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Trump in the Meathouse

An unlikely, yet perfect in some ways, metaphor from an iconic film.

Trump Derangement Syndrome and the Religious Impulse

Some Progressives are not just apoplectic about the recent presidential election, but actually epileptic.

Why Finsbury Park and London Bridge Are Not Alike

When it comes to cultures, leftists live in a multicultural dreamland and utterly refuse to be awakened. 

Why Germany Is Once Again a Threat to the West

The modern German mentality is in many ways a mutation or an update of the same mentality that has guided Germany since the eighteenth century.

Trump’s Presidency Reaffirms Nationalism over the Globalist Ideal

Despite their promise for a more peaceful world, the United Nations and every multilateral group have been a disappointment if not a failure.  President Trump is the antidote.

In His Own Image: How to ‘Flip’ a Country

Much of the effort to change America through preferential immigration has its manifestation in President Obama.

Not Business, Mr. President, but War

There is no "art of the deal" when fanatical leftists refuse to negotiate.  It is time for a change in strategy.

A Proposed Free Speech Tax from Republicans?

Some congressmen seem to need to be reminded that advertising is indeed speech.

CNN busted trying to send false ‘Russia collusion’ story down the memory hole

Busted by a fellow lefty media bigfoot!

The Confederate Monuments: Dead Stones and Real Monsters

Leftist iconoclasts clamor against Confederate monuments to fight "white supremacy," but their proposed solution is just as bad as the imagined problem they claim to want to eradicate.

Equality as a Social Construct

The closer we get to equality, the more miserable we all are.

When Evangelicals Become Useful Idiots for Islamism

Too many conservative Christians are ignoring the dangers posed by Islamic terrorism and the subversive effort to advance the conquest ideology of sharia law. 

Health Care’s Four Horsemen

The Senate health care bill simply digs the hole deeper.

George Soros on His Open Society

In promoting the "open society," George Soros's deeds undercut his words.

Does Trump Get the Israel-Arab Problem?

If the Trump administration believes that the goal is "peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians," it is in for disappointment. 

Fox News Ratings Are Up – and Why the Numbers Matter

Some may wonder why so much reporting on cable news ratings.  It's because their rankings are increasingly important to the future of high-information citizens and voters.

The Dirty Secret of How Income Taxes Really Work

Let's divide the population into three groups.  Chances are, you're in the only group that pays.

What? You Mean They Don’t Care about Democrat Investigations…Again?

Thinking about the Trump record as the Georgia 6th District victory is savored – and contrasting it with the arguments of Trump's opponents.

Robert Mueller Adopts Stalinist Tactics

Show Robert Mueller the man, and he will find a crime.

No Company Should Have a Human Resources Department

If you work for an organization large and unfortunate enough to have a dedicated "H.R." division, consider sending your résumé elsewhere.

For the GOP, Step Up or Become an Irrelevant Majority

A warning to the GOP to get cracking.

Digital Liberty in the Cloud Computing Era

No, modernity does not take away the robustness of our privacy rights.  The Second Circuit gets it right.

First: Blocked Travel Bans. Next: Open Borders?

While blocking President Trump's temporary travel ban on some foreigners entering the U.S., lower courts use some sneaky tricks that could create open borders.  

Progressives No Longer Burn Books; They ‘Recycle’ Them

Missouri educators double down on stupid. 

The Forgotten War that Changed American History

How Thomas Jefferson became acquainted with Muslim hospitality and repaid it with force.

James Hodgkinson — Look for the Union Label

James Hodgkinson, a good union man.

Clinical Implications of Transgenderism vs. Sex Identity Disorder

The four-decade politicization of sex-related mental disorders is finally reaching its completion, with dire implications for sanity in general.

Narcissus Revises Christianity, Makes It Liberal

Too many liberal Christians worship a Jesus Christ who happens to look, act, and think just as they do.

The Best Deal Ever

This most magnificent deal needs not to be made, but to be kept.

Anatomy of a Witch Hunt

Robert Mueller III is a much admired man – by the same people who once commanded us to admire James Comey.  Someone wants a scalp.

The Irony of Politics and Terrorism

The conservatives' big disappointment in Britain should serve as a wake-up call to political correctness-obsessed pols in the United States.

Business Tax Reform First

Why is America paying so much to comply with federal taxes? 

The Progressive Tea Party that Never Was

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, it's deadly serious, and it appears to be metastasizing.

The Consciousness of a Conservative

The poet William Wordsworth offers a profound lesson in the difference between liberals and conservatives.

Is Syria Wagging the Russian Dog?

The Su-22 incident may confirm that.

Bleeding America?

If Bleeding Kansas plays out in the fifty states, how does it resolve? 

Take the Fifth, Mr. President

The Founders wrote the Fifth as a protection against self-incrimination because they understood the nature of corrupt power.

The Jihad of the American Left

Much like Islamic jihad, the progressive jihad in America will continue and grow, fanned by the flames of the media and Democrats calling Trump an illegitimate president.

Being Legal in New Mexico

Out of P.C. deference to illegals, New Mexico has trashed its entire motor vehicle system.

Comey’s Game (II): The Mueller Gambit

Not a bad play from Comey's point of view.  The will of the people in electing this president may wind up being thwarted, but that apparently is of little import.
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