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FCC to Free Internet from Obama’s “Net Neutrality” Rules

Soros’ pro-censorship coalition floods FCC with “bot-generated” campaign to keep Obama “Net Neutrality” rules

DOJ Obama Loyalists Hijack AT&T Negotiations to Protect CNN’s Zucker

AG Sessions impotent to protect Trump in Deep State extortion plan to force CNN into Soros’ hands

Deep State & DOJ Plot to Sell CNN to George Soros in AT&T Acquisition of Time Warner

“Never Trump” forces in the DOJ seek to protect CNN's Zucker by demanding AT&T spinoff CNN in Time-Warner acquisition.

FBI Reliance on Discredited Fusion GPS “Russia Dossier” Threatens Manafort Prosecution

FBI illegally obtained FISA wiretapping of Manafort based on dossier

Mueller Ignores Evidence Russia Laundered Money to Hillary

One-sided investigation won't investigate Hillary & Podesta ties to Russian billionaire

Law Firm Representing Dems Over Russian Dossier Defended Obama Over Birth Certificate

“Democratic Fixer” Washington State-based Perkins Coie paid $5.6 million by Hillary’s Campaign

Clinton Foundation Did Not Report Russian Uranium One Payments, Wall Street Analyst Argues

Scandal may cost Clintons their fortune and jail time

Documents Show Other Democrats, Not Just Clintons, on Russian Payroll

Uranium One scandal threatens to bring down the entire Democratic Party

Obama Prosecutor Used FBI Leaks to Plant “Fake News” in Insider Trading Case

Mainstream media reported as true FBI leaks about Bharara’s fishing expedition

Obama Lawyer Hid FBI Leaking To Get Insider Trading Conviction

Under Bharara, FBI in New York systematically illegally leaked grand jury secrets to New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Trump Readies U.S. Military Strike on North Korea

Supercarrier task force scheduled mid-October for maneuvers in Yellow Sea

Obama Foundation Absorbs “My Brother’s Keeper Alliance” Without IRS Approval

Obama Foundation “Initiative Shuffle” follows corrupt Clinton Foundation model

Arpaio Fights Claim That Trump’s Pardon was Unconstitutional

DOJ urges federal judge to vacate Arpaio’s guilty verdict in Oct. 4 hearing

Arpaio Fights Claim That Trump’s Pardon was Unconstitutional

DOJ urges federal judge to vacate Arpaio’s guilty verdict in Oct. 4 hearing

Two Bundy Ranch Defendants Forced to Face Trial

Idaho state legislators sign letter asking Sessions to back off Bundy prosecutions

Why is Sessions Allowing Obama Holdovers to Prosecute Bundys?

Two Bundy Ranch defendants to face third trial

Plot Uncovered to Derail Arpaio Pardon

Why Trump needs to pardon Arpaio now

D’Souza Traces Roots of Democratic Party to Hitler’s Nazi Party

Author ties Soros-funded Antifa anarchists to Hitler Brownshirts of 1930s

Federal Stress Tests Make Compelling Argument to End Fannie and Freddie Net Worth Sweep

Time for Trump administration to stop GSE earnings theft

Federal Stress Tests Make Compelling Argument to End Fannie and Freddie Net Worth Sweep

Time for Trump administration to stop GSE earnings theft

Justice Department Offers Plea Bargain to Hillary, Noted Clinton Author Reports

Will Justice Dept. reverse Comey to reopen email investigation?

In 2005, Mueller Closed Grand Jury Probe into Clintons’ Pardon of Marc Rich

“Clinton Fixer” James Comey was DOJ chief prosecutor in Marc Rich pardon case

Why Did Hillary Send Mueller to Moscow with Uranium in 2009?

Mueller’s secret mission to Russia coincided with Clinton efforts to sell 20% of US uranium to Kremlin

Infowars Broke the Story in April: How Trump Can Bankrupt Obamacare with “Stroke of a Pen”

Infowars' Roger Stone was first to predict General Kelly to replace Reince Priebus as White House Chief of Staff.

Framed! Expert Claims Jack Ruby Took Fall The For Shooting Oswald

Mind control techniques and photo manipulation used to frame Jack Ruby.

Twitter Ignites Firestorm Blocking AT&T Blog Post Questioning “Net Neutrality”

Twitter denies censorship, claims technical glitch

Scaramucci Takes Reins of White House Communications, Sarah Huckabee Sanders Elevated to Press Secretary

Acknowledges “media bias” against Trump

FBI Changed Time of Weapons Theft to Deflect Suspicion Seth Rich Leaked Podesta Documents to WikiLeaks

Police Report on FBI Weapons Theft Surfaces in Seth Rich Case

Podesta Emails Document Hillary Clinton Money-Laundering Scheme

Why does AG Sessions refuse to investigate?

Free Our Internet (FOI) Rolls Out July 4 Campaign to Save Internet from Soros Censorship Rules

“Let Freedom Ring” campaign aims to repeal Soros-inspired “Net Neutrality”

Soros and Google “AstroTurf” net neutrality meeting to preserve censorship

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Soros, Google, and Facebook are hard at work “Astroturfing” resistance to FCC Chair Ajit Pai’s proposed rule changes to terminate the “net neutrality” rules put in place by the Obama administration. The staged event this time around is a “Forum on Net Neutrality” scheduled for Monday evening, June 26, to be hosted […]

Why Trump White House and Sessions DOJ Must Help Sheriff Arpaio

Criminal trial to imprison Arpaio an Obama travesty of justice

Fannie Freddie Regulator Has Law On His Side To End Net Worth Sweep Now

Mnuchin told the Senate Banking Committee that he has had several discussions with Watt about Freddie and Fannie

New Evidence Suggests Seth Rich Was DNC Leaker

Rich had access to leaked DNC emails - Part 1 of in-depth, investigative report into Rich's murder

Defeating Deep State Coup D’état – Step 2: Stop Mainstream Media

Establishment media serving globalists by undermining Trump admin

Deep State / Mainstream Media Pushes Coup D’état Against Trump

Elites want him impeached

Here’s How You Stop Internet Censorship

The Internet was taken away from the American people

Soros, Google Funding “Net Neutrality” Groups to Control Internet, Censor

$72 million spent since 2006 to control Internet under guise of "net neutrality"

Obamacare Corruption: Senator Caught Shorting Stocks He Demonized

GOP senator uses Obamacare scheme to enrich himself

Shock: GOP Senator Behind Obamacare Looting Scheme

Scheme destroying 30-year mortgages
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