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TRUMP: Mueller’s Friendship With Comey ‘Very Bothersome’

Relationship poses conflict of interest in witch hunt

Oregon Adds Third Gender Option to Driver’s Licenses, State IDs

Oregonians can now declare themselves non-binary

Crowd Bursts Into ‘Trump’ Chant When Handel Thanks POTUS in Victory Speech

Crowd goes wild at mention of Trump

Russian Jet Warns Off NATO F-16 Trying to Approach Defense Minister’s Plane

Tensions rise in skies over Baltic Sea

NYT Columnist: Better to Deport ‘Lazy Americans’ Than Illegal Immigrants

America belongs to immigrants, he says

Alex Jones Megyn Kelly Full Interview Leaked

Leaked audio means to set the record straight

South Carolina Port Terminal Evacuated Over ‘Potential Dirty Bomb’ Threat

FBI investigating active threat aboard container vessel

Trump’s Withdrawal From Paris Climate Treaty Could Damage Geoengineering Agenda

Historic decision could remove US from risky environmental manipulation

Six Dead, Dozens Missing Amidst Horrific London Tower Blaze

Death toll expected to rise as many still missing

Hungarian PM: EU “Openly Siding With Terrorists”

Globalists using migrants as weapons against Europe

BUCHANAN: Are We Nearing Civil War?

Trump presidency targeted for deep state-media coup

Spain In Chaos as Catalonia Sets Date For Independence Referendum

Heavily taxed region propping up failing nation

Saudi Arabian Soccer Team Rejects Moment of Silence For Jihad Victims

Team claims observance not part of Saudi culture

ISIS Warns Manchester Bombing a ‘Preview of What Is Coming’

Jihadists mock benefit concert, promise more attacks in online magazine

Trump to Nominate ‘Impeccable’ Christopher Wray as FBI Director

President announces nomination of Comey replacement

Anti-Shariah Rallies Planned For 28 U.S. Cities On June 10

Organizers seek to shine light on Sharia creep in USA

Donald Trump Jr. Trolls Bitter Hillary Clinton Over Election Loss Blame Game

Clinton once smeared President as 'threat to democracy'

Hungarian PM: George Soros Issues ‘Declaration of War’ On Hungary

Orban government locked in battle with Soros-EU juggernaut

BUCHANAN: Is Afghanistan a Lost Cause?

After trillions invested, millions lives lost, Afghanistan worse off

UK PM Candidate Corbyn’s Plans to ‘Welcome Thousands of Unskilled Workers’ Leaked

Pro-migrant party leader has no plans to curb UK immigration

CNN Now ‘Evaluating’ Kathy Griffin’s Role in Annual New Year’s Eve Coverage

'We found what she did disgusting and offensive' says network

Trump Returns To US, Immediately Slams ‘Fake’ News Media On Twitter

President blasts 'leaks' as fake media lies

Jihadis From Indonesia and Malaysia Wreak Havoc In Philippines Amidst ISIS ‘Invasion’

Military struggling in battle against guerrillas in besieged city

Manchester Jihadist’s Sister: He Was a Kind and Loving Person

Suicide bomber linked to ISIS top recruiter

Germany Must Bear Consequences For EU Migrant Disaster, Poland Says

Polish Interior Minister: Migrants pose a greater risk to Poles than EU sanctions

Manchester Suicide Bombing Prompts ‘Security Rethinks’ Worldwide

Global police state strengthens in wake of terrorism

America’s Cities Are Running Out of Room

Agenda 21 roll-out continues as planned

Trump Supporters Hijack #ComeyMemo Hashtag to Mock Mainstream Media

Leftist hysteria lampooned on information battlefield

Muslim Psychiatrist Slams Islamists, Leftists For Downplaying Horror of Female Genital Mutilation

Accuses fellow Muslims of defending barbaric Islamic rituals

FAKE SCIENCE: Reddit Users Tear New Bill Nye Show to Shreds

Nye exposed as anti-science SJW hack

Netherlands Faces Another Election As Coalition Talks Collapse

Door could reopen to Wilders if new election forced

Officer Overdoses On High-Potency Opioid ‘Fentanyl’ After Brief Contact During Pat Down

Synthetic painkiller poses major risk in minute doses

Is President Trump Following Matt Drudge’s Advice?

Trump may clean out White House after Drudge warning

Swedish Government Administering Religious Test to Christian Asylum Seekers

Pro-Islamist Sweden forcing Christian refugees to prove their faith

Trump Implies There Are Recordings of His Conversations With Comey

President indirectly warns Comey against leaking to press

EU Darling Macron Wants Banks to Flood Paris After Brexit, Warns Top Exec

Former Rothschild banker will serve globalists' interests before French

Sweden Sees Significant Increase In Asylum Seekers After Scrapping ID Checks at Border

Suicidal government continues to lower defenses against migrant wave

France’s Election Provides Only Short-Term Relief For the Euro

Root cause of euro problem remains unsolved

Obama Urges Members of Congress to Have ‘Courage’ to Save Obamacare

Former president desperate to preserve lawless legacy

North Korea Accuses US, South Korea of Assassination Attempt

North Koreans claim failed bio-chemical weapons attack on Kim
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