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Laura Ingraham on Ed Gillespie: If You Try to Be Half-In Half-Out with Trump – You End Up Political Road Kill (Video)

Laura Ingraham hammered Ed Gillespie after his loss Tuesday in the Virginia gubernatorial race.

Gillespie tried to play both sides of the GOP pro-Trump and Party elite — And lost… BIGLY.

Laura Ingraham: Remember last night, what did I say? My book, “Billionaire at the Barricades Populist Revolution from Reagan to Trump,” I made this point really consistently that there is no middle ground with conservative populism. That is the wave of the future. That there is no constituency for open borders, open markets, and endless military interventionalism. There’s no constituency. So maybe Gillespie wouldn’t have won if President Trump campaigned with him. But trying to be half-in half-out with Donald Trump was never going to work. If you dip your toe in just a little bit you’re going to turn out just like Ed Gillespie did – political road kill.

Via The Ingraham Angle:

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Democrats Killed Bill That Would Have Stopped Texas Church Shooter From Buying Gun (VIDEO)

Before we learned who the gunman was behind the Texas church massacre, the left was already collectively screaming at the top of their lungs for additional control gun. Little did they know that it was the very same gun laws that they championed, had failed to be enforced.

A frustrated Senator Ted Cruz joined Fox News on Monday evening to explain how a bill he and Senator Chuck Grassley co-sponsored would have prevented the Sutherland Springs church shooting.

Video credit: Fox News

The Blaze reports:

In an interview on Fox News about the awful Texas shooting that took 26 lives, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said that he had introduced legislation with Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Ia.) in 2013 that could have prevented the horror, but Democrats filibustered it.

“We could have prevented this,” Cruz said, “in 2013 in the wake of Sandy Hook, I joined with Chuck Grassley, we introduced legislation that was called the Grassley-Cruz legislation. And it was aggressive legislation targeting felons and violent criminals to stop them from getting guns.”

“The Obama administration didn’t prosecute those cases,” he continued. “In 2010, 40,000 felons and fugitives lied and illegally tried to purchase guns – they prosecuted only 44 of them.”

“Gun control for felons and fugitives yes, for individual citizens,” Cruz concluded, “for law-abiding citizens, no, and the Democrats filibustered the legislation that would have resulted in this shooter being in federal prison instead of murdering those innocents in that Texas church.”

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Kelley was able to purchase a Ruger AR-15 variant at a hunting store in San Antonio after lying on the background check.

How was Kelley able to obtain a gun and deceive the hunting store owners?

The Air Force admitted they failed to enter Kelley’s domestic violence offense into the NCIC database!

Reporter for the Texas Tribune, Alexandra Samuels tweeted a statement released from the Air Force, “NEW: U.S. Air Force issues statement saying  shooter’s domestic violence offense was NOT entered into the NICS database.”

“Kelley bought a Ruger AR-556 rifle, used in the attack on the church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in April of last year from an Academy Sports & Outdoors store in San Antonio,” reports Business Insider.

Kelley wrote on his background check that he didn’t have a “disqualifying criminal history.”

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Donald Trump to North Korea: ‘Do Not Underestimate Us and Do Not Try Us’

"Today, I hope I speak not only for our countries, but for all civilized nations when I say to the North: Do not underestimate us and do not try us,” he said.

PRESIDENT TRUMP Plugs Trump National Golf Club During Korean National Assembly Speech (Video)

President Trump praised Korean golfers during his speech to the Korean National Assembly.

Trump also plugged his Golf Resort during his speech.

President Trump: And Korean golfers are some of the best golfers on earth. In fact, and you know what I’m going to say, the Women’s US Open was held this year at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. And it just happened to be won by a great Korean golfer Park Sung-hyun and eight of the top ten players were from Korea. And the top four golfers 1-2-3-4 were from Korea.

President Trump attended the US Women’s Open in Bedminster, New Jersey in July at the Trump National Golf Club.

Trump was the first sitting U.S. President to attend the U.S. Women’s Open.

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ABC and NYT Reporters Push Misinformation About Texas Shooting

<p>Since Sunday's deadly mass shooting in Sutherland, Texas, the liberal media had been desperate to get the ball rolling on increased and ineffective gun control measures. They’ve become so frantic that they have taken to lying about the current federal gun laws on the books and what actually happened during the shooting. On Tuesday, ABC wanted “extreme vetting” for prospective gun buyers and <em>New York Times </em>reporter Yamiche Alcindor asserted that the shooter was not stopped by an armed citizen.</p>

Donna Brazile Panicked After O’Keefe Dropped Damaging Undercover Video During Election “We Could Not Fight Back”

God bless James O’Keefe and the entire Project Veritas crew!

O’Keefe dropped a series of damaging undercover videos during the 2016 presidential election exposing the dirty Democrats and their plans to undermine the election.

Donna Brazile admits in her new memoir that she panicked after she saw O’Keefe’s undercover video of Bob Creamer and Scott Foval boasting about picking fights with Trump supporters at rallies in order to instigate violent brawls.

Brazile said, “I watched O’Keefe’s video with a sinking heart, knowing this was something we could not fight back against, not really…The footage of Creamer and Scott Foval boasting about picking fights with crazy people in the line to a campaign rally looked terrible.”

O’Keefe said it was a great honor that Donna Brazile dedicated 1500 words to Project Veritas’ videos.

Here is the video Brazile was talking about-via Project Veritas: (language warning)

O’Keefe’s undercover videos are meant to cause panic from the left. The psychological warfare O’Keefe plays on the left is a beautiful thing to watch. They never know who or what is next.

Hillary Clinton lost because she is a rotten, corrupt politician. Her entire campaign was built on cheating and lies which is another reason why she lost.

We are thankful for James O’Keefe and his continued efforts to expose the Democrats and the left-wing media.

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Panel Finds Baltimore Police Van Driver Caesar Goodson Not Guilty On 21 Administrative Charges

Too bad the city of Baltimore settled with the family out of court. Via Daily Mail: A disciplinary panel has found a Baltimore police van driver not guilty on all administrative charges related to his transportation of Freddie Gray, the black man whose death in custody sparked riots in the city. The three-member board said […]

President Trump Touts Record US Economy in Korean Speech: “America Is Going Through a Miracle of Our Own” (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump delivered a historic speech Wednesday morning (Tuesday night US time) to the Korean National Assembly.

President Trump praised the Korean people on their many achievements over the past 50 years since the war divided the nation.

Trump also cheered the Korean golfers, artists and very popular pop singers.

President Trump also Touted the historic economic gains in America today.

The liberal media won’t report this news so Trump will… And, he’ll do it in Korea!

As TGP reported earlier today — The Trump economy is historic!

Via Joe Hoft–

Stock Market

* The Dow set another all time high record yesterday closing at 23,548.  The market is up 28% since the 2016 election last November 8th when the market closed at 18,333.  The Dow increased more than 5,200 points since the election. 

* The Dow all time high has increased nearly 5,000 points since the election (the all time high on election day was 18,636 set on August 15th, 2016). The all time high for the Dow has never increased this fast in in its history!

* The Dow increased more in 2017 than any year in history!  The Dow ended 2016 at 19,763 and has increased by 3,785 points through today.



* President Trump set the record earlier this year for the most all time closing stock market highs during his first year in office. Currently the Dow has set 74 closing highs since last year’s election and 57 since President Trump’s inauguration.  No President in history has accumulated more all time highs in his first year in office than President Trump!

* More than one in four days since the election has ended in a new stock market high.

* Since the election the Dow has surpassed 5 major milestones – 19,000, 20,000, 21,000, 22,000 and 23,000. This is the first time this has happened in less than a year in US history.

* The Dow closed above 20,000 on January 25th and the March 1st rally matched the fastest-ever 1,000 point increase between major milestones in Dow history at 24 days that the markets were open or 35 actual days.

* The Dow took just 66 closing days to climb from 19,000 to above 21,000, the fastest 2,000 point run ever. The Dow closed above 19,000 for the first time on November 22nd 2016 and closed above 21,000 on March 1st 2017. The previous record was in 2007 when the Dow took nearly three times as long to cover 2,000 points.

* The Dow took just 173 days to surpass the 3,000 point milestone between November 22, 2016 when the Dow surpassed 19,000 and August 2nd, 2017 when the DOW surpassed 22,000. The prior record was in 1999 when the Dow took more than four times as long to reach these heights.

* The Dow surpassed the 23,000 mark on October 18th. This increase of 4,000 points in all time highs is unheard of in US history! Never has the all time Dow high increased by more than 4,000 points in less than a year!

* Since President Trump’s Inauguration on January 20th the Dow is up 19%. (It was at 19,827 at January 20th.)

* President Trump is the only President in US history to oversee two stock market rallies of nine days or more where the markets set new highs each and every day.

* On February 28th President Trump matched President Reagan’s 1987 record for most continuous closing high trading days when the Dow reached a new high for its 12th day in a row!

* Then in early August President Trump reigned over a 9 day stock market rally with each day reaching record highs.

* The S&P 500 and the NASDAQ have both set new all-time highs during this period.
* The US Stock Market gained  more than $5 trillion in wealth since Trump was elected!
* Virtually every major stock index is in record territory.


According to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, President Trump added a projected 1.4 million jobs in the first ten months of the year (January through October 2017.) In addition, September’s job losses were restated to a net increase of 18,000 jobs.

The same cannot be said for President Obama’s first ten months. Obama was so bad at creating jobs that by the end of his second term he said that jobs were not coming back. This showed in his first ten months in office as every month the US lost at least (200,000) jobs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, under President Trump more Americans are in the work force than ever before. Over 160 million Americans are working for the first time in US history. President Trump is working hard to bring good paying jobs back to the US and his efforts are showing historic results.


Also according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the US unemployment rate this year has been below January’s rate every month (January through September 2017.) The unemployment rate in January 2017 was 4.8% and by October it was down to 4.1%.

President Obama on the other hand again moved in the opposite direction. In his first ten months as President the US unemployment rate increased each month from 7.8% in January 2009 to 10% by October of 2009.

Other Notables

Consumer confidence has rocketed to a 13 year high.  The US GDP rose at an annual 3% rate in the 3rd quarter and is at its highest level ever at $19.5 trillion.  ISIS is being decimated in the Middle East and was projected in August to have only 15,000 fighters left.

The markets are at record highs.  Unemployment is at lows not seen for 17 years.  More people are working today than ever before.  US GDP is at all time highs.  ISIS is decimated.  All this in only one year since the 2016 election.

Winning, Winning, Winning!

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Beijing: Trump to Visit China’s ‘Forbidden City’ on Wednesday

The northwest corner of the Forbidden City, Beijing, China
The communist government of China announced on Tuesday that it would grant U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump a tour of Beijing's Forbidden City on Wednesday, the residence of the Chinese emperor for almost 500 years.

Kassam: The Republican Swamp Got the Loss they Wanted, Now They’re Going to Try and Tame Us

The Virginia GOP lacks the organisation, and their candidate lacked the kind of authenticity it takes for conservatives to win elections

BADGE OF HONOR: President Trump NOT INVITED to Globalist Paris Junk Science Summit

French officials announced Tuesday President Donald Trump is not invited to the Paris climate change junk science summit in December.
Oh, boo-hoo.

President Trump pulled the United States out of the global redistribution plan earlier this year.

The broken state of Syria is sending delegates to the
The Daily Mail reported:

President Donald Trump is not invited to the climate change summit set to be held next month in Paris after pulling the U.S. out of the 2015 deal.

An official in France’s President Emmanuel Macron’s office made the announcement on Tuesday and said it’s ‘for the time being.’

‘The United States have a bit of a special status for that summit,’ the official said, adding that guests there will be committed to implementing the 2015 deal.

The United States would still be invited to the summit but at a lower level than the president, added the official.

Over a hundred countries, as well as non governmental organizations, have been invited for the December 12 summit.

This comes as Syria announced also on Tuesday that it intends to join the 2015 Paris climate change agreement, which now isolates the U.S. as the only country opposed to the pact.

For the record… The US is on track to reduce CO2 emissions this year even without Paris accord.
(The liberal media WON’T report this!)

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‘No Special Treatment’: Saudi Arabia Reportedly Turns Ritz-Carlton into Detention Center for Royals

The motorcade carrying US Secretary of State John Kerry arrives at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel early in the morning in Riyadh on January 23, 2016, after a previous stop in Switzerland. The top US diplomat arrived from Switzerland in Saudi Arabia and next heads to Laos, Cambodia and China. AFP PHOTO / POOL / Jacquelyn Martin / AFP / POOL / JACQUELYN MARTIN (Photo credit should read JACQUELYN MARTIN/AFP/Getty Images)
A number of the Saudi royals and top officials arrested for corruption over the weekend have reportedly been detained at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh, leading to an uncomfortable statement from the hotel’s owner and fueling outside interest in exactly what is going on in the kingdom.

Report: Texas Church Shooter Accused of ‘Rape by Force’, Sexual Abuse

Devin Kelley and First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs
Four women came forward in the days following the mass casualty shooting at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas, revealing previous sexual allegations against the killer. The accusations range from harassment to "rape by force."

Dem Wins in Virginia, New Jersey: Not a Repudiation of Trump, but a Warning

Trump frowns (Drew Angerer / Getty)
Democrats won races for governor in both New Jersey and Virginia on Tuesday evening, even as President Donald Trump's supporters prepared to mark the first anniversary of their historic win.

POTUS Trump Rips GOP Elite Gillespie After Loss: “Gillespie Worked Hard But Did Not Embrace Me or What I Stand For”

GOP elite Ed Gillespie lost the Virginia gubernatorial race Tuesday to Ralph Northam.

President Trump weighed in on the race shortly after Gillespie lost a close race to Democrat Northam. 

“Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for. Don’t forget, Republicans won 4 out of 4 House seats, and with the economy doing record numbers, we will continue to win, even bigger than before!,” tweeted President Trump.

Trump is RIGHT!
Gillespie chose to believe the lying liberal media and refused to campaign with the Republican President.

NBC reported:

Democrat Ralph Northam defeated Republican Ed Gillespie in the Virginia governor race on Tuesday, according to an NBC News projection.

With 77 percent of the vote in, Northam had 52 percent and Gillespie trailed with 47 percent.

Both national parties spent millions of dollars in the first major election since President Donald Trump’s surprise victory last year and were closely watching the outcome as an early barometer of the political climate ahead of next year’s midterm contests.

Newsbusters’ Curtis Houck weighed in on the loss, saying “elections in this state going forward aren’t about Trump. It’s about the direction of the state.”

“Plurality of voters in VA (47%) said vote cast was “not about Trump,” reported CBS News.

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Experts: Chinese Investment Flowing into Brazil ‘Like a Tsunami’

XIAMEN, CHINA - SEPTEMBER 04: Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) shakes hands with Brazil's President Michel Temer before the group photo during the BRICS Summit at Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Centre on September 4, 2017 in Xiamen, China. The 9th BRICS summit is held from Sep 3 to 5 in Xiamen. (Photo by Mao Jianjun/CHINA NEWS SERVICE/VCG via Getty Images)
China's investment in Brazil, the largest country in Latin America, has been growing by the year, largely under the radar of the United States, according to two experts.

CNN’s Camerota: ‘Absurd’ for Trump to Repeat ‘Tired NRA Talking Point’

<p>On Tuesday -- one day after nearly begging Senator Jeff Flake on <em>New Day</em> for Congress to pass more gun laws -- CNN's Alisyn Camerota continued pushing for more gun control as she complained that President Donald Trump has been repeating "the same old NRA talking point" and "the tired NRA talking point," calling it "absurd," during a discussion of the President's reactions to the Texas mass shooting.</p>

Bad Weather Forces Donald Trump to Abort Surprise Trip to DMZ Border in South Korea

President Donald Trump attempted to make a surprise trip to the demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea but was forced to turn back due to bad weather.

Bad Weather Forces Donald Trump to Abort Surprise Trip to DMZ Border in South Korea

President Donald Trump attempted to make a surprise trip to the demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea but was forced to turn back due to bad weather.

‘I Like All of That Right There!’: Rev. Jesse Jackson Accused of Sexual Harassment

Journalist Danielle Young is accusing Rev. Jesse Jackson of sexual harassment, alleging the civil rights activist made crude comments as he grabbed her thigh. 

Below is a photo of Young and Jackson together.

“don’t let the smile fool you. I’m cringing on the inside,” says Young.

Photo credit: Danielle Young

NBC Chicago reports:

Writer Danielle Young, in an article for “The Root,” accused Jackson of making the “unwanted” advance and comment during a photo-op after a media event.

“I walked toward Jackson, smiling, and he smiled back at me,” Young wrote. “His eyes scanned my entire body. All of a sudden, I felt naked in my sweater and jeans. As I walked within arm’s reach of him, Jackson reached out a hand and grabbed my thigh, saying, ‘I like all of that right there!’ and gave my thigh a tight squeeze.”

The post included several photos of the encounter in which Young writes “don’t let the smile fool you. I’m cringing on the inside.”

“Although Rev. Jackson does not recall the meeting three years ago, he profoundly and sincerely regrets any pain Ms. Young may have experienced,” a representative for Jackson said in a statement.

Jackson was accused of sexual harassment by a gay staffer in 2010.

55-year-old Tommy R. Bennett claimed Jackson “ridiculed him in front of other employees and required him to perform “humiliating tasks” like escorting women to Jackson’s various hotel rooms, cleaning up after alleged trysts and packing his clothing.  It also includes an allegation that Jackson asked for oral sex,” reports NBC.

Again, Jackson’s spox denied the claims.

“The Rainbow PUSH Coalition unequivocally deny Tommy Bennett’s false claims of harassment, retaliation and discrimination,” said a spokesperson for Jackson.

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BREAKING: Northam Declared Winner In Virginia, Murphy In NJ

Democrats win.

OMG! Donna Brazile Describes Hillary Clinton’s Face Shortly Before She Fainted

Donna Brazile was horrified by Hillary’s physical appearance leading up to her fainting spell on 9/11, especially the way Clinton’s face looked.

Apparently not only did Hillary sound like death, she looked like it as well.

Perhaps one of the most damaging and juicy tidbits Brazile has revealed is how severely ill Hillary Clinton was, (and still is) despite the media’s efforts to hide the truth.

Donna Brazile’s description of Hillary Clinton’s face is very telling.

Free Beacon reported:

Brazile “noticed her face was puffy,” “her skin looked pale and papery,” and “her eyes were glazed.” She approached Clinton about her health before the speech and observed her to be “wobbly on her feet” with a “rattled cough” so bad Brazile suggested medical attention.

Brazile also blasted Hillary’s camp for lying about Hillary’s health problems, the Free Beacon reported:

Brazile writes that she became “as anxious as anyone in the country about the state of her health,” and that the next explanation from the campaign—that Clinton had allergies that made her cough and now had pneumonia, and then went to her daughter’s house where there were little children—made “matters worse.”

“Allergies do not cause pneumonia,” she wrote. “And who was going to believe that a grandma with pneumonia would go to her daughter’s house to recover with two vulnerable little ones around? The situation had to be pretty dangerous for her to risk exposing the grandbabies.”

The conservative media asked the same question. Why would a woman with pneumonia go to her daughter’s house putting a newborn baby at risk of getting sick? Chelsea Clinton had a 3 month old baby boy in her apartment!

Just a few hours later Hillary emerged from Chelsea’s apartment smiling and waving. It just doesn’t make sense.

Remember, Hillary’s health problems were serious enough for Donna Brazile to consider replacing her with Biden as the 2016 Dem nominee!

Hillary Clinton may have had pneumonia, however; that isn’t the only thing ailing her. It appears she is hiding many different health problems.

Shortly after Donna Brazile noticed Hillary looking like walking death, she collapsed and was thrown into her campaign ambulance like a side of beef. Notice how calm her crew was as if they were used to this routine…

She does not look well….

Hillary can’t even walk up a few steps without assistance!

Many believe these are anti-seizure glasses…

Hillary had a seizure on camera! (look how horrified the reporter is)

Hillary’s coughing fits were distracting. She even spit two throat lozenges into a glass! YUCK!

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Kris Kobach on McConnell’s DACA Amnesty ‘Compromise’: He’s Doing the Worst Possible Thing

Kansas Secretary of State and candidate for governor Kris Kobach says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's plan to compromise by giving amnesty to upwards of 3.3 million illegal aliens – who are shielded or eligible by an Obama-created program – would be "the worst possible thing" he could do.

Texas Church Shooter Was Still In Process Of Shooting Parishioners When Hit By ‘Good Guy With Gun’

You could tell when Willeford was interviewed he felt very deeply and that it was tearing him up that he wasn’t able to get there faster. I hope he knows this story. He hit him when Kelley was reloading, getting ready to shoot Farida Brown, who lived because of Stephen Willeford. Via SF Gate: As […]

Police Nationwide Work On Tactics For Far-Right Rallies

The tactics for BLM rallies was to stand down. Via WSET: Snipers perched on rooftops. Police helicopters and drones hovered overhead. Officers in riot gear lined the streets. White nationalists and counterprotesters screamed at each other from fenced-off pens, but the tactics employed by law enforcement at the “White Lives Matter” rally last month in […]

UPDATE: VIRGINIA GOVERNOR RACE=> Race Called — Northam(D) Beats Gillespie(R)

The Virginia governor’s race to replace Democrat Terry McAuliffe was held today.
Polls closed at 7 PM Eastern.

Ed Gillespie versus Ralph Northam

The New York Times breaks down the race: For Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, the Democrat, one critical challenge is mobilizing black, Hispanic and Asian-American voters in a few population centers: the suburbs of Northern Virginia, the coastal Hampton Roads area and the city of Richmond and its surroundings. His Republican rival, Ed Gillespie, needs to deliver strong turnout across rural parts of the state, while avoiding a blowout in Northern Virginia.

** Live Results here.

UPDATE: With 5% reporting Gillespie is up 51% to 48%

UPDATE: With 10% Precincts reporting:

Ed Gillespie Republican 120,333 49.9%
Ralph Northam Democrat 118,356 49.0

UPDATE: With 22% Precincts reporting:

Ralph Northam Democrat 266,519 51.0%
Ed Gillespie Republican 250,677 47.9

UPDATE: With 26% Precincts reporting — Northam holds a slight lead:

Ralph Northam Democrat 311,331 49.6%
Ed Gillespie Republican 309,232 49.2

UPDATE: With 30% reporting Ed Gillespie takes the lead!

Ed Gillespie Republican 351,566 49.6%
Ralph Northam Democrat 349,411 49.3

UPDATE: With 39% reporting Ralph Northam takes the lead!

Ralph Northam Democrat 466,551 50.4%
Ed Gillespie Republican 449,867 48.6

UPDATE: With 48% reporting Ralph Northam leads by 2.5%

Ralph Northam Democrat 586,031 50.7%
Ed Gillespie Republican 557,309 48.2

UPDATE: FOX News just projected Ralph Northam as winner in Virginia.

Ed Gillespie did not campaign with Donald Trump once.
Tonight he lost.
And GOP elites will blame Trump.

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McAuliffe: Gillespie Has Run ‘A Racist Bigoted Campaign,’ He Ran Ads on Sanctuary Cities and MS-13

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Beat,” Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) accused Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie of running a “racist, bigoted campaign,” with “horrible” ads on sanctuary cities and MS-13. McAuliffe said, “Ed Gillespie has run really a racist, bigoted campaign, horrible ads. Donald Trump today is now doing robocalls. Donald Trump’s at 31% in Virginia. we’re going to reject that and we are going to move forward as a commonwealth.” Anchor Ari Melber asked McAuliffe for his evidence of Gillespie running a racist campaign. McAuliffe answered, “Oh my goodness, the ads that he ran. First, he ran ads on sanctuary cities. Virginia law does not allow us to have any sanctuary cities. They don’t exist. We don’t have them. And he ran these ads with MS-13. And in the end, he had some prisoners from a prison down in El Salvador. They weren’t even part of MS-13, just horrible, racist ads.” Follow Ian Hanchett on Twitter @IanHanchett

Kurdish Leader: Kurds ‘Revising’ Ties to U.S. After Trump Refused Support

Islamic State
The Trump administration’s opposition to the independence referendum approved by northern Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has prompted the Kurds to consider “revising” its mutually beneficial relationship with the United States, according to the region’s former president.

Senator Menendez Juror Asks Trial Judge: ‘What Is A Senator?’

And that person votes. Via Bloomberg: On their first full day of jury deliberations at the bribery trial of Senator Robert Menendez, a juror asked the judge a basic question: What is a senator? U.S. District Judge William Walls declined to answer the question, and he refused that juror’s request for a transcript of Monday’s […]

Polls: Donald Trump Losing Support Among His Base, But Few Gains for Democrats

Two polls released this week suggest that President Trump’s base, which formed the bedrock of his 2016 victory, is drifting away from him.

Buzzfeed Reporter: ‘Victims Of Communism’ Is A ‘White Nationalist’ Talking Point

Obviously, Trump is recognizing today, the birthday of Communism, as a day honoring the ‘Victims of Communism’ because he’s a white nationalist. But for the Buzzfeed reporter, it’s a ‘white nationalist’ dog whistle.

Report: Fusion GPS Co-Founder Met with Russian Lawyer Before and After Meeting with Trump Jr.

A co-founder of Fusion GPS -- the firm that produced the Trump dossier -- met with a Russian lawyer just hours before she met with Donald Trump Jr. last year, then again after the meeting, according to Fox News.

**Live Updates** VA Gov Race Results: Ed Gillespie vs. Ralph Northam

Establishment Republican tactician Ed Gillespie faces off against Democrat Ralph Northam in tonight’s Virginia gubernatorial race. The contest between the two milquetoast and uninspiring establishment candidates represents nearly everything voters hate about politics.

Trump’s H-1B Reform Is to Make Life Hell for Immigrants and Companies

Donald Trump came into office promising a restrictive new approach to immigration and there has been little question about his intention to follow through — with one seeming exception. Despite its enthusiastic rhetoric about the H-1B program, which provides temporary visas to high-skilled workers, the administration failed to make significant changes in time to impact the program’s annual lottery this April, leaving some who had anticipated action fuming. It has also declined to take up any of the legislative proposals for H-1B overhaul.

But a crackdown has been in the works, albeit more quietly. Starting this summer, employers began noticing that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services was challenging an unusually large number of H-1B applications. Cases that would have sailed through the approval process in earlier years ground to a halt under requests for new paperwork. The number of challenges — officially known as “requests for evidence” or RFEs — are up 44 percent compared to last year, according to statistics from USCIS. The percentage of H-1B applications that have resulted in RFEs this year are at the highest level they’ve been since 2009, and by absolute number are considerably higher than any year for which the agency provided statistics.

The H-1B program is controversial largely because IT firms based in India have used it to hire for rote computer programming jobs. These firms, like Infosys Ltd. and Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., have been working to reduce their reliance on the program, in anticipation of a less receptive political landscape. The overall number of H-1B applications dropped this year for the first time in five years. The skeptical eye the government is taking to applications has extended to all types of employers, according to immigration lawyers. Many are rethinking their own use of H-1B as a result.


Even though Silicon Valley sees the H-1B program as one of its top political priorities, this campaign of reform by red tape has avoided the frantic political fights surrounding other aspects of immigration, like the proposed travel ban or the cancellation of DACA, a program for those who came to the country as undocumented children. After the recent terrorist attack in New York, Trump called for the elimination of another visa lottery program – the Diversity Visa Lottery – saying immigration should be merit-based. This mirrors past calls his administration has made to eliminate the H-1B lottery as a way to punish those who use it improperly.

Instead, says Peter Roberts, an immigration lawyer whose clients include large multinationals and startups, the administration is punishing everyone. He said many of this year’s challenges were “beyond ridiculous, trumped-up requests — no pun intended — issued either without legal basis or making no sense from a common sense standpoint,” and questioned whether they’d stand up. “How do you change the way we live? You can change the laws, or you can change the way we interpret them,” he said. “This is the latter.”


There are ample signs that the Trump administration has a broader overhaul in mind. It staffed the USCIS with those who worked for Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, a longtime critic of H-1B visas who in January proposed scrapping the H-1B lottery altogether in favor of a system prioritizing higher-paid jobs. A spokesperson for USCIS says that plan is still being considered. In April, Trump issued an executive order asking federal agencies to increase their scrutiny of the program. In a briefing with reporters at the time, a senior administration official floated the idea that administrative steps like raising application fees could also serve to reshape the program without the need for new laws or regulations.



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JFK File: FBI Monitored Martin Luther King’s ‘Abnormal’ Sex Life of Orgies, Hookers and Joan Baez

The Trump administration released an FBI document containing allegations about the sexual misconduct of Martin Luther King as part of its declassification of information relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The 1968 document alleges financial improprieties by King’s civil rights organization, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, attempts to tie King to communist organizations and details a series of claims about King’s multiple alleged affairs.


The declassified file is not the first time FBI information about King’s infidelity has been made public. The wiretaps that recorded information about King’s affairs—which the FBI tried to use against King—first emerged via congressional hearings in the 1970s.


The 20-page file profiles King when he was engaged in his historic campaign for civil rights, and is dated three weeks before his April 4, 1968 assassination.


A section of the document entitled “King’s Personal Conduct” contains a series of claims about King’s extramarital affairs, including a relationship with folk singer Joan Baez.

The document describes the alleged sex acts King engaged in as “unnatural” and “abnormal,” and details an orgy that took place during workshops King held in Miami, Florida, in February 1968 with funds from the Ford Foundation to train black ministers in leadership.


It goes on to label the African-American civil rights organization King led as a “tax dodge” and describes the alleged communist ties of King’s associates.

The document was authored while Hoover was director of the FBI. Then Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy had authorized phone tapping surveillance of King as part of the FBI’s controversial domestic intelligence program.


The document mentions a letter sent to King in 1964 that urged him to commit suicide. A Senate committee later confirmed that the letter, alongside recorded evidence of King’s extramarital affairs, had been sent to King by the FBI.


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‘Okay to Be White’ Stickers Pop Up at Harvard; Law School Dean Calls Them a ‘Provocation’

Referring to them as a “provocation,” Harvard Law School Dean of Students Marcia L. Sells denounced the hanging of “more than a dozen” handmade “It’s okay to be white” stickers at the school’s Wasserstein and Hastings Halls on Wednesday.

According to The Harvard Crimson, the stickers may have been an orchestrated campaign begun on the website 4chan, which had “called upon followers to put up posters with the message in their area on Halloween night.”


Dean Sells said in an email that the stickers’ message was “intended to divide us from one another”:

“HLS [Harvard Law School] will not let that happen here. We live, work, teach, and learn together in a community that is stronger, better, and deeper because of our diversity and because we encourage open, respectful, and constructive discourse.”


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‘Politically Incorrect’ Report on Rape-Prone Migrants Inflames Debate in Sweden

As the nationality of perpetrators has long been a taboo topic in Sweden, a new private survey on this polarizing issue suggesting the staggering proportion of immigrants among rapists has triggered strong reactions in the Scandinavian country without ever making national headlines.

A private 80-page investigation conducted by a 40-year-old former truck driver and present-day retailer from Eskilstuna is questioning the official notion of immigration being largely beneficial to Sweden by suggesting that men of foreign descent are largely overrepresented in sexual assaults.

By his own admission, Patrik Jonasson surveyed 4,142 rulings regarding sex-related crimes passed by 40 Swedish courts between 2012 and 2014. The study, which took several months to compile, indicated that a whopping 95.6 percent of rapes and 90 percent of group rapes had been committed by men of foreign descent. Men from the Middle East and Africans were particularly overrepresented in various forms of sexual offences.

Additionally, two out of three rapes with aggravating circumstances were reportedly committed by asylum seekers or men who had been recently granted residence permits. By contrast, the proportion of Swedes convicted of sex-related crimes, has decreased sharply since 2013.

“Fundamentally Correct”

While almost completely ignored by Swedish media, the study was nevertheless praised by, among others, the Svenska Dagbladet daily’s leading Conservative columnist Ivar Arpi, who tweeted that it was “amazing” that a private citizen could do this kind of research utilizing the publicity principle, yet lamented the fact that the Swedish Crime Prevention Council (Brå) failed to some up with similar statistics. He also contended that Jonasson’s take was fundamentally correct.

​Swedish political scientist Tino Sanandaji, a staunch critic of unfettered migration and the author of “Mass Challenge,” argued that there was “nothing crazy” with Jonasson’s statistics and called on Brå to abandon its practice of cover-ups.

Jerzy Sarnecki, a professor of general criminology at Stockholm University, however, argued that the study was done in an “amateurish” way, given that Jonasson had no prior experience of this sort of tasks. He also stressed alleged bias of Jonasson due to the latter’s affiliation with the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats party, the Nyheter Idag news outlet reported.

Despite calling the study “angled,” he nevertheless admitted that immigrants made up a disproportionate number in several types of crimes, including sexual assaults. However, Sarnecki stressed that the study focused exclusively on cases that reached court, disregarding the overall situation with rape and sexual abuse in Sweden.

In an interview with Nyheter Idag, Patrik Jonasson openly admitted lacking any academic qualifications, yet argued that this statistical level did not impose any specific requirements. Despite Patrik Jonasson’s political colors and his lack of academic merit, he insisted that the data is fully reliable.

“I believe you can fully trust that the data I present in the survey is in line with reality,” Jonasson argued, claiming that he “came as close to the truth as he possibly could.”

Last time Sweden compiled a survey on the percentage of crimes committed by the foreign-born was in 2005, more than a decade ago, and it covered the period between 1997 and 2001, that is before the mass immigration of the recent decade, which brought dramatic changes to Sweden’s demographics and society. Since then, profiling by nationality has been considered unethical and offensive.

Jerzy Sarnecki previously contended that the number of crimes committed by immigrants was “very small.”

As of 2011, a Statistics Sweden study showed that around 27 percent of Sweden’s population of 10 million had a full or partial foreign background. Over the last two years alone, however, Sweden has taken in over 200,000 immigrants.


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We Will Defend Bill 62, Quebec Says in Face of Court Challenge

A coalition of Muslim and human rights groups have launched a court challenge of the Quebec legislation that bans face-coverings from public services, arguing it goes against both the Quebec and Canadian Charters of Rights and Freedoms.

Filed on behalf of the National Council of Canadian Muslims and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the application for judicial review of Bill 62 also names as a plaintiff Marie-Michelle Lacoste, a Quebec woman who converted to Islam in 2003 and now goes by the name Warda Naili.

In the short term, the 25-page document filed in Superior Court calls for an interim stay of the legislation. Lawyer Catherine McKenzie says she hopes that the court will hear arguments to suspend the application of the law as early as next Wednesday.

It is urgent, she said, given the impact the legislation is already having on an unknown number of women.

Section 10 of Bill 62 bars anyone from giving or receiving a public service with their faces covered.

Called “An Act to foster adherence to State religious neutrality and, in particular, to provide a framework for requests for accommodations on religious grounds in certain bodies,” the law applies to the provincial and municipal governments, and also extends to universities and the public transit system.

Two women who wear niqabs outside the home, and whenever a man other than their husband is present, provided affidavits to the court about their experiences before and after the legislation came into force, Oct. 18.

Both insist that wearing a face-veil was their own choice, and is a means of feeling more connected to God. Both are willing to remove their veils briefly when necessary for identification purposes. And both women also say they feel increasingly concerned for their own safety following Bill 62.

Fatima Ahmad, who was born and raised in Montreal, is now a second-year student at McGill University, studying to become a primary school teacher. She wore a hijab at 13, but received a niqab for Ramadan a little over a year ago and has worn the full face veil ever since.

McGill has said it will not apply the law, so Ahmad continues to attend classes. But she no longer uses public transit, relying instead on her father to drive her, and is now concerned about her ability to visit the library or go to the doctor. She is also concerned that she’ll never be able to teach in Quebec, if the law stands.

Ahmad’s affidavit points to an increase in the number of Islamophobic and aggressive remarks hurled at her on the street in the three weeks since the bill was passed.

As for Naili, née Lacoste, she says her husband and other members of the family have asked her not to wear the niqab, out of concerns for her safety.

But she believes the garment protects her dignity and modesty. “Having to unveil for longer than is absolutely necessary undermines her ability to act in accordance with her religious beliefs,” the application states.

The application for judicial review is also backed by the National Council of Canadian Muslims. While defending the rights of Quebec Muslims, the organization is said to be concerned with the “ricochet effect” Bill 62 may have in other provinces.

“The concern is related to what we’ve seen in polling, with people saying yes, they want legislation,” McKenzie explained. “When a group gets singled out, it sends a signal that these are Canadian values and approaches.”

In Quebec City

Premier Philippe Couillard indicated in Quebec City that the government is not surprised.

“Did anyone not expect a challenge?” Couillard said, arriving for a meeting of the Liberal caucus.

But Justice Minister Stephanie Vallée said the government firmly believes the law respect freedoms and will defend it in court.

“It is a law that respects the rights and freedoms guaranteed by our charters,” Vallée said. “It’s a law that is justified in a free and democratic society like Quebec.

“It’s a law adopted using the powers that are those of the government of Quebec. Yes, we will defend the bill.”

Vlalée insisted the government will continue to put the law into action despite the challenge.

As for other more detailed comments, Vallée said she will be limited in what she can say because the matter is before the courts.

Vallée was asked repeatedly whether the government would make use of the constitution’s notwithstanding clause to override rights in the event the law was struck down.

She ruled nothing out.

“We are not there for the moment,” Vallée said. “For now we will debate the law (in court) and its legitimacy.

“You know as I do that the notwithstanding clause is a tool at the disposal of the government. Now, today, we are not on the issue of deciding whether we will use it not.”

She added the debate is pointless because Bill 62 has not been struck down.

The two main opposition leaders also said they were not surprised. Both the Parti Québécois and Coalition Avenir Québec voted against the bill.

“It was entirely predictable,” said PQ leader Jean-François Lisée. “Now the real question is: will the Canadian government intervene in favour or not? Will the Canadian government use its weight to say they are against the will of the National Assembly to legislate on this?”

CAQ leader François Legault said even if the CAQ opposed the bill, he expects the government to defend it.

“I expect the government to fight against this group which is challenging Bill 62,” Legault said.

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Gun-Controlled Chicago Nearing 600 Homicides for 2nd Time Since 2003

Last year, 71 people were shot and six killed over Memorial Day weekend in Chicago
Gun-controlled Chicago is nearing 600 homicides for 2017 which will be only the second time that level has been hit since 2003.

Worst Hot Take: Writer Gay Talese Tells Kevin Spacey’s Victims They Should Just ‘Suck It Up’

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