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Symbol Of The Sixties: Charles Manson Finally Dies At Age 83

If you’re ever looking for something to study that isn’t directly related to politics, I encourage you to study the saga of Charles Manson and his little reign of terror back in the closing months of the 1960’s – it’s really quite fascinating (in a dark way) to learn the details.

Because Manson was by no means a random butcher with the mental faculties of a feral ghetto Negro – his actual IQ was only in the average-high average range, but his musical talents, and especially his cleverness and ability to manipulate (almost superhuman) are definitely worth mentioning.

New York Post:

Charles Manson, the ’60s cult leader behind one of the most notorious killings in American history, died Sunday in California after a prolonged illness, officials said. He was 83.

Manson – housed at Corcoran State Prison since 1989 – died at 8:13 p.m. local time at Kern County Hospital, the California Department of Corrections said in a press release early Monday.

He’d been in failing health for months and was first hospitalized back in January, reportedly with serious gastrointestinal problems.

Manson — who infamously wore a swastika tattoo between his eyebrows — had spent more than 45 years in prison after being convicted of directing his “Manson Family” clan of troubled, mostly female, followers to kill seven people in California in the summer of 1969. The dead included actress Sharon Tate, the pregnant wife of director Roman Polanski, who was stabbed 16 times.

“I am crime,” Manson proudly proclaimed during a collect call to The Post from prison in the mid-2000s.

In truth, the Post is simplifying Manson’s statements to the point of irrelevance – he had given dozens of interviews through the years that painted the painted the picture of someone obviously mentally-ill and drug-addled to some degree, but also of someone who really stood as an archetype of a society collapsing under degeneracy.

Born on Nov. 12, 1934, in Cincinnati, Ohio, to a prostitute named Kathleen Maddox, Manson was officially dubbed “no name Maddox” at birth and apparently never knew his biological father.

From a very young age, Manson was a self-styled “outlaw” who took pride in being a criminal and reveled in all the mayhem he caused.

In more normal times, he wouldn’t have amounted to much more than a bank-robber, and would have probably wound up either doing life in prison, or would have eaten a few bullets courtesy of a local police officer.

Manson committed his first crimes at around 13 years old, robbing liquor stores to scrounge together enough money to eat and rent motel rooms.

During his teenage years, Manson was in-and-out of juvenile halls and was placed in the Indiana Boys School, where he was sexually assaulted before he escaped in 1951, according to a book, “Manson In His Words,” by Nuel Emmons.

If this is true, makes you really question the whole Homosexual Question, and how their preferred lifestyle (straight-up pederasty) destroys boys for the rest of their lives.

Between 1951 and 1955, Manson was repeatedly arrested for a variety of federal and state offenses, including stealing cars and robbing gas stations.

He was sent to reformatories, but none of them could wean him off his appetite for trouble.

By 1957, Manson was doing hard time in the federal prison at Terminal Island in Los Angeles for violating his probation after he was caught stealing a car and driving it over state lines.

He was eventually paroled, but started a career as a pimp and tried to cash forged US Treasury checks.

Manson found himself back at Terminal Island, where, on March 21, 1967 – the day of his release – he pleaded with prison officials to keep him there because he had been institutionalized for most of his life up to that point.

The wild-eyed, gnome-like figure ended up staying in Los Angeles, where he wrote and played music with a guitar – and began a hippie cult that drew tough men and disaffected suburban young women.

His main method of control was to have his followers drop more acid than he ever did, but there were also far more subtle methods at work.

At the end of the day, Manson was just an expert controller that used his talents for weirdness and darkness rather than for good.

But Manson’s inability to build a musical career led him to an even darker path.

Manson hung out with Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson and the band’s record producer, Terry Melcher, but the latter refused to give him a record deal.

Furious, Manson put together a plan to exact his revenge, ordering several of his drug-addled, brainwashed followers to kill everyone inside Melcher’s former residence.

Despite knowing that Melcher no longer lived there, Manson specifically chose that location because it represented the music industry that had snubbed him.

Just as importantly, Manson, who harbored bizarre racist theories and philosophies, wanted to start a race war – something he called “Helter Skelter,” named after the Beatles song by the same name.

Yes, that is true.

In a nutshell, he wanted the world to think Blacks killed Tate and the others, and thought enough of a backlash would be enough to start some demented sort of Hippie RAHOWA.

His vision saw Blacks triumphing due to the weak, divided, and cucked status of Whites at the time, and then envisioned his Family rising from a desert hideout to rule the victorious subhumans.

In the decades since the Manson Family murders, you’ve had psychologists, forensic investigators, authors, and even philosophers try to explain the reasons, the triggers, and the root causes of the slaughter.

And yet everyone is still left wondering, “What (or who) could have produced such a perfect storm?”

My answer would be to look at the time period for clues – a series of years that had witnessed the annihilation of traditional American culture in favor of social experiments thought up in the minds of Jews after their expulsion from the Third Reich (for the record, the entire Frankfurt School essentially transplanted themselves to the United States in the 30’s).

Separation of the races had been overturned, the borders had been ripped open, Feminism ran rampant, the nuclear family was being broken apart, drug use was encouraged by cultural icons as a means to “open the mind,” and Christian mores had been eroded and driven from the public square – all at the behest of the standard (((Rootless Cosmopolitan))).

Manson and his followers just came along as an end result of the chaos that had been unleashed – one of the first links of a human chain that recently earned a new link in Sutherland Springs shooter Devin Kelley.

It’s actually quite easy to understand – you tear down the pillars of a structure, and then it’s not long before the whole building comes crashing down.

Jews, it’s time to own Charlie.

If it wasn’t for your presence in the land of the White Man, I’d be willing to bet that Sharon Tate and her unborn child (the ironic thing is that it would have been one of yours) would still be alive today.

Apple Fires Black Diversity Chief For Claiming That White Men Have A Right To Exist In The Workplace

When they told you that policies like Affirmative Action were only geared towards the halting of segregation and random hatred, they were lying.

When they told you that new Human Resources rules on discrimination were only to avoid lynchings on company property, they were lying.

And when they told you that the new “Diversity Departments” in your workplace were harmless and caring, they were lying.

In truth, everything that you’ve seen pop up in your places of employment was part of a long stepping-stone process (some planned, some more impulsive) to deprive you, a White Man, of the means to properly support your family while rising up the corporate ladder.

And your “Diversity Departments?”

They’re just the modern American form of the old Soviet Commissar system – willing to purge any and all who dare to oppose the program of slow economic White Genocide.


Denise Young Smith, who was named Apple’s vice president of diversity and inclusion in May, is “stepping down” after saying white people can be diverse last month.

During a summit in Colombia, Young Smith, a black woman, claimed she likes to focus “on everyone” and that “diversity goes beyond race, gender, and sexual orientation.”

“There can be 12 white, blue-eyed, blonde men in a room and they’re going to be diverse too because they’re going to bring a different life experience and life perspective to the conversation,” Young Smith declared, sparking controversy. “Diversity is the human experience… I get a little bit frustrated when diversity or the term diversity is tagged to the people of color, or the women, or the LGBT.”

To be honest, I’m surprised Ms. Smith said such a thing.

Perhaps she truly has a soft spot for Whites (many of those in the “Talented Tenth” feel the same way due to common sense and a sort of private embarrassment over being Black), or perhaps she was just spouting the usual gibberish Blacks in power like to say, and accidentally threw out something especially dangerous to (((the powers that be))).

Young Smith later apologized, claiming her comments “were not representative of how I think about diversity or how Apple sees it.”

Basically, she was given the option of retracting her original comments, or face a lifetime of joblessness thanks to intimate communication between companies that are allegedly rivals.

Just like with the news media, the agenda and narrative comes before all else.

“For that, I’m sorry,” she proclaimed following the incident. “More importantly, I want to assure you Apple’s view and our dedication to diversity has not changed.”

This termination (it’s technically a forced resignation) will likely serve as a precedent for future cases involving minorities who don’t adhere to the full Gospel of anti-White philosophy – like I said earlier, these folks do exist.

Because at the end of the day, you’re not witnessing all of this out of a love for Blacks, Hispanics, Ganges Defecation Masters, and various sorts of Moslems – the majority of Leftists and Jews actually hate them, and quietly regard them as nothing more than subhuman chattel.

It’s just that they serve as a perfect bioweapon against our people – the race that has the title of being the most loathed and envied among those who currently wield the power in our crumbling society.

LOL: (((Al Franken))) Busted For Groping And Forcibly Smooching Hapa Model

Another Jew caught treating a woman like a slab of meat?

Whoever would have thought such a thing could be possible?

And yes, just for the record I want to say that I fully believe the half-Asian girl’s story – I’ve known Jews similar to Franken on a personal level, and they all have a weird deviant side to them hiding just beneath the surface.

ABC News:

A female radio host claims Al Franken, now Minnesota’s junior Democratic senator, made a lewd gesture while she was sleeping aboard a military plane on her way home from a USO tour several years ago. She also claimed he forcibly kissed her when they were performing together for troops overseas.


She claims that in 2006 Franken insisted on kissing her as part of a rehearsal for an act. He later groped her while she was asleep on a plane, she also claimed. Franken was elected senator in 2008.

Franken apologized to Tweeden in statement today and “to everyone else who was part of that tour, to everyone who has worked for me, to everyone I represent, and to everyone who counts on me to be an ally and supporter and champion of women.”

“I respect women. I don’t respect men who don’t,” he continued. “And the fact that my own actions have given people a good reason to doubt that makes me feel ashamed.”

Actually, the red pill translation of this is that you’re ashamed because you were caught.

Jews do not have a moral compass in the way we Whites understand, and find it next to impossible to experience true remorse and guilt – a study of their sacred Talmud serves as the best proof for such a statement.


Tweeden said she and Franken traveled to Afghanistan to entertain U.S. troops stationed there.

“On the day of the show Franken and I were alone backstage going over our lines one last time. He said to me, ‘We need to rehearse the kiss.’ I laughed and ignored him. Then he said it again. I said something like, ‘Relax Al, this isn’t ‘SNL’ … we don’t need to rehearse the kiss.’ He continued to insist, and I was beginning to get uncomfortable,” she wrote in her KABC piece.

She said that she acquiesced “so that he would stop badgering me” and that when he kissed her, he “put his hand on the back of my head, mashed his lips against mine and aggressively stuck his tongue in my mouth.”

The alleged groping incident occurred while Tweeden appears to have been asleep on the plane returning to the U.S. She says she was unaware of what allegedly took place until after she arrived home and was looking through a CD of photos that a photographer on the trip gave her.

I couldn’t believe it. He groped me, without my consent, while I was asleep,” Tweeden wrote. “I felt violated all over again. Embarrassed. Belittled. Humiliated.”

It’s really funny in hindsight when I think back to how everyone called us insane and “conspiratorial” when we suggested that sexual misconduct, pedophilia, and just straight-up degeneracy pervaded the highest reaches of government and media – especially among those of Jewish descent.

These people brushed off those who accused prominent Jewish film directors of grooming and raping young boys, claimed Jews like Harvey Weinstein were perverted exceptions to the rule, and brushed off the fact that we’ve even had a Speaker of the House (Dennis Hastert) exposed for serial buggery/pederasty in the not-too-distant past.

Well, now we’ve got one of the more-annoying Rootless Cosmopolitans in Congress caught in the net of sex abuse, and I’m just curious as to how this specific story is going to be spun.

My guess is that we’ll see numerous apologies, and then a rapid burial of the whole incident – Roy Moore is far too important a target at the moment due to the likelihood that he would probably call out others involved in sick activities if he were to sit in the Senate.

Just imagine if Moore were to hear of Al’s fun escapades in the midst of a working lunch – I’m going to assume that this sort of incident was common knowledge among Senators and Congressmen alike.

Do you really think he would have stayed quiet for more than a decade?

U.S. Chamber Of Cuckerce Unveils Pro-Dreamer Billboards, Claims Whites Did Nothing To Build America

Unbridled and unfettered Capitalism as personified in the various Chambers of Commerce embedded throughout America is just as deadly as the most poisonous Leftist ideology pushed within Jewish-dominated universities and think-tanks.

It works differently than Bolshevism, but when all is tallied, we see the same outcome thanks to the cold and soulless greed that lies at the heart of any philosophy that puts money and profit above human dignity and well-being.

Because with organizations like the Chamber, the easiest and quickest increase in Net GDP (not to be confused with Per Capita GDP) is always the chief goal.

And what better way to achieve such growth than through mass immigration and the subsequent rabbit-like birth rate of those new primitives?

You can theoretically keep the house of cards upright long after Per Capita GDP begins to decline due to squalor and Third-World living conditions (just keep numbers increasing at a faster pace), and with these pure materialists, there usually isn’t much thought put into future generations and their inheritance – to hell with them for I will be dead and buried is the general mindset.


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has posted two billboards in front of the White House which declare America was built by foreign ‘Dreamers,’ not by native-born Americans, who apparently have no place in the billboards or in America’s society.

“It is absolutely an insult to Americans, but the Chamber knows that, which is why this isn’t a broad-based campaign” conducted outside Washington D.C., said Mark Krikorian, director at the Center for Immigration Studies. He continued:

“The implicit message is that immigrants are better than Americans, that Americans are the supporting players, and the immigrants are the stars. It really is kind of the idea that immigrants are somehow magical people, not normal humans with all the strengths and weaknesses and foibles of regulaar people, that they are somehow magical…

It’s not really that, to be honest.

All they’re really saying is that White Americans have no real value other than the shekels in their pockets, and the shekels they spend when out shopping.

It’s really a transfer of Jewish Talmudic teachings into the upper middle and wealthy classes – we’re just cattle meant to bring profit to our masters.

Don’t American kids have dreams? [Silicon valley creators] David Packard and Bill Hewlett were not immigrants. Bill Gates wasn’t an immigrant. Tom Watson [founder] of IBM wasn’t an immigrant. Obviously immigration is an important part of America’s story, but it is just one part.”

America is not a “nation of immigrants,” Krikorian said, it is “a nation which includes immigrants.”

The Chamber’s use of ‘dreamers’ to refer to migrants, and the deliberate erasure of 290 million Americans from their own nation and history was posted as business leaders arrived in town November 15 to demand that Congress provide a no-strings amnesty for at least 3 million illegal immigrants, plus million of their foreign relatives, no matter the financial and civic cost to American families and American voters.

The business groups are demanding the extra immigrant workers and employers, even though new data shows that the migrants dubbed ‘dreamers’ by Democrats have college graduation rates that are one-tenth of similar-aged Americans’ college graduation rate.

However, any infusion of new immigrants provides Chamber companies with millions of extra workers to lower wages rates. The immigrants also serve the Chamber as millions of government-dependent customers. For example, Breitbart News estimated that an amnesty for 3 million ‘dreamers’ would require taxpayers to provide $115 billion subsidies via Obamacare to myriad health-care companies.

In practice, the taxpayers’ costs will be far higher because new immigrants can use the nation’s chain-migration law to being in many of their foreign relatives, regardless of their skills, ideology, age or health. For example, the National Academy of Sciences reported in September 2016 that legal and illegal immigrants cost state and local taxpayers $57 billion per year, not counting huge additional federal costs. The same report shows that immigration forces down Americans’ wages down by 5.2 percent, and annually transfers $500 billion in payroll up to employers and investors.

That is all gravy to business groups, which gain from a larger population and national economy, especially if there is no growth in employees’ per-capita salaries.

Just as I said up at the top of this article – they don’t care if you die in the streets so long as there are replacement bodies lined up behind you.

The billboard was endorsed by the group of investors, whose founders include Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

Interesting when you study the entire group of investors, although I wasn’t all that surprised to see Zuck and a Rothschild grinning back at me.

You essentially get a look into the future at the rulers (including some token White males) who will be sitting high and mighty while society collapses all around.

It may be comforting to know that eventually things would stall, growth would halt, and many would be torn to pieces by their consumer hordes once sustainability proved impossible, but in my case I would like to avoid such an outcome.

I haven’t grown that nihilistic quite yet, and I would much rather see my descendants live in a world of their own making rather than in a fetid and spiritually-bankrupt Capitalist cesspit.

Top 1% Possess More Money Than Half The World, Top 10% Own Nearly 90% Of Wealth

At this point, I don’t think there’s anybody out there who would contest the fact that the American Dream is long dead for those who are White Males.

Gone are the days when a man could start up a business, set his own hours, and through hard work, intelligence, and force of willpower break through the barriers of wealth – add a little luck in there for good measure.

No, in the new modern America, unless nepotism, corruption, or disgusting acts of subservience are utilized, class distinctions are pretty much set for life unless downward spirals occur thanks to outsourcing, automation, and mass immigration combined with collapsing wages.

Poverty has become permanent, and suffering from paycheck to paycheck a routine just as normal as eating, drinking, and sleeping.

Not that it impacts those on the top, however.

Crashes, recessions, and insignificant things like governmental regulations mean little to these figures – they just get richer and more greed-consumed.


The bottom half of adults in the world collectively own less than the richest one percent, according to a Credit Suisse report. The gap between the super-rich and the poor has significantly grown since the global crisis.

The wealthiest one percent owned 42.5 percent of global wealth in 2008, the bank reports.

“The downward trend reversed after 2008 and the share of the top one percent has been on an upward path ever since, passing the 2000 level in 2013 and achieving new peaks every year thereafter. According to our latest estimates, the top one percent own 50.1 percent of all household wealth in the world,” the report said.

“Global wealth inequality has certainly been high and rising in the post-crisis period,” according to the bank.

While the bottom half of adults collectively own less than one percent of total wealth, the richest ten percent owns 88 percent of global assets.

Last year saw 2.3 million people becoming new dollar millionaires. The total number of millionaires has increased to 36 million. “The number of millionaires, which fell in 2008, recovered fast after the financial crisis, and is now nearly three times the 2000 figure,” Credit Suisse said.

The poorest 3.5 billion people, who account for 70 percent of the working age population, each earn less than $10,000 and account for just 2.7 percent of global wealth.

What is especially fascinating is the fact that Jews, an ethnic group that accounts for something between 0.2 and 0.4 percent of the total world population, currently hold somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of the total billionaire slots – the percentage rises to at least 20 percent when the top 50 richest people on Earth are tallied and analyzed.

And yet at the same time, we’re supposed to believe that horrible suffering and horrible prejudice haunts these people on a daily basis – name the nation, and you’ll almost certainly find tears and lamentations somewhere.

But to be honest, I digress a bit, for even when one looks at those of Gentile ancestry on the billionaire list, one still oftentimes finds horrible creatures who would destroy the world rather than lose a few million dollars in profit.

These are the figures pushing Globalism (lower taxes and tariffs), open borders (cheaper labor), and ethnic destruction (less chance at serious questioning and resistance), and at the end of the day, you’ll more than likely see them marching lockstep with the most horrid Cultural Marxists and general Leftists – so long as agreements are made to avoid serious attempts at wealth seizure.

It’s really quite important to understand this, and it’s unfortunate that not too many realize that unbridled Capitalism can be just as damaging in the long term as open Bolshevism – the first is actually a prerequisite for the second, as well.

Land Of The Free: Baltimore Police Investigating “Confederate Lives Matter” Facebook Posts

Someday, we’re going to have college classes detailing the methods used by the Jews to destroy our freedom of speech – by God’s grace they won’t succeed.

It’s playing out differently than in Germany (essentially written into their Constitution), and it’s different than in Britain (they used straight up legislation to create “hate speech”), but at the end of the day the final result will turn out to be the same.

In America, expect the use of the term “LEGAL PRECEDENT” to become more and more common, with charges based at first on the idea that to call out Blacks, invaders, the Killers of Christ, and various sexual deviants is tantamount to criminal harassment.

Once the ball gets rolling, you’ll see district attorneys, judges, and lawsuit lawyers jumping on the bandwagon more and more, with citations increasingly made to the original cases as justification for their suppression of rights.

Never mind the fact that many of these suspects will be held on simple one-off internet comments (not how harassment is legally defined), for it remains a basic part of human nature that many will ignore the onslaught out of a sense that as long as it only impacts trolls, nothing is being destroyed.

CBS Baltimore:

A police investigation is now underway into a group of students accused of posting threatening and discriminatory comments aimed at a transgender student.

The principal at Southern High School in Anne Arundel County is urging any parent who feels their child may have been targeted in these posts to contact the school immediately.

The pictures were posted in the group ‘Confederate Lives Matter.’

Police say they know at least one student who’s behind the posts, and are now investigating.

The images have become the talk of Southern High School. Someone wearing what appears to be a KKK-like hood, along with threatening comments all aimed at a transgender student.

The photos that circulated on Snapchat are now at the center of a police investigation.

Authorities say one of the posts read: ‘Being a liberal transgender isn’t the only excuse for being a brain damaged freak.”

Others are too disturbing to share.

Police say they’re looking into possible assault and hate crime charges. None have been filed at this time.

You know what the real crime here was?

It was the fact that these students didn’t take optics into account when they decided to use something like the Confederacy as their platform name.

That sort of thing is not going to appeal to the Alt-Right’s target group – upper middle class college kids that still have the material wealth to live lives straight out of a 90’s teen movie.

What’s even worse is the fact that these Confederate Lives Matter bros probably have the will within them to someday appear in real life to protest the extermination of their people.

How terrifying – will they even wear black like some sort of goon squad?

Don’t they realize that the ONLY way to save the White Race is through anonymous shitposting – all ironic, of course?

Cuck Island: Church Of England To Allow Openly Transsexual Children In Their Schools

Remember when I talked about how aliens would feel if they saw our organized churches as indicative of Christianity as a whole?

Remember how I said that such observations would probably lead to a condemnation of the entire religion despite the open heresy involved in most institutions?

Well, let’s just hope they avoid the Church of England in general, because if they view that sad excuse for the teachings of Christ, expect imminent nuclear bombardment from high Earth orbit – low Earth orbit would be too risky due to diseases like GRIDS and whatnot.

Daily Mail:

Boys as young as five should be able to wear tiaras at school without criticism, teachers in Church of England schools are to be told.

Male pupils should also be free to dress up in a tutu or high heels without attracting any comment or observation, according to anti-bullying rules sent out by the Church yesterday.

The instructions for the CofE’s 4,700 schools said they should not require children to wear uniforms that ‘create difficulty for trans pupils’.

This appears to give official backing to schools that ban skirts to avoid discrimination against transgender children.

Schools are also told they cannot use the Christian faith or Bible teachings to justify behaviour that is considered to amount to bullying – for example, identifying a transgender pupil by a sex other than the one they have chosen. The advice contains instructions on how to report bullying, including sample forms on which teachers are encouraged to name the alleged bully and their target, and use tick boxes to describe what happened.

So, wait a second here – let’s summarize what we just read.

They’re still Christian schools (at least on paper), but they’re not allowed to use the teachings of Jesus Himself in regards to children obviously suffering from serious mental issues likely stemming from their sick society, and from parents/guardians that are either total cuckolds or sexual deviants themselves.

Examples include name-calling, social media trolling, or insulting gestures.

The rules to ‘challenge homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying’ follow initial guidelines published by the Church three years ago which said being gay can be good and pupils should ‘revere and respect all members of the diverse community’.

The new guidance came as a Christian teacher was suspended from a school in Oxfordshire after accidentally calling a transgender pupil ‘girl’ instead of ‘boy’. Joshua Sutcliffe, 27, faces a disciplinary hearing this week in which he could lose his job, after the parents complained.

Give it a few more years, and this poor guy (younger than me) will probably be sitting behind bars thanks to laws that will be copied from Canada’s now-infamous gender pronoun decree.

The rules add: ‘Within school communities there will be members of staff who are co-habiting, in same-sex relationships, bisexual, trans or exploring their gender identity.

‘Same-sex parents and trans parents may be among the parent body and in most secondary schools a minority of pupils will come out as gay or lesbian during their years in the school.

Then either expel them, or suspend them pending conversion therapy with a heavy Christian focus.

That’s what they would have done back in the day.

‘An increasing number of children and young people are being referred to gender identity services … an increasing number of primary and secondary schools are reporting incidences of children wishing to identify as other than the gender of their birth.’

Any school that does not teach the importance of gay or transgender rights will be ‘failing in their duty to prepare their pupils to live in modern Britain’, the Church rules say.

Yes, sell your souls to Satan in order to properly prepare your youngsters for a modern life in a modern and progressive nation – at least before Moslem domination becomes complete.

It really makes me wonder how much influence the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby had in drafting this legislation, for it really seems like something kosher is afoot hereabouts – for those who may not know, Welby is one-quarter Jew.

It may just be a true coincidence, but if so, then we have some serious, serious issues to contend with on the part of our own – appeasement has gotten to the point where hell is now pouring forth into the world of mortal men.

Roy Moore Dindu Nuffin: Cuckservatives Rally Behind Slanderous Media Offensive

In this modern age if you’re even slightly to the right of a Trumpist Deplorable, expect to witness the rebirth of Stalinist tactics that are oftentimes the work of direct (((descendants))) of the NKVD (thanks to Eric Striker for bringing this up).

You’ll experience vicious media attacks, boycotts, financial strangulation, implicit intimidation, and if you stand strong through it all, explicit terrorism that may or may not include assault and/or murder.

But most notably, and before the worst occurs, you’ll have to endure a barrage of insults, slander, and libel thanks to a press corps that has been dominated by the worst enemies of the White Man for generations, and has only grown more virulent in its open hatred of all that is good, wholesome, and righteous.

Moral men like Judge Roy Moore will have to stand up despite hour after hour and day after day of media coverage that in normal times would be subject to crippling litigation and popular mockery.

But in the fallen age we currently live in, even people that are supposed to be allies (at least on paper) will turn just as fast as the most rabid Leftist.

If you live in Alabama, be sure to take the time on December 12th to go out and vote for Judge Roy Moore – at this point he can’t be removed from the ballot even if he were to step away (that’s not going to happen anyway).

I want to see these cuckolds foam at the mouth, and I want them to grind their discolored teeth at the thought of having their agenda stomped into the dust (even if it’s just a minor piece of the agenda).

Cough Up The Shekels, Goyim: More Than $5.6 Trillion Already Spent Fighting “War On Terror”

Even if we had given each Moslem living in the United States several million dollars, a plane ticket, and fully-paid housing in the Middle Eastern country of their choice, we would still have only spent a tiny fraction of what has been dished out to pursue random desert wars during this century.

Hell, even if we did all this, paid guards regular salaries to patrol each international airport and water port, and paid private security to guard any Americans traveling abroad from Moslem reprisals, we would still have a surplus probably in the trillions.

Just think about what we could have done with that money had we not been saddled with rabid war-mongering Jews, weird religious heretics (George W. Bush, I’m talking about you), and a government more intent on hurting White America than actually preventing Islamic enrichment.


The United States is expected to spend nearly $6 trillion through 2018 on government-wide costs related to the wars waged in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria since 2001, reveals a study by Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs.

According to Brown University’s Cost of War project analysis, authored by Neta Crawford, the total estimated cost of U.S. wars between 2001 and 2018 amounts to about $23,386 per individual American taxpayer, which is more than three times the amount ($7,740) calculated by the Pentagon.

When further broken down to only include regularly-working White Men, you’re talking well over $100K per person.

Enough to easily provide a comfortable family life if saving, intelligent investment, and proper frugal spending is taken into account.

The Pentagon’s study, dubbed the “Estimated Cost to Each Taxpayer for the Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria,” places the total authorized war spending on those conflicts between 2001 and 2018 at $1.5 trillion.

Unlike assessments conducted by the Pentagon and other analysts, Crawford’s estimate takes into account trillions in conflict-linked spending appropriated mainly through the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security, State, Defense, and Veteran Affairs.

On top of direct war spending through the Pentagon, the Brown University study includes $880 billion in new base defense costs linked to combat operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, in addition to nearly $780 billion in Department of Homeland Security costs.

Moreover, the study notes that spending on veterans benefits has increased by nearly $300 billion since 2001 due to those wars.

Nevertheless, the Brown study notes that its “estimate is also conservative,” adding:

“This report has not included here state and local government expenses related to medical care of veterans and homeland security. Nor does this report calculate the macro economic costs of war for the US economy. And while this report discusses some of the ways that families bear the burden of caring for seriously veterans [sic], I have not added a value for the costs of their uncompensated care.”


Think about the fact that these wounded will need care for the rest of their lives (at least another 50 years or so on average), and that what they’ve already received is oftentimes substandard thanks to corruption and a lack of funding.

Besides the trillions of dollars spent on the post-9/11 conflicts, the wars have imposed a profound human cost on Americans: nearly 7,000 U.S. military fatalities and more than 52,500 injuries, according to Breitbart News’s analysis of casualties in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria since 2001.

“Each one of the nearly 7,000 US soldiers killed by wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could be assigned a statistical value of human life — a dollar value to their deaths,” points out Crawford. “The Costs of War Project has not estimated the economic impact on the United States economy — the loss of economic productivity — of the deaths and injuries of US service members due to the wars.”

We’ve been fighting this absurd battle against Moslem terrorism since I was in the 6th grade (just a little over 16 years as of today), and yet I’m sitting back and noticing that we live in a world far more broken than it was when I was a kid.

  1. Our Moslem population has more than doubled since 2001 – a fact that should seem rather odd for those who are not fully red-pilled on the White Genocide issue.
  2. Much of Western Europe is nearing the point of no return in terms of immigration from the Middle East and Africa – their Moslem population has exploded, and areas that in 2001 had very few if any Kebab People now deal with hordes raping their women on Halloween and New Year’s Eve.
  3. Iraq has transformed from a peaceful and semi-secular autocratic state into a hotbed of terrorist activity. Even in terms of inter-Moslem conflict, groups that were kept quiet by brute force (the only way to deal with these subhumans) by Saddam Hussein now butcher each other on a regular basis.
  4. Syria has been broken probably beyond repair – Assad’s great victories with valiant Russian aid will probably prove Pyrrhic thanks to ruined infrastructure and a policy of interference by America and Israel.
  5. Afghanistan is essentially the same as it was in 2001, although now the Taliban is considered to be a true liberating army by much of the population – America’s involvement has only led to death, a reigniting of ancient tribal hatreds, and a flourishing opium/heroin industry.
  6. Iran, a nation that could have been used to help curb any Sunni shenanigans, has been made into an implacable enemy thanks to Israeli posturing and virulent hatred.
  7. Christians across the Middle East (many of whom can trace their origins to the time of Jesus himself) have for all intents and purposes been obliterated. Iraq’s population has been annihilated, Syria’s is badly damaged, and smaller groups fear what will happen if (((Neoco))) policies continue unabated.
  8. Our cities now get visited by Home Depot TRUCKS OF PEACE driven by Moslems, and our ordinary lives now include horribly invasive checks at airports by Ethnics, local police armed to the teeth due to anti-terror budgets, and a nagging fear that we may be shot or have our throats slashed by a random Haji seeking his pleasure goats in paradise.
  9. Tens of thousands of men have been killed, maimed, crippled, and mentally-broken for life thanks to this ridiculous failure of a struggle – most still suffer from horrible care and neglect on the part of the VA.

The list can go on and on, but I assume y’all get the picture.

This is why we push isolationism and a withdrawal from foreign nonsense – we care about our people above all, and will do what is necessary to provide for their well-being before worrying about things like warring Afghani tribes and the propping up of a (((parasitic nation))) consistently agitating against its neighbors.

Muh Constitution: German Court Orders Recognition Of “Third Gender” Immediately Following Birth

Nobody can argue that following the tragic Allied victory in the Second World War, Germany was set to be broken for all time.

Liberal Democracy (arguably the worst system of government ever conceived aside from straight-up Bolshevism) was imposed in a way that would eventually lead to every sort of degenerate, non-White, and mentally-defective deviant having the exact same sort of say as the most moral and successful German with impeccable ancestry.

And combined with the machinations of the Jew both internally and externally from bases mainly in America, the fall has continued unabated – new low points of depravity are reached on an almost-daily basis.

Don’t say that it can’t get any worse, because the odds indicate that you’ll be proved wrong faster than you might think.


Germany’s top court has called on the country’s parliament to legally recognize a ‘third gender’ which allows intersex people to identify as neither male nor female. Germany could become the first European country to allow a third gender on birth certificates.

The current law on civil status discriminates against intersex people as it rules out “the registration of a gender other than ‘male’ or ‘female,’” the Federal Constitutional Court said in a ruling on Wednesday. The German parliament should introduce new provisions into current legislation by December 31, 2018, it said.

The court made its ruling in favor of an appeal brought earlier this year by an intersex person whose name hasn’t been revealed in the German media. The person was registered as female but chromosome analysis showed that the plaintiff was neither male nor female. The person brought the appeal to the top court after several lower courts had ruled against the bid for gender change in the birth register.

“Even if this person chose the option ‘no entry’ [for gender], it would not reflect that the complainant does not see themself as a genderless person, but rather perceives themself as having a gender beyond male or female (sic),” according to the ruling. Civil status is not “a marginal issue,” but rather a “position of a person within the legal system, as stated by the law,” the statement said. The German constitution does not require civil status to be “exclusively binary in terms of gender,” it added.

Read that underlined sentence carefully, White Man, and understand that essentially you’re looking at the very first source of the cancer that underlies most Western nations.

Constitutions, while not bad in themselves, hold the key to destruction when combined with Democracy, a lack of true autocratic leadership, and a weird sort of sacredness that oftentimes gets attached to the document itself (America being the most notable example).

The Left uses standard legalistic tactics (Jews are at their best in this endeavor) to slowly erode the nation (see how everything from emancipation, to integration, to Affirmative Action, to Feminism, to gay “marriage,” to even tranny rights to female bathrooms is interpreted in, or added into, our Constitution), while the cucked right refuses to do anything drastic out of an almost religious loyalty to the original scrap of paper.

Normally, one would realize that something is dreadfully wrong, and realize that some Leftists are actually quite correct when they remark that the Constitution is nothing more than an archaic piece of parchment, but notice this never occurs.

The slide continues, and a few years later one sits stupefied while wondering how something written in 1787 (or 1949 in the case of conquered Germany) turned into a protective blanket for homosexuals, men with mutilated genitals, illegal aliens, and pedophiles (that’ll be brought in sometime in the early 2020’s at the latest).

Muh Constitution: German Court Orders Recognition Of “Third Gender” Immediately Following Birth

Nobody can argue that following the tragic Allied victory in the Second World War, Germany was set to be broken for all time.

Liberal Democracy (arguably the worst system of government ever conceived aside from straight-up Bolshevism) was imposed in a way that would eventually lead to every sort of degenerate, non-White, and mentally-defective deviant having the exact same sort of say as the most moral and successful German with impeccable ancestry.

And combined with the machinations of the Jew both internally and externally from bases mainly in America, the fall has continued unabated – new low points of depravity are reached on an almost-daily basis.

Don’t say that it can’t get any worse, because the odds indicate that you’ll be proved wrong faster than you might think.


Germany’s top court has called on the country’s parliament to legally recognize a ‘third gender’ which allows intersex people to identify as neither male nor female. Germany could become the first European country to allow a third gender on birth certificates.

The current law on civil status discriminates against intersex people as it rules out “the registration of a gender other than ‘male’ or ‘female,’” the Federal Constitutional Court said in a ruling on Wednesday. The German parliament should introduce new provisions into current legislation by December 31, 2018, it said.

The court made its ruling in favor of an appeal brought earlier this year by an intersex person whose name hasn’t been revealed in the German media. The person was registered as female but chromosome analysis showed that the plaintiff was neither male nor female. The person brought the appeal to the top court after several lower courts had ruled against the bid for gender change in the birth register.

“Even if this person chose the option ‘no entry’ [for gender], it would not reflect that the complainant does not see themself as a genderless person, but rather perceives themself as having a gender beyond male or female (sic),” according to the ruling. Civil status is not “a marginal issue,” but rather a “position of a person within the legal system, as stated by the law,” the statement said. The German constitution does not require civil status to be “exclusively binary in terms of gender,” it added.

Read that underlined sentence carefully, White Man, and understand that essentially you’re looking at the very first source of the cancer that underlies most Western nations.

Constitutions, while not bad in themselves, hold the key to destruction when combined with Democracy, a lack of true autocratic leadership, and a weird sort of sacredness that oftentimes gets attached to the document itself (America being the most notable example).

The Left uses standard legalistic tactics (Jews are at their best in this endeavor) to slowly erode the nation (see how everything from emancipation, to integration, to Affirmative Action, to Feminism, to gay “marriage,” to even tranny rights to female bathrooms is interpreted in, or added into, our Constitution), while the cucked right refuses to do anything drastic out of an almost religious loyalty to the original scrap of paper.

Normally, one would realize that something is dreadfully wrong, and realize that some Leftists are actually quite correct when they remark that the Constitution is nothing more than an archaic piece of parchment, but notice this never occurs.

The slide continues, and a few years later one sits stupefied while wondering how something written in 1787 (or 1949 in the case of conquered Germany) turned into a protective blanket for homosexuals, men with mutilated genitals, illegal aliens, and pedophiles (that’ll be brought in sometime in the early 2020’s at the latest).

Sutherlands Springs Shooter Was A Baby-Beating Atheist, Tried To Pay Underage Girls To Date Him

We’re learning quite a bit more about Devin Kelley, and while he does not appear to have been a member of any Communist/Antifa organization, his quirks were even more deranged than previously thought.

Daily Mail:

The Texas church shooter who shot dead 26 people and injured 24 others was an ‘outcast’ who ‘preached his atheism’ online.

Former classmates say Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, who stormed First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs in Texas and opened fire on Sunday, was ‘creepy’, ‘crazy’ and ‘weird’.

Patrick Boyce, who attended New Braunfels High School with the killer, told ‘He had a kid or two, fairly normal, but kinda quiet and lately seemed depressed.

He was the first atheist I met. He went Air Force after high school, got discharged but I don’t know why. 

‘I was just shocked [to hear the news]. Still haven’t quite processed how he could have done that.’

Nina Rose Nava, who went to school with the gunman, wrote on Facebook: ‘In (sic) in complete shock! I legit just deleted him off my fb cause I couldn’t stand his post.

‘He was always talking about how people who believe in God we’re stupid and trying to preach his atheism.’ 

Christopher Leo Longoria replied: ‘I removed him off FB for those same reasons! He was being super nagtive (sic) all the timd (sic).’ 

Michael Goff added: ‘He was weird but never that damn weird, always posting his atheist sh** like Nina wrote, but damn he always posted pics of him and his baby – crazy.’

Funny that this neck-bearded slob posted pics of his baby so often – according to the Air Force, his relationship with the child was far from pristine and perfect.


Kelley is a former U.S. Air Force member who served from 2010 to 2014. Records confirm Kelley previously served in logistics readiness at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico until his discharge in 2014, Air Force spokesperson Ann Stefanek said in a statement. Kelley, who received several service awards during his time with the Air Force, was responsible for moving passengers, cargo and personal property in military transportation.

Kelley was court-martialed in 2012 for two counts of assault on his then-wife and assault on their child, Stefanek said. He received a bad conduct discharge, and reduction in rank and confinement for 12 months.

The Air Force tells CBS News Kelley’s case was a general court martial, the most serious level of military trial proceedings. It is reserved for more serious criminal allegations, those substantially similar to felonies in civilian jurisdictions.

A baby-beating scumbag.

This is what the Jewing of our civilization has done – the rise in random nihilism can directly be traced to the levels of (((cultural rot))) within our nation.

What was once unthinkable (the abuse of the innocent and defenseless future generation) has become more and more common despite laws that are often draconian in their intensity (anti-spanking ordinances, for example).

But it gets even crazier…

NY Post:

Texas church shooter Devin Patrick Kelley was so pathetic, he tried to bribe and threatened ex-girlfriends to take him back — and he stooped so low as to date a 13-year-old when he was 18, according to former flings.

“He was very sick in the head,” Katy Landry, a former girlfriend of Devin Patrick Kelley, told NBC News. “Years after dating me he would try to bribe me to hang out with him. He ended up assaulting me.”

Landry said she met Kelley in church as a teenager, but it was not immediately clear when their relationship began or ended.

Another girl, Brittany Adcock, 22, said Kelley dated her for two months around 2009 when he was 18 and she was just 13.

“At the time I didn’t think much into it being so young but now I realize that there’s something off about someone who is 18 with someone who is 13,” she said.

After she dumped him, Kelley pursued her relentlessly, offering her money to take him back and even disgustingly suggesting she live with him and his wife as a topless maid.


This sounds like the philosophy espoused by some of those who were optics-cucking like maddened beasts in the aftermath of our Shelbyville rally – pushing to “muh dik” girls just entering puberty (make sure they are kept in cages, though).

But I digress – it just had to be said at some point in time.

In reality, the fact of the matter is that deranged weirdos (like homosexuals) have always existed within White societies, but thanks to the joys of equality, liberal democracy, and tolerance, the freaks have emerged from under their rocks in numbers not seen in living memory (just like homosexuals, trannies, and other deviants).

Because think about it, back just a few decades ago, obese creeping betas like Devin Kelley would have been incarcerated in mental institutions far from normal folks, but in the modern age, they are given platforms to espouse their nonsense, and room to contemplate more drastic measures against their perceived enemies.

We most certainly have a non-White Problem, and a terrible Jewish Problem, but we also have issues among our own people that have been exacerbated by the erosion of culture. and by the destruction of any unifying forces (Christianity being a great example).

Either these get sorted out at some point in time, or we’ll eventually be forced to deal with Kelley attacks as regularly as we deal with the exploits of the Tyrones, Leroys, and Pacos in our midst.

Sutherland Springs Church Massacre Rocks America, At Least Two Dozen Dead

My heart breaks for these victims – people that I’m sure were just ordinary White men and women (and toddlers) who were just trying to maintain a spiritual link with the strong faith of their ancestors.

And to be honest, we don’t even know what the final death toll will be once all is set and done – at least half the entire congregation is now dead or wounded.

Daily Mail:

At least 27 people have been killed inside a Texas church – including a two-year-old child – after a gunman dressed in full combat gear opened fire during the morning service before cops shot him dead. 

The shooting happened at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, where around 50 people usually attend service, according to local reports.

Wilson County Commissioner Albert Gamez Jr told CNN that at least 27 people have been killed in the shooting, but the death toll is expected to climb.

‘My heart is broken,’ Gamez said. ‘We never think where it can happen, and it does happen. It doesn’t matter where you’re at. In a small community, real quiet and everything, and look at this, what can happen.’

At least 24 others were injured in the horrific shooting. Witnesses said a man ‘in full gear’ walked inside the church and opened fire just before 11.30am.

A woman wrote on Facebook that she saw the man flee the scene in his vehicle before crashing it not far from her daughter’s house. She said he then ran on foot and was pursued by police. 

The shooter was killed after the brief foot chase into Guadalupe County, according Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Robert Murphy.

But it’s still unclear if the gunman shot himself or was taken down by authorities.

The suspect, who has not been identified, is dead and there is no longer an active shooter threat, according to police.

Police could not give an exact number of victims shot in the attack, but witnesses said they heard as many as 20 shots fired.

Dana Fletcher, who owns a store in Sutherland Springs, told CNN: ‘It’s just awful…there were emergency responders everywhere.’

Neighbors in the area said they may have heard the shooter reload multiple times. Another witness at the scene said a two-year-old was also shot in the attack. 

At the moment, we’re still unsure as to who exactly struck the tiny town of Sutherland Springs, Texas via its Baptist Church, but the logical side of my brain can come to 4 main possibilities.

  1. A Moslem – actually unlikely unless they’ve evolved to strike random little White towns.
  2. A Black, Hispanic, or other non-White – I would say a high possibility due to the levels of hatred for our people that is now mainstreamed among the Coloreds. This could potentially go down as what Antioch was intended to be.
  3. A White Leftist with a burning hatred of Christianity – this would show that the divides within our population have reached the point where peaceful solutions have pretty much gone down the drain.
  4. A psychopath that either struck randomly, or acted on a dispute(s) with family, friends, etc… This is probably just as likely as the non-White possibility, to be honest.

And no matter what the identity of the butcher, let’s just admit one real fact:

We’re a dying nation that no longer has any real sacredness within itself any longer.

“American Nationalists” talk about somehow reigniting the racial spirit of the United States’ White population through ties to the past, but yet our nation is so broken and fragmented that even churches are now plump targets for murderers.

Even a short time ago, this sort of act would have never even been contemplated by anyone other than a few rabid Bolshevik Jews, but yet now we see something that I fear will become far more common as the disintegration of American society kicks into turbo drive.

Degeneracy Of The Day: George Soros (((Associate))) Busted For Raping/Torturing Women

It’s actually quite fascinating to witness my own prediction about the Jew sex scandals manifest itself in real-time – they thought they could control the narrative, but are now learning that modern technology and instantaneous transmission of information is not an environment in which this can happen easily.

We’re seeing rat after rat fall (sort of like a series of kosher dominoes), and as time progresses, we’re starting to see the really devious ones come to light – accused of acts that would in healthier times be punished with the noose or the firing squad.

New York Post:

A former portfolio manager for an investment fund founded by financier George Soros sexually abused women at a Manhattan penthouse dungeon, according to a $27 million Brooklyn federal suit.

Howie Rubin, 62, whose high-stakes dealing was featured in the best-selling books “Liar’s Poker” and “The Big Short,” rented the lavish Metropolitan Tower pad in Midtown to indulge in brutal sex with women whom he paid between $2,000 and $5,000 per session, according to the suit filed Thursday.

The three unidentified plaintiffs in the case — including two Playboy Playmates — claim the married father raped and beat them to the point that they needed extensive medical attention, court papers say.

At the $8 million penthouse, they were shown to a side room featuring ropes, chains and sex toys along with other BDSM equipment.

Rubin gagged, tied up and viciously abused the women — even punching one in the head, the suit filed by civil lawyer John Balestriere said.

“I’m going to rape you like I rape my daughter,” Rubin barked during one of the alleged assaults.

Quite common among the Orthodox Jewish communities – incest is apparently such a problem that most authorities long ago abandoned any ideas of eradicating it.

In one session, he beat one of the women’s “breasts so badly that her right implant flipped,” the papers state.

You are seeing the manifestation of a fantasy that plays itself out in the minds of many a Jew whenever they come across White women with even a minor amount of attractiveness.

And while some of this sickness is driven by standard lust contaminated by perversion, the rest is fueled by a desire to humiliate the Goyim in the most personal ways imaginable – a study of the (((porn industry))) is recommended if anybody still has doubts about this statement of fact.

But what I would really like to know is why some of those supposedly on our own side condone these activities – you all know who I’m talking about.

They screech like nasty Yentas about optics, but then turn around and publicly claim that we should beat our wives, break the ribs and faces of our women, and rape anything with female genitalia (including non-Whites) in order to rediscover our warrior spirit.

Rather odd and hypocritical, isn’t it?

Germany: Halloween Festivities Interrupted By Horny Moslem Hordes, Multiple Sex Attacks Reported

I’m noticing that two things need to be discussed here in the aftermath of what could theoretically wind up being Germany’s last Halloween.

First off, while the holiday itself is rather weird and is oftentimes just an excuse for degenerates to act degenerate, it’s still our business – we’ve always been able to handle things, and last I checked have never had to worry about Moslems trying to rape random women (and possibly men) dressed in costumes.

And second, why is this story being suppressed by the international media?

One would think that this would be impossible after what happened in Cologne during that now-infamous New Year’s Eve, but yet we’re seeing censorship that is only being ignored by the likes of RT (a great source despite some Leftist sentiments).

Hold up, I think I many have the answer to my own question.


Disturbances broke out in several German cities, including Hamburg and Berlin, where groups of youths attacked passers-by and police as hundreds of young people celebrated Halloween across the country.

Eggs and fireworks were hurled at law-enforcement officers in Hamburg, where several hundred youths rioted in three districts, Zeit Online reported. Six young people were detained, with two criminal cases initiated.

Police had to reinforce their presence outside Cologne Cathedral over reports of “heavily intoxicated and aggressive groups of men,” in the city center, who were mostly of North African or Arab origin, according to Zeit.

In Berlin, around 100 young people attacked passers-by and policemen. Many law-enforcement officials wore helmets and protective vests. “We had to summon our colleagues for support several times,” a police spokesman said, as cited by Zeit. Two teenagers aged 15 and 16 were briefly detained for causing serious bodily harm.

Although the zombie walk in downtown Essen was largely peaceful, disturbances broke out at the railway station, forcing local authorities to close services for around an hour. Approximately 200 men reportedly gathered in small groups around the railway station.

So were the Moslems trying to rape the zombies?

Don’t they know that the great and holy Pedo-Prophet (PBUH) condemned sex with walking biting corpses as haram?

Then again, perhaps there’s some sort of loophole in the Islamic faith – there is evidence of this in the story of the African Moslem who was caught raping a dead girl in Sweden a few years back.


A Charlottesville Martyr: Political Prisoner Jacob Goodwin Needs Your Help Today

It’s disgusting to think that we still have men trapped behind enemy lines due to their self-defense actions during the Battle of Charlottesville – actions that in any normal society would be dismissed with no criminal charges whatsoever.

Among these brave White men is Jacob Goodwin, a 22-year-old activist who was dragged into the chaos that is the DeAndre Harris hoax.

A hoax that has been exposed in full across social media, and a hoax that has been broken down time and time again by Hunter, myself, and others in literally every single way imaginable.

DeAndre has been charged, but yet Jacob still sits behind bars facing God only knows how many years of lost freedom.

This, Brothers and Sisters, is an outrage that every day shakes me to the core of my being – our comrades should never be allowed to rot while there is even a slight chance at vindication.

Many of us got to meet Jacob’s parents while in Tennessee last weekend, and I promised them that I would do my part to help draw attention to their son’s plight – I’m not ashamed to admit that tears welled up in my eyes when I heard their pleas for aid and their refusal to bow to the Jews and their Leftist allies.

Therefore, as part of that promise, I’ll link to the GoyFundMe Legal Defense Fund Project for our captured warrior.


At the moment, we’re about 10% of the way towards the ultimate financial goal, but I think we can do better – some money was also raised in person during our lunch break at Henry Horton State Park.

If you can, please contribute so that young Jacob can hug his parents, resume his life, and get back to fighting the demonic enemy that seeks to destroy us all.

An Allah Akbar Halloween: Vehicle Of Peace Rips Through NYC Streets, 8 Dead And 15 Injured

We warn you constantly and consistently about what happens when you import savages into your homelands, and yet you don’t listen.

Just like someone morbidly obese who shovels burgers and Hostess cupcakes down their gullet despite knowing the destructive nature of such foods, you push your own annihilation via foreign hordes with no restraint and no desire to be kind and caring.

And it’s not even confined to the Left, for the American Nationalist civic fools are just as guilty of this insanity as those on the other side of the aisle – they just believe they can assimilate the vibrants instead of just letting them run riot.

But how’s that working for you, eh?

NBC New York:

At least six people were killed and 15 were injured when a truck driver deliberately mowed down people in lower Manhattan Tuesday afternoon, officials tell News 4 New York.

More than a dozen people were hit when a Home Depot rental truck zoomed at least 10 blocks down a popular bike bath from West Houston to Chambers streets.

Sources said that the driver hit a truck at Chambers street and got out of the vehicle with a gun. He was then shot by police, according to sources. He’s in custody, police say.

Some sources are saying that the attacker screamed the customary “Allahu Akbar” as he exited the vehicle.

Still, it’s kind of funny that the terrorist only had a BB gun and paintball gun to keep up his assault (this is also being reported by some at the scene).

An official said that the man’s actions were being investigated as an act of terror.
It’s all good though, for in this day and age, we have the ability to use Facebook’s Safety Check feature whenever our ethnics get a little too vibrant for comfort – a fair trade for losing everything, I reckon.

Sources initially said they were responding to a report of at least five people shot near West and Chambers streets in Tribeca, but officials say their investigation now shows the injuries may have come from the truck crash.

Police sources tell News 4 that a box truck driver was traveling the wrong way down a bicycle path, injuring several people. The box truck then collided with a Home Deport rental truck, and the box truck driver got out with what now appears to be a fake firearm.

Just like the other eight dozen or so incidents, we’ll probably get the same moral platitudes about how we need to be “united,” and how we need to refrain from resorting to “hate” when these things occur.

They’ll of course be hashtags and maybe even prayer vigils, although due to the heavy concentration of Jews in NYC, expect everything to be nondenominational in order to keep things kosher.

Aside from that, it’ll just be a wait until the next attack – we should have a pool going on these sorts of things.

Take Note Trump Cucks: This Is How You MAGA Like A Boss

So we’re getting close to a year in with the Trump Presidency, and I’m seeing the following:

  1. Refugees are still being resettled in America – the cuts only brought the numbers down to George W. Bush levels.
  2. No border wall – don’t come whining to me about designs, either, because we’ve had prototypes mothballed for half a generation at this point.
  3. Troops deployed all across the globe – none have been brought home, and we’re now apparently fighting desert Negroes in Niger.
  4. Standard GOP nonsense that still hasn’t gone anywhere forward – these cucks can’t even get their tax reform garbage passed.
  5. Illegal immigration numbers are starting to increase once again – the initial fear and uncertainty about Trump has dissipated after a brief “wait and see” period.

But never fear, for our great effort to Take Back America has at last brought some sort of benefit to the White Man – everything else can wait until this stunning development has finished panning out.


President Donald Trump has nominated the founder of a group that defends Jewish students against anti-Semitism to the post of assistant secretary for the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) in the U.S. Education Department.

As president and general counsel of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, Kenneth L. Marcus opened investigations under Title VI of the civil rights act concerning harassment of Jewish students on college campuses.

The White House said in its announcement of Marcus’s appointment:

“Mr. Marcus is currently President and General Counsel of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law. He previously served as Staff Director of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and was delegated the authority of Assistant Secretary of Education for Civil Rights under President George W. Bush. He also previously served as the Lillie and Nathan Ackerman Chair in Equality and Justice in America at the City University of New York’s Baruch College School of Public Affairs. Mr. Marcus is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley School of Law and Williams College.”

The Brandeis Center – which is unaffiliated with Brandeis University in the Boston area – says its mission is “to advance the civil and human rights of the Jewish people and promote justice for all.” In addition, it “conducts research, education, and advocacy to combat the resurgence of anti-Semitism on college and university campuses.”

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) reports Marcus wrote in 2010, “On college campuses — and especially in protests brought by the anti-Israel boycotts, divestment and sanctions movement — it is now widely understood that attacking ‘Jews’ by name is impolitic, but one can smear ‘Zionists’ with impunity.”

JTA also notes the nominee criticized the education department’s OCR for what he believed was a failure to confront “anti-Semitic incidents that masquerade as anti-Israelism.”

So, essentially we’re now seeing Jews experiencing far more protection and good-will than they did during the Obama years – this also rings true with Israeli diplomatic relations.

Does this not make you question just what exactly is the point of attempting the Take Back America program roughly once every five to seven years?

You’re not going to infiltrate the GOP to any great extent, you’re not going to just post a few memes and magically watch the killers of Christ remove themselves from our continent, and you’re not going to anonymously optics cuck on Twitter and cause the proscription of the worst culprits who are guilty of high treason.

Get this through your heads – I know the Trump collapse (note that I don’t have regrets over supporting him during the Election) slammed my skull open in regards to the above points.

Perhaps It’s Time To Discuss The Aftermath Of Shelbyville And Ultimate Optics Cucking

For those of you who are not aware, I’ve been rather busy this weekend attending the Nationalist Front (and TRS) rally in Shelbyville, Tennessee – I never seem to find time to write when I’m on the road for various reasons.

And all in all, I feel as if the main point of the rally was made perfectly clear – we brought attention to the Antioch shooting, showed that Charlottesville did not impact our ability to stage demonstrations, and forced mainstream institutions (including many Christian churches) to declare their explicit anti-White beliefs.

But most important of all, we proved conclusively beyond a shadow of a doubt that our side is one of peace, order, and restraint (Charlottesville and other authorities were directly responsible for the violence on that August day).

The police (despite pulling a weird double checkpoint stunt) had no issues with us, and by doing their jobs allowed everything to proceed smoothly despite having hordes of rabid Communist scum just a few feet away.

Jews were there too, of course, sporting their same old broke-down memes.

They haven’t even improved with time – sad!


And now onto the issues I’ve seen festering like open sores since before the rally itself.

There are legitimate criticisms of how everything was run and carried out – I’ve voiced my own humble opinions in discussions with those in the League, and in discussions with other Alt-Right personalities/individuals that attended the event.

Moving forward, we’ll continue to analyze, criticize, and plan better for future rallies, and will make sure that each and every subsequent public display will take into account what we can do more successfully in terms of aesthetics, appearance, discipline, and timing – true perfection is never possible, but improvement should always be pursued.

That being said, what I’ve observed on social media and on other Nationalist-style sites has gotten me irritated to no end – some still seem to have an issue with understanding that every word we type and every comment we make will be digested and viewed by the masses in one form or another.

  1. We’ve got Trump bull-prepping Twitter personalities that were pure GOP Conservatives six months ago blasting us worse than Antifa.
  2. We’ve got literal Autists thinking we can infiltrate and conquer the Jewed-out Republican Party while hiding an agenda that seeks the mass-scale deportation of Jews and Leftists, and establishment of an ethnostate (George Lincoln Rockwell ran into many of these people before he became a huge celebrity).
  3. We’ve got those supposedly on the same side optics cucking harder than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime – many of them are just too young to realize that this same narrative has played out since the late 1950’s.
  4. And we’ve got people (I find them the most repulsive of all) ripping everyone involved in the most sneaky and snarky manner imaginable while claiming that their opponents are the ones being disingenuous (I’ve seen the phrase “critical theory” bantered about more than once).

These are also the ones who claim they don’t want real-world power, but then proceed into long-winded diatribes about how they need to be the ones organizing and dominating the Nationalist Movement in general.

Like I said earlier, constructive criticism is something that needs to be a regular feature in the Movement (it lets us improve consistently), but common sense dictates that this should be done in a private context.

If you’re somebody of importance (anonymous Twitter spergs wouldn’t be missed if they dropped from an aneurysm) that sees something wrong, or have objections, to how an event is set up or was conducted, PRIVATELY contact those involved – prominent figures are at most only two degrees of separation from each other.

Don’t air your dirty laundry where every Christ-Killer and their Yenta mother can mock, publish, and glory in what can only be interpreted as division and disunity – it’ll sicken the recruitment pool far more than a few guys with “bad optics” ever will.

We need to be a Movement that presents itself as strong, confident, and, I guess this is the best term, sexy (the first two adjectives are necessary components of the third), and acting like a group of nasty middle-aged shrews is definitely not the formula to being a sexy alternative for those in the normal world.

For example, do you ever really see the Left (composed of different groups that would in a state of nature slaughter each other like animals) attack each other in the open for the world to see?

It’s really quite rare in the grand scheme of things, and when it happened in the run-up to the anti-Trump Pussy Hat March was so out of the ordinary that many will probably remember it for years to come.

Just like we study and implement the tactics of counter-culture figures like (((Saul Alinsky))) so should we take note of how our enemies deal with differences and dissent.

It may just be one of the things that separates our people from victory or ruin.

Southern Baptists Cuck Hard For Moslem Terrorists, Denounce Us In All Forms

I wonder if Russell Moore ever allows a pure Q&A session at any of his public appearances, or does he just act like his spiritual brethren in Antifa with their violent suppression of any free thought?

Because if he would ever promise to truthfully answer questions, I would like to ask him where exactly in the Bible does it condone the extermination of the White Race?

Does it say specifically that we are doomed to die, and does it explicitly encourage the importation of non-Christian terrorists into communities of God-fearing men and women?

I think not.


This weekend, white nationalists will descend on Tennessee, in both Shelbyville and Murfreesboro, for a “White Lives Matter” rally. As Christian leaders in Tennessee, we declare ourselves in resolute opposition to this expression of racism and white supremacy. We denounce and repudiate white supremacy as a work of the devil, designed to dehumanize and divide.

I guess Moore and his buddies have the secret Bible book of Kangz in their possession, and are citing verses like, “Niggas gotta git dem White wimminz, for dat is da kee to da flyin’ pyramid in da sky.”

Ideologies that declare the white race as superior are an assault against the Word of God, which declares that every human being is created in the image of God and worthy of dignity and respect (Genesis 1:26-27; 1 Peter 2:17; James 3:9). These ideologies stand in opposition to the gospel of Jesus Christ, which reconciles, in Christ’s body, people from every tribe, tongue, and nation (Ephesians 2:15; Galatians 3:28; Revelation 7:9).

Racism and white supremacy are, sadly, not extinct but present all over the world in various white supremacist movements, sometimes known as “white nationalism” or “alt-right.” History shows that indifference, by the church, allows such evil to flourish. We must not only declare racism to be wrong, we must oppose specific acts and movements that would degrade and dehumanize our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We call every follower of Jesus in the state of Tennessee to speak out against white supremacy, in all of its forms, and to pray and work for racial unity in our communities. We also pray for those who advocate racist ideologies and those who are thereby deceived, that they may see their error through the light of the Gospel, repent of these hatreds, and come to know the peace and love of Christ through redeemed fellowship in the Kingdom of God.

If an alien species decided to observe our religion from analysis of just the organized churches of the West, it would be perfectly understandable that they would come to the conclusion that Christianity is an enemy of the White Race.

But this is in essence false – the teachings of Christ do not hinge on the whims of Boomer cuckolds or preachers who were taught their Scripture with a Happy Merchant rubbing his gold dust-stained hands somewhere in the immediate background.

The Word of God is eternal and unchanging, and yet over the last couple generations we’ve seen interpretations fly all across the political spectrum – going so far as to condone virtual worship of those who seek to slaughter us all by both subversion and the sword.

No, even though the churches in our communities have fallen into levels of heresy and idiocy that would have sent our ancestors into an enraged frenzy, the Christians in our Movement need to remember that all is not lost when faith is concerned.

For the day will soon arrive when we will not only have to rebuild our politics, but will have to rediscover our spirituality as well.

And let us look on the bright side of all this – we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt how badly sacred teachings can be warped by corrupted and evil men.

Cuck Island Speaks: Bank Of England Has Too Many (((White))) Men, Needs More Diversity

While watching the West destroy itself, I especially enjoy the times when the Colorfuls and assorted Leftist dolts accidentally forget about the Jews in their quest to crush the White Race, and subsequently lump them in with all of us.

Usually these situations are quickly and quietly rectified (as we’ve seen with the bans on BDS organizations here in America), but there are times when even the wrath of the Chosen fails to halt the demand for true Third-World enrichment.

But even with these anomalies, I never expected the banking industry to come under concentrated attack – a pillar of the International Jew’s existence.


The Bank of England has way too many white men at the top, a U.K. parliamentary committee has warned.

The House of Commons Treasury Committee, through which the Bank of England maintains its accountability to Parliament, on Thursday wrote to Chancellor Philip Hammond to express concerns about “diversity at the most senior levels” at the central bank.

The letter followed the appointment of Silvana Tenreyro as the Bank’s deputy governor and as an external member of its monetary policy committee.

Tenreyro is the only woman to serve in that committee, which has nine members. The Bank’s financial policy committee is entirely composed of men. Women account for only three of the central bank’s 16 executive directors, one of its six governors, and one of its 12 prudential regulation committee members. Almost every one of these directors, governors, and committee members is white.


Now, it’s sometimes difficult to identify British Jews by their last names since many changed them centuries ago, but thanks to the grace of God (whose Son they murdered), we can oftentimes use physical features to identify members of the Tribe.

And based off of just this crude analysis, we can safely assume that between 20 and 25 percent of both the Bank’s Financial Policy Committee and Executive Directors are Jew (Mischling status at the very least).

There are also a couple of rather swarthy fellows on the boards that are apparently classified as White by the Brits.

“In future, the Committee expects to be provided, prior to its appointment hearings, with diversity data on the candidates applying to the associated position,” the letter read. One member of the committee told the Financial Times that, “if we do not see an improvement, this is a message that we will block a future appointment.”

This is essentially going to be Affirmative Action on steroids, with many talented and deserving individuals rejected in favor of random Vibrants with a second grade literacy level.

I just hope that they continue to push themselves to the extreme, and wind up sinking their own financial enterprise(s) in the process – sort of like how tapeworms tend to perish once their host kicks the bucket.

LOL: Hillary Clinton And DNC Exposed As Main Financiers Of #Pissgate Dossier

American politics has become such a clown-show that we’re now reduced to devoting thousands of hours of manpower and millions of dollars into researching a document claiming that the President had Russian hookers pee on him inside a Moscow hotel room.

And, yes, that is a correct sentence down to the last damned letter and punctuation point.

Seattle Times:

The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) helped fund research that resulted in a now-famous dossier containing allegations about Donald Trump’s connections to Russia and possible coordination between his campaign and the Kremlin, people familiar with the matter said.

Marc Elias, a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC, retained Fusion GPS, a Washington, D.C., firm, to conduct the research. Fusion GPS hired dossier author Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer with ties to the FBI and the U.S. intelligence community.

Elias and his law firm, Seattle-based Perkins Coie, retained the firm in April 2016 on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Before that agreement, Fusion GPS’ research into Trump was funded by a still unknown Republican client during the GOP primary.

It was Ted Cruz – there’s really no other alternative suspect here.

Little Marco is a character too fascinated with foam parties with men to concern himself with thoughts of women, John Kasich was too busy grubbing for food handouts during the Primaries, Ben Carson could never find time between naps, and nobody else really had a chance to even rise if Trump fell.

I suppose Jeb Bush could have been involved, but I just find it hard to believe that he had the energy to keep such a project going after being REKT in the first few contests.


The Clinton campaign and the DNC, through the law firm, continued to fund Fusion GPS’ research through the end of October 2016, days before Election Day.

Fusion GPS gave Steele’s reports and other research documents to Elias, the people familiar with the matter said. It is unclear how or how much of that information was shared with the campaign and DNC, and who in those organizations was aware of the roles of Fusion GPS and Steele.

The dossier has become a lightning rod amid the investigations into the Trump campaign’s possible connections to Russia.

Considering that sanctions were never removed or even lessened, does there even need to be any further investigation?

Fusion GPS’ work researching Trump began during the Republican presidential primaries when the GOP donor paid for the firm to investigate.

When the Republican donor stopped paying for the research, Elias, acting on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the DNC, agreed to pay for the work to continue.

The Clinton campaign paid Perkins Coie $5.6 million in legal fees from June 2015 to December 2016, according to campaign-finance records, and the DNC paid the firm $3.6 million in “legal and compliance consulting’’ since Nov. 2015 — though it’s impossible to tell how much of that work was for other legal matters and how much of it related to Fusion GPS.

After the election, the FBI agreed to pay Steele to continue gathering intelligence, but the bureau pulled out of the arrangement after Steele was publicly identified.

So now we know that both Hillary Clinton, a huge percentage of the Democratic leadership, and James Comey authorized and funded this insane piece of libel, and yet all I’m seeing is the usual DC whining and condemnations that have fewer teeth than my seven-month-old son.

My guess, and I suppose it could always be wrong, is that nothing will happen to anyone involved.

Threats will be made, tweets will go viral, but the Congressional cucks will stand by and do nothing.

Even President Trump will likely stand aside.

But expect a condemnation of our White Lives Matter rally if it generates huge coverage nationwide.

Charlottesville To Push Lawsuit Demanding Massive Alt-Right Criminal Indictments

Think about this now – you’ve now got the local Charlottesville Soviet seeking to have us all indicted and/or sued for exercising a First Amendment right that was upheld by a federal court order.

Isn’t modern America interesting?

CBS 19:

Charlottesville City counselor Bob Fenwick and four others have planned to bring forth legal action. The lawsuit will be filed against the people responsible for white nationalist demonstrations. Fenwick refered to them as “invaders” and thinks a special grand jury can force some action.

“I think that the city generally is kind of anxious because they don’t think too much is being done to bring these people to justice,” explained Fenwick.

Fenwick said he is doing it as a private citizen, not as an elected official. He is doing all this with the backing of a handful of people that are remaining anonymous right now.

“We hereby file a complaint about a public nuisance resulting in damage to the people of Charlottesville from the operations and tactics organized and conducted Jason Kessler; Richard Spencer, David Duke and their organization and connects,” said Fenwick.

The suit refers to Virginia code § 48-1 that said five or more citizens can request a special grand jury to investigate a complaint made to the circuit court about a public or common nuisance.

Okay, so this would probably never hold on appeal, but that’s not the point of this, I’m guessing.

After looking at this “lawsuit” closely, it seems as if Charlottesville is attempting to break us through frivolous legal action that would force us to shell out ridiculous amounts of money just to defend ourselves from oblivion.

It’s a tried and true tactic among the Left, and has been used in the past to great effect by terrorist groups like the SPLC and ADL when they’ve found themselves faced with an adversary growing too fast and too successfully for comfort.

Look for these Communist weasels to also cite the actions of single individuals (whether they did anything or not is irrelevant) as justification for attacking an entire group/organization – this tactic was pioneered by the Jews long ago with their idea that the entire White Race is collectively responsible for gassing six million with crude bug spray in rickety wooden shower rooms.

CBS19’s Legal Analyst, Scott Goodman, said this is an avenue which has never been used before in the City of Charlottesville and a special grand jury could bring charges against those who previously have not been arrested.

“This grand jury process will allow perhaps additional indictments,” explained Goodman. “That will be criminal charges against people and have to answer in court.”

Imagine this:

You show up to exercise freedom of speech over the fact that your people are being annihilated, and you later find yourself arrested thanks to a sneaky lawsuit worded to label us all as domestic terrorists.

Along with arrests, Fenwick and supporters hope the special grand jury will lead to millions of dollars of restitution to be paid for things like police overtime and physical damage to the city. Good said this is possible.

I’ve said this in the past, and I guess I’ll have to say it again:

At the end of the day, Leftists and Jews don’t care about the Constitution, about legalisms, or about proper procedure and civil rights if any of these get in the way of their agenda.

Sure, they talk a good game when there’s something to be gained (homosexual “marriage” and men seeking to masturbate in women’s bathrooms are two great examples), but when our rights are in question, expect the enemy to simply act as they see fit.

Many over the years (Cuckservatives are famous for this) have talked about how someday the Left will decide to revoke the First and Second Amendments, but they never did seem to be able to think outside the box and envision a situation in which the trappings of certain rights would remain, but would in reality be circumvented by technicalities and case law as bizarre and twisted as verses from the Talmud.

This is where we are headed today, and this is what we need to understand about the forces we fight.

They have no morality, they have no conscience, and they have no concept of fair play as the White Man understands.

Taste The Vibrancy: Paki Tech CEO Arrested For Raping 3-Year-Old Son

Sometimes, and I’m sure the Jews could explain this to us best, you just have to take the good with the bad when it comes to Multiculturalism.

I mean, it should be beyond obvious that not every single Paki will be a morally-upright genius, and not every African will be set and prepped to invent an intergalactic Stargate.

Some foreigners will be flawed, and some will stray into weird activities like raping their toddler children.

But just remember that we’re going to have to put up with this all if we can ever hope to survive.

Trust me on this one, for I heard it from a Jewish professor and former President George W. Bush.

Tech Crunch:

Zain Jaffer, who has been CEO of fast-growing mobile ad startup, Vungle, is out of the company after being arrested on a slew of charges, including a lewd act upon a child and assault with a deadly weapon. The alleged victim was his three-year-old son, according to San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

Wagstaffe told us that Jaffer was initially charged with attempted murder, but that charge has been dropped because “evidence did not show an intent to kill.” However, the below charges remain and Jaffer is being held on $300,000 bail.

I could respond to this with a lewd joke about Sub-Continentals, but this story is just too sick to do such a thing.

I’ve obviously come across some rather revolting things over the years of writing, but this may just be in the top ten (maybe five) – made all the more worse when you think about this filthy animal having a lower bail than most of our guys still in jail following Charlottesville (the Gainsville Three too).

The list of felony charges includes assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse, lewd act upon a child and oral copulation of a person under 10. We’re told that his one-year-old daughter is also an alleged victim of the child abuse charge.

There’s also a misdemeanor charge of battery upon an officer and emergency personnel.

According to the San Mateo County inmate locator, Jaffer’s next court date is November 1. It says Jaffer is 29-years-old.

Here’s the thing if you just decided to skim the article.

We’re not just dealing with a garden-variety subhuman fresh from the feces-coated streets of Karachi – we’re dealing with someone who would easily fall into the top 1% of their ethnicity.

In fact, if marketing succeeded, we would be arguably looking at someone who could have easily become a Silicon Valley multi-billionaire in just a few short years.

Does this not make you question the idiocy of immigration just one tiny bit?

Does this not make you wonder just what is exactly up with the whole genetics of race thing?

Come on now – be honest.

My Personal Thoughts On The Gainesville Three Incident

This is an unfortunate series of events, and in my heart I feel sorry for these three guys to an extent.

But at the end of the day, mistakes were made (despite circumstances that were to some degree out of everyone’s control), and in this fight we have to be careful not to make too many of these errors.

We’re struggling to save our people, and we’re only going to have this one chance at victory.

Pay attention to what I say in this piece, for it may one day save you your freedom, your family, and your life.

Gainesville Sun:

Three supporters of white nationalist Richard Spencer were arrested Thursday in connection with an incident in which a shot was fired.

William Henry Fears, 30; Colton Gene Fears, 28; and Tyler Eugene Tenbrink, 28; were charged with attempted homicide and held in the Alachua County jail. Tenbrink was also charged with being a felon in possession of a weapon.

I think the attempted homicide charge may be able to be dropped if a decent lawyer(s) gets the case, but WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD was Tenbrink holding a gun while being a felon?

Now, I don’t know the details of his past, and maybe the day will one day come when some of us in power will be able to help expunge criminal records in certain situations, but right now facts are facts, and carrying a weapon after being convicted of a felony is a serious thing.

Especially at a rally/speech involving men that the (((powers that be))) hate with a visceral passion.

They want to stall our growth by any means necessary, and they’ll tear apart those of us they can in order to sow fear among those still on the fence.

At 5:20 p.m. Thursday, a silver Jeep with William Fears and Colton Fears, who are brothers, and Tenbrink pulled up to a bus stop at 3315 SW Archer Road, where a small group of people were sitting. The men began cheering Adolf Hitler and chanting.

This probably didn’t happen the way it’s being described, and I’m just going to assume based off of past experience and trends that the Communists started hassling and threatening the jeep’s occupants for no reason whatsoever.

One person hit the vehicle’s rear window with a baton, and the car sped away before abruptly stopping.

Tenbrink got out of the car with a handgun. William Fears and Colton Fears yelled, “I’m going to f—ing kill you,” and “Shoot them.”

Tenbrink fired one shot toward the crowd. The shot missed and struck the building that was behind the people.

The Fears brothers and Tenbrink fled eastbound in the vehicle. One of the victims noted the vehicle’s tag number, and Alachua County Sheriff’s Office deputies found the men driving north on Interstate 75 around 9 p.m. Law enforcement officers stopped the Jeep near the 405 mile marker. Tenbrink told law enforcement he fired the shot.

From what I’ve heard, the Leftists didn’t file any complaints until several hours after the incident (probably needed time to get their victim stories straight), but even if one were to ignore this, I’m still noticing several glaring issues with this narrative.

First off, why was this not at first treated as an act of self-defense?

The men were outnumbered at the scene of the crime, and were subject to violent action before anything else occurred – their vehicle was attacked by a maniac wielding a baton.

Secondly, are we talking about a shot that grazed one of the Bolsheviks, or are we talking about a warning shot that struck a building 30 feet above everyone’s heads?

Maybe the local laws don’t discriminate when it comes to firearms discharged in public, but when attempted homicide is being thrown around as a charge one should probably conduct some further forensic investigation.

And third, why did these men talk to the police without first asking for legal representation?

This is basic common-sense (especially if you’re involved with the Alt-Right), and oftentimes determines whether you have a decent shot at walking free, or if you’re doomed to spend months or years in prison.

Gainesville Police Department spokesman Ben Tobias said two handguns were found in the vehicle.

Tenbrink’s bond was set at $3 million. William Fears and Colton Fears each are held on $1 million bond.

Look, we’re just going to have to reconcile ourselves to the fact that whenever we gather in a public arena for any purpose as part of the Movement, there will be law enforcement rules that go above and beyond what would normally occur.

There may be exceptions to the rule, but the odds are VERY likely that our activists will face a scrutiny higher than anything they’ve ever seen in their lives.

Most of the time this isn’t such a big deal because we are by nature peaceful, orderly, and not looking to seek out chaos like the Left.

But when you get either individuals or small groups isolated by Antifa, random Negroes, or other gutter trash, all of this comes into play.

Like us, they know the deal about the cops and courts, and they’ll do anything in their power to antagonize us into reacting with force against them – I’ve heard from little birdies that some universities actually have student seminars on how to provoke our guys into action.

They learn how to get us to react, how to skew their stories, and how to get us crucified on charges way out of proportion to the actual offense(s) committed.

Like, punch a Commie in the nose, and you’ll probably get hit with a mayhem or disfigurement charge.

Pepper-spray one, and you’ll probably find yourself sitting in jail without bail like martyr Christopher Cantwell.

Or fire a warning shot or pull a knife on one, and you’ll probably get hit with an attempted murder/homicide charge.

It’s sick, but we need to follow proper protocol and adapt to terrible conditions if we have a chance at success.

Just like the great White generals and commanders back in the day, we need to overcome obstacles in a way that gives us the best advantage going forward.

Neocon Warmonger George W. Bush Dragged Out Of Retirement To Condemn Donald Trump, Richard Spencer

There are very few who are as high on my hatred list as George W. Bush.

From his goofy stare, to his fake Christianity, to his sneaky methods of sending thousands to die, to his inability to string together two coherent sentences, I hate it all.

In fact, the loathing for “W” and his cuckolded ilk among Nationalists is one of the primary reasons for the rise and original growth of the Alt-Right.

Therefore, to see this senile waste of oxygen propped up to condemn all forms of ethnic pride on the day of Richard Spencer’s Florida speech should allow many of us to take a trip down memory lane to remember just what exactly got us started on the trip towards where we are today.


Former President George W. Bush delivered a public repudiation of President Donald Trump’s political identity, suggesting many aspects of the current administration are fueling division in the United States and around the world.

The former president defended the ideas of globalism, free trade, and free markets as well as foreign interventionism around the world in a speech at the George W. Bush Institute.

“We cannot wish globalism away,” Bush said, noting that the United States must sustain “wise and sustained global engagement” for the future of the country.

Yes, my fellow Americans.

We can only save ourselves by accruing another $30 trillion in debt to China, sending our remaining manufacturing jobs to Vietnam, Mexico, and Nigeria, and forcing White men with master’s degrees in engineering to wait tables for a career.

Bush indirectly accused Trump of fueling dangerous ideologies that threatened the unity of the United States and global stability, spending a large portion of his speech complaining about social ills in the country.

“We’ve seen a return of isolationist sentiments forgetting that American security is directly threatened by the chaos and despair of distant places,” he warned.

How is this true, Curious George?

Let’s take Moslems for an example.

They’ve been slaughtering each other since before the birth of this country, and ratcheted up the violence considerably since the formation of the terrorist state of Israel back in 1948 (can’t blame them for fighting back against foreign alien elements).

But yet until relatively recently, America was entirely immune from these subhuman savages.

In fact, I believe Moslem immigration only intensified AFTER 9/11.

Isn’t that bizarre?

Bush urged Americans to “recover our own identity,” citing a commitment to global engagement, free and international trade, and immigration.

Even though this was arguably one of Bush’s best-ever speeches (Laura must have cut off the alcohol), we still see bits and pieces of the straight-up retardation that disgusted all of us back in the day.

“We’ve seen nationalism distorted into nativism, and forgotten the dynamism that immigration has always brought to America,” he lamented.

“Bigotry seems emboldened, our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication,” he said. “There are some signs that support for democracy itself has waned especially for the young.”

It’s funny.

We really loathe the concept of democracy, which is essentially a popularity contest that grants a Negro crackhead the same exact rights as a White war-hero with an IQ of 210, but it’s been Antifa that has done the most to once and for all destroy the system itself.

However, we all know due to the context and time of this speech who exactly Georgie was targeting with these remarks.

And what’s up with the “conspiracy theory” comment?

Is he talking about 9/11, or is he talking about more recent topics like how immigration is really a plan to annihilate the White Race in North America?

Actually, he could be covering both.

“We’ve seen our discourse degraded by casual cruelty,” he lamented, noting that “argument turns too easily into animosity” and “disagreement escalates into dehumanization.”

He criticized the rise of “bullying and prejudice” in national politics, suggesting that the country lacked positive role models.

This is directly aimed at President Trump, who was supposed to collapse in order to let George’s brother fall gracefully to Hillary Clinton last November.

“Bigotry or white supremacy in any form is blasphemy against the American creed,” he said.

“Our identity as a nation, unlike many other nations, is not determined by geography or ethnicity, by soil or blood,” he said. “Being American involves the embrace of high ideals and civic responsibility.”

And here it is.

Attempting to turn the concept of “magic dirt,” a supposedly-sacred flag, and other ideals into a pseudo religion that is supposed to be able to turn Somalis and Squatemalans into suited-up corporate types in a split second.

Never mind the history of this country, and never mind the very definition of a nation itself (even borders don’t qualify now), for this is how history must be written.

Just two questions.

Does a Mexican’s aspiration to become a top drug cartel leader qualify as a high ideal?

What if he votes, buys an American flag shirt from Walmart, and says the pledge of allegiance every morning?

Hurricane Spencer Slams Gainsville, Communist Trash Discover New Levels Of Autistic Screeching

Well now, everyone.

It looks like the fun happenings are relatively over for now at the University of Florida, and I think we can safely say beyond a shadow of a doubt that today’s campus extravaganza was a near-perfect success.

Richard Spencer delivered one of his best-ever live performances despite new unlocked tiers of Leftist angst – just an hour or so after giving what I personally feel was the most rounded out and complete press conference of his entire life.

Like, he inflicted hurt and humiliation on the parasitic Lugenpresse that will surely never be forgotten in the foreseeable future.

In fact, I’m actually quite angry at myself for not finding the time to sneak out of my wage-cuck job to attend the speech – I suppose I could have called sick, but I figured I’d best save my time for Tennessee next week.

It’s all good though, I guess, for at least we have the joys of digital social media to convey and preserve the images of our enemies.

In fact, they didn’t even try to intimidate other than through repeated autistic chants that probably could have been memorized by my baby son if given enough time and coaching (that would be child abuse, though).

My only real regret is the fact that the Q&A period of the event didn’t last longer, for that’s always been my favorite part – especially if Richard is at the top of his game and decides to have fun with the typically-deformed, obese, mentally-retarded, and/or confused protesters.

Still, I’m just happy that we can end the day with an optics scene that will likely go over quite well with those who are either on the fence, or just starting their journey into the Alt-Right and Nationalism in general.

You now have even more scenes in which we can plainly see open Communists celebrating and taking pride in the fact that they are engaged in the destruction of freedom of speech.

You cannot reason with these vermin, and you cannot hope to win debates against them in traditional format.

All you can do is expose them and force them to show their hand, and I really must thank Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, and all others involved for doing this in the most irrefutable and straightforward way possible.


Gavin McInnes’ Worst Technological Nightmare Has At Last Come To Pass

For those on the Alt-Lite, a truly destructive force has at last been unleashed in a way that will soon threaten to annihilate all that figures like Gavin McInnes and (((MILO))) hold near and dear to their hearts.

And just to clarify, I’m in no way referring to the incident in which the ADL and SPLC Jews lumped them all in with the Alt-Right and racial Nationalism.

This is far, far worse.

But let’s look on the bright side.

We may not even have to worry about isolating and imprisoning these weird degenerates when the time comes.

Some random hacker in Poland or Romania may just finish these critters off long before we ever get into power.

HA: Jewess Accuses Harvey Weinstein’s Brother Of Sexual Harassment

These devious and devilish Jews actually thought that they would forever be immune from the social rot they introduced into the White world through the dumpster fire of Hollywood.

They thought that their Colored pets wouldn’t push for equality despite seeing movie after movie and show after show pushing integration and race-mixing – this was proven wrong.

They thought they wouldn’t be attacked for being the one percent despite pushing Marxism and income redistribution for generations – this was proven wrong.

And they actually had the gall to believe that hardcore Feminism (like the one that says talking to a girl is tantamount to rape) would never hit them despite it being a product of entirely Jewish origin.

This too is now being proven wrong, and I’m loving the sight of Tribeswomen tear apart Tribesmen.

It’s beautiful, and it’s karmic justice if you want my honest opinion.


A female showrunner who worked on the Weinstein Co. drama “The Mist” has accused Bob Weinstein of sexual harassment during the production of the Spike TV series.

Amanda Segel, an executive producer of “Mist,” said Weinstein repeatedly made romantic overtures to her and asked her to join him for private dinners. The harassment began in the summer of 2016 and continued on and off for about three months until Segel’s lawyer, David Fox of Myman Greenspan, informed TWC executives — including COO David Glasser — that she would leave the show if Bob Weinstein did not stop contacting her on personal matters.

“ ‘No’ should be enough,” Segel told Variety. “After ‘no,’ anybody who has asked you out should just move on. Bob kept referring to me that he wanted to have a friendship. He didn’t want a friendship. He wanted more than that. My hope is that ‘no’ is enough from now on.”

A representative for Bob Weinstein denied that he engaged in any inappropriate behavior in a statement to Variety.

“Bob Weinstein had dinner with Ms. Segel in LA in June 2016. He denies any claims that he behaved inappropriately at or after the dinner. It is most unfortunate that any such claim has been made,” the statement said.

A rep for the Weinstein Co. denied that Glasser was contacted by Segel’s lawyer. Spike TV in a statement said: “We take all allegations of this nature very seriously, and are investigating.”

Segel’s discomfort with Bob Weinstein began in June 2016 when he invited her out to dinner in Los Angeles, at Dan Tana’s restaurant. Segel had been told by coworkers that Bob Weinstein had inquired with them whether she was single. She agreed to go to dinner with him in an effort to establish a professional relationship with the head of the company behind “The Mist.”

During the dinner, Weinstein asked Segel highly intimate questions and made romantic overtures to her, according to Segel. He wanted to know her age because he told her he didn’t want to date anyone younger than his daughter. He told Segel that he was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel because his daughter was staying at his home in Los Angeles.

About halfway through the dinner, Weinstein asked Segel if she would drive him back to the hotel so that he could let his driver go for the night. Segel agreed. When she took him to the Sunset Boulevard hotel, he asked her to come up to his room. She declined.

After that night, Weinstein began sending emails to Segel with questions that were outside the scope of work on “The Mist.” He said he wanted them to be friends. She said that was possible but in a non romantic way, and reiterated that she was not open to dating.

Just a few days ago, I openly and definitively said that this whole Harvey Weinstein was a method of Jewish narrative control that had at least a fifty percent chance of collapsing like a house of kosher cards – in this day and age you can’t hope to contain and channel things as graphic as the Hollywood casting couch/rape scene.

There are just too many loose ends, and too many openings for uncontrolled accusations to emerge against figures not specifically targeted for destruction – Harvey was almost certainly hurled out as a scapegoat of some sort.

And if we’re now having the brother pushed towards the chopping block (the funny thing is that he seems to be the one who started the whole scandal), get ready for far more nasty and far more graphic details to emerge about what really goes on deep within the confines of Tinseltown.

The Jews are not omnipotent and not even that skilled in the arts mastered by their forefathers, and they may just have overreached in a way that could prove disastrous to them in the long run.

WTF: Florida Declares State Of Emergency Ahead Of Richard Spencer Campus Extravaganza

Well, Brothers, we’re now a force that is capable of shutting down a state just as effectively as a major hurricane, and we’re now potent enough that a single college appearance is enough to draw in the military.

We’ve talked about becoming the counter-culture in this nation, and I think that we’re well on the way.

Fox News:

Florida Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency Monday ahead of a scheduled speech at the University of Florida by white nationalist leader Richard Spencer.

The state of emergency for Florida’s Alachua County comes three days before controversial white supremacist Spencer is scheduled to speak at the school in Gainesville on Thursday, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

The Republican governor warned in an executive order “that the threat of potential emergency is imminent,” and that recent events involving Spencer often led to “civil unrest.”

What “civil unrest” is this fool talking about?

Is he referring to the warbands of Communist Antifa that riot whenever they get released from the classroom by their Jewish professors?

Or is he just making absurd statements with about as much truth in them as a Hillary Clinton speech/interview?

The emergency declaration — requested by Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell — allows state agencies to suspend rules and regulations, the Tampa Bay Times reported. Scott also activated gubernatorial authority to spend surplus money when he deems it necessary.

“We live in a country where everyone has the right to voice their opinion, however, we have zero tolerance for violence and public safety is always our number one priority,” Scott said in a press release Monday.

The University of Florida announced earlier this month that it expects to spend $500,000 on security costs for the event.

You might be thinking that I’m going to take the time to condemn this action by Florida’s Governor, but in truth I’m happy about this whole spectacle.

Because you see, I want the normies to see this whole facade of American “freedom” come crashing down like a rotten termite-infested house, and I want everyone to understand what is exactly at stake here.

Let this country devote ridiculous amounts of treasure and manpower whenever we appear (if you didn’t notice, the bill for Spencer’s speech is apparently $500,000 at the moment), and let the (((powers that be))) lash out like wounded animals whenever we utter a single sentence in defense of the White Race.

Eventually it’s going to get to the point where the cucks declare that we’re too expensive to defend, and that for the sake of shekels (all that the GOP really cares about), the First Amendment is going to have to be curbed.

It won’t work for our enemies due to the technicalities involved, but at least then the people will at last see the beast drop its mask and bare its fangs.

Harvey Weinstein: A Last Gasp Of Attempted Jewish Narrative Control

When you break it all down, there are really only two methods by which Jews respond to stories that could be VERY damaging for them in the long-run.

The first is a simple shutdown of the narrative and its distributors – we saw this in the aftermath of Charlottesville, and we even saw it in a watered-down form during the 2016 Election when networks refused to show the massive crowds turning out for Donald Trump.

The second method is more insidious and complex, but basically involves a hijacking and steady control of the narrative to suit the agenda of the Yids.

We’ve seen this throughout the last 50 or so years, and have seen this tactic in many forms – including the use of “truth movements” and “controlled opposition” to turn inquiries into nut-fests so foolish and pathetic that most turn away due to pure common sense.

I guess there’s technically a third method, which is to basically shriek “Anti-Semite” and “muh Holocaust” until everything calms down, but that’s usually used in tandem with one of the first two scenarios.

But back to the subject at hand, which is the now-notorious pervert Jew Harvey Weinstein.

In the last week or so, we’ve seen this bloated creep fall more spectacularly than any other Tribesman in recent memory – he’s been fired from his own company, lost his wife, lost huge revenue sources, faces a loss of his entire legacy, and may even face criminal charges for rape and sexual misconduct.

Now, I’m obviously sitting back laughing at the demise of this nasty creature, but at the same time I’m forced to ask out loud, “What is the end game here, and what are these Jews trying to do?”

While it appears to be an issue with a family member (brother) that triggered this whole scandal, it shouldn’t be ignored that there is obviously some sort of agenda being pushed through the method of narrative control.

We’re seeing Weinstein being REKT from all sides, while at the same time some of the more notable White male degenerates are starting to fall like dominoes for accusations that could essentially be leveled at 95% of those in Hollywood – it’s like making a big deal all of a sudden about rock stars shooting heroin.

It makes you really wonder if this is some sort of damage control meant to prevent something far more disgusting and far more against nature from hitting the spotlight – remember the pedophile Jew Bryan Singer, and also please try to remember that there have always been rumors of even worse happenings behind closed doors.

I’ll actually admit that this strategy of attempted news manipulation is quite ballsy and quite clever, but my gut is telling me that there is at least a 50% chance that we’ll see everything fall to bits in the near-future.

Because it should be mentioned that we’re not exactly dealing with the most brilliant members in Jewish history here – these modern generations have grown up soft, decadent, and immune to any danger from their host population, and have thus lost a significant portion of the vicious cunning that existed in huge amounts among their ancestors.

And due to this fact, we’ve already seen several key narratives collapse in recent years – the Jews just don’t have the means and the monopoly over information dissemination that they once held in this country.

So I encourage the media to keep hammering and to keep pushing out destructive information in a way that they think will be contained and packaged perfectly.

It’s all going to come crashing down eventually, and then we’ll see levels of Goyim knowing that will make us gasp in delightful shock.

TOP CUCK: Ole Miss Spent $130,000 To Bring Wiz Khalifa Rap Concert To Campus

I’m preaching to the choir here, obviously, but for those of you who are new to our ideology, here is a bit of advice:

Be very careful about sending your children to college, and if you do, pay extreme attention to any slight changes in their mindsets and behaviors.

I mean, I don’t think attending one concert featuring a strange alien creature is going to cause permanent damage, but things do add up – especially when you’re dealing with kids and young adults passing through their most impressionable years.

The College Fix:

The University of Mississippi paid $130,000 to bring rap star Wiz Khalifa to the campus as part of its back-to-school festivities for a performance that was clouded with controversy because the artist celebrates drug use and uses lyrics that degrade women.

The College Fix, through a public records act request, obtained a copy of the contract between the public university and the rapper’s management company, showing the compensation included a $130,000 pay out for the one-hour performance in front of some 5,000 students.

Campus leaders now refuse to address questions regarding the high cost of bringing Wiz Khalifa to campus for a concert that drew criticism from many, including a major donor.

Multiple College Fix requests for comment regarding the costs and the source of the event’s funding have gone unanswered by a wide variety of university officials.

The choice of Khalifa, an artist who openly flaunts using marijuana and whose music includes vulgar lyrics and scantily clad women in its videos, irked some alumni who saw his visit to campus as antithetical to the university’s principles.

Maybe some of the older guys are starting to drop the “color blind” cuckoldry?

Perhaps it’s just a matter of pushing them too far too fast – that sort of thing can oftentimes backfire in a nasty little way.

In an interview with The Daily Mississippian, Brady Ruffin, executive director of the Student Activities Association, said his group’s vote to have Wiz Khalifa perform on campus was “almost pretty unanimous.”

Who is this group, and who are their members?

And if they’re students, can somebody please explain why they have the authority to piss away hundreds of thousands of dollars on idiocy like Wiz?

Yet, that decision came with blowback.

Conservative news website LifeZette reported “emails and texts flooded the office of Chancellor Jeff Vitter” regarding Khalifa’s planned appearance on campus. Among those who reached out to Vitter was alumnus Meg Carter, who questioned why Khalifa’s “message of heavy drug use and sexualization of women” was being welcomed on campus.

Another critic of the concert was Ed Meek, a Ole Miss alumni who donated $5.3 million to the university’s journalism school, which is now named after him and his wife.

A Facebook screenshot posted by The Daily Mississippian shows a post from Meek criticizing Khalifa’s appearance at Ole Miss.

“This guy does not represent our values. How does the UM administration expect our students to act when presented this kind of role model,” Meek wrote.

Well, it’s actually quite simple when you break it all down.

The (((powers that be))) no longer care about how they look in the eyes of the people, for their primary mission is, and always has been, the degradation of the White youth.

The only real difference at this point in time is that everything is being carried out at a speed that is mind-boggling – a race to prevent certain segments (us) from gaining ground among those who will one day be the leaders of our society.

They know that if they can destroy the generation currently reaching adulthood, then they will have essentially checkmated the White Man once and for all.

The main question out of all this is: will you let that happen?

Charlottesville: DeAndre Harris Turns Himself In, Immediately Released On Bail

Charlottesville is a perfect look into the crystal ball of what the rest of America will look like if Leftist vermin gain control of the main institutions of power – a mockery of what a functioning society is supposed to look like.

At the moment, we have at least 3 or 4 guys sitting in jail cells after being denied bond/bail for minor actions during the Battle Of Charlottesville back in August – actions so minor that in normal times they wouldn’t even qualify for a bail over $100, or a sentence greater than a “continued without a finding” in a court of law.

But when the narrative doesn’t run in the proper manner the Left sees fit, and when their pets begin to be implicated for actions that could in many ways be construed as attempted murder or mayhem (usually requiring a double-digit prison term), watch just how the justice system gets perverted to balance everything out once again.

NBC 29:

A man wanted in connection to an assault in Charlottesville on August 12 has turned himself in to police.

Twenty-year-old DeAndre Shakur Harris turned himself to the Charlottesville Police Department around 8:30 a.m. Thursday, October 12. He was served the warrant charging him with unlawful wounding.

Police said Harris was taken before the magistrate and released on an unsecured bond.

Authorities had issued a warrant for Harris’ arrest on Monday, October 9, after a person filed a charge of malicious wounding with the magistrate.

Three men – Alex Michael Ramos, Daniel Patrick Borden, and Jacob Scott Goodwin – are accused of attacking Harris inside the Market Street Parking Garage on Saturday, August 12.

Harris is scheduled to appear in Charlottesville General District Court Friday, October 13.

I know that if I personally did this to some random Black, I would face time in prison that probably wouldn’t end until my infant son was entering college, and that would probably be a best case parole scenario.

There would be no bond, no quick series of court dates, no serious plea bargain deals, and no mercy from (((the powers that be))).

Gotta love that double standard in today’s fallen society, right?

Congressional Pharmacy Opens Up, Admits To Handing Out Alzheimer’s Drugs To Politicians

Look, if this story proves true, many of the cucks and traitors in Congress would actually have a far more decent defense than they currently enjoy.

They’d be able to at least tell us, “Hey, guys, I only sold out America and the White Race to the Jews because I’m a senile old codger with no recollection of events just an hour ago. But I do remember my first hula hoop in the 50’s.”

I don’t know about everybody else, but if I heard that kind of a statement (John McCancer being excluded, of course), I’d be far more inclined to confine said politician(s) to the medical ward of a prison camp instead of pushing for a quick trial, conviction, and execution for treason.


If House Speaker Paul Ryan comes down with the flu this winter, he and his security detail won’t be screeching off toward the closest CVS for his Tamiflu.

Instead, he can just walk downstairs and pick up the pills, part of a little-known perk open to every member of Congress, from Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell down to the newest freshman Democrat.

Nearly every day for at least two decades pharmaceutical drugs have been brought by the carload to the Capitol — an arrangement so under the radar that even pharmacy lobbyists who regularly pitch Congress on their industry aren’t aware of it.

The deliveries arrive at the secretive Office of the Attending Physician, an elaborate medical clinic where Navy doctors triage medical emergencies and provide basic health care for lawmakers who pay an annual fee of just over $600. Every one comes from Washington’s oldest community pharmacy, Grubb’s.

Mike Kim, the reserved pharmacist-turned-owner of the pharmacy, said he has gotten used to knowing the most sensitive details about some of the most famous people in Washington.

“At first it’s cool, and then you realize, I’m filling some drugs that are for some pretty serious health problems as well. And these are the people that are running the country,” Kim said, listing treatments for conditions like diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

“It makes you kind of sit back and say, ‘Wow, they’re making the highest laws of the land and they might not even remember what happened yesterday.’”

Actually, it also makes me sit back and wonder whether we need to entirely scrap the entire idea of Democracy itself – can we trust in elections when the people elect insane and senile fools time and time again?

Also, how much do you think it would take to have this pharmacist quietly leak the contents of Lindsey Graham’s prescription history?

I know it’s pretty much obvious what we’d see, but I’d still like confirmation just for the lulz…


HA: Jew Harvey Weinstein Now Being Accused Of Full-Out Rape, White Victims Continue To Emerge

When this story first broke, I was personally sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that were dealing with a top-level “casting couch” Jew more evil than the rest, but I then got a little concerned when a few days went by without all the details emerging.

For a while, all we had were gross comments, groping accusations, and an incident involving masturbation and a potted plant – my guess is that Harvey was following some sort of Talmudic ritual with that.

I suppose the main fear was that (((Hollywood))) would consolidate, close ranks, and defend the creature who did so much in the old days to bring revenue and publicity for causes worthless and degenerate.

But now, oh now the fun’s beginning and my worries have utterly evaporated – this fat Christ-Killing rat might find himself criminally charged if the winds continue blowing in the right direction.

And my guess is that no fellow Tribesmen are going to stand with him due to the tsunami of credible victims, the irrefutable evidence, and the sheer overstretched nature of Jewry as a whole.

New York Times:

When Gwyneth Paltrow was 22 years old, she got a role that would take her from actress to star: The film producer Harvey Weinstein hired her for the lead in the Jane Austen adaptation “Emma.” Before shooting began, he summoned her to his suite at the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel for a work meeting that began uneventfully.

It ended with Mr. Weinstein placing his hands on her and suggesting they head to the bedroom for massages, she said.

“I was a kid, I was signed up, I was petrified,” she said in an interview, publicly disclosing that she was sexually harassed by the man who ignited her career and later helped her win an Academy Award.

She refused his advances, she said, and confided in Brad Pitt, her boyfriend at the time. Mr. Pitt confronted Mr. Weinstein, and soon after, the producer warned her not to tell anyone else about his come-on. “I thought he was going to fire me,” she said.

Rosanna Arquette, a star of “Pulp Fiction,” has a similar account of Mr. Weinstein’s behavior, as does Judith Godrèche, a leading French actress. So does Angelina Jolie, who said that during the release of “Playing by Heart” in the late 1990s, he made unwanted advances on her in a hotel room, which she rejected.

“I had a bad experience with Harvey Weinstein in my youth, and as a result, chose never to work with him again and warn others when they did,” Ms. Jolie said in an email. “This behavior towards women in any field, any country is unacceptable.”

On Tuesday, The New Yorker published a report that included multiple allegations of sexual assault, including forced oral and vaginal sex. The article also included accounts of sexual harassment going back to the 1990s, with women describing how intimidating Mr. Weinstein was.

If you still have any doubts as to how Jews actually perceive our womenfolk, please take the time to read the article linked above.

Do so on an empty stomach, however, for the very thought of Harvey pulling out his schmekel should be enough to bring up even the slightest bit of food and/or drink.

Several days ago, additional actresses began sharing with The Times on-the-record stories of casting-couch abuses. Their accounts hint at the sweep of Mr. Weinstein’s alleged harassment, targeting women on the way to stardom, those who had barely acted and others in between. Fantasies that the public eagerly watched onscreen, the women recounted, sometimes masked the dark experiences of those performing in them.

The encounters they recalled followed a similar narrative: First, they said, Mr. Weinstein lured them to a private place to discuss films, scripts or even Oscar campaigns. Then, the women contend, he variously tried to initiate massages, touched them inappropriately, took off his clothes or offered them explicit work-for-sex deals.

What we really need to get down to the bottom of is whether Weinstein had accomplices in his sick and twisted activities.

Did he act alone (unlikely), or did he bring in others to take advantage of the already-broken and pliable victims?

And please note that I’m not just talking about other Jews – that much is pretty much guaranteed.

And before you say that this last image just doesn’t fit in the context of this story, please note that we even have Black males saying they were victimized at the hands of the “casting couch.”

For that, however, I’ll just pass on the details – names of the predators will suffice.

DA BEARS: White Hero Mike Ditka Attacks NFL Negroids, Calls Out “Oppression” Hoax

After slicing through defenses as a tight end back in the day, and after demolishing teams as a head coach, Mike Ditka has decided to stand up again late in life to destroy one last adversary – the freeloading Black terrorists in our midst.

Chicago Tribune:

Former Bears star and coach Mike Ditka, an adamant critic of National Football League players kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial discrimination, said Monday in a national radio interview that this country has been free of oppression for at least a century.

“All of a sudden, it’s become a big deal now, about oppression,” Ditka told Jim Gray on Westwood One’s pregame show ahead of the Bears’ “Monday Night Football” loss to the Vikings. “There has been no oppression in the last 100 years that I know of. Now maybe I’m not watching it as carefully as other people.”

“Is that the stage for this? If you want to protest, or whatever you want to protest, you’ve got a right to do that, but I think you’re a professional athlete, you have an obligation to the game,” Ditka said. “I think you have to respect the game. That’s what I think is the most important thing. I don’t see a lot of respect for the game. I just see respect for their own individual opinions. Opinions are like noses, we all have one. Some are good. Some are bad.”

Ditka insisted he wasn’t “condemning anybody or criticizing anybody” but urged players to “protest when the game’s over, protest whatever other way you want to” and said he would bench players who insisted on demonstrating during the anthem because it’s disrespectful.

“If you don’t respect our country, then you shouldn’t be in this country playing football,” he said. “Go to another country and play football. If you had to go somewhere else to try to play the sport, you wouldn’t have a job. So that would be my take. If you can’t respect the flag and the country, then you don’t respect what this is all about. So I would say, adios.”

Gray cited athletes such as Muhammad Ali and Jesse Owens who have taken on social injustices, but Ditka was unmoved.

“I don’t know what social injustices have been,” Ditka said. “Muhammad Ali rose to the top. Jesse Owens is one of the classiest individuals that ever lived. I mean, you can say, ‘Are you (saying) everything is based on color?’ I don’t see it that way. I think that you have to be color blind in this country. You’ve got to look at a person for what he is and what he stands for and how he produces, not by the color of his skin. That has never had anything to do with anything.”

This is somewhat cucked, but from his statement we can deduce that this country is now more racially hobbled than ever before.

At this point you’re looking at anti-White hatred wherever you turn – Colorfuls are entitled to whatever their primitive hearts desire so long as it doesn’t slap the Jews across their hooked-nosed faces.

And while we’re on the subject, let’s just keep it real here, everyone.

Blacks in the United States have ALWAYS had an existence better than they ever deserved, ever desired, and ever dreamed of back in their cannibal and Ebola-infested jungle habitats.

Under slavery (there were I’m sure a few minor exceptions), Blacks were treated with dignity, were provided ample personal resources and nourishment (they actually grew significantly in average height), and oftentimes grew to become a part of the Master’s family in deeper ways than they shared with their own blood kin back in Africa.

It should even be noted that after the War Between The States, many freed slaves expressed regret over their new lot, and spoke of the joys of their former “bondage” until their dying days.

And after the proto-Communists of the Reconstruction Era were at last expelled, Jim Crow ushered in what could honestly be described as the pinnacle of the Negro Race’s entire existence.

During the roughly three generations before Jew-instigated rebellion, Blacks were required by society to manage their own affairs, maintain their own communities, and at least make the attempt to copy White civilization as best as was possible under genetic constraints.

Standard Black vices like public intoxication, overall sloth/degeneracy, and “muh dik” were punished harshly and justly, and were overall at levels lower than anything seen in modern times.

As for this mysterious “oppression” I’m always hearing about?

Not seeing it.

LOL: North Korea Hacks Southern/American Military Plans, Assassination Schemes

Could it be that we could actually get pimp-slapped by the North Koreans if a conflict breaks out?

Imagine if the red buttons no longer work, and imagine if our artillery blows up before firing a single shot – I think things could get very dicey if technological superiority is negated.


Hackers from North Korea are reported to have stolen a large cache of military documents from South Korea, including a plan to assassinate North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un.

Rhee Cheol-hee, a South Korean lawmaker, said the information was from his country’s defence ministry.

The compromised documents include wartime contingency plans drawn up by the US and South Korea.

They also include reports to the allies’ senior commanders.

The South Korean defence ministry has so far refused to comment about the allegation.

Plans for the South’s special forces were reportedly accessed, along with information on significant power plants and military facilities in the South.

Mr Rhee belongs to South Korea’s ruling party, and sits on its parliament’s defence committee. He said some 235 gigabytes of military documents had been stolen from the Defence Integrated Data Centre, and that 80% of them have yet to be identified.

We obviously know that the American government is crammed full of Neo-Con maniacs that want to trigger a nuclear war with Kim Jong-Fat over reasons that remain undefined, but do these same fools exist in South Korea?

Normally I wouldn’t think so mainly due to the fact that any war with the North would instantaneously result in Seoul becoming a killing zone for millions – Pyongyang could literally dump tens of thousands of conventional artillery shells/rockets on the city within the first hour.

This argument is further reinforced by the fact that there are reportedly less than 100 Jews in the entire nation of South Korea – for those who are unaware, the Killers of Christ tend to favor random wars far more than normal humans.

But in today’s world (just as was once predicted), nothing makes sense, and logic no longer holds sway over the lives of men.

God’s Fiery Wrath Strikes Sanctuary State Of California, Leftist Wine Country Faces Ruin

Maybe I’m being a bit too cruel over this, and maybe I shouldn’t gloat over an entire region being consumed by what seriously seems like an act of God, but…

You know what?

I’ve long ago put aside any altruism aside from that reserved for my immediate blood family, close friends, fellow members in the Movement, and those Whites seemingly good, wholesome, and totally undeserving of punishment.

To everyone else, especially if you are devoted to the causes that would see us all die in horrible ways, I have no sympathy and no tears if you find yourself surrounded by red-hot flames.

CBS San Francisco:

Wind-whipped wildfires roared to life Sunday night and early Monday across Wine Country, burning building, forcing evacuations and injuring several people.

The Atlas Peak fire was the largest of several wildfires, quickly growing to more than 200 acres near Napa. Meanwhile, the fire near Calistoga had burned several building and sent several people to the hospital to be treated for burns.

Cal Fire said firefighters were battling several blazes in Sonoma County. The largest was in the area of Porter Creek Road and Petrified Forest Road near Calistoga where mandatory evacuations were ordered for residents along Porter Creek, Petrified Forest, Franz Valley and Mountain Home Ranch Rd.

Early Monday morning, the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department said fires had erupted at Mark West Springs and Riebli roads in Santa Rosa, at Shiloh and Conde roads in Windsor and at Highway 116 and Fredericks Road in Sebastopol.

The fires had stretched Sonoma and Napa counties firefighting resources to the breaking point. A call for mutual aid was issued to other Bay Area fire departments.

The National Weather Service had issued a red flag warning for the Bay Area early Sunday, predicting gusty winds and dry conditions. Gusts were predicted to be in the 30 mph range in the area of the fire.

The rapidly moving Atlas Peak fire was visible throughout Napa Valley and heavy smoke was draping over the region. Cal Fire said the blaze broke out on Atlas Peak Road just south of Lake Berryessa at 9:50 p.m.

Could it be that I overreacted while writing this article, and did I by any chance wish too much destruction on the good people of California?

Well actually…

For a state that pushes prison for pronoun misuse, I don’t think agonizing combustion is too severe a punishment.

Fox News:

California health care workers who “willfully and repeatedly” decline to use a senior transgender patient’s “preferred name or pronouns” could face punishments ranging from a fine to jail time under a newly signed law.

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the legislation last week.

The sponsor, Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener, has argued adamantly that nobody is going to be criminally prosecuted for using the wrong pronoun.

“It’s just more scare tactics by people who oppose all LGBT civil rights and protections,” he said in a statement last month.

But the language seemingly allows for the possibility, however remote.

The bill itself is aimed at protecting transgender and other LGBT individuals in hospitals, retirement homes and assisted living facilities. The bill would ensure those facilities accommodate transgender people and their needs, including letting them decide which gender-specific bathroom they prefer to use.

“It shall be unlawful for a long-term care facility or facility staff to take any of the following actions wholly or partially on the basis of a person’s actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) status,” the bill reads.

Among the unlawful actions are “willfully and repeatedly” failing to use a transgender person’s “preferred name or pronouns” after he or she is “clearly informed of the preferred name or pronouns.”

The law states that if provisions are violated, the violator could be punished by a fine “not to exceed one thousand dollars” or “by imprisonment in the county jail for a period not to exceed one year,” or both.

Charlottesville To Rename Street After Heather “The Hulk” Heyer

Funny historical speculation here, everyone.

Could there be a chance that thousands of years ago, there was once a civilization that crumbled much like our modern one – complete with non-White migrants and morbidly-obese Communists marching through the streets of major cities.

And maybe, just maybe, there was at that time an incident like Charlottesville in which one of these fat slobs died of a heart attack, and was eventually deified and mourned with statues in its honor.

Who knows?

Perhaps this is what those things we call “fertility statues” really are – monuments to a dead ancient Antifa.

I can definitely see the resemblance between the two…


The city council of Charlottesville, Virginia has voted to rename a street after Heather Heyer who was killed while protesting a white supremacist rally on August 12.

On the 4th street in Charlottesville, where Heyer, 32, died there will be a sign with her name, as requested by her mother, Susan Bro.

“Even the thought of going there now is very challenging. I didn’t even go to the site until a week after she passed away, and that was very, very difficult,” Bro told CNN affiliate WVIR. “For me, that spot is the site of my daughter’s murder.”

So, Susan, now you’re telling people that your daughter was murdered?

Pretty interesting considering the fact that you were the one who told us all that she died of a heart attack – almost certainly generated by obesity, menthol cigarettes, and the strain of pushing all that bulk through 90+ degree summer heat while dressed in black.

Heyer was among the protesters who came to confront a white supremacist rally, which gathered to demonstrate against the planned relocation of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s statue. A driver then plowed into the crowd of counter-protesters, killing Heyer and injuring over a dozen others.

The driver, James Alex Fields Jr., 20, was charged with second-degree murder. He reportedly supported white supremacists.

Funny how we’ve heard literally nothing from Fields since his arrest nearly two months ago.

Is he being denied his rights to fair trial and gathering of evidence?

Is he even alive at the moment?

I honestly couldn’t even tell you the answers to these questions.

Some in Charlottesville suggested replacing Lee’s monument with Heyer’s, but her mother opposed the idea.

“My goal was never to replace a Confederate statue with one of Heather, and any of Heather’s family and friends who knew anything about statues said absolutely Heather would be mortified and think it was hilarious,” said Heyer’s mother, as the city was deciding how to honor her daughter’s memory.

I’m telling you straight up that history repeats itself.

We need an inquiry into these fertility statues to determine whether they were meant to honor an ancient Heather Heyer, and if so, they need to be stricken from the books as nasty icons not worth $5 on Ebay.

Hollywood Jew Harvey Weinstein Busted For Decades-Long Sexual Abuse Of White Women

For those in parts of the country lacking a significant Jewish population, the word “Shiksa” has probably never entered your ears unless you heard it on Seinfeld or something back in the 90’s.

Therefore, perhaps it’s for the best if I explain that it’s a word that roughly translates to “abomination,” “impure,” or even “unclean or tainted meat.”

It is also a word that is used to refer to our women by the male members of the Tribe – in their minds, our women are objects to be taken and defiled at will without any consent or agreement on their part.

It’s a common occurrence in all media realms, and is widely known to be at its worst in the confines of Hollywood – pedophilia and rape of young boys is also quite favored among certain sectors of the Jewish film elite.

Therefore, nobody should be all that surprised at this breaking story, although learning that it was the New York Times that pushed the issue was definitely the shock factor of the day.

New York Times:

Two decades ago, the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein invited Ashley Judd to the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel for what the young actress expected to be a business breakfast meeting. Instead, he had her sent up to his room, where he appeared in a bathrobe and asked if he could give her a massage or she could watch him shower, she recalled in an interview.

“How do I get out of the room as fast as possible without alienating Harvey Weinstein?” Ms. Judd said she remembers thinking.

You know, I almost feel bad for Ashley after hearing about what Jew Weinstein tried to do to her – my guess is that even nastier things happened that were kept much more hush hush over the years.

It’s really sad when you think about the psychological damage that can be done to females that are oftentimes also stuffed with drugs and alcohol while attempting to live their dreams.

It’s one of the main tactics for recruiting and keeping porno stars, and considering it’s oftentimes close (((relatives))) who run both industries, nothing would ever stun me.

In 2014, Mr. Weinstein invited Emily Nestor, who had worked just one day as a temporary employee, to the same hotel and made another offer: If she accepted his sexual advances, he would boost her career, according to accounts she provided to colleagues who sent them to Weinstein Company executives. The following year, once again at the Peninsula, a female assistant said Mr. Weinstein badgered her into giving him a massage while he was naked, leaving her “crying and very distraught,” wrote a colleague, Lauren O’Connor, in a searing memo asserting sexual harassment and other misconduct by their boss.

“There is a toxic environment for women at this company,” Ms. O’Connor said in the letter, addressed to several executives at the company run by Mr. Weinstein.

An investigation by The New York Times found previously undisclosed allegations against Mr. Weinstein stretching over nearly three decades, documented through interviews with current and former employees and film industry workers, as well as legal records, emails and internal documents from the businesses he has run, Miramax and the Weinstein Company.

During that time, after being confronted with allegations including sexual harassment and unwanted physical contact, Mr. Weinstein has reached at least eight settlements with women, according to two company officials speaking on the condition of anonymity. Among the recipients, The Times found, were a young assistant in New York in 1990, an actress in 1997, an assistant in London in 1998, an Italian model in 2015 and Ms. O’Connor shortly after, according to records and those familiar with the agreements.

In a statement to The Times on Thursday afternoon, Mr. Weinstein said: “I appreciate the way I’ve behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain, and I sincerely apologize for it. Though I’m trying to do better, I know I have a long way to go.”

He added that he was working with therapists and planning to take a leave of absence to “deal with this issue head on.”

Across the years and continents, accounts of Mr. Weinstein’s conduct share a common narrative: Women reported to a hotel for what they thought were work reasons, only to discover that Mr. Weinstein, who has been married for most of three decades, sometimes seemed to have different interests. His home base was New York, but his rolling headquarters were luxury hotels: the Peninsula Beverly Hills and the Savoy in London, the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc near the Cannes Film Festival in France and the Stein Eriksen Lodge near the Sundance Film Festival.

Working for Mr. Weinstein could mean getting him out of bed in the morning and doing “turndown duty” late at night, preparing him for sleep. Like the colleague cited in Ms. O’Connor’s memo, some junior employees required to perform those tasks said they were disturbing.

In interviews, eight women described varying behavior by Mr. Weinstein: appearing nearly or fully naked in front of them, requiring them to be present while he bathed or repeatedly asking for a massage or initiating one himself. The women, typically in their early or middle 20s and hoping to get a toehold in the film industry, said he could switch course quickly — meetings and clipboards one moment, intimate comments the next. One woman advised a peer to wear a parka when summoned for duty as a layer of protection against unwelcome advances.

And on and on it goes – essentially a caricature of everything “evil and bigoted anti-Semites” like yours truly have said for years on end.

Funny how the Jews will attack anyone who suggests that these things even happen, but will clam up or pretend indignation whenever they’re literally caught with their pants down and their schmekels hanging out in the breeze.


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