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Holy Crap! YouTube Star Logan Paul Finds Dead Body in Japan Forest… And Posts Video

YouTube star Logan Paul discovered a dead body while walking through a forest in Japan a posted the video to his YouTube account.

The YouTube star apologized after receiving a lot of backlash for posting a vlog showing the dead body.

An online hate mob is now attacking the 20-year-old YouTube star.

VIDEO of Logan Paul’s reaction:

More reaction video:

Logan Paul was with a group of friends walking through a forest in Mount Fuji, Japan Sunday when they discovered a young man who had committed suicide. The deceased man was hanging from a tree.

Mount Fuji Japan is known as “Suicide Forest” because a the large number of suicides that take place there every year.

The original video was 15 minutes long, however; Logan deleted it from his YouTube account.

Portions of the graphic video are making the rounds on Twitter. The Gateway Pundit decided against posting the more graphic clips captured by the YouTube star.

Logan Paul issued an apology saying he didn’t post the graphic video for ‘views’ but rather to raise awareness for suicide.

Many people criticized Paul Logan for smiling and laughing after discovering the dead body.

Others defended Logan saying he’s only 20 years old and he’s coping with seeing something this graphic by using humor.

Online hate mob bullying Logan Paul into himself. Lovely.

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The Nuclear Option — Trump’s Best Quality: He’s Not a Throne Sniffer

BOCA GRANDE, FLORIDA | There is so much to love about President Trump that it is hard to settle on the single greatest thing about the 45th president. His name is not “Hillary Clinton,” has to be in the top 10 best things about him. Nor is his name “John Kasich.” Even better. His scathing disdain for Republicans in Washington was surpassed only by his abhorrence of Democrats in Washington. His joyful willingness to make a complete mockery of everything the political establishment holds dear is pretty sweet, too. There is not a classier tweeter in the history of electricity. That’s got to be pretty high up there, too. Press wags clutch their pearls in horror every time the great presidential thumbs get to tweeting. The press stooges gasp over his use of social media for shameless self-promotion. Seriously, guys? You are scolding someone else for using Twitter for shameless self-promotion? These people really are communists. They hate competition. Same reason it’s against the law to steal. The government hates competition, too. And never sell Mr. Trump short for his selflessness and modesty. You think Mr. Trump really likes all this attention and adoration? All the slavish devotion from all the people who work for him? Of

Politico Predicts ‘Dire’ Results From Tiny Alcohol Tax Cuts, But Little Boost From $1.5 Trillion Tax Bill

<p>At Politico, consistency has never been a strong point. Somehow, the just-signed tax law supposedly won't have that much of an effect on Americans' economic behavior, but there's no doubt that the bill's tiny cuts in taxes on alcoholic beverages will bring about disastrous results.</p>

Colorado Chick-Fil-A Opens On A Sunday To Feed Law Enforcement

Via KDVR: Chick-Fil-A at Park Meadows Mall opened on Sunday to feed law enforcement after the deadly deputy-involved shooting in Highlands Ranch early Sunday morning. “With heavy hearts and lots of community support three Douglas County, Jefferson County and other County officers are helping with food 400 sandwiches for first responders. Our prayers are with […]

Bob Woodward Warns of ‘Self-Righteousness and Smugness’ of Media Mocking Trump

<p>On Sunday’s <em>State of the Union </em>on CNN, they interviewed Watergate legends Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Woodward warned that he sees “self-righteousness and smugness” in the media ridicule of President Trump, but Bernstein demonstrated media self-righteousness in declaring everyone know the press is “the last bastion of truth that makes democracy function.”</p>

John Bolton: “Our Goal Should Be Regime Change In Iran”

If you wondered what happened to John Bolton, the neocon throwback who advocated the disastrous Iraq War, he is back with some advice for how tell deal with Iran:

Note: Follow the money to President Donald Trump.

‘Fake News’ Earns Top Vote On Michigan University’s Annual List Of Banned Words

Also, a trigger word for the snowflakes. Via Daily Mail: Let me ask you this: Would a story that unpacks a list of tiresome words and phrases be impactful or a nothingburger? Worse, could it just be fake news? Northern Michigan’s Lake Superior State University on Sunday released its 43rd annual List of Words Banished […]

Wikileaks Drops Late Night Proof The NY Times Colluded With Hillary Clinton While She Was Secretary of State

Wikileaks hit back hard Late Saturday night after The New York Times rolled out yet another hit piece titled, “Republican Attacks on Mueller and F.B.I. Open New Rift in GOP”.

The New York Times is a mouthpiece for Deep State operatives.

Wikileaks revealed in a midnight tweet late Saturday into Sunday that a New York Times reporter used to email the State Department giving them updates on stories they would be running several days in advance.

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State at the time. This would give her State Department enough to time to distract or put a spin on the new revelations.

“Email shows New York Times handed over Cablegate’s publication schedule to the US government (without telling ) giving the State Department, then headed by Hillary Clinton, up to 9 days in advance to spin the revelations or create diversions,” Wikileaks tweeted.

The Daily Wire reported:

The players in the WikiLeaks email are interesting. Scott Shane is the national security reporter for the Times. And the recipient of his email, Philip Crowley, was at the time the United States Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs under Clinton’s State Department.

The State Department released a portion of the documents found on pervert Anthony Weiner’s laptop Friday and at least 5 emails contained classified information.

The FBI seized Weiner’s laptop after he was caught sexting with an underage teenager and discovered CLASSIFIED INFORMATION on the disgraced politician’s computer.

The Daily Mail reported:

At least five emails determined to be classified were found among 2,800 documents stored on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, whose then-wife Huma Abedin was deputy chief of staff to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The State Department released hundreds of pages of materials Friday afternoon, including a total of eight pages classified at the ‘confidential level,’ the third most sensitive level the U.S. government uses.

The emails date from 2010, 2011 and 2012 and concern discussions with Middle East leaders including some from Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

Large portions, including entire pages, were redacted before the documents’ release.

Three of them were sent either to or from an address called ‘BBB Backup,’ which one email identifies as a backup of a Blackberry Bold 9700, presumably belonging to Abedin.

One page of a document released Friday is heavily redacted and marked ‘classified’; it mentions ‘update on Hamas-PA talks,’ referring to the Palestinian Authority.

Another is a four-page ‘call sheet’ meant to guide Clinton through a sensitive phone call with Benjamin Netanyahu.

The work-related emails and other documents were recovered from Weiner’s computer last year by the FBI.

Civilians like Weiner, who was once a congressman but resigned in mid-2011, are prohibited from possessing or reading classified documents without a security clearance.

Hillary Clinton is directly responsible for this. She along with everyone complicit must be investigated and brought to justice. Americans are mad as hell that Hillary has gotten a free pass after committing one crime after another.

Hillary has put our national security at risk time and time again with her mishandling of classified information, pay-to-play and Uranium One scandal. Enough is enough!


Tom Fitton had this to say about the new Huma/Hillary doc dump from the State Department Friday:

This is a major victory. After years of hard work in federal court, Judicial Watch has forced the State Department to finally allow Americans to see these public documents. It will be in keeping with our past experience that Abedin’s emails on Weiner’s laptop will include classified and other sensitive materials. That these government docs were on Anthony Weiner’s laptop dramatically illustrates the need for the Justice Department to finally do a serious investigation of Hillary Clinton’s and Huma Abedin’s obvious violations of law.


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CBS Tries to Use Berlin Wall To Discredit Trump Wall, Israeli Anti-Terror Barriers

<p>It seems someone at CBS thought it was a good idea to send correspondent Mark Phillips all the way to Germany and do a full report about the Berlin Wall just to suggest that all walls are bad, and therefore undermine President Donald Trump's push for a border wall, as well as Israel's security barrier which has likely saved thousands from being murdered by suicide bombers.</p>

White Renegade of the Year—2017

The White Renegade of the Year is the man who could have done the most good for his people, but instead did the most harm. This year’s winner fits the description not just for this year, but for his entire generation. John McCain exemplifies a form of anti-white politics that goes beyond what has been called “cuckservatism.” His consistent work against the European-American population did not come out of cowardice or fecklessness, but instead, a deeply held belief that this country belongs to everyone but whites. And what is truly dispiriting about Senator McCain is that even as he nears death, in his mind, he no doubt sees himself as a patriot, a role model, as someone Americans of the past would admire, even though his life has been one long act of sabotage of everything they created.

From his earliest days, Senator John McCain was a man defined by a feeling of entitlement. Descended from one of America’s most notable military families, the young Mr. McCain was always destined for the Academy and a naval career. “I remember simply recognizing my eventual enrollment at the Academy as an immutable fact of life,” he wrote in his memoir. Once at the academy, he immediately began racking up demerits, flirting with expulsion, and relying on his family name to get out of trouble. He was even willing to let other students take demerits for his own offenses, ruining one student’s perfect record only weeks from graduation.

John McCain (Baby), father Admiral John Sidney McCain Jr. (L), and Grandfather Admiral John Sidney McCain Sr. (Credit Image: © Keystone USA via ZUMA Wire)

His early military career was hardly glorious. As an aviator, Mr. McCain was involved in three crashes in which his own conduct was faulted or questioned by military authorities. By his own admission, his aerial “clowning around” cut power lines and caused a blackout in Spain. There was even a review to decide whether he should be permanently grounded—the results of which are confidential. Given that his father was an admiral, it’s impossible to avoid speculation that political pull saved the career of a “fortunate son,” but it’s also impossible to prove it. (In fairness, contrary to some of the “fake news” circulated on social networking during the 2016 election, Senator McCain did not cause the fire on the USS Forrestal.)

Senator McCain’s record as a “patriot” rests most directly on his supposed record as a war hero after he was shot down over Vietnam and held as a prisoner. This record is shrouded in mystery, as rumors have consistently followed Senator McCain that he was no hero, but a collaborator. Indeed, Senator McCain has baffled observers by working to keep records about American POWs in Vietnam classified and withheld from POW families. These even include the records about claims that American soldiers were “left behind.” Perhaps he truly has nothing to hide. However, he has spent his life acting as if he does, which makes his sanctimonious posturing all the more suspicious. (Again, in fairness, there is no truth to the charge that he was pardoned by President Nixon for treason.)

Mar 14, 1973 – Hanoi, Vietnam – John McCain on his release from captivity in North Vietnam. (Credit Image: © Keystone USA via ZUMA Wire)

Even asking these questions may seem disrespectful, but there seems to be a double standard that protects Senator McCain. The same mainstream media that seek to defend him from criticism of his war record had no trouble making the truly legendary Admiral James Stockade a subject of brutal mockery following his run for vice president on Ross Perot’s Reform Party ticket.

After returning to America from Vietnam, Mr. McCain found his wife, a former model, had been injured in an accident and left with permanent injuries that changed her appearance. Mr. McCain promptly began cheating on her and eventually pushed for divorce. Ross Perot, who paid for the former Mrs. McCain’s medical bills while her husband was in captivity, is scathing about his conduct, claiming it reveals a fundamental lack of character and deep seated opportunism. Mr. McCain’s former wife remains supportive—but as he later agreed to pay her medical bills for the rest of her life, she is indebted to him.

Mr. McCain entered the Senate after a short time in the House, and his early career in the upper chamber was also marred by scandal. As a member of the “Keating Five,” he had perhaps the closest personal and social connections with Charlie Keating, chairman of the failed Lincoln Savings and Loan Association, who cost the federal government $3 billion and many Americans their savings. Senator McCain had accepted Mr. Keating’s political contributions, his wife had invested in one of Mr. Keating’s development projects, and the McCain family had vacationed at his retreat in the Bahamas. Senator McCain was among the officials who met with federal regulators in 1987 who were investigating Mr. Keating’s company. Possibly as a result of these meetings, regulators did not seize the company until years later, when the damage had already been done. Senator McCain’s political career barely survived the scandal. Our country would have been spared much grief if it hadn’t.

Senator McCain had an early reputation as a “maverick,” mainly due to his crusade for campaign finance laws and for an effort to punish the tobacco industry. For white advocates, however, the main issue that defines him is his promotion of liberal immigration laws—even though he did not become a leader of the movement to increase Third World immigration until the George W. Bush administration. Senator McCain was even part of the 97-3 majority that passed a useful immigration control bill in 1996.

Still, it is worth noting that in that same year, Senator McCain voted against an amendment offered by Dianne Feinstein (who, like many Democrats of the time, supported curbs on immigration) that would have limited chain migration. Ending chain migration, which has driven the huge increase since 1965, is now the goal Donald Trump hopes to achieve by surrendering on the DACA amnesty. Senator McCain and other “pro-business” Republicans who voted against the Feinstein Amendment essentially doomed their own party by permitting the demographic transformation of once solid red states such as Arizona, Virginia, and (eventually) Texas. Among other measures during the 1990s, Senator McCain also voted to kill voluntary pilot programs for workplace verification, granted amnesty to almost one million Nicaraguan and Cuban illegal immigrants, and voted to allow companies to fire American workers in order to make room for temporary foreign workers.

Of course, Senator McCain is best known for the bill he sponsored in 2005 with Ted Kennedy, the man who helped bring us the nation crushing 1965 Immigration Act in the first place. Even working with Senator Kennedy on this critical issue suggests Senator McCain was either naïve or malicious. An examination of the 2005 bill shows it was probably the latter.

The “Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act of 2005” created a path to permanent residency for illegal aliens, massively expanded legal immigration, and provided no meaningful way to secure the borders. Yet, Senator McCain tried to portray it as an increase in national security and border control. He admitted that amnesty had not worked in 1986, but denied his legislation was amnesty. It is hard to see this as anything other than deception.

The bill was never voted on. The very next year, along with Senator Kennedy, Senator McCain co-sponsored the equally damaging Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006, introduced by Senator Arlen Specter. It was defeated by an unexpectedly strong grassroots resistance. A similar act was reintroduced the next year with strong backing both from the Democratic leadership and the Bush White House. It, too, was defeated.

(Credit Image: © The Orange County Register/ZUMA Press)

During this entire process, Senator McCain directed most of his fire at his own party. He accused opponents of the bills of “pandering for votes.” And in a typical John McCain tactic, he said not passing amnesty meant “doing nothing,” and doing nothing was “silent amnesty,” thus stealing the rhetoric of immigration restriction in order to try to sell immigration liberalization. Senator McCain seemingly did not even consider enforcement measures that would encourage illegals to leave the country—to encourage what even Mitt Romney once defended as “self-deportation.”

In a 2007 interview with the senator, Bill O’Reilly specifically raised the question of demographic change. He pointed out that the Left wanted all 12 million immigrants plus their extended families to stay in the country so they could outvote the Republicans forever:

This would lead to, in my calculation, 40 and 50 [million] foreign nationals being absorbed into the United States in the next 12, 13 years. That would sink the Republican Party, I believe, because we’d have a one-party system. And change, pardon the pun, the whole complexion of America. Am I wrong?

Senator McCain replied, “No, you’re right.” But he then began talking about the differences between what the GOP and the Democrats wanted to do about temporary worker programs. Mr. O’Reilly did not let him off the hook:

They want to break down the white Christian male power structure of which you are a part, and so am I. And they want to bring in millions of foreign nationals to basically break down the structure that we have. In that regard, Pat Buchanan is right. So I say that you’ve got to cap it with a number.

Senator McCain replied:

In America today, we have a very strong economy, low unemployment. So we need additional farm workers, including by the way, agriculture. But there may come a time where we have an economic downturn and we don’t need so many.

After explicitly admitting mass immigration would doom the Republican Party, Senator McCain seems to have thought that bringing in more farm workers was more important!

In 2013, Senator McCain was a member of the so-called “Gang of Eight” pushing yet another amnesty. The bill would have added as many as 24 to 44 million legal immigrants to the country and possibly more than 120 million more via chain migration—the chain migration Senator McCain helped save back in 1996 by voting against the Feinstein amendment. He did not seem to have learned anything from his previous defeats, making the same arguments and creating the same false choice between “rounding up and deporting 11 million people” and amnesty. Once again, he was defeated.

Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Charles Schumer (D-NY), Richard Durbin (D-IL) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) attend a press conference on comprehensive immigration reform, January 28, 2013. (Xinhua/Zhang Jun) (Credit Image: © Xinhua via ZUMA Wire)

One wonders how Senator McCain keeps getting reelected. The answer is that in primaries, he misrepresents his views and he then betrays his constituents.

During the Tea Party wave of 2010, when Senator McCain faced a strong primary challenge from Congressman J.D. Hayworth, he tacked sharply to the right on immigration, drafting Sheriff Paul Babeu to champion the senator as “one of us.” Senator McCain promised to “complete the danged fence” and Sheriff Babeu said “it will work this time.” Senator McCain also called for hearings into abolishing birthright citizenship. Needless to say, after that election, Senator McCain did nothing to build to a fence or abolish birthright citizenship.

Senator McCain portrayed his immigration record differently in English and Spanish during his 2016 re-election effort. On his English-language site, Senator McCain bragged about his efforts to “ensure that the U.S. obtains control of its southwest border.” However, on his Spanish-language site, he never mentioned border security and bragged that he was “the central figure who has brought together at the negotiating table Republicans and Democrats to work on immigration reform that is humane and sensible to the needs of the immigrant community.” He also touted his membership in the “Gang of Eight.”

During the same election campaign, John McCain put opposition to Obamacare at the center of his platform. “I think it’s a very strong issue,” he told Politico. Yet it was John McCain who single-handedly saved Obamacare by casting the decisive vote to save it, winning applause from Senate Democrats.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Senator McCain made headlines for criticizing affirmative action. As future president Barack Obama accurately noted, this was a reversal of his previous position, as he had once said that opposition to affirmative action was “divisive.” However, after that election, Senator McCain never did anything to stop racially conscious policies. Indeed, he voted to table a measure by Senator Mike Lee that would have prohibited the Department of Housing and Urban Development from tying federal community grants to the diversity of neighborhoods.

On the rare occasions John McCain ever did anything useful, he later denounced them. In 1983 as a Congressman, he voted against the federal Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. In 2008, he forcefully repudiated his earlier vote.

Betrayals and opportunism are John McCain’s stock in trade. He is indifferent to protecting America’s borders but eager to commit Americans to the defense of other nations’ borders, especially those with Russia. In 2008, he claimed that “we are all Georgians” and in 2014 that “we are all Ukrainians.”

Senator McCain has called for military interventions and/or regime change in Bosnia, Kosovo, Russia, Georgia, China, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, and Mali. He believes a wall won’t stop mass immigration, yet has almost unlimited faith in the power of military action or diplomatic pressure to revolutionize societies. He is the exemplar of the GOP neoconservative strategy summarized by Steve Sailer as “Invade The World, Invite The World.

Of course, the rhetorical opposite to such a strategy is Donald Trump’s “America First,” and Senator McCain can only blame himself for the emergence of President Trump. He should reflect on the fact that our Commander-in-Chief would have lacked his most powerful campaign slogan if the Arizona Republican had kept his 2010 promise to complete the fence and abolish birthright citizenship.

Instead, John McCain has spent the last year savaging his party and his president. As noted, Senator McCain saved Obamacare, denying his party a critical legislative victory and breaking the campaign promise he made only last year. Indeed, Senator McCain has been meeting with Chuck Schumer in an attempt, once again, to resurrect amnesty. Senator McCain is also fighting a White House attempt to introduce merit-based immigration because he doesn’t think Americans will do low-skilled labor. “I wouldn’t do it,” he says, in what passes for serious thinking in the mind of one of America’s most powerful senators.

Senator McCain’s hatred of Russia has also driven his support for the investigation into President Trump’s supposed “collusion” with Vladimir Putin. Senator McCain may be one of the reasons the investigation is happening at all. One of the senator’s associates, former State Department official David Kramer, was recently subpoenaed about his role in distributing a defamatory, Russia-related dossier about President Trump—a dossier Senator McCain himself took to then-FBI director James Comey. It’s possible Senator McCain was part of an effort to force President Trump out of office only weeks into his term. He has even claimed that Senator Rand Paul, who has become a close ally of President Trump, is working for Mr. Putin.

John McCain has used the last few months to lay out a comprehensive critique of Donald Trump’s worldview. When he accepted an award from Joe Biden in October 2017, he declared:

To fear the world we have organized and led for three-quarters of a century, to abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain “the last best hope of earth” for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history.

John McCain receives the 2017 Liberty Medal. (Credit Image: © Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press)

Yet it is John McCain himself who offers only “tired dogma.” During the period of American “leadership,” Europe was steadily Islamized. What difference does it make if Iran gets a nuclear weapon if nuclear powers such as France and Britain become Muslim? Our own country, by his own admission, has lost control of its own borders. More broadly, anti-white convictions have become orthodoxy in a country in which even Senator McCain himself is regarded as simply a racist—in Teen Vogue, no less. For many Americans, especially non-whites, American history is a racist disgrace, something to be apologized for, and, as the country becomes part of the Third World, expurgated.

John McCain understands none of this. As he showed in his non-answer to Bill O’Reilly, he takes for granted that American institutions, culture, and patriotism will endure even as the population is replaced. During his award speech, the senator specifically asserted that America was a “land made of ideals, not blood and soil” and defined Americans as “the custodians of those ideals at home, and their champion abroad.”

John McCain expanded on this vision, if it can really be called that, in a speech to the Naval Academy later that month. He said America created an international order based on “liberty, mutual security, free markets, and the rule of law.”

He also laid out three premises:

First: that tyranny is always a threat to peace because it is an affront to all humanity’s natural desire for freedom.

Second: that liberal institutions are nevertheless fragile, and must be affirmed with conviction at home and abroad.

Third: that the American example and American leadership are indispensable to securing a peaceful and prosperous future. Our failure to remain engaged in Europe and enforce the hard-won peace of 1918 had made that clear. There could be no more isolationism, no more tired resignation—no more “America First.”

The threat to John McCain’s world order, in his mind, seems to come entirely from the Right. As he put it:

We have to fight isolationism, protectionism, and nativism. We have to defeat those who would worsen our divisions. We have to remind our sons and daughters that we became the most powerful nation on earth by tearing down walls, not building them.

What truly separates John McCain from a typical cuckservative is how he grounds this worldview in American tradition. Indeed, much of his own prominence and reputation comes from his bloodline as the scion of Navy aristocracy, fighting to uphold, as the title of his book put it, the “Faith of My Fathers.” His ideology is a kind of twisted patriotism, in which the legacy of blood, history, and tradition is exploited in order to destroy all three. The gaps in this absurd creed are filled by simple opportunism, as when John McCain calls a fellow senator of his own party a pawn of the Russian government and then goes on to decry “those who would worsen our divisions.”

John McCain is the White Renegade of the Year—and of his entire generation—not just because of the concrete actions he has taken to ensure the United States will become a Third World country. John McCain defines the racial dispossession of European-Americans in high-sounding, utterly mistaken terms, as our becoming “a more just and prosperous country, coming ever closer to the ideals set down by our Founders.” The Founders, all of whom by today’s standards were elitists and white nationalists, would have no idea what he was talking about.

For Senator McCain, the inability or refusal of America to defend its own interests and identity becomes not an embarrassing example of multicultural weakness, but a proof of American leadership and strength. This is dangerous because it has a twisted appeal to Americans who love their country. Selling weakness as strength, impotence as power, and foreign adventurism as patriotism is more attractive than leftist rhetoric about America being founded on white racism or genocide.

However, ultimately the ideas of John McCain and the radical Left lead to the same dark end. Unless the United States is specifically defined as the creation of a people, a creation of Europeans, it exists as nothing more than a landmass and an administrative entity. It is revealing that John McCain’s slogan when running for president in 2008 was “Country First,” but when President Trump actually defined that country by saying “America First,” John McCain denounced him.

There is, of course, good news to end this profile in treason. The political creed of Senator John McCain has become as decrepit as the man himself. Ultimately, his vision depends on the very European-American majority he has worked so hard to undermine. Non-whites are far less eager to embrace military crusades abroad, since they do not suffer from the messianism of whites, and have far less faith in the military and in government than do naïve white Baby Boomers. Though John McCain considers American identity to be infinitely malleable, the embrace of “white privilege” by America’s elites and non-whites means any attempt to exert our will overseas will be seen as yet more white supremacy. The election of President Donald Trump and the rise of socialist movements on the Left show American workers have lost faith in the liberal internationalism Senator McCain champions.

Senator John McCain’s time has passed—but what a price we have paid for it! It’s up for debate whether John McCain’s own state of Arizona will even be part of this country in a generation, let alone a “red state.” Senator John McCain could have been an American legend, a man who could have defined nationalism for an entire generation. Instead, he will be remembered only in one of two ways. If we win, he will join Angela Merkel and F.W. de Klerk as a traitor. If we lose, the new non-white America will remember him only—if it all—as a fool who helped enable their takeover, and who was just another white male racist anyway.

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Breitbart News Tonight: Iran, DACA Battles, and David Brock

On the special New Year’s Day edition of Breitbart News Tonight broadcast live from Los Angeles, California, Breitbart Senior Editors-at-Large Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak will take your calls and discuss issues from immigration reform and amnesty proposals to recent unrest in Iran. Breitbart News’s National Security Editor Frances Martel will discuss ongoing demonstrations in Iran against the Islamic regime and international responses to these unfolding events. John Zmirak, Senior Editor of The Stream author of the new “Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism,” will join the show to to explain his 2018 wish that Pope Francis “repents of else resigns.” Breitbart News’s Washington Political Director Matthew Boyle will analyze 2018’s forthcoming congressional battles over legislative amnesty proposals built around the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy. Special guest Lisa Daftari, Editor-in-Chief of The Foreign Desk, will further interpret ongoing developments in Iran and related international responses. She is an award-winning investigative journalist with expertise in the Middle East, counterterrorism, and the global persecution of Christians. Also slated for discussion is a recent recent report detailing Clinton loyalist and founder of Media Matters for America David Brock’s bankrolling of an effort to procure women who would accused then-candidate Donald

Students Discover Math Professor Had Past as Gay Porn Star

Italian students discover their teacher is ex-gay porn star
Students at an Italian university discovered that their math professor had a past career as a gay porn star.

Former Israeli Ambassador To The US: Obama Rejected Iran Green Revolution For Nuclear Deal

It was all about creating a legacy. Via JPost: US President Barack Obama chose not to support the 2009 Iranian Green Protest Movement, because he hoped to reach a deal with Iran on its nuclear weapons that he signed six years later, then-ambassador to the US and current Deputy Minister Michael Oren (Kulanu) said Monday. […]

Clay Travis Engineers Awesome Troll On Drunken CNN Hosts At New Year’s Eve Celebration

And just as an fyi, Brooke Baldwin made a drunken comment about having bigger balls than Don Lemon on live T.V. This after throwing a hissy and getting Clay Travis booted off CNN for just saying that he loved boobs (not directed at anyone in particular). Via Free Beacon: CNN was the victim of a […]

Iranians Finally Respond Properly, Liquidate At Least 10 “Peaceful Protesters” After Cop Murdered

Supreme Leader Khamenei and President Rouhani need to realize that negotiation or half-measured dealing with (((Western))) backed insurgents is tantamount to suicide.

You cannot hope to play a fair game with those who make it an ethno-religious sacrament to deceive, or with those who are so corrupted that they would literally plunge the world into a dark age to satisfy their masters.

Therefore, kudos must be given to the valiant efforts of the Iranian authorities in their fight against terror – they (especially the Revolutionary Guards) seem to understand that only pure ruthlessness can save their nation from total destruction.

Now let us just hope their commanders take off the kid gloves, and deal the cause of (((regime change))) a blow that will last generations.


One officer was killed and three were wounded in the protests in Iran, Reuters reports, citing state media. It is understood that a “rioter” opened fire on police in Najafabad, although the timing of the shooting is unclear.

“A rioter took advantage of the situation in the city of Najafabad and fired shots at police forces with a hunting rifle,” Saeed Montazer al-Mahdi, a police spokesman, told the Iranian state broadcaster as cited by the news agency. He confirmed that one officer was shot dead in the incident and three more sustained injuries.

Now, this could have just been a standard murder/chimp-out, or perhaps it was something more significant.

Put it this way – it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if the hunting rifle used in the terrorist attack turned out to have the same place of origin as much of ISIS’ weaponry.

The shooting has resulted in the first reported casualties among Iranian law enforcement since the beginning of the protests, which have engulfed the Islamic Republic since December 28.

Earlier on Monday, it was reported that the number of civilians killed amid the pro-and anti-government demonstrations has grown to 10. More than 400 people have been arrested in the protests, AFP said.

Respectable, but still apparently not enough to dissuade anarchists and mercenaries from gathering in pubic squares to try their luck.

Just like with the cop-killer’s weapon, I wouldn’t be all that shocked if it turned out that many of these “protesters” were being paid by America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, or some combination of the three – another similarity to what we saw happen in Ukraine.

Only by making the potential risks outweigh the (((guaranteed rewards))) can Iran hope to restore order in their cities.

The situation in the Islamic Republic has attracted the attention of US President Donald Trump, who said Iran “is failing at all levels” in one of his first tweets of 2018. Earlier, he posted a series of tweets, in which he criticized the Iranian government and repeatedly stated that Iran needs “change.” Trump’s comments provoked an angry reaction from the Iranian authorities, with Rouhani calling him an “ill-wisher.

Just be quiet Donald, and get back in the shed.

The only reason YOUR government hasn’t utterly failed yet is because you sold your soul to the GOP and various Jewish interests  – after denouncing Cuckservatives and Globalists alike throughout your campaign.

On Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed its hope that the situation in Iran would not develop into “a scenario of bloodshed and violence.” It also said that the protests are an internal matter for the Islamic Republic, and called any form of external interference “inadmissible.”

The most logical thing to do here going forward would be to channel Machiavelli (or Marcus), and apply the most draconian measures known to exist upon their enemies..

The feelings of foreign nations no longer matter – Russia is already saying that this is an internal matter, China would agree with Russia by default, America and Israel are almost certainly behind these uprisings, and any other nations of any relevance are too distant and/or too weak to pose any serious threat.

Besides, if the Jews have already decided that war is inevitable (there is a very high probability of this), how would you want the situation to look like if you were Iran?

A united nation ready to deploy all its resources against the aggressors?

Or a broken land wracked by civil war between 6 different factions?

Leaked Israeli Intelligence Report: Iran Protests No Threat to Regime — Yet

Iranian students protest at the University of Tehran during a demonstration driven by anger over economic problems, in the capital Tehran on December 30, 2017. Students protested in a third day of demonstrations sparked by anger over Iran's economic problems, videos on social media showed, but were outnumbered by counter-demonstrators. / AFP PHOTO / STR (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)
An Israeli intelligence report that was provided to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Cabinet, and which has leaked to the media, suggests that the Iranian regime was taken by surprise by the ongoing wave of protests, but is not in danger of collapse -- at least, not yet.

‘Shameless’ Character Takes on Anti-Gay Christians: ‘I’m Gonna Beat the F*ck Out of’ Pastor

<p>Here's hoping Showtime's <em>Shameless</em> decides to leave worn-out tropes in 2017. They certainly closed out the year with a bang, with their New Year's Eve episode "Frank's Northern Shuttle Express" having Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) continue to shuttle "brown people" into Canada for a better life while bringing back cheaper drugs for Americans.</p>

Surprise! Baltimore Residents Blame Reduced Police Presence For High Murder Rate

No police, no justice. Via PJ Media: More than any other major city in America, Baltimore embraced the anti-police narrative about violence in the streets. The city’s former mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, proudly announced in 2015 at the height of the Freddie Gray protests that she was giving space to rioters so they could destroy property […]

New David Brock Revelations Highlight History of Destruction

Democratic activist David Brock has been exposed as one of the key sources of money behind efforts during the 2016 presidential campaign to entice women to accuse Donald Trump of past sexual misconduct.

Cryptocurrencies: Will Central Bankers Board the Train?

Two weeks ago, in December, the Bitcoin price plummeted. Within just 9.5 hours, the cryptocurrency lost more than ten percent. And eventually it dropped 17 percent on the virtual floor within 48 hours. THE POSSIBLE CAUSE: A single Japanese insider sold his bitcoins in large quantities. With his corresponding…

Iranian Protesters Rip Pants Off Revolutionary Guard After Crackdown Fails Miserably (VIDEO)

Iranian protesters are deploying a clever tactic to deter regime forces from cracking down on nation-wide demonstrations: literally ripping the pants of Revolutionary Guards.

Telegraph UK reports:

The Basij militiaman, a paramilitary storm trooper of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, was reportedly swinging an electric shock baton when the crowd of angry protesters closed in around him.

“They got a Basij, hold him!” one man shouted as the demonstrators pulled away the militiaman’s baton and knocked him to the ground in the largely Kurdish city of Kermanshah.

But rather than beat the man to death, the crowd struck a different kind of blow against Iran’s authoritarian regime: they stripped him of his trousers and sent him stumbling and humiliated into the cold night.

“The protesters wanted to show that they are peaceful but that they are not weak and they are not afraid,” tweeted Iranian reporter Raman Ghavami.

Reports are emerging that the whole city of Kermanshah is now protesting the regime, chanting “down with the dictator” and “death to Khamenei!”

Residents are also shouting, “long live Kurdistan, long live Peshmerga, long live guerrilla”

Of the 452 people killed after a powerful earthquake struck near the border of Iran and Iraq in November, nearly 100 that perished were from the Kermanshah province.

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U.N. Chief Issues ‘Red Alert’ Against Nationalism, Xenophobia, Climate Change for 2018

UN chief issues red alert against nationalism, xenophobia, climate change
United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said in his New Year proclamation Sunday that nations around the globe should unite to fight nationalism, xenophobia and climate change.

Whistling Dixie

As we kick off 2018 with more bellicose tweets threatening the Iranian government, I am reminded of why I decided to become a Southern Nationalist so many years ago.

It has nothing to do with Donald Trump. I realized during the Obama years that trying to reform the system is futile. There is a disconnect between elections and public policy. In spite of the smoke and mirrors of the campaign trail, the fundamental trend is always continuity. The American state has its own goals and pursues its agenda even as administrations come and go.

Do you remember the Crash of 2008? Both George W. Bush and Barack Obama sprang into action to bailout Wall Street. It was Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA into law, presided over the deregulation of Wall Street, the creation of the World Trade Organization and who granted PNTR (permanent normal trade relations) to China. George W. Bush picked up the baton of free trade and carried it forward with CAFTA and free trade agreements with Australia, Chile and Peru. It was picked up by Barack Obama whose administration negotiated the Trans-Pacific Partnership, signed Trade Promotion Authority into law and added free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama.

George H.W. Bush proclaimed the “New World Order” in 1991. He called the Gulf War the “first test” of the NWO. We have been mired in Iraq ever since. After 9/11, George W. Bush declared Iraq, Iran and North Korea were the “Axis of Evil” in 2002. Sixteen years later, Donald Trump is going after Iran and North Korea. During the campaign, Trump said NATO was obsolete, promised a new relationship with Russia and pledged to stay out of Syria. He has since imposed sanctions on Russia, added Montenegro to NATO, armed Ukraine with Javelin anti-tank missiles and launched a missile strike on the Syrian government. As the mirage of “America First” and tough talk about “globalists” evaporate, we’re still on the same course in foreign affairs that we have been on for the last quarter century.

The American state has a mind of its own. We vote to ban refugees. Jewish organizations find a federal judge to strike down the refugee ban. We vote for Voter ID laws. Federal judges swoop in and strike those down. We try to legislate tougher immigration laws. Federal judges swoop in and strike those down. We pass laws that outlaw gay marriage. Federal judges strike down those laws. While we have the vestigial organs of self government, the American state continues to pursue its own unpopular agenda, which is why 84% of White working class voters don’t feel represented by Washington.

So yes, maybe I am whistling Dixie. I AM nostalgic for those bygone days when transsexuals weren’t enlisting in the US military to go fight Iran’s mullahs. I DO wish the South wasn’t chained to Washington, DC and perpetually dragged along for this unpleasant ride. I DON’T want my people to be cannon fodder for New York neocons and Israel’s regional geopolitical ambitions. Let someone else go “liberate” Iran in the name of feminism to transform its women into whores.

Are you ready for Generation Z to die to Make ZOG Great Again? I’m not.

South African Blacks Burn Trains at Alarming Rate

A burning train near Cape Town, South Africa. Black commuters in South Africa have a long history of burning trains and rioting in stations, often on the flimsiest of pretexts. Introductory Note by David Sims: Notice that the headline does not say “Blacks burn train,” but instead “Blacks…

Defying The Hijab Is The Symbol Of Iran’s Freedom Movement

Symbol for the feminazis in America. Via FPM: Each true revolution has its powerful symbols of freedom. The symbol of the current protests in Iran is a woman who took off her hijab. The woman has since reportedly been arrested, but she has quickly become one of the icons of the anti-government protests. While Western […]

Israeli Intel Minister: Iran Working to Upgrade Hamas Terror Capabilities

Israel’s Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz told an influential Knesset committee on Monday that Iran was working to upgrade the military capabilities of the Hamas terror group in the Gaza Strip.

EndGame Exotica Jan. 01, 2018

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News & Views: Happy New Year!

Jan. 01, 2018GEOa

News & Views: Farmers Market are RACIST!

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EndGame Exotica Jan. 01, 2018

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GEO = Geopolitical News

News & Views: Happy New Year!

Jan. 01, 2018GEOa

News & Views: Farmers Market are RACIST!

Jan. 01, 2018GEOb

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EXCLUSIVE – Arab Intel Official: No Sign of External Involvement in Iranian Protests

In this photo taken by an individual not employed by the Associated Press and obtained by the AP outside Iran, university students attend a protest inside Tehran University while anti-riot Iranian police prevent them to join other protestors, in Tehran, Iran, Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017. A wave of spontaneous protests over Iran's weak economy swept into Tehran on Saturday, with college students and others chanting against the government just hours after hard-liners held their own rally in support of the Islamic Republic's clerical establishment. (AP Photo)
TEL AVIV -- There are no signs of external Arab nation involvement in the protests sweeping across Iran, an Arab intelligence official told Breitbart Jerusalem.

Tax Cut That Guarantees Trump Re-Election In 2020…

Here’s the story from Politico, that tries to argue that this will increase drunk driving. HT: Twitchy

PHOTOS=> Sanctuary State Signs Pop Up on California Highways for the New Year: “Felons, Illegals and MS13 Welcome!”

Anonymous Street artists moved out to highways once again to ring in the new year by posting messages to the “Welcome to California” highway signs.

The signs were put up north of Lake Havasu, Arizona, Primm, Nevada and on Highway 95 in California and read

“OFFICIAL SANCTUARY STATE, Felons, Illegals and MS13 Welcome! Democrats Need The Votes!”

The highway signs are apparently commemorating California’s new Sanctuary State status.

NOTE: It is unclear who originated this action.

Here are a few more pictures of the highway signs:

One passerby took this…

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Police: Man Massages Teen’s Back at New Jersey Airport, Gives Him Money

'Piggyback Bandit' massaged boy at Newark Airport, police say
A man from Washington state was arrested for allegedly massaging a teenager's back without his consent at a New Jersey airport.

Prince Philip Jokes ‘Is That a Terrorist?’ At Bearded Ginger Man, Media Freaks Out

Scotland Yard checking the watch list. Via Breitbart: Prince Philip reportedly made the subject of one of his customarily politically incorrect jokes “burst out laughing” while the media establishment freaked out over a remark on New Years’ Eve. Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, now 96-years-old, is said to have spotted a ginger-bearded man near Sandringham’s St […]

London Review of Books Mocks MSM Embrace of Trump-Russia Collusion

<p>Despite cracks beginning to emerge in the mainstream media such as the <em>CNN</em> legal analyst declaring last week that <em>Trump is right about the FBI</em>, they continue to cling for the most part to their beloved orthodoxy that there was collusion between Russia and the Donald Trump presidential campaign. It is this near religious belief that was mocked in the January 4 <em>London Review of the Books</em>. That leftist periodical is certainly no fan of Trump as a quick perusal of its pages would confirm but they are honest enough to admit that the MSM is absurd for swallowing the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory hook, line, and sinker as you can see in this article by Jackson Lears, What We Don’t Talk about When We Talk about Russian Hacking:</p>

NYT’s Fandos Spins Desperately to Protect Mueller, Cast Dems as New Law & Order Party

<p>Sunday’s <em>New York Times</em> featured the latest attack by reporter Nicholas Fandos on the GOP for daring to criticize special counsel Robert Mueller and his increasingly partisan-looking investigation fo Donald Trump: “Attacks on Mueller and F.B.I. Open a Rift in the Party of Law and Order.” The text box: “Worry that a drive by Trump loyalists could stain the G.O.P.” Fandos has proven himself a frantic spinner for the Democrats and Mueller while disdaining Republicans in Congress, and again does yeoman’s work trying to position the party of the Clintons and Obama as the new “law and order” party.</p>

Trump Withholding Millions In Aid To Pakistan For Harboring Terrorists

Finally tying aid to actually being cooperative and helping American interests. Via Fox News: The Trump administration has decided to withhold millions in military aid to Pakistan as the president accuses the Muslim-majority nation of harboring terrorists and telling “lies” to the United States. “The United States does not plan to spend the $255 million […]

New California Laws Cover Immigration, Marijuana, Education

Social justice is the rule in California. Via Washington Times: California state lawmakers in 2017 passed nearly 900 bills that Gov. Jerry Brown then signed into law. Most of them take effect Monday. The new laws cover topics ranging from the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown, to the state’s new recreational cannabis market, to the price […]

The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Underman (Part 23)

As part of our commitment to the celebration of forgotten classics—i.e., great works of the past which have been intentionally flushed down the memory hole by our Orwellian overlords—National Vanguard is proud to present a condensed edition of Lothrop Stoddard’s pioneering treatise The…

The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Underman (Part 23)

As part of our commitment to the celebration of forgotten classics—i.e., great works of the past which have been intentionally flushed down the memory hole by our Orwellian overlords—National Vanguard is proud to present a condensed edition of Lothrop Stoddard’s pioneering treatise The…

“Iron Fist is Out”: Islamic Revolutionary Guard Assumes Control of Security Arrangements in Tehran As Protests Rage

Are Iranian protesters about to face-off against the Islamic Revolutionary Guard? According to Roozarooz, an Iranian news agency, Iranian military forces have assumed security measures in Tehran, the country’s capital.

The news was translated by Wall Street Journal reporter Farnaz Fassihi.

 announced it is taking charge of  security. Iron fist is out,” tweeted Fassihi.

Foreign affairs firm Strategic Sentinel confirmed the report.

“The IRGC, a branch of Iran’s Armed Forces, will soon take total control of security within the capital city of  as protests continue throughout the country.”

Amid the development, protesters continue to flood the streets of Tehran.

In October, the Trump administration designated Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization.

“I am authorizing the Treasury Department to further sanction the entire Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for its support for terrorism and to apply sanctions to its officials, agents, and affiliates,” President Trump told the press.

“The IRGC has played a central role to Iran becoming the world’s foremost state sponsor of terror,” said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in a separate statement.

“We urge the private sector to recognize that the IRGC permeates much of the Iranian economy, and those who transact with IRGC-controlled companies do so at great risk.”

The post “Iron Fist is Out”: Islamic Revolutionary Guard Assumes Control of Security Arrangements in Tehran As Protests Rage appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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