. So, it arises in part from ignorance and also from media and academia-created negative associations with Whiteness.

There are undoubtedly some White people with trace or small amounts of American Indian DNA and this article is not meant as an insult to them. The focus here is on the much larger group of people who know very little of their ancestry but suffer from CPS.

Like many Southerners I was raised with CPS. I was told many times as a child that a family member’s dark hair or “high cheek bones” was a throw-back to some forgotten Cherokee princess. It is always a princess, by the way, and never a prince. The race-mixing of a White male typically seems a bit less offensive to us than that of a White female – and with defensible evolutionary rationale, in fact. Cherokees are typically employed in CPS over more primitive or savage American Indian tribes, likely because of their comparative handsome appearance and more civilized culture. I suffered from CPS until I took a DNA test several years ago and found out that my ancestry is almost entirely (96%) Northern European and mostly British (57%). There is no Cherokee princess in my wood pile.

Apparently, my experience is not uncommon now that DNA tests are becoming more popular – especially with deracinated American Whites who want to establish some connection to their roots. 23andMe, a leading ancestry testing site, even has an article to explain CPS to Whites who have a difficult time coming to grips with their lack of an Indian DNA. One of their Frequently Asked Questions is, “I know I have Native American ancestry. Why doesn’t it show up in my results?” The company tries its best to let its customers down gently while explaining CPS:

We have extremely high confidence in the accuracy of your results and the science behind them. But 23andMe is a genetictesting service, which means we can only show you what is found in your DNA. If your Native American heritage cannot be seen through your DNA, that doesn’t mean that your understanding of your family heritage as passed down through the generations is incorrect, only that your genetic heritage does not reveal Native American ancestry.

There are a few common reasons why you may not see the Native American population in your Ancestry Composition results:

If your most recent Native American ancestor was more than five generations ago, you may have inherited little or no DNA directly from them. The farther back in your history you look, the less likely you are to have inherited DNA directly from every single one of your ancestors. This means that you can be directly descended from a Native American without having any Native American DNA.

Your Native American ancestry may be assigned to the Broadly East Asian & Native American population. Even using state-of-the-art science, the Native American and East Asian populations are genetically similar, and sometimes they can’t be distinguished from each other with high confidence.

Throughout American history, people without a genetically Native American background have claimed Native American heritage for a variety of social reasons related to the shifting politics of race and indigeneity in the United States. As a result, many families without any genetically Native American ancestors have passed down stories about Native American ancestry. For examples, see this article or the book, Becoming Indian: The Struggle over Cherokee Identity in the Twenty-first Century, by Circe Strum.

Beyond the Wall: Dixie Futurism

The Alt-Right Latin American goys from Beyond the Wall podcast interview Musonius Rufus, from Identity Dixie and host of Rebel Yell podcast, in their most recent episode. The fellows have an entertaining discussion of “plastic” vs “real” culture, the Golden Circle and lots of Dixie/Latin American issues. This is a very fun episode that you will not want to miss!

KKK Legacy Causes Mestizo Immigrant to Stab Family to Death

An Hispanic immigrant woman in Gwinnett County, Georgia recently stabbed her husband and four children to death, The Daily Mail reports:

A Georgia woman has been arrested and charged with stabbing her husband and four young children to death in their home outside Atlanta early Thursday.

Isabel Cartuno Martinez, 33, was charged with five counts of malice murder, five counts of murder and six counts of aggravated assault, police say.

She has also been put on an immigration hold, according to the jail’s website.

Officers arrived at the home on 509 Emory Lane in Loganville to find five victims dead from what appeared to be a small knife, although a medical examiner will make the final determination, according to authorities.

The children were all confirmed to be under age 10, with the youngest suspected to be a toddler.

A fifth child, a girl, was taken to the hospital with injuries described as serious. Her condition is not known at this time.

Firstly,  note that this was committed by a “Georgia woman.” The county she lives in was 20% Hispanic in 2010.

Secondly, we can definitely blame these horrific murders on the Ku Klux Klan and the legacy of White supremacy and hate in Georgia. It was racial hatred and oppression, as well as LGBTQ discrimination, which drove this “Georgia woman” to kill her family.

Thirdly, Martinez and her family are/were natural conservatives who couldn’t wait to vote Republican. Sadly, the KKK has deprived us of a family of conservative voters who would have worked to uphold Our Values.

The only way to ensure that more Hispanic Georgia women do not brutally murder their families is to stamp out racism, sexism and trans phobia. Remember that Whiteness is problematic and for the sake of the children we must pass strict knive control legislation and a pathway to citizenship.

H/t Musonius Rufus

Miles: The Beautiful Harmony of Nature

William Porcher Miles, a US congressman and designer of the Confederate battle flag, noted in an 1852 speech to the Alumni Society of the College of Charleston:

Throughout the entire cycle of the Material Creation we see contrast, difference, inequality. It is the connection of all the parts – the inter-dependence between the great and the small – the strong and the weak – that brings about the beautiful Harmony of Nature.

The natural social order of which Miles spoke was likewise advocated by Southern philospher George Fitzhugh in defense of a society of responsibility in which every member had a place and productive role to play. Fitzhugh described it as famial order which exceded the material goals professed by the Socialists but which did not “eradicate man’s human nature.”

Gorsuch Living Up to Our Hopes

We celebrated when President Trump selected Neil Gorsuch, a “White Anglo-Saxon Protestant originalist and constitutionalist” who comes from an old stock family for the Supreme Court. And in his early decisions Gorsuch is living up to our hopes and dreams. Politico reports:

A string of decidedly conservative rulings from new Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch has Democratic senators grumbling: We told you so.

During his less than three months he has occupied late Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat on the high court, Gorsuch is sending signals that he could be one of its most conservative jurists. He has often aligned himself with the judicial stalwarts of the right, Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

…He dissented from a ruling enforcing same-sex couple’s rights to have their names on their children’s birth certificates. He lamented the court’s refusal to hear a case about the right to carry a weapon in public. He took a strong stand in favor of churches’ right to public subsidies. And he signed an opinion saying he would have allowed President Donald Trump’s travel ban to go into effect now, in full.

“We’ve got another Scalia,” declared Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

…While some thought Gorsuch’s history of concern for religious freedom might give him pause about Trump’s travel ban executive order seen by critics as part of a ban on Muslims, the new justice joined Thomas and Alito in an opinion issued Monday saying Trump had a strong chance of prevailing in the litigation and should be able to move ahead with his plan.

“On the travel ban, I think he’s fulfilling the worst expectations so far of his opponents and probably the best hopes of his supporters,” [Sen. Richard] Blumenthal said. The conservative faction “gave every indication they were ready willing and able to uphold the travel ban in its entirety. So as for any objection he has, he seems to be firmly in the administration’s corner.”

Gorsuch was an excellent pick. Trump came through for us bigly on that one. Now we just need liberal-leaning Kennedy to retire and Jewish communist Ginsberg to finally give up the ghost.

‘Jews of Color’ Denounce White-Presenting Jews for Saying Jews aren’t White

In-fighting amongst Jewish ethnic groups has broken out in the pages of Jewish publications such as Haaretz, The Times of Israel, Forward, The Washington Post, etc. over the question of whether White-presenting Jews should be considered White or “people of color” and what this means for marginalized Jews of color.

The controversy began when the movie Wonder Woman was attacked by Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) for not featuring enough non-Whites. Kadeen Griffiths wrote for Bustle that the movie was strong on feminism but weak on race:

[A]s a black woman and a longtime fan of superhero movies, the actual content of Wonder Woman depressed me. …For black feminists, it’s exactly like every other superhero movie, just with a white female lead.

…By my count, there were four lines spoken by black women in the entire two-and-a-half-hour runtime of Wonder Woman — and one of those lines was just the repetition of “Diana!” by her black caretaker. In fact, all of those lines were spoken by black Amazons who were, of course, subservient to Diana and her all-white ruling family. (And of course Diana’s black sister Nubia, who in the comics was kidnapped and raised by Ares to later oppose her, was not put in the movie.) Once Diana leaves Themyscira, the very appearance of black women drops down to none. It was such a radical change that I found myself combing through the background of scenes as she walked through the streets of London with Steve Trevor, desperate to catch sight of even one black face, if not at least one black woman’s face.

Gritffiths went on the complain that the movie “failed the LGBTQ feminists as well” because Diana was not depicted as as lesbian.

In response to SJWs Matthew Mueller fired back for ComicBook:

It might come as a shock, but there are people of color in the film, and one of them is in the lead role.

Yep, with a quick google search, it turns out that Gal Gadot is not actually Caucasian, but is in fact Israeli.

…Gadot was born in Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel, and served in the Israeli Defense Force for two years before winning Miss Israel in 2004. Yes, she won Miss Israel, but she isn’t a person of color? You get why that doesn’t make sense, right?

Simply put: LOOKING White, doesn’t mean you ARE white. As noted in this great column from The Times of Isreal, “conceptualizing Jews as either “white” or “just a religion”, as many of our detractors are wont to do, helps to perpetuate a culture of antisemitism on the anti-racist left.”

Hmmm… “antisemitism on the anti-racist left.” Interesting.

Also interesting is Mueller’s insistence that White-presenting Jews are neither White nor just a religious group. They are a non-White racial group according Mueller.

But the controversy did not end there. Anti-White SJWs at the Forward were having none of Mueller’s argument. They attacked him for dismissing the complaints of Black feminists and for writing about race without including obligatory denunciations of race as a biological reality.

Mueller’s article was rightfully met with outrage from advocates for diverse representation who saw the argument for what it was: an attempt to derail a conversation about black women’s representation.

However, in the Jewish community, the controversy over Mueller’s article reignited a conversation about Jewish racialization and whiteness. As Jewish people of color working for racial justice and liberation in the United States, Israel and Palestine, watching this conversation tiptoe around questions of white supremacy while centering on the perspectives of white Ashkenazi Jews has moved us to intervene with our own perspectives.

The discourse has been suspect, often conflating race, ethnicity, nationality and genetics. Besides Mueller’s nonsensical claim that Israeli is a race rather than a nationality (which obscures the oppression of racial minorities in Israel), his uncritical use of the term “Caucasian,” a pseudo-scientific term popularized by 18th-century race scientists, sets us up for a conversation dependent on the logics of disproved race science rather than contemporary realities of politics, power and privilege.

They went on to accuse Jews who insist that Gal Gadot is non-White of “parroting the same racial pseudoscience that Nazi Germany used to differentiate Jews from ‘Aryans’.” The SJW Jews noted that “Claims of a genetic basis for race are especially harmful in the context of Israel’s deeply entrenched Ashkenazi-supremacist racial hierarchy.” And they asked uncomfortable questions such as “Were European Jews not white when they joined their fellow white-skinned Americans as willing participants in chattel slavery — owning slaves in the American Jewish hub of Charleston, South Carolina, at the same rates as their Christian neighbors?”

The infighting highlights real ethnic and ideological divisions within the Jewish community around the world. It will be interesting to see how the fuss plays out. Clearly though, White-presenting Jews need to do more to welcome Jews of color, make them feel included and consider their historical grievances as a marginalized group within the broader Jewish community. Jews of color will not be silenced. And many would argue that is time for a true diversity of Jewish identity to be fully embraced and for the old Ashkenazi-supremacist racial power structure in Israel to be dismantled.

Third Rail: Dixie Archeo-futurism

A popular Alt-Right podcast recently discussed the possibility of being inspired by Dixie’s rich illiberal intellectual tradition in finding our way forward. The Third Rail discussed the Southern tradition from philosophers such as George Fitzhugh and Richard Weaver to the Agrarians of the 1930s in critiquing both capitalism and Marxism from a traditionalist perspective that is native to North America.

Click here to listen to the Third Rail podcast (the discussion begins at 50 minutes)

Poll: White Southern Men Most Armed

A recent Pew Reasearch poll is being touted by Politico because it reveals that a slight majority (52%) of people living in the United States now support stricter gun laws, with 34% supporting much stricter gun laws. Unsurprisingly, non-gun owners favor tighter gun restrictions (62%) than gun owners (29%). Also unsurprising, a large majority of Republicans (76%) believe guns rights are more important than gun reatrictions, while just 22% of Democrats agree with them.

If we look more closely at the numbers we find that 3 in 10 adults are armed. But the numbers vary greatly by sex, race and region. Pew reports that 39% of men are armed as compared to 22% of women. And 36% of Whites are armed, as compared to 24% of Blacks and just 15% of Hispanics. In the South 36% of people own a gun, followed by the Midwest at 32%, the West at 31% and the Northeast at just 16%. This means that Southerners are more than twice as likely to be armed as Northerners. Finally, 46% of rural people are armed, as opposed to 28% of suburbanites and just 19% of urbanites. The moral of this story? It should be relatively easy to crush the urbanite.

Democrats Won’t Moderate Message – Even to Win

Rich Lowery makes an interesting observation in a recent article that liberals push back strongly against any proposal to deviate from “Democratic orthodoxy on race, guns and immigration” even when running in conservative-leaning areas. He points out that their nominee in the recent Georgia special election for Congress was an “orthodox liberal who conceded nothing on cultural issues, even though he was running in a Republican district in the South.” Lowery, a leading neo-conservative, would be loath to admit it but nominating a young Jewish Left-wing activist with a foreign-sounding name didn’t help the Democratic cause either. It was bad enough that Jon Ossoff was extremely liberal, but he was also alien to most Georgians.

Lowery doesn’t explain why Democrats are unwilling to compromise on hot button issues but I will put forth two reasons here. Firstly, Democrats are used to the idea that they have already won demographically. Non-Whites babies already outnumber White babies, meaning that the future belongs to the Democrats. Even if all further immigration was halted immediately the anti-White Leftt would win in this system because they won the demograpbic war. Only revolutionary change could prevent this. Democrats are used to reading in their magazines how in the near future everyone will be a brown deracinated consumer. And so they have every reason to be optimistic. The nomination of an unpopular elderly woman for president who campaigned on a feminist slogan of “I’m with her” is another indication of their confidence in the future. In their mind the war is won and they ought to be able to nominate anyone they please and push their unmoderated ideological agenda and still defeat the “old White men” in the GOP.

Secondly, the anti-White Left won the cultural war long ago. They control the educational system 100% and own almost the entirety of the media. Their values are re-enforced at church, school, on TV, at the movies and by the human resource department on the job. They are the establishment and are not used to having to endure any opposition (which they term “hate speech”) to their agenda.

What they don’t count on is that there are still significant areas and numbers of people who do not accept their unmoderated Progressive message. And every time these people demonstrate a show of force it sends the Left into a tailspin which is hysterical to witness. Laughably, Progressives are actually blaming their loss in Georgia on “the party’s insistence on running moderate candidates who try to appeal too much to Republicans who dislike Trump.” Hopefully, they continue to think along these lines.

SN Interview on ‘Praise of Folly’

I was recently interviewed on Praise of Folly podcast by Todd Lewis (who previously appeared on Rebel Yell) to discuss Southern Nationalism as both an historic and modern movement. We got into topics including religion, politics, race and economics. Check it out on Soudcloud or YouTube!

MLA Pat Catney Pushes Open Borders, Anti-Confederate Agenda in Ulster

Pat Catney, a recently elected member of the Northern Ireland Assembly from Lisburn, is celebrating his successful push to have a Confederate flag taken down in his city. Earlier today he tweeted that there is “No place in the community of Lisburn for symbols of racism.” Catney has called the flying of the flag of Dixie a “hate crime” and demanded that the police take it down. He also used the opportunity to call for open borders and the flooding of Northern Ireland with Third World immigrants. Belfast Live quotes Catney as virtue-signaling with anti-White, shitlib messages:

“What kind of message does this send to people from around the world who have chosen to make Lisburn their home? This is a direct insult to those who have come here to live and work as part of our local community.

“Are we to say that the politics of racism and slavery are acceptable in Lisburn in 2017? Every right thinking person in our community will reject this. Every political representative should be explicit in their condemnation of this racist act.

“I will be contacting the PSNI to ask them to remove these flags immediately. This is clearly a hate crime and should be treated as such.

“My door will always be open to those of the many diverse backgrounds who make up our local community in Lisburn. They should not be intimidated by the erection of these flags.”

Catney is an official of the Social Democratic and Labour Party, a Left-wing, anti-British party that lost all its three seats in the UK Parliament in the 2017 election.

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