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Kim Dotcom Wins Settlement from New Zealand Police for 2012 Raid

Kim Dotcom
Kim Dotcom, the founder of the now defunct file-sharing site Megaupload, has won an undisclosed settlement from the New Zealand police over their dawn raid on his house in 2012 which saw him arrested as part of an FBI investigation into his websites.

Machine Learning Technology Used to Detect Suicidal Thoughts

The brain scans detected lingering alterations in the white matter
A team of scientists at Carnegie Mellon University has created an algorithm that can detect suicidal thoughts or tendencies in people by analyzing their brain scans.

Zuckerberg and Tim Cook Met with Chinese President Xi Jingping

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg and Apple CEO Tim Cook, met with Chinese President Xi Jinping at a meeting of the advisers to the Tsinghua University Business School in Beijing on Monday.

Vice President Pence Confirms NASA to Refocus on Moon Missions

AP Photo
Speaking at the inaugural meeting of the National Space Council, Vice President Mike Pence confirmed a shift in goals for NASA towards putting humans back on the Moon.

Vice President Pence Confirms NASA to Refocus on Moon Missions

AP Photo
Speaking at the inaugural meeting of the National Space Council, Vice President Mike Pence confirmed a shift in goals for NASA towards putting humans back on the Moon.

Facebook Explains How User’s Accounts Are Handled After They Die

More than 3,500 visitors flocked to a recent one-day expo at Amsterdam's historic central Westerkerk church for a peek at new funeral gadgets
In a post on Facebook's Newsroom, Monika Bickert, director of global policy management, explained the process employed by the social media company for the treatment of profiles for users who have passed away, something that most social networking sites do not take into account.

Breitbart’s Schilling, Nate Church on Esports: ‘The Next NFL’

Breitbart Tech’s gaming expert Nate Church joined Curt Schilling, himself a long-time gamer and former development studio founder, on Schilling’s show Whatever It Takes to discuss the growing phenomenon of eSports, with its huge presence in Asia and rapid growth in the United States.

Facebook AI Invents New Language Not Understandable by Humans

Artifical Intelligence being developed by Facebook has invented its own language system to convey detailed information with greater efficiency; however, to human eyes, the messages are completely nonsensical.

Amazon Considering Allowing Developers Access To Alexa Transcripts

AP Photo
According to the Information, Amazon is considering opening up access to private transcript data from its Alexa devices to third-party developers, raising concerns of privacy for users.

Facebook Clamps Down on “Low Quality” Links on Newsfeeds

Facebook is rolling out an update that would throttle links from users who are judged to be posting "vast amounts" of low-quality content onto their profiles and clogging up the news feeds of their friends.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg and Wife Help Illegals with College Tuition

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have donated millions of dollars via the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative to TheDream.US, a program that will award over 100 college scholarships to illegal immigrants in the Bay Area.

New AI Technology Learns How to Read Minds

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have created a machine learning technology that utilizes brain activation patterns to identify complex thoughts and sentences, which is, in effect, an ability to "mind read."

Report: Walmart Orders Vendors Not to Use Amazon Web Services

According to multiple tech companies, Walmart is telling vendors that they are not allowed to run any applications for the retail giant using Amazon Web Services, and should instead use alternate solutions, such as Microsoft's Azure.

Rowan University Guidebook Claims Meritocracy Is a Microaggression

European Council
Rowan University has published a guide for their professors instructing them how to "call out" supposed microaggressions in the classroom, with ideas such as meritocracy and wanting to be inclusive highlighted as especially negative.

Netflix Flip-Flops on Net Neutrality

After Netflix CEO Reed Hastings dismissed net neutrality as an issue that was only important to "the Netflix of ten years ago" at a conference two weeks ago, the company's Twitter account sent out a tweet claiming they would "never outgrow" the cause.

Report: iPhone Assembler Foxconn in Talks to Bring Thousands of Jobs to Wisconsin

Foxconn, a Taiwanese corporation that assembles iPhones in East Asia, is considering building a plant in Wisconsin as part of a $7 billion investment that will create up to 50,000 jobs, according to the Associated Press.

California Man Arrested for Posting Deadpool Movie on Facebook

Actor Ryan Reynolds attends the "Deadpool" fan event at AMC Empire Theatre on February 8, 2016 in New York City
Trevon Maurice Franklin, from Fresno, California, was arrested on Tuesday by federal agents for posting the entirety of Deadpool on Facebook while it was still being shown in movie theaters.

Britain and France to Crack Down on Online Terrorist Content

AP Photo
Theresa May, the newly re-elected British Prime Minister spoke at a press conference on Tuesday ahead of a visit to meet with the French President Emmanuel Macron, revealing that the two countries would be working together to push a new legal liability on social media and technology companies to remove "unacceptable" content that is promoted on their platforms.

University of California IT Workers Sue After Losing Jobs To Outsourcing

Employees at a call centre provide service support to international customers in Bangalore March 17, 2004. REUTERS/Sherwin Crasto/Files
IT workers at the University of California intend to file a lawsuit challenging their dismissal after they were replaced by offshore workers, arguing that those sacked from the UC San Francisco campus were discriminated against based on age and national origin.

China in Talks with European Space Agency to Build Moon Base

Our Solar System is thought to have formed 4,567 billion years ago, followed by the Moon about 100 million years later
Representatives of the Chinese government and the European Space Agency have been in talks regarding the construction of a possible moon base in the near future, it has been revealed.

MasterCard Tests Credit Cards with Embedded Fingerprint Reader

MasterCard is currently testing a credit card with a fingerprint scanner embedded within it, creating an extra layer of biometric authentication to keep the accounts of their customers as safe as possible.

Facebook Shareholders Demand Report On Fake News

Facebook shareholders have demanded a report on so-called fake news and the apparent threat it poses to democracy and free speech, according to a proxy filing made on Friday.

Google Blames Vendor for Rating InfoWars as Untrustworthy ‘Without Our Knowledge’

Google has responded to claims that it rated InfoWars as a "low-to-medium" website on a reliability scale to limit its appearance in search results, blaming a vendor for doing so without their knowledge.

German Government Tells Parents to Destroy Dolls or Face Fine

The German Federal Network Agency has ordered parents to destroy any "My Friend Cayla" dolls that their children have, or face more than $25,000 in fines for not complying. This ruling comes after the smart dolls were found to be transmitting audio recordings to a third party specializing in voice recognition for police and military forces.

Roku TVs to Listen in on Programs and Suggest New Content

Roku-enabled TVs will soon be able to direct viewers to similar content by detecting what they are currently watching.

Report: School-Owned Devices Spying on Kids

Texas Education Ratings
According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation's new "Spying on Students" report, educational establishments that provide students with devices such as laptops or tablets are not respecting their privacy rights.

Teenager Accidentally Shoots Himself on Instagram Live

A 13-year-old boy was found dead by his mother on Monday evening after accidentally shooting himself while streaming on Instagram Live.

Leftists Accuse Sean Spicer of Holocaust Denial After He Argues Assad Gassing Worse Than Hitler

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said in a press conference on Tuesday that Hitler did not use chemical weapons during WWII, arguing that Russia would be on the wrong side of history in supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This sparked a clamor online of people quick to point out the existence of the gas chambers used to murder millions in concentration camps.

Chinese Factory Uses Army of Robots to Sort Packages

A video from China showing a factory floor where dozens of orange robots scuttle around delivering packages with extreme efficiency, removing the need for an army of menial workers, has gone viral.

Spotify Executive Confirmed as British Victim of Sweden Terror Attack

Chris Bevington, an executive at Spotify, has been named as the British victim killed in Friday's terror attack in Stockholm.

Navy SEALs Testing Electrical Brain Stimulation Technology

US Navy SEALs have begun testing the effects of concentrated electricity on the brain in order to improve performance in strenuous situations.

Google, Facebook, Twitter Promise to Crack Down on Terrorist Content Online

In a meeting with Amber Rudd, the British Home Secretary, tech companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft promised to crack down on terrorist content being accessible on the internet after the Westminster attacker, Khalid Massood, reportedly found tips as to how to orchestrate such an attack online.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Now World’s 2nd-Richest Man

Jeff Bezos; Amazon
Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, has surpassed both Amancio Ortega and Warren Buffett to become the world's second-richest man.

Scientists Turn Spinach Leaf into Beating Human Heart Cells

Researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute have created artificial heart tissue with functioning vasculature by stripping a spinach leaf of its original cells and replacing them with human cells.

Venezuelans Using ‘Rare Pepes’ and Bitcoin As Currency

Venezuelan internet users have quantified the "Rare Pepe," converting the internet meme into a Bitcoin-linked alternative currency to escape the economic controls imposed by Venezuela's socialist regime.

Facebook Files Patent for Meme Analysis Engine

A patent filed by Facebook detailing a proposed meme analysis engine has been uncovered.

Tech Companies File Amicus Brief Against Trump Immigration Order

Under the Lyft, General Motors program called Express Drive, the drivers will get a free rental car if they give at least 65 rides a week
58 technology companies have signed an amicus curiae brief against President Trump's latest immigration order, filed in a challenge brought upon the order in the state of Hawaii. However, tech giants such as Apple, Google and Facebook have not joined them.

Facebook, Twitter and Google Criticized by MPs for Being ‘Soft’ on Hate Speech

Top executives from the UK arms of Facebook, Twitter, and Google appeared in front of the Home Affairs Select Committee on Tuesday and were grilled about an apparent failure to tackle ‘hate speech’ on their platforms. The committee directed most of their intense scrutiny towards Google in regards to videos posted on YouTube that are “peddling hate,” according to Labour MP Chuka Umunna. Focusing on videos uploaded by the ex-KKK leader David Duke and the now proscribed extremist organization National Action, Umunna accused Peter Barron, the vice president of communications and public affairs at Google Europe of profiting off of these videos, along with allowing the individuals themselves to make money as well. “Your operating profit in 2016 was $30.4 billion. Now, there are not many business activities that somebody openly would have to come and admit… that they are making money and people who use their platform are making money out of hate,” Umunna said. “You, as an outfit, are not working nearly hard enough to deal with this.” Barron responded by arguing that the profits they made from these videos were “very small amounts,” also saying that they would crack down on them. Fellow Labour MP David Winnick

Twitter Tests Censoring Entire User Accounts over ‘Sensitive Content’

twitter censorship
Twitter has confirmed it is experimenting with greying out the profiles of users it deems are posting "sensitive content," displaying a warning to others before they can read their tweets.

British High Court Forces Uber Drivers to Take English Tests

English language test
Uber has lost a battle in the British High Court which has ruled that all private hire taxi companies must have their drivers pass an English language test to be allowed to operate in London.
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