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Joy Behar, Chris Matthews Shrug off Franken’s Behavior as ‘Careless’ ‘Embarrassing’ ‘Satire’

<p>Last week, television and radio host Leeann Tweeden shared her story of being violated and harassed sexually by Minnesota Democrat Senator Al Franken, in 2006, while the two were doing a USO tour together in Afghanistan. Monday, another woman came forward accusing Franken of grabbing her behind while posing for a photo in 2010. Already liberals in the media are out ready to squash the stories as insignificant slips that can in no way compare to the accusations against Republicans in the news.</p> <div> </div>

ABC Ignores Sen. Gillibrand Admitting President Clinton Should’ve Resigned Over Lewinsky

<p>What a surprise. The morning news broadcast headed by a former Bill Clinton White House staffer completely ignored the news that a prominent Democrat just admitted that Clinton should’ve resigned after his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky came to light.</p>

Katy Tur Gloats Journalists Purposefully ‘Shot Down’ Uranium One Stories During Campaign

<p>After conservative media forced the networks and liberal cable news to finally cover the latest FBI revelations over the Clinton Foundation’s financial dealings with Russia, they’ve changed tactics from ignoring the story, to dismissing it as bogus.</p>

Nets Spend Two Hours on Moore, Ignore Democrat Sexual Harassment, Stalking Charges

<p>While the networks devoted over two hours to the charges facing Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore in less than a week’s time, they’ve completely ignored similarly shocking and lewd charges brought against two Democrats, one who is also running for Congress, like Moore.</p>

ABC Proudly Touts Stephanopoulos, Muir Named People’s ‘Sexiest’ ‘Brothers of the Press’

<p>We all know the press loves to congratulate itself on “holding Trump accountable,” with such pompous slogans as <strong>“Facts First”</strong> as <strong>“Democracy Dies in Darkness.”</strong> However sometimes that braggadocious attitude stoops so low it’s beyond parody. Take for example Wednesday’s <em>Good Morning America</em>, where the anchors eagerly gushed that two of their hosts made <em>People</em> Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” annual list.</p>

Biden Still Mourning Clinton Loss, Hopes Trump Will Be ‘Single Exception’ in US History

<p>Former Vice President and media darling Joe Biden has been making the rounds this week promoting his new book about his late son, who passed away in 2015. Unfortunately he is also using the book tour as an opportunity to bash President Trump. On CBS’s <em>The Late Show</em> Monday night, Biden trashed Trump voters' “phony nationalism” claiming they were “undermining the essence of the Bill of Rights.” He also hoped that the election of Trump would go down as the “single exception in American history,” while briefly touting how much greater a president Hillary Clinton would’ve been.</p>

CNN’s Toobin: Investigating Clinton ‘Is What Happens in Authoritarian Countries’

<p>You know once the media starts bringing out the “dictator” and “authoritarian” rhetoric when it comes to President Trump, they’re truly worried about what may happen. That’s where CNN went this morning after reports broke last night that the Justice Department may be appointing a special counsel to investigate the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. CNN’s Senior Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin took the news as a sign that America was turning into Russia, absurdly claiming that Fox News ran the Justice Department now, and that “this is what happens in authoritarian countries.”</p>

Nets Attack Sessions’ Credibility For Investigating Clinton Foundation, E-mails

<p>It seems the media can always find a new excuse as to why the Clintons’ numerous scandals over the years should be overlooked. Tuesday morning, the networks dismissively treated reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions would be looking into hiring a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s dealings with Uranium One and Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, <strong>casting blame on Sessions instead.</strong> All three networks also characterized the potential investigation as a <strong>partisan hack job orchestrated by President Trump against his former election “rival,” instead of against the former Secretary of State.</strong></p>

Bill Maher: ‘What Is Wrong’ With Roy Moore’s 10 Commandments,That Don’t Condemn Rape?

<p>On HBO’s <em>Real Time With Bill Maher</em> November 10, the liberal anti-Christian talk show host laid into the Ten Commandments while talking about Alabama’s Roy Moore, with some particularly ignorant comments on what exactly the commandments prohibit. Asking his “Irish Catholic” guests, filmmaker Michael Moore and MSNBC host Chris Matthews about the Moore situation, he stupidly asked why “their” law didn’t prohibit the truly important things like racism, genocide and rape.</p>

NYT Op-Ed: ‘Unsafe’ to ‘Trust’ ‘Violent’ Whites in Trump’s America

<p><strong>“Can my children be friends with black people?”</strong> Imagine opening Sunday’s <em>New York Times</em> and reading this racist headline. Well that’s exactly what the leading liberal newspaper in the country approved of enough to print in their paper yesterday, save for one word.</p> <div> </div>

Liberal Hack AJC Cartoonist Blames ‘Terrorist’ NRA For Texas Church Shooting

<p>After the horrific mass murder of churchgoers in Texas this past Sunday, the media was <strong><a href="" style="text-decoration-line:none" target="_blank">ready and set to blame guns and gun owners</a></strong>, yet again for the unconscionable violence. But it wasn’t just journalists penning their politically-driven tirades, it was also their paper’s cartoonists too.</p>

CNN’s Cuomo: ‘If True’ ‘Bothers Me,’ ‘Their Accusation Is Proof, Right?’

<p>Friday morning, the networks and cable news were rightly aghast at the allegations that were published yesterday afternoon against Alabama Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore, that he had molested a 14-year-old girl decades ago. While Moore fervently denied this claim, the media immediately seized upon the story without a hint of reservation, automatically condemning anyone on the right who took the charge seriously but still urged caution until more is known.</p>

Journalists Freak Out Over Trump Not Taking Questions in China, After Obama Did Same Thing

<p>Proving they always can find something to complain about when it comes to Trump, journalists from NBC, MSNBC and CNN all took to Twitter to whine about the “freedom of the press” being squashed during Trump’s trip to China this week, where he conceded to China’s request for no press questions during their joint conference. </p>

Tucker Carlson Loses It After Brazile Gives ‘Hilarious’ Defense Giving Debate Questions to Clinton

<p>Former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile has been on just about every network promoting her new book about the 2016 election, <em>Hacks</em>, and has largely avoided confirming any of the damning allegations she made about Hillary Clinton’s campaign in that book. She dodged and avoided saying negative things about the DNC again on FNC host Tucker Carlson’s show Wednesday night, but the interview took an unexpected turn towards the end, when the conservative talk show host couldn’t contain himself any longer, and burst into laughter at one of Brazile’s nutty deflections.</p>

What?! Rather: GOP Ran ‘Dirty’ Divisive Ads, Dems ‘United’ Voters With ‘Old-Fashioned’ Campaigns

<p>If the media genuinely wants to turn around their reputation for reporting fake news, here’s an idea: Stop turning to disgraced news anchors, fired for reporting on fake sources, as your experts on “truth-telling!” But as per usual Wednesday night, CNN predictably brought on Dan Rather to give his words of wisdom on Tuesday night’s election results.</p>

Nancy Pelosi to CBS’ Corden: GOP Worse Than ‘Darth Vader’

<p>Democrat congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (CA) appeared on CBS’ <em>The Late Late Show</em> Wednesday evening, where host James Corden took Pelosi to a British pub for his “Pub Politics” segment to drink beer and discuss politics. Corden encouraged the Democratic leader to share insider details about the Mueller Russia investigation and what it was like working with Republicans. At one point, Corden tried to get Pelosi to “say something nice” about various Republicans, but was seemingly only using the opportunity to mock the GOP himself.</p>

Nancy Pelosi to CBS’ Corden: GOP Worse Than ‘Darth Vader’

<p>Democrat congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (CA) appeared on CBS’ <em>The Late Late Show</em> Wednesday evening, where host James Corden took Pelosi to a British pub for his “Pub Politics” segment to drink beer and discuss politics. Corden encouraged the Democratic leader to share insider details about the Mueller Russia investigation and what it was like working with Republicans. At one point, Corden tried to get Pelosi to “say something nice” about various Republicans, but was seemingly only using the opportunity to mock the GOP himself.</p>

MSNBC Terror Analyst Insists, NYC Attack ‘Not Islam,’ Could’ve Been ‘Radicalized Catholics’

<p>Just hours after news broke that a radical inspired by ISIS drove into a bikepath, killing eight people and injuring over a dozen others, MSNBC was already out deflecting blame from the radical religious ideology behind the attack. The network’s terrorism analyst, Malcolm Nance, defended Islam, saying it wasn’t responsible for Tuesday’s terror attack. He even brought Christianity into the mix, saying that sometimes Christians were responsible for terror.</p>

Post’s Capehart Whines White Millennials Aren’t As ‘Woke,’ Anti-Trump As Their Peers

<p>A new survey revealing white millennials aren’t as liberal as their “enlightened” minority peers has liberal columnists at <em>The Washington Post</em> spooked and afraid this Halloween. Jonathan Capehart admitted in today’s paper, that the survey’s results were “alarming” and “worrisome” because they revealed white millennials weren’t as virulently anti-Trump or radically liberal in their political viewpoints as their peers. The horror!</p>

‘View’ Shuts Down Meghan McCain After She Brings Up Clinton Funded Dossier

<p>Monday on ABC’s <em>The View</em>, things got heated when discussing the breaking news that morning about ex-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort had been indicted by FBI special counsel Robert Mueller. After announcing the news, the audience cheered as the panel joked that they hoped President Trump would be next. As host Meghan McCain brought up Hillary Clinton’s funding of the Russian dossier, hosts Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar angrily shut her down, insisting that Democrats and Clinton had nothing to do with any Russia collusion.</p>

CNN Scoffs: Conservatives Just Bringing Up ‘Discredited’ Uranium Story As A ‘Chance to Criticize Hillary Clinton’

<p>Friday morning the Clinton News Network was hard at work defending Hillary Clinton, following a tense interview with Kellyanne Conway about the underreported Russia-Uranium deal. CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, political correspondent Dana Bash and anchors John Berman and Alisyn Camerota blasted Conway and the right for their supposed “double standard” on the White House’s involvement with Russia.</p>

‘View’ Hosts Criticize New CNN Ad: ‘Preaching to the Choir’ ‘Below Them’

<p>Well you don’t see this “view” very often on a liberal network like ABC. Some hosts at <em>The View</em> admitted Tuesday that they were less than impressed by CNN’s new “facts first” ad campaign.In fact, they thought it was a joke. Host Sara Haines went even further, criticizing the network as a whole for giving in to “editorializing” and lowering their standards of straight news reporting since President Trump has taken office.</p>

President Trump, Prime Target at D.C. ‘Humor’ Event Honoring Letterman

<p>At an awards ceremony in D.C. Sunday night honoring David Letterman, President Trump was the most talked about person in the room. Liberal celebrities and politicians, including Jimmy Kimmel, Amy Schumer, Michelle Obama and Sen. Al Franken all gathered at the Kennedy Center to honor the former CBS late night host with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, which rewarded Letterman for his “social criticism” and “insightful” humor.</p> <div> </div>

Delusional: Pelosi Claims There’s No Culture War in America, Dems Aren’t ‘Fractured’

<p>House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi appeared on Friday’s <em>The View</em>, where she defended Democratic Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, her own party, and claimed there was no culture war going on in America. With the addition of moderate host Paula Faris on today’s episode, Pelosi was confronted with a few questions she didn’t like about her fractured party and the left stirring up strife. </p>

MSNBC’s O’Donnell Slams John Kelly As Racist Who ‘Dehumanized’ a ‘Black Woman’

<p> </p> <p>In an exhausting, insane monologue Thursday evening, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell spent over twenty minutes opening his show ranting and raving about White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s press briefing earlier that day. O’Donnell presented Wilson as a saint, and characterized General Kelly as a racist who “dehumanized” a “black woman” because he hates people who are not “like him.”</p>

Jane Fonda Defends Hanoi Trip, NFL Protests, Admits: ‘No, I’m Not Proud of America’

<p>It seems lately that only international reporters have the courage to challenge their prominent left-wing guests’ talking points. Case in point, BBC HARDTalk host Stephen Sackur’s interview October 16 with liberal activist and actress Jane Fonda. Sackur put Fonda on the spot multiple times, asking her to respond to critics who called her a traitor, and explain Hollywood’s virulent anti-Trump activism that has alienated so many Americans. </p>

Salon’s Top ‘Conservative’ List Is Nearly All ‘Never Trump’ Liberals Who Hate the Right

<p>Over the weekend, liberal online magazine Salon put out a highly mockable list of their top “25 Conservatives Actually Worth Following on Twitter.” The story made a splash on social media, because it seemed Salon’s only criteria for being a “worthy conservative” is that you had to be an outspoken “Never-Trumper” and a frequent, fierce critic of the right. </p>

Former NY Reporter: Media ‘Killed’ Stories on Weinstein, ‘Complicit’ In Covering Up His Acts

<p>Thursday night on NBC’s media entertainment news program <em>Access Hollywood</em>, a former reporter for <em>The New York Post’s</em> Page Six revealed that many media outlets knew about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault allegations long before they were broken by <em>The New York Times</em>, one week ago.</p>

GMA Gushes Over Kimmel As He Trashes ‘Idiot’ Trump, Conservative ‘Gun Nuts’

<p>Friday morning, ABC’s <em>Good Morning America</em> rewarded it’s newly lauded national treasure, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel with a fawning interview, applauding his liberal activism on health care and gun control. Not only that, but anchor Amy Robach stayed silent as Kimmel pummelled the Trump family with gay jokes and nasty insults, along with his critics, whom he glowingly called “gun nuts.” </p>

NYT: Women Having to Pay for Own Contraception Means US Is Turning Into Saudi Arabia

<p>Because of recent measures the White House has taken to expand protection of religious and moral rights, the print media has been on an outright crusade against Trump, with two newspapers accusing him of imposing a “religious theocracy” on American women.</p>

NYT: Women Having to Pay for Own Contraception Means US Is Turning Into Saudi Arabia

<p>Because of recent measures the White House has taken to expand protection of religious and moral rights, the print media has been on an outright crusade against Trump, with two newspapers accusing him of imposing a “religious theocracy” on American women.</p>

Whoopi Battles McCain, Denies Hollywood Blacklists Conservatives

<p>Wednesday on <em>The View</em>, the hosts praised “brave” rapper Eminem for his crass cuss-out of President Trump, and his followers, during last night’s BET Awards. Telling his fans who supported Trump, bluntly, “F**k you,” he proceeded to call the president a “b***ch,” a “racist grandpa,” and a host of other vulgar things in the lengthy freestyle rap.</p>

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Mocks ‘View’ Hosts, Dems, Weinstein

<p>Friday on ABC’s <em>The View</em>, the show celebrated host Joy Behar’s birthday, by starting off with a special guest appearance by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, voiced by comedian Robert Smigel. The puppet dog has been a mainstay on Conan O’Brien’s late-night comedy shows for the past twenty years and has a penchant for brutally mocking his interviewers. So naturally the hosts’ liberal bias didn’t escape the puppet’s blunt jokes.</p>

Katy Tur Suggests Repealing 2nd Amendment Should Be Democrats’ End Goal

<p>During the Friday afternoon 1 PM Eastern hour of <em>MSNBC Live</em>, anchor Katy Tur led a gun control discussion with Democrat Congressman David Cicilline (R.I.) and Congresswoman Jack Rosen (Nev.). Despite gun control being the pet topic of the Democrat party, Tur kept pushing the politicians from the left, trying to get them to agree that what Democrats really needed to do, was figure out a way to repeal the 2nd Amendment.</p>

Media Darling Jimmy Kimmel Says ‘F**k You’ to Critics, Fundraises for Left-Wing Everytown

<p>ABC’s newest entertainer turned activist isn’t backing down, after intense criticism for his recent turns at blaming the right for people dying in a shooting massacre and overturning ObamaCare. Jimmy Kimmel is now actively seeking out media coverage of his left-wing activism, outside of what he does on his late night comedy show. </p>

‘The View’: ABC’s ‘Scandal’ Is An ‘Escape’ ‘Privilege’ From the ‘Stain Of Our Country’

<p>Thursday on ABC’s <em>The View, Scandal</em> actress Kerry Washington appeared briefly to discuss the popular show’s final season. The show’s writers, along with Washington herself, have been outspoken critics of President Trump as well as advocates for abortion and Hillary Clinton. So the hosts were overjoyed with the opportunity to get their like-minded liberal guest to spout off on Trump and Republicans.</p>

‘View’: ‘No One Is Taking Away Guns’ But Let’s ‘Ban’ These Guns

<p>Sounding like MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, <em>The View’s</em> Sunny Hostin argued Wednesday that she “believed in the 2nd Amendment” but wanted to see various types of guns “banned.” The show’s host echoed the other liberal hosts at the table in wondering “why” any American would need certain types of guns, modifiers and silencers. Hostin tried to have her cake and eat it too by saying she “didn’t want to take anyone’s guns away” but the government should “ban” several types of guns.</p>

‘You Don’t Have to Do Anything to Get a Gun’ Legally In ‘Certain’ States, ‘View’ Host Claims

<p>After Monday’s show was interrupted with live news coverage, ABC’s <em>The View</em> got its first chance to respond to Sunday night’s mass shooting on Tuesday’s program. As to be expected, the dialogue was high on emotions and low on facts, with the hosts reciting Democrat talking points, praising Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night rant, and urging viewers to vote Republicans out of office for not doing enough to stand up against “the gun lobby.” </p>

ABC Gushes Over Kimmel’s ‘Stand for Gun Control’ That Blamed GOP, NRA for Shooting

<p>Late night comedy host Jimmy Kimmel opened his show Monday night with a 10-minute-long emotional monologue on the Sunday night massacre in Las Vegas. While the White House called for a day of mourning for the victims of the horrific tragedy, the ABC host called for pointing fingers instead. Kimmel crassly blamed the violence of one lunatic on millions of responsible gun owners, Trump, and Republicans.</p>

Muir Gushes to Kimmel: People ‘Will Remember’ Your ‘Bravery’ ‘Standing Up’ For Health Care

<p><em>ABC World News Tonight</em> anchor David Muir appeared as guest on ABC’s <em>Jimmy Kimmel Live </em>Thursday evening, where the host and Muir spent most of the interview shamelessly promoting his nightly newscast, which just happened to air on the same network as Kimmel’s show. </p>
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