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BUCHANAN: Is War With Iran Now Inevitable?

Future of Middle East must be determined by its inhabitants

SCHLICHTER: The Fussy Attack of the Domesticated Conservatives

1776 patriot movement steamrolling impotent cuckservatives, fraudsters

Mass Shooting In Sweden – Officials Immediately Rule Out Terrorism

Suspect still on run, seven injured at busy market

Harvey Weinstein Is the True Face of Leftist Hollywood

Weinstein brick in wall hiding Hollywood pedophilia scandal

Swedistan: Airport Emergency After ‘Mother of Satan’ Explosive Found In Luggage

German national arrested as part of Gothenburg airport locked down

Millions of Ballots Seized by Spanish Police Ahead of Catalan Vote

Madrid goes tyrannical to crush Catalonian secession movement

Republicans Set to Unveil Sweeping Changes to US Tax Code

Trump-GOP plan reduces corporate rates, condenses individual brackets

Globalist Charity Stages #RefugeesWelcome Stunt at Trump’s Childhood Home

Oxfam exploits Trump family legacy to advance phony narrative

Uber and Out: Ride-Sharing Service Banned In London

London strips Uber license, cites passenger safety fears

Disturbing Video Shows Brutal Assault On Elderly Teacher By Middle School Students

Reports indicate school officials whitewashing incident

‘General Kelly Voted For Hillary’ GOP Operative Claims During Analysis of ‘Face Palm’ Photos

WH Chief of Staff's body language during speeches has leftists thrilled

Toys ‘R’ Us Files 2nd Largest Retail Bankruptcy In US History

Online retailers toppling brick-and-mortar giants

State Dept. Considers Closing Embassy In Cuba After Diplomats Suffer Mystery Illness

21 Americans suffered medical harm in Havana

Yale Swaps Out ‘Freshman’ and ‘Upperclassman’ With ‘Gender-Neutral’ Terms

Dean claims university is modernizing language

BUCHANAN: A ‘Read-My-Lips’ Moment For Trump?

Where does amnesty fit into #AmericaFirst agenda?

REPORT: UK Police Threaten to Unmask ‘Islamophobic’ Facebook User to Employer

British government targeting concerned citizens as 25,000 jihadists roam free

Transgender Issue Dividing Schools, Parents & Kids In UK

Children as young as 3 being referred for gender development services

California Lawmakers Announce $30 Million Aid For Illegal Immigrants

Taxpayers to provide $20M for lawyers, $10M in education for illegals

New Evidence Backs Trump Vote-Fraud Claim

Out-of-state voters may have swung New Hampshire for Dems

BUCHANAN: Trump Dumps the Do-Nothing Congress

President bypasses RINO saboteurs to protect reviving economy

SCHLICHTER: ‘Woke’ Conservatives Threaten RINO Status Quo

#NeverTrump GOP politicians to face consequences in 2018

EU Court Rules Against Hungary, Slovakia ‘Refugee Resettlement’ Challenge

Budapest, Bratislava slam decision as EU moves to impose penalties

‘Unacceptable’: China Slams Trump’s Threat to End Commerce With N. Korea’s Trade Partners

China ramping up NK trade, claims Trump being unfair

SHE WAS RIGHT: Texas Woman Forewarned of 100,000 Damaged Homes, 50 Inches Rain

Woman's Harvey predictions deadly accurate despite public shaming

Senator Feinstein Facing Backlash After Slight Softening On Trump

Leftists vehemently oppose bipartisan politics

‘Conservative’ Lawmakers Move to Save DREAMers

Republicans crafting bill to preserve DREAMers' paths to citizenship

Putin Warns N. Korea Situation On Verge of ‘Large-Scale Conflict’

Favors multilateral negotiations with Pyongyang over direct pressure

Putin Warns N. Korea Situation On Verge of ‘Large-Scale Conflict’

Favors multilateral negotiations with Pyongyang over direct pressure

GREENFIELD: The Left Turns On Antifa

Leftists dumping Antifa after they become Trump talking point

Gorka: WH Officials Working Against Trump, GOP Leaders Living ‘Fantasy Illusion’

Former advisor asserts General Kelly is isolating Trump

Mystery ‘Chemical Mist’ Forces Evacuation of Popular UK Tourist Beach

Hundreds rushed to hospital with injuries, breathing difficulties

US Liberals Cozy Up to Antifa, America’s Anti-Free Speech ‘Taliban’

Media support of alt-left violence will lead to civil war

Trump Blasts Lindsey Graham’s “Disgusting Lie” About President’s Charlottesville Comments

RINOs teaming up with MSM to smear President

Trump Hits Back at Merkel Over NK Criticism: “Let Her Speak For Germany”

German chancellor critical of President's handling of North Korea

Swedistan: Car Plows Into Crowd of People Outside Stockholm Hospital

Authorities immediately rule out potential of terrorism

BUCHANAN: After the Coup, What Then?

Is the US a democracy committing suicide?

STUDY: Letting Illegals Stay Costs Six Times More Then Deporting Them

ICE data reveals massive savings via deportations

BUCHANAN: Shall We Fight Them All?

Government military complex still seeking conflict around globe

SHOCK VIDEO: Massive Migrant Settlement Outside Courthouses In Major CA Sanctuary City

Tent city allowed to swell in Orange County government center.

BUCHANAN: Is Trump Entering a Kill Box?

We are headed for a collision between Trump and Mueller
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