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Schengen Danger: ‘Thousands’ of Former Taliban Fighters May Have Entered Germany

Germany's Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has confessed it is dealing with a "four-digit number" of migrants with declared links to the Taliban, potentially endangering neighbouring countries such as France.

‘Charities’ Bringing Boat Migrants to Europe ‘Colluding’ with People Smugglers, Says Prosecutor

Charities and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) operating "rescue" missions in the Mediterranean are "colluding" with criminal people-smugglers to bring migrants to Europe, according to Italian authorities.

‘Angry Police Wives’ March Against Failure To Protect Officers On Eve Of French Elections

The ‘Angry Police Wives’ group has staged a protest on the eve of the French presidential elections, after several police officers were injured and one killed by an Islamist armed with a Kalashnikov rifle. Over a hundred wives, husbands and other partners of serving police officers marched in Paris to protest what they see as a failure on the part of the Socialist Party government to protect officers like the ones targeted in the deadly shooting on April 20th. Thirty-seven-year-old Xavier Jugelé was murdered by Karim Cheurfi, a career criminal living with his Algerian mother, who and had been previously imprisoned for attempting to murder another police officer. He had handwritten notes defending the Islamic State terror group and a copy of the Qu’ran with him, according to reports. The 'Angry Police Wives' put their feet down in Paris protest — FemmesSécuritéPaix (@SecurityPaix) April 22, 2017 The authorities have revealed that he should have been recalled to prison prior to his deadly attack, after breaking his parole to travel to Algeria. “The Meaux prosecutor’s office [legal authority] demanded that he be recalled to jail to complete his sentence,” admitted Francois Molins, France’s most senior investigating magistrate. “[But] On the 7th

Far-Left Antifa ‘Protestors’ Attack Populist AfD Convention In Germany; Injure Police Officers

Far-Left “anti-fascists” (antifa) have injured at least two police officers and torched a squad car in Cologne, Germany, after attempts to shut down a party convention for the anti-mass immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) led to clashes with the authorities. The demonstrators, many in all-black, identity-concealing Blac Bloc attire, tried to prevent roughly 600 party delegates from entering their hotel venue, requiring police to escort them through the security perimeter. The Guardian newspaper reports that one officer sustained a “facial injury” while doing so, leading to an arrest. Antifa thugs harassing people who try to attend the AfD party convention in Cologne. #Germany — Titus Starhemberg 🐸 (@heretic027) April 22, 2017 Up to 4,000 police, many in riot gear or mounted on horseback, were deployed to control an estimated 50,000 demonstrators, including roughly a thousand Far-Left agitators. A police spokesman described the atmosphere as “very dynamic” and “fairly aggressive” in places. Footage broadcast by the n-dtv network showed antifa marching under the cover of smoke bombs, throwing lit flares and trying to frighten police horses. Thirteen wedding couples in the city had to be escorted by police for their own safety, with one bride telling reporters, “We’re getting straight

Marine Le Pen: Islamism Has Declared War On Our Nation, On Reason, On Civilisation

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has denounced radical Islam as “a monstrous totalitarian ideology that has declared war on our nation, on reason, on civilisation,” after a deadly Kalashnikov attack on police officers in Paris. “Hate preachers must be expelled, the Islamist mosques closed,” the Front National leader declared, lambasting the Socialist Party government as “notoriously feeble”. “We cannot afford to lose this war … for the past ten years, Left-wing and Right-wing governments have done everything they can for us to lose it. We need a presidency which acts and protects us,” she declared, calling on outgoing president François Hollande to expel all foreign nationalists on the extremist watch list and terminate France’s membership of the EU’s borderless Schengen area, which was castigated as “effectively an international passport-free zone for terrorists” by former INTERPOL chief Robert Noble after Islamists killed 130 people in Paris in 2015. “I will protect you. My first measure as president will be to reinstate France’s borders,” — Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) April 20, 2017 Ms Le Pen’s main rival for the presidency, former Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron, was the Socialist economy minister until recently, and struck a very different tone following the attack,

French Presidential Favourite Macron: Terrorism ‘Part of Our Daily Lives for Years to Come’ After Paris Shooting

Emmanuel Macron, the current favourite to win the French presidential elections, has described terrorism as an "imponderable problem" which will be "part of our daily lives for the years to come".

Le Pen Rejects EU Flag: ‘I Want to Be President of the French Republic, Not the European Commission’

Marine Le Pen
Marine Le Pen, the frontrunner in the first round of France's imminent presidential elections, insisted she would not appear before a European Union flag in an interview with the TF1 television channel.

Le Pen Rejects EU Flag: ‘I Want to Be President of the French Republic, Not the European Commission’

Marine Le Pen
Marine Le Pen, the frontrunner in the first round of France's imminent presidential elections, insisted she would not appear before a European Union flag in an interview with the TF1 television channel.

Marine Le Pen Hits Out At Pope After Call For Open Borders

Le Pen
French presidential frontrunner Marine Le Pen has criticised the Pope for pressuring Western countries to open their borders to migrants, accusing him of asking states to disregard their own citizens.

Alleged Grooming Gang Charged with Multiple Rape, Child Abduction, Trafficking, and Drug Offences

Twenty-nine people are in court on over 170 charges of rape, child abduction, trafficking, drug dealing, and more following a child sex abuse inquiry.

African Migrants Brutally Rape Swedish Teen, Leave Male Friend with Brain Damage

Two migrants have been given sentences of three and two-and-a-half years for beating a young Swede almost to death before violently raping his female friend. The government will try to deport only one of them.

Brussels Trying to ‘Pressure’ Hungary into Accepting Migrant Quotas, Relaxing Border Controls

The European Union's unelected executive is trying to "pressure" Hungary into accepting compulsory migrant quotas and relaxing its tough new border control measures, according to the government.

Merkel Finally Confesses: ‘There Is No Doubt’ Some Asylum Seekers Are Terrorists

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has finally confessed that there is "no doubt" some of the migrants she invited into Europe are terrorists, following another deadly terror attack by a bogus asylum seeker in Stockholm, Sweden.

Huge Crowds Pay Respects to Police Constable Murdered By Westminster Terrorist

Pay respects
Huge crowds have turned out to pay their respects to Police Constable Keith Palmer as he is laid to rest in Southwark Cathedral.

Huge Crowds Pay Respects to Police Constable Murdered By Westminster Terrorist

Pay respects
Huge crowds have turned out to pay their respects to Police Constable Keith Palmer as he is laid to rest in Southwark Cathedral.

Australian Wearing Cross Beaten By Muslim Gang Shouting ‘F*** Jesus!’

Christians in Sydney, Australia, are being advised to hide their crosses after an Arabic-speaking gang shouting "F*** Jesus!" attacked a couple on a train while transport officers looked on from a "safe space" and did nothing.

Orban: ‘Hypocrisy’ Prevents Europe from Admitting Gratitude to Hungary for Halting Migrant Influx

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán claims European politicians "behind closed doors" are thanking his government for the robust action it has taken on illegal migration, alleviating pressure on countries such as Germany – but "political double-dealing" and a "culture of hypocrisy" prevent them from admitting it in public.

German Police Accused of Covering Up What They Knew About Christmas Market Killer

German officials inspect the truck that Anis Amri drove through a packed Berlin Christmas market on December 19, 2016
New documents suggest that the German police knew more about the threat posed by Tunisian terrorist Anis Amri than claimed, according to reports. On December 19th 2016 Amri murdered a Polish haulier and stole his vehicle, which he later drove into a busting Christmas market in the German capital. The Tunisian, who used multiple identities as he gamed the system in Germany, had already had his asylum application rejected and had even been subject to a deportation order before he committed his attack. He has also been linked to radical Islam and multiple crimes – but the police ended their undercover surveillance of the migrant in September 2016, claiming they had not found evidence of a threat. However, the Irish Times reports that Berlin broadcaster RBB has seen documents suggesting the local State Criminal Police Office (Landeskriminalamt, or LKA) considered the bogus asylum seeker an increasing threat to public safety at shortly before making this decision. The newspaper cites an August 2016 report which describes Amri as posing a “growing violent threat”. The authorities had already reduced observation to monitoring the Tunisian’s mobile phone at this point. Hans-Christian Ströbele, a politician representing the opposition Green Party, said he was “now convinced the attack

Brexit: Lord Mandelson Urges Remainers to ‘Resist, Renew, and Reorganise’

As the UK triggers Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and begins the process of exiting the European Union, infamous New Labour heavyweight Peter Mandelson has urged diehard Remain campaigners to "Resist, Renew and Reorganise".

Brexit: Lord Mandelson Urges Remainers to ‘Resist, Renew, and Reorganise’

As the UK triggers Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and begins the process of exiting the European Union, infamous New Labour heavyweight Peter Mandelson has urged diehard Remain campaigners to "Resist, Renew and Reorganise".

Brussels Fears EU Will Not Survive a Marine Le Pen Victory in France

Marine Le Pen
Top eurocrats fear that should Marine Le Pen win the French presidency, the European Union will not survive. “From the [European] Commission’s point of view, success for Marine Le Pen is a disaster and an existential threat to the European project,” a top official from the bloc’s unelected executive told Politico. “We can survive a Brexit, but not a Frexit.” Ms. Le Pen has stopped short of openly endorsing French withdrawal from the EU, but has pledged a “France First” economic policy should she win office, levying taxes on companies which move jobs out of the country and reintroducing the French franc alongside the pan-European, German-dominated euro currency – policies which would fall foul of EU law. The economic patriotism which I advocate is impossible within the European Union ! — Marine in English (@Marine2017_EN) March 6, 2017 Following mass casualty terror attacks in Paris, Nice, and elsewhere in France, Ms. Le Pen also pledged to take France out of the EU’s open-borders Schengen area, which former Interpol chief Robert Nobel has described as “an international passport-free zone for terrorists”. Politico’s sources inside the European Commission, however, have insisted that “There is no legal way to leave the euro or Schengen and

EU Prez Juncker Threatens ‘Texit’ as Revenge for Trump’s Brexit Support

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has indicated that he will support parts of the U.S. breaking away as revenge for President Donald J. Trump supporting Britain's decision to leave the European Union (EU) and predicting other countries will follow.

LISTEN: Breitbart London’s Raheem Kassam Delivers Stirring Article 50 Day Message

Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam has delivered a stirring monologue on Breitbart News Daily, celebrating Article 50 Day, reflecting on the journey which led us here, and looks forward to the opportunities Brexit will bring.

UK Police SOUGHT OUT ‘Islamophobia’ Reports to Claim Rise After Westminster Attack

The "slight uplift" in Islamophobia following the Westminster terror attack may be attributable to the authorities actively encouraging Muslims to come forward with allegations following so-called "trigger events".

Nigel Farage on Article 50: ‘Well Done Bannon; Well Done Breitbart – You’ve Helped with This Hugely’

As the Prime Minister's Article 50 letter made its way to Brussels, Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage paid "a personal tribute and thank you" to former Breitbart supremo Stephen K. Bannon for the role he played in securing victory for the Leave campaign in the European Union (EU) referendum.

Hundreds of Islamic State Volunteers Have Returned to Britain

Security sources have told Sky News that more than four hundred British jihadists who travelled to the Middle East to fight for terror organisations like Islamic State and the al-Nusra Front have returned home, and most have evaded the authorities.

Eurosceptic, Anti-Mass Immigration Sweden Democrats Surge To First Place in Polls

The eurosceptic, anti-mass immigration Sweden Democrats have surged to first place in the polls, as theSwedish voting  public apparently become increasingly concerned by the growth of ethnic ghettoisation, rising crime rates and Islamic radicalisation. According to the latest YouGov poll to come out of the Scandinavian country, the party could expect to secure almost a quarter of the vote if elections were held tomorrow – almost double its level of support in 2014 – making it the single largest political force in the country. Meanwhile, the Social Democratic Workers’ Party, which drives Sweden’s current minority coalition government, is down by nine points. Other polls reported by the Express suggest a somewhat less dramatic but still significant rise in support for the populists, which would appear to suggest a trend. The country’s next elections will be held on September 9th 2018, unless a change in the political situation prompts a snap election. YouGov poll — Sweden. Populists lead: 23.9% Sweden Democrats (=)22.0% Social Democrats (-1.5)15.4% Moderates (-1.6)12.5% Centre (+0.7) — Robert Kimbell (@RedHotSquirrel) March 25, 2017 In February 2017, party leaders Jimmie Åkesson and Mattias Karlsson wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal defending U.S. president Donald Trump’s recent comments on the deterioration of social cohesion and

Police Constable and Army Veteran Keith Palmer Was ‘Every Inch a Hero’

Heartfelt tributes have been paid to Police Constable Keith Palmer, the 48-year-old husband and father who died after being stabbed multiple times outside the Palace of Westminster on 22 March.

Polish Prime Minister: ‘Impossible Not to Connect Terrorism with Migration Policy’

Polish Prime Minister
Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło has drawn a clear link between the European Union's permissive migration policy and terror events such as the Westminster attacks.

Boat Migrants Landing in Italy ‘at a Pace Exceeding Anything We’ve Seen Before’

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimates 20,484 migrants have arrived in Europe by sea since the beginning of 2017, with numbers likely to explode as the continent heads into spring.

Police Drag Anti-Mass Migration Campaigner Off Streets for Asking Anti-Islamophobia Protestors Questions

Anti-mass immigration campaigner Tommy Robinson was verbally and physically abused by demonstrators on an anti-Islamophobia march on Saturday, after approaching them and attempting to engage in conversation. Police detained him and ordered him off the streets, saying this was "easier" than "taking on" the aggressive protestors.

Germany ‘Employing Nazi Measures Against My Turkish Brother Citizens’, Claims Erdogan

Turkey's Islamist president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has stepped up his war of words against Europe, accusing Germany of "employing Nazi measures" against Turks in Germany.

Watch: Migrants and Far Left Join Forces to Attack Paris Police with Flares, Petrol Bombs

Algerian flags mingled with Antifa banners as migrants and left wing extremists gathered on the streets of Paris to attack police and protest deportations in a "March for Justice and Dignity".

Hungary Responds to New York Times Coverage of Migrant Crisis: ‘You Just Don’t Get It’

Zoltán Kovács, official spokesman for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, has responded to accusations of wrongdoing by "ivory tower" editors at The New York Times by saying that they "just don't get" the European migrant crisis.

‘South Asian’ Men Break Woman’s Nose in Anti-White Race Hate Attack

West Midlands Police are appealing to the public to help track down three “Asian men” who shouted racists comments and violently assaulted a 34-year-old white woman and a male companion in an anti-white race hate attack last December. The Coventry Telegraph reports that the woman, who was wearing a short dress and thigh-high boots, was racially abused by three men of apparently South Asian extraction after a night out at the Coventry Skydome on 11 December, 2016. When she tried to stand up to her abusers, she was struck so hard in the face that her nose and cheekbone were shattered. CCTV footage, which the police have been slow to release, shows the woman stumbling into view clutching her broken nose, followed by a white male presumed to her boyfriend, staggering backwards from a forceful shove. The boyfriend interposes himself between the woman and the most aggressive of the attackers, who is backed up by two more significantly larger men. He does not offer the three attackers any physical resistance, but the lead male throws two at his head, causing him to strike back with a right hook that sends the attacker reeling. The rest of the gang immediately piles in but,

Wilders Election Debate: Put Dutch First, Not ‘Brussels, Africa, and Asylum Seekers’

Geert Wilders, the eurosceptic, anti-mass migration candidate who heads the insurgent Party for Freedom (PVV), has blasted incumbent head of government Mark Rutte as a “prime minister for foreigners”, urging voters to put the Netherlands first in a fiery debate.

Fewer than One in Five Foreign Rapists Deported from Sweden

Only 19 per cent of foreign rapists registered as Swedish residents were deported from the troubled Scandinavian country between 2010 and 2014, according to government figures.

Foreign Sec: Britain Will Be ‘Perfectly OK’ If EU Refuses To Make a Deal

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said the UK will be “perfectly OK” even if the European Union (EU) refuses to conclude a bilateral agreement with it after Brexit – although he added he is sure an agreement will be made. “We would be perfectly OK if we weren’t able to get an agreement, but I’m sure that we will,” he told ITV’s Peston On Sunday. “Our partners and friends around the EU desperately want this thing to work. They don’t want more misery; they don’t want to fall out with the UK”, he said. ICYMI those @BorisJohnson comments claiming the UK would be "perfectly okay" post-Brexit without a trade deal with the EU #Peston — Peston on Sunday (@pestononsunday) March 12, 2017 The Foreign Secretary’s comments come just days after Hungarian foreign minister Péter Szijjártó warned the EU that seeking to “punish” the British people for backing Brexit would be a “suicidal strategy”, liable to drive UK business abroad to the United States and growing economies around the world. “We need to avoid a situation whereby the EU goes to the back of the line for Britain”, he said. “Losing such a partner and giving it away to others would be a suicidal strategy.” The UK has

In Pics: Pro-Turkey Protesters Riot in Rotterdam and Istanbul

Hundreds of Turkish migrants and dual nationals turned out onto the streets of Rotterdam to riot in support of their home country’s Islamist president last night, forcing Dutch police to take robust action to disperse them.   People wave Turkish national flags during a demonstration near the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam on March 11, 2017. Photo: MARTEN VAN DIJL/AFP/Getty Images Turkish residents of the Netherlands gather for a protest in Rotterdam on March 11, 2017. Photo: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV), released a message in response to the unrest, telling rioters, “You are no Europeans, and you will never be.” 🇳🇱🇹🇷 Geert Wilders's message to Turks: "You are not welcome here!" #Turkey #Rotterdam — Keith Walker (@KeithWalkerNews) March 12, 2017 “An Islamic state like Turkey does not belong to Europe. All the values Europe stands for – freedom, democracy, human rights – are incompatible with Islam,” he said. “Turkey voted for Erdoğan, a dangerous Islamist who raises the flag of Islam. We do not want more, but less Islam. So Turkey, stay away from us. You are not welcome here.” Aggressive crowds have gathered outside the Dutch embassy in Ankara and the consulate in

Bulgarian Border Militia: ‘We Are Not Nationalists, Just Patriots’

Civilian militias patrolling the Bulgarian border to intercept and turn away illegal migrants say they are not nationalists, but merely patriots defending their country from Islamist infiltration. Journalists from NBC News interviewed members of Bulgarian National Movement Shipka – BNO Shipka for short – whom they described as “friendly, courteous and open” despite a fearsome outward appearance. “I’m not nationalistic or anything like that. I’m just a patriot,” said Nikolai Ivanov, one of the group’s founding members. “Many of these immigrants are not just some guys who are trying to run away from war. They are from age 17 to 35, with good physiques and training.” Ivanov stressed it was “not a problem that they are Muslims. The problem is it’s a different civilization. They don’t think like us, they have a totally different view about life, about everything.” Between 50 and 200 migrants a day were crossing the Bulgarian border in 2016, but – like Hungary – the south-east European country has rolled out border fences to reduce the inflow. Groups of civilians have been patrolling the Turkish frontier for over a year now, but BNO Shipka members have a more militia-like character than the early volunteers. The group has a YouTube channel with dozens of videos
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