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Minor League Baseball Team, Charleston River Dogs Mocks Tim Tebow’s Christianity…

Social Justice Warrior Kapernick still out of work. Via The Post and Courier: The Charleston RiverDogs said they didn’t mean any harm when they played the “Hallelujah Chorus” every time Tim Tebow came up to bat Friday night. And they didn’t mean to offend the former college and NFL quarterback when Charlie, the RiverDogs mascot, […]

House Judiciary Democrats Demand GOP Leadership Start New Russia-Trump Probe

The Democrats are persistent. Via Washington Examiner: House Judiciary Committee Democrats are telling the panel’s Republican leadership to “do its job” and join other committees in conducting a probe into Russian interference in last year’s election and the Trump administration. “The House Committee on the Judiciary has a responsibility to step up and do its […]

ISIS Urges Attacks On Ramadan’s Night Of Power, Islam’s Holiest Day

Motive unknown. Via Fox News: Law enforcement officials around the world are on high alert this week as ISIS calls for a surge of civilian attacks during Islam’s “Night of Power,” the holiest day on the Islamic calendar, which this year begins Wednesday evening. Known in Arabic as “Laylat al-Qadr,” it marks the night during […]

Republican Senator Tim Scott’s Wikipedia Page Defaced With Racist Remarks

Last general election Tim Scott received 90,000 votes more than Lindsey Graham. Via WISTV: Because some people think it’s a good idea to vandalize a Wikipedia page in hopes no one will notice, a Wikipedia editor was blasted for editing a page by his intended target. South Carolina junior Sen. Tim Scott — who is […]

Church of England Official: Transgender Christians Can Be ‘Re-Christened’ After Undergoing Sex Change

That takes a special kind of stupid. Via Breitbart: An official of the Church of England suggested that it may allow transgender Christians to be “re-christened” under their new names following a sex change. The proposal is contained in a discussion paper that outlines those who have undergone a sex change cannot be re-baptized but […]

Brewery Creates ‘F*** You, I’m Millwall’ Beer In Honor Of Man Who Took On London Bridge Attackers

Roy Larner drinks for free. Via The Telegraph: A Swedish brewery as launched a beer called ‘F*** you, I’m Millwall,’ named after the words used by a victim of the London Bridge terror attack as he fought back against the assailants. Roy Larner, 47, was at the Black & Blue restaurant and bar in Borough […]

NSC Refuses To Turn Over Info On Who Susan Rice Had Unmasked, Evidence Removed To Obama Library

Obama holdovers hard at work. Why does the Obama Library have any right to information that is presently under Congressional subpoena? Via Judicial Watch: Judicial Watch today announced that the National Security Council (NSC) on May 23, 2017, informed it by letter that the materials regarding the unmasking by Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice […]

Left Eats Left: Scores Of Farm Workers, Activists March On Ben And Jerry’s

Ho, ho, Ben and Jerry gotta go… Via ABC News: Scores of dairy farm workers and activists marched Saturday to a Ben & Jerry’s factory to push for better pay and living conditions on farms that provide milk for the ice cream maker that takes pride in its social activism. Protesters said Ben & Jerry’s […]

Climate Change/Global Warming Zealots Need To Get Real

The zealots keep moving the goal posts. Via The Daily Telegraph: WELL, now we know. The biggest deniers in the whole climate change debate are those who think we can have affordable power, lower emissions and a reliable network. We can’t. And after they almost sleepwalked their way to defeat at the last election, it […]

Senate GOP Shifts Focus To Lynch

Obstruction and collusion. Via The Hill: Senate Republicans are clamoring to hear from Loretta Lynch after former FBI Director James Comey raised concerns about her involvement in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are seizing on Comey’s testimony earlier this month that he was concerned over the former attorney general […]

GOP Rep Working With NRA On Policy To Keep Congress Safe

Nationwide reciprocity for all not just congress. Via Fox News: Congressman Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) said on “Fox & Friends” that he is working with the National Rifle Association on a new policy that will keep his colleagues safe. Collins said he and the NRA want Congress to be protected in the wake of the shooting […]

Eatonville, FL Democrat Mayor Convicted Of Voter Fraud Sentenced To 4 Years Of Probation

Another game of guess the political party. Via WFTV: The former mayor of Eatonville convicted of tampering with the city’s 2015 elections was sentenced to four years of probation on Friday. Anthony Grant was also sentenced to 25 days, but it included time served. He made a last-minute plea for mercy. “This has been one […]

Kaepernick Compares Police Officers To Slave Hunters After Castile Verdict

Kaepernick is still on the ‘free’ market. Via The Wild Card: Actively unemployed NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick just took another disgusting and misinformed shot at the police officers of America. The former 49er posted an image on Twitter likening today’s police officers to the “runaway slave patrol,” along with a declaration that the system […]

Border Patrol Arrests 4 Illegal Aliens In Arizona At Humanitarian-Aid Group’s Arivaca Camp

Enforcing the law. Via Tucson Com: Border Patrol agents served a warrant and arrested four people at a No More Deaths camp in Arivaca, Customs and Border Protection announced Thursday night. The four are Mexican nationals arrested for immigration violations, the agency said. A No More Deaths spokeswoman said the four were patients receiving medical […]

Swedish Police Attacked By 100 Masked Migrant Youths

Future no go zone. Via Breitbart: The masked migrant youths attacked the officers during the second night of rioting in the area. They also attacked the officer’s vehicles, slashing the tyres of two police cars. Only one man was arrested in connection with the riots, Swedish paper Aftonbladet reports. The riot is said to have […]

Protesters Interrupt Violent Julius Caesar Trump Play

Boycott the sponsors of the play. Via BPR: Two protesters interrupted the play Julius Caesar in New York’s Central Park to condemn violent leftist rhetoric against President Trump and his supporters. Rebel TV’s Laura Loomer was arrested after rushing the stage during a scene where a Trump lookalike is stabbed and assassinated. “Stop leftist violence!” […]

Judicial Watch Sues Justice Department Over Comey Memo

Via Washington Examiner: Judicial Watch announced Friday it has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Justice Department for information related to memos former FBI Director James Comey testified that he had written about his private meetings with President Trump. The conservative watchdog group said its latest suit is in response to not […]

One Of 2 Chicago Girls Shot At Grade School Picnic Tells Dad, ‘We Didn’t Stand A Chance’

Another shooting in a gun free zone. Via Chicago Tribune: Emerson Hart was in Michigan City, Ind., when he was told only that his 13-year-old daughter Dakayla was hurt and in the hospital. He didn’t know she and another girl, 7, had been shot while at a grade school picnic on the South Side on […]

Islamic State Claims Fatal Stabbing Of Israeli Policewoman; Israel Unconvinced

Terrorists are terrorists. Via TOI: The Islamic State on Friday night claimed responsibility for a coordinated shooting and stabbing terror attack in Jerusalem that killed an Israeli police officer, Hadas Malka, 23, in what the jihadist group vowed would be the first of many attacks. The jihadist group in an online statement said three IS […]

Valedictorian: A Rank Of The Past… In Half Of American High Schools

Stop keeping score at sporting events. Via PJ Media: About half of America’s high schools no longer report class rank, endangering the coveted title of valedictorian, the Associated Press (AP) reported. Ranking students from “number one” on down has been declining in the past decade, with schools instead opting for assigning honors to students above […]

President Trump To Cuba: Return Woman Convicted In NJ Trooper’s Murder

She has had enough time to turn her life around in Cuba. Via North Jersey Com: President Donald Trump has demanded that Cuba return a woman convicted in the murder of a New Jersey state trooper. Trump made the demand for the return of Joanne Chesimard while announcing changes to Obama-era Cuba policy in Miami […]

San Francisco Man Shows Up To Spanish Church Service Wearing Fake ICE Jacket; Scares Congregation

San Fran is a sanctuary city, the congregation overreacted. Via BPR: A man wearing a fake Immigration and Customs Enforcement jacket in the vicinity of a Northern California church during religious services created a bit of a panic among the parishioners — it was a Spanish-speaking service. Police learned from ICE and the FBI that […]

BREAKING: Minnesota Officer Acquitted In Shooting Of Philando Castile

Stay woke, the court has spoke. Via WISTV: A Minnesota police officer was acquitted of manslaughter Friday in the fatal shooting of a Philando Castile, a black motorist whose girlfriend streamed the aftermath live on Facebook. Jeronimo Yanez was also cleared of two lesser charges in the July traffic stop in a St. Paul suburb. […]

New Jersey Democrat In Response To Shooting: ‘Hunt’ Republicans

Paging Nancy Pelosi. Via NJ 1015: A longtime Democratic operative from Union County has responded to the Wednesday shooting of a congressman by calling for a “hunt” of Republicans. James Devine posted several messages on Facebook and Twitter following the Alexandra, Virginia, shooting of U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise and several others by a gunman with […]

London’s Grenfell Tower Inferno A ‘Disaster Waiting To Happen’ As Green Energy Took Priority

Casualties of the global warming fraud. Via The Telegraph: An inferno which engulfed a tower block, killing at least 12 in what could become one of the biggest fire tragedies in British history, was a “disaster waiting to happen”, experts have said. Fears were raised that green energy concerns were prioritised ahead of safety as […]

Wife Of Shooter Who Targeted Republicans: ‘I Can’t Believe He Did This’

He left for DC in March to work on taxes? Via The Guardian: The wife of Virginia gunman James Hodgkinson who targeted a Republican party baseball practice match on Wednesday and critically injured GOP congressman Steve Scalise has spoken publicly for the first time about the shooting, telling reporters: “I can’t believe he did this.” […]

Olympics Drops Several Historic Shooting Events For 2020

Olympics headed to gamers sitting in mom’s basement battling each other for the gold. Via Guns: Moving towards being “more youthful, more urban, and more women” the International Olympic Committee approved a host of changes to the shooting sports for the upcoming Tokyo Games. The group on Friday announced they agreed with changes proposed by […]

ICE Arrests Nearly 200 Iraqis With Criminal Convictions In Deportation Sweep

Future conscripts in the Iraqi military. Via JPost: US immigration authorities have arrested and moved to deport 199 Iraqi immigrants, mostly from the Detroit area, in the last three weeks after Iraq agreed to accept deportees as part of a deal removing it from President Donald Trump’s travel ban, officials said on Wednesday. In the […]

RT Host Claims The Left Hasn’t Been Violent Since Bill Ayers And The Weather Underground…His Timing Couldn’t Be Worse

History is repeating itself. Via The Daily Caller: Jeff Steir, a senior fellow at the National Center For Public Policy Research, couldn’t believe his ears Tuesday night when he appeared on Thom Hartmann‘s show on RT America. At the 25:25 mark, Hartmann, a liberal, said there hasn’t been any lefty violence in America since The […]

Detention Of Mexicans In Canada Spiked Since Country Lifted Visa Requirement

Illegal aliens not even self-deporting themselves to Mexico. Via Fox News: Detention of Mexican citizens in Canada has spiked since December, when the government lifted its visa requirement for visitors from Mexico, figures obtained by Reuters show, even as Canada burnishes its image as more welcoming than the United States. Detentions in the first five […]

False Tweet Sends Media Into Overdrive About NBA Champion Warriors’ Boycott Of White House

Trump Derangement Syndrome. Via MRC: Today will not go into the annals of “Great Days in Journalism History.” It’s a day of shame for much of the left-stream media, which proved that a lie travels halfway around the world before the truth puts on its boots. The day started with Josh Brown, a commentator on […]

Canadian Kids Learn Their Drag Queen Names And More At Library’s Over The Rainbow Pride Event

Utopia for the Moonbats from Hollywood that threatened to move to Canada. HT: Twitchy

Off-Duty Border Patrol Agent Kidnapped And Brutally Assaulted In New Mexico

Drug cartels sending a message? Via Valley Central: An off-duty Border Patrol agent suffered serious injuries Friday night after an apparent assault in New Mexico. At about 11 p.m. Friday, a motorist found the off-duty agent “on the side of the road” in Doña Ana County, New Mexico, according to a news release from U.S. […]

Gianforte Gets Fine, 40 Hours Community Service For Assaulting Reporter

The pajama boy reporter got more than he bargained for by interrupting an ongoing interview with another reporter. Via KRTV: U.S. Rep.-elect Greg Gianforte got a six-month deferred sentence Monday and a $300 fine for assaulting a reporter on the eve of his election last month – and, in court, turned to personally apologize to […]

Senate Democrats Try To Spark Rural Comeback In 2018

Pandering to podunk country. Via Politico: Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) has declared war on almond milk as she prepares to run for reelection in 2018. Though not a cause célèbre driving political talk on cable news, plant-based beverages called milk are a major sore spot for dairy farmers in Wisconsin, where President Donald Trump swept […]

Mexican Authorities Find 112 Illegal Aliens Huddled In Back Of Truck On Southern Border

Not giving them a chance of heading further north. Via Reuters: Mexican authorities discovered 112 migrants, including four babies, huddled alive in the back of a truck as it traveled along a highway in the country’s south, the attorney general’s office said on Sunday. The truck, which officials said had ventilation and water for the […]

Democrat Senator Jack Reed: Trump Shouldn’t Testify In Front Of Congress

Dems have a runaway. Via Washington Examiner: Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed believes President Trump testifying in front of Congress to tell his side of the story would raise too many separation of powers questions. The Democratic senator told “Fox News Sunday” that Trump should only speak about the investigation to Special Counsel Robert Mueller […]

Bernie Sanders Lambasts ‘Absolute Failure’ Of Democratic Party’s Strategy

Bernie warming up for his fact-finding mission to Venezuela. Via The Guardian: Bernie Sanders has criticised the Democratic party’s current direction as “an absolute failure” in a speech at the People’s Summit in Chicago. Speaking to a crowd of 4,000 activists, Sanders hailed the “enormous progress in advancing the progressive agenda”, saying the increasing House […]

ISIS Propaganda Takes Hit From Killings, Battlefield Setbacks

Welcome to the world of Jim Mattis. Via Stars and Stripes: Supported by crutches and a fellow Islamic State jihadi, Abu Shuaib al-Maslawi hopped on his left leg toward the explosives-laden black SUV that he would minutes later plow into a group of Iraqi troops in the northern city of Mosul. Then, turning toward the […]

Geese Were Responsible For “Mass Casualty” HazMat Response At Disneyland

The return of OWS. Via Townhall: A call came in to the Anaheim Police Department Friday night that someone threw human feces on people at Disneyland’s Main Street and up to 40 people had been hit. Anaheim Fire & Rescue’s Hazmat crew was quickly dispatched to the scene, and upon their arrival they determined the […]
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