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Hero Who Shot Texas Church Attacker Is Former NRA Instructor

Stephen Willeford, right and Johnnie Langendorff, left, attend a vigil for the victims of the First Baptist Church shooting Monday, Nov. 6, 2017, in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Willeford shot suspect Devin Patrick Kelley, and Langendorff drove the truck while chasing Kelley. Kelley had opened fire inside the church in the small South Texas community on Sunday, killing more than two dozen and injuring others. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)
The hero who stopped Sunday's Sutherland Springs, Texas, attack with an AR-15 is a former NRA instructor who retrieved his rifle after his daughter ran into his bedroom to tell him she heard gunshots at the church.

Secret Service Arrest Man Near White House Who Threatened to Kill ‘All White Police’

Michael Arega, a man originally from Dallas, issued the threat on Facebook and was tipped off by his ex-wife about the behavior,

CNN’s Camerota Nearly Begs Jeff Flake for More Gun Laws

<p>On Monday's <em>New Day</em>, as Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake appeared as a guest, CNN host Alisyn Camerota spent nearly five minutes repeatedly pushing in favor of more gun laws in the aftermath of recent mass shootings, lamenting that it seems "hopeless" to expect Congress to take action.</p>

Sutherland Springs, TX Man Goes on Laura Ingraham Show Defends Gun Owners in “Buy a Gun. Annoy a Liberal” T-Shirt (Video)

Mike Jordan from Sutherland Springs, Texas went on with Laura Ingraham on Monday night to discuss the mass shooting at the First Baptist Church on Sunday.

Mike’s son was the first one on the scene Sunday after evil atheist Devin Patrick Kelley murdered 26 Christians at the Baptist church.

Mike wore a “Buy a Gun. Annoy a Liberal.” T-shirt. He also bashed Democrats for wanting to take guns from innocent Americans.

Mike Jordan: The NRA, Republicans, no one is responsible for this and the left keeps putting blame…  Yesterday a very good friend of mine engaged the shooter with his AR-15.      he ran from his home to the shooting site less than a block from his house here.  He engaged the shooter with his AR-15 and he shot the guy.  We know for a fact that he shot him at least two to three times.  It stopped the guy.  It stopped him.  From that point the shooter ran got in his vehicle.  My friend shot him again.  They pursued and later down the road the guy crashed and that was the end of it.   Right now the count is we lost 26 people that we lost yesterday in this tragedy.   But there was many more people in this church… If the liberals had their way  and we’re not able to protect ourselves and he was not able to do what he did think of how many more people would have died.

Via Ingraham Angle:

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Trying to Redeem Hillary? Angry Mob Chants ‘Lock Her Up’ at Innocent Woman on ‘Supergirl’

<p>The CW’s <em>Supergirl </em>continues to spiral into liberal idiocy for its third season, and each time it seems to grow more and more idiotic. After insulting a president <a href="">who doesn’t even exist</a> in their universe, the show has decided to co-opt something else from real life. Say goodbye to any enjoyment from the phrase “lock her up.”</p>

Former Clinton Advisor Calls For Special Prosecutor to Investigate Hillary Over Uranium One Scandal

The Clinton machine is losing support in its fight against an avalanche of explosive accusations, ranging from rigging the 2016 Democrat primary, to helping sell a sizable portion of the United States’ uranium supply to Russia.

Former Clinton advisor Doug Schoen is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the failed presidential candidate’s role in the Uranium One scandal.

Mediaite reports:

Democratic pollster and former Clinton ally Doug Schoen believes the scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton warrant a special prosecutor.

In reaction to the Donna Brazile bombshell in which she alleged the DNC rigged the 2016 primary, Schoen, who worked for President Bill Clinton‘s ’96 campaign and Hillary Clinton’s ’08 campaign, claimed that the entire Democratic Party “stinks from the head down” and that everyone “has a stain on their hands.”

“And with this new revelation tonight emails that it probably involved gross negligence, it strengthens my call on that and others for a special prosecutor to look at that, [JamesComey, the gross negligence, to look at the email deal more generally, to look at Uranium One, the dossier, all of it,” Schoen declared. “Because at this point, what we know is getting more and more troubling. I say this as a loyal Democrat… This is not partisan. This is about preserving our democracy.”

As The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft reported, sources confirmed to Fox News’ Sean Hannity last Friday evening that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has not recused himself from the Uranium One scandal.

As Joe Hoft of The Gateway Pundit writes, the only thing stopping President Trump from investigating the Clintons is Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Sessions recused himself from any investigations into Russia allowing a corrupt investigation into the President’s actions with Russia and/or any other dirt the investigators can come up with.  The investigation is not founded in US law, it’s a farce.  The investigators are biased, former Hillary and Obama team members and supporters and many, if not all, are involved with the Uranium One scandal.

Uranium One refers to the sale of 20% of US uranium to the Russians by the Obama Administration and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  The Clintons made $146 million on the deal and no doubt Obama did too.  Sessions’ Assistant Attorney General, Rosenstein approved the Uranium One deal and then he hired Mueller to clean it up.  At the time the deal was approved there was a special FBI investigation ongoing into the deal and it was covered up until only a few weeks ago.  The Clintons know Uranium One was a big deal as reported in a leaked email from the Clinton campaign.

Efforts to investigate Clinton’s role in the Uranium One deal were previously thwarted, according to Rep. Ron DeSantis.

Republican leadership blocked DeSantis and others from investigating the transaction.

The House Oversight Committee has since launched an investigation into the deal.

Fox News reports:

The House Oversight Committee has started its investigation into an Obama-era deal in which a Russian-backed company bought a uranium firm with mines in the U.S., Rep. Ron DeSantis told Fox News on Sunday, adding that he’s spoken with the federal government’s “confidential informant” on the matter.

[…]“I’ve spoken with the confidential informant that helped the FBI uncover this bribery scheme,” DeSantis, R-Fla., a member of the oversight committee, told “America’s News Headquarters.” “Clearly, it’s in the public’s interest that this individual be able to tell his story to Congress.”

At the end of the interview seen in the video above, DeSantis says something stunning. GOP leadership blocked him from investigating evidence from the Clinton-Uranium deal.

Is there any hope left that the Justice Department will do the right thing and investigate Clinton Inc.?

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Former Congressman and Registered Sex Offender Anthony Weiner Checks in for Prison Sentence

Andrew-Breitbart-Weiner-Press-Conference-12-22-2016 (Andrew Burton / Getty)
Former Congressman and registered sex offender Anthony Weiner checked in for his 21-month prison sentence Monday, which was handed down after he pleaded guilty to sending lewd messages to a 15-year-old girl.

UK Daily Mail Refuses to Capitalize “God” in Texas Christian Hero Post — But Capitalizes “Allah” in Previous Post

When did the UK Daily Mail become a God-hating rag?

The Daily Mail tonight reported on Texas hero gunman Stephen Willeford who chased down Devin Patrick Kelley after he shot up First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs.

Stephen Willeford is a hero and he thanked God in his first interview since the Sunday massacre.

But The Daily Mail didn’t see it that way.
The godless Daily Mail refused to capitalize and honor “God” in their report.

And it wasn’t a fluke.

They also refused to honor “God” in their article on the webpage.

Now let’s take a look at how the Daily Mail deals with Islam…

Here is an article from July 26, 2017 and they happily capitalized ‘Allah’ for the Muslims.

Also an article from October 31st, 2017, The Daily Mail capitalized ‘Allah’. There you have it.

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Obamacare Enrollment Spikes During Early Sign-Up Period

A record number of Americans signed up for Obamacare during the first few days of open enrollment this compared to last year.

VIDEO: ‘My God Protected Me,’ Says Man Who Shot Texas Church Killer

Stephen Willeford
The Sutherland Springs man who came face-to-face with a madman who killed 26 people in a Texas church says God protected him and gave him the skills he needed to stop more deaths. The former NRA instructor engaged Devin Patrick Kelley as he exited the church.

Hate-Crime Hoaxer Near Kansas State University Won’t Be Charged For Filing False Police Report

The next Mizzou. Via The College Fix: Even if you’re caught in a hate-crime hoax, chances are good you won’t be sanctioned beyond being outed as a liar. Dauntarius Williams won’t face charges for filing a false police report about the n-word graffiti and threat he painted on his own car near Kansas State University, […]

Nets Demand Gun Control, ABC Pushes Fake News on Mental Health and Guns

<p>After chastising President Trump for ‘politicizing’ lottery visas after the New York City terror attack last week, the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) spent time during their Monday evening broadcasts pushing for more gun control while slamming Trump for saying the Sutherland, Texas mass shooting was a mental health issue.</p>

Bernie Sanders Official: We Were Told to Support Hillary or “Face Backlash Like Donna Brazile Is Receiving Now” (Video)

Former Bernie Sanders campaign official reacts to Hillary Clinton’s election rigging.

Tezlyn Figaro went on Hannity tonight to discuss Donna Brazile’s attacks on the DNC and the crooked Hillary Clinton Campaign.

Brazile is facing immense backlash since she spoke out against the rigged DNC primary election in 2016.

Tezlyn said delegates felt intimidated to vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary or face backlash.

Tezlyn Figaro: For them to crucify her for speaking the truth is an injustice. No one is saying people went in and changed the voting machines. What we’re saying is the super-delegates, the 700 super-delegates… used their power to influence these communities. We went out to these locations and the people told us that they wanted to support Senator Sanders but could not because of the backlash that pretty much Donna Brazile is receiving now.

Via Hannity:

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Report: Trump Planning Executive Order to Unravel Obamacare’s Individual Mandate

According to reports, President Donald Trump will prepare an executive order that will unravel Obamacare’s individual mandate.

Administration Official Dangles ‘Amnesty’ for 350,000 Semi-Illegals

The federal government is playing amnesty hardball by ending the 18-year “Temporary Protected Status” for 5,300 Nicaraguans and by setting a six-month date for deciding whether to end TPS for 86,000 Hondurans who have been in the United States since 1999. The split decision puts more pressure on Democratic legislators and activists to compromise on their nation-changing mass-immigration policy. That policy also demands a no-strings amnesty for 3.3 million so-called ‘dreamer’ illegals, including the roughly 690,000 beneficiaries of the DACA amnesty invented by former President Barack Obama. Democrats also want permanent residency for the total population of 350,000 TPS beneficiaries. The White House’s political calculus was admitted by a “senior administration official,” who answered a question from Breitbart News during an evening press conference: I will say that the administration’s intention with this was to look at what the statute required under the law … That being said, the administration understands that there are a number of individuals who have been in a TPS status for –– in the case of Nicaragua potential for 20 years … and given that the lengthy period of their presence here, that Congress may wish to provide a solution that allows them a more permanent status versus this 18-month

Texas Church Shooting Hero Stephen Willeford Breaks Silence: ‘God Gave Me The Skills To Do What Needed To Be Done’ (VIDEO)

In an emotional interview, Texas church shooting hero, 55-year-old local plumber Stephen Willeford, broke his silence on the massacre.

Willeford, who shot the Texas church gunman Devin Kelley, says he’s “no hero.”

“I think my God…protected me and gave me the skills to do what needed to be done.”

Video credit: Daily Caller 


Daily Caller reports:

Stephen Willeford, who is described as a former NRA instructor, grabbed an AR-15 when he discovered a man was shooting up the church and ran to the scene to stop him.

“I kept hearing the shots, one after another, very rapid shots – just ‘pop pop pop pop’ and I knew every one of those shots represented someone, that it was aimed at someone, that they weren’t just random shots,” Willeford told 4029 News.

“He saw me and I saw him. I was standing behind a pickup truck for cover,” Willeford said. “I know I hit him. He got into his vehicle, and he fired another couple rounds through his side window. When the window dropped, I fired another round at him again.”

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Willeford managed to snipe a part of Kelley that was unprotected by the killer’s body armor. Willeford doesn’t have any military experience.

Willeford was the “local member of the community,” who flagged down Johnnie Langendorff after the shooting. The two chased Kelley in Langendorff’s truck.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Johnnie Langendorff was driving by the scene of the Sutherland Springs Church shooting when he witnessed shooter Devin Patrick Kelley exchanging gunfire with another man. After Kelley fled the scene, Langendorff and the man chased after the killer in his truck.

“The neighbor with the rifle came to my truck and he opened my door and said, “He shot up the church”, and got in, Langendorff told Good Morning America on Monday.

“He said, “Chase him” so that’s what I did. I just chase him.”

“It seemed everybody had headed up to the church. I’m not sure if anybody really realized that he had left and gone that direction,” added  Langendorf.

After Kelley lost control of his vehicle, the man jumped out of Langendorf’s truck and pointed his rifle at the killer until police arrived on scene.

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John Kerry: Trump’s Rhetoric Has Made North Korea Feel They Have To Get Nuclear Bomb

Pres Trump's rhetoric has “stepped over the line" and has "given North Korea reason to say, ‘Hey, we need a bomb,'" @johnkerry tells me. — Christiane Amanpour (@camanpour) November 6, 2017 They already have it, you putz I wonder who was Sec of State while North Korea was developing the bomb? And who knew […]

WOW! Journalists Suspected Of Taking Bribes To Spread “Russian Collusion” Fake News

The House Intelligence Committee suspects journalists may have been paid to report on alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. 

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is demanding Fusion GPS, the firm behind the infamous ‘Trump dossier,’ submit its banking records to the House Intelligence Committee so it can investigated if payments made to the research firm where funneled to reporters.

Washington Times reports:

Rep. Devin Nunes, California Republican and chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, signed a subpoena to force a bank to turn over Fusion’s financial records. He wants to know who paid for the dossier, which was written in a series of 18 memos by former British spy Christopher Steele. He relied almost exclusively on unidentified Kremlin sources.

Fusion went to federal court to block the move, but the law firm Perkins Coie LLP, whose partner Marc E. Elias is the Clinton’s campaign’s general counsel, intervened. It filed a letter acknowledging it had paid Fusion for the dossier on behalf of Democrats. Fusion and Mr. Nunes then worked out an agreement on access to some of the firm’s financial records.

But the dispute heightened again Friday as Fusion renewed its request for a judge to block the subpoena because Mr. Nunes wants more information. The widened net includes the names of journalists and law firms that Fusion might have paid.

The House Intelligence Committee announced it has reached a deal to obtain Fusion GPS’s bank records after the firm behind the ‘Trump dossier,’ moved to block access. Unfortunately, the bank records will be confidential under sealed protective order.

“House Intel Committee reaches deal to secure Fusion GPS’ bank records; the company produced dossier alleging Trump-Russia links,” tweeted ABC News on Saturday afternoon.

Tweet credit: ABC News

The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross pointed out the bank records are under protective order.

“Federal judge places Fusion GPS bank records under sealed protective order. Will remain confidential,” tweeted Ross.

Tweet credit: Chuck Ross 

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Fusion GPS  requested a U.S. District judge to block investigators from accessing its bank records. Not so fast, says the House Intelligence Committee, who filed a motion demanding Fusion GPS obey the subpoena to reveals its past financial transactions. According to Kimberley A. Strassel of the Wall Street Journal, ‘the coming Russia bombshells,’ may come to light if a ‘judge orders Fusion GPS to give House investigators its bank records.’

The post WOW! Journalists Suspected Of Taking Bribes To Spread “Russian Collusion” Fake News appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Stepsister: Walmart Slaying Suspect Heard Voices After Taking LSD 30 Years Ago

Doubt it was a 30-year flashback. Via WISTV: The stepsister of a man charged with fatally shooting three people at a Colorado Walmart said he has been tormented by voices in his head since taking LSD nearly 30 years ago – an event she said radically changed his behavior and personality. “When he came home, […]

Florida Health Officials Confirm First Case of Sexually-Transmitted Zika in Miami

Yellow fever is a viral haemorrhagic disease transmitted mainly by the same species of mosquito that also spreads Zika and dengue
Florida health officials have confirmed the first case of sexually-transmitted Zika virus in the Miami area.

Saudis: Yemen Missile Attack a ‘Blatant Act of Military Aggression’ by Iran

Saudi Arabia on Monday declared that the missile fired from Yemen at Riyadh over the weekend was a “blatant act of military aggression” by Iran, acting through its Yemeni proxies, the Houthi insurgents. The Saudi-led military coalition that has been attempting to restore the internationally-recognized government of Yemen announced that it would temporarily close all land, air, and sea routes into Yemen to prevent further weapons smuggling.

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News & Views: Ron Paul’s Cultural Marxist NFL Headline!

Nov. 06, 2017ccGEOa

News & Basics: Just call them Ant-White!

Nov. 06, 2017ccGEOb

News & Views: Hate Crime Hoax meter goes to new highs!

Nov. 06, 2017ccGEOc

News & Views: Petro Currencies rapidly becoming obsolete?

Nov. 06, 2017ccGEOd


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Insurance Premiums for Pot Smokers Reach New Highs

This June 5, 2017, photo shows a marijuana leaf in the vegetative room at Alaska Cannabis Cultivators in Fairbanks, Alaska. Voters in parts of Alaska will decide in local elections on Tuesday, Oct. 3, whether to ban commercial cannabis operations, including retail stores and cultivation facilities. (Eric Engman/Fairbanks Daily News-Miner via AP)
Pot smokers who sign up for life insurance may be paying stiff penalties as life insurance premiums reach new highs for those who smoke marijuana.

Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies: He Hired Private Investigators To Track Accusers And Journos

Ronan Farrow’s tales of the effort to expose Weinstein. Shades of Scientology, each paragraph worse than the last. Via The New Yorker: In the fall of 2016, Harvey Weinstein set out to suppress allegations that he had sexually harassed or assaulted numerous women. He began to hire private security agencies to collect information on the […]

‘Dirty Donna’ Brazile Challenged Top Male Hillary Aides To ‘D*ck Measuring Contest’

Democrat political operative Donna Brazile challenged top male staffers running Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to a d*ck measuring contest, according to her new book “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House.” 

Daily Caller reports:

Former Democratic National Committee (DNC) interim chair Donna Brazile levied sexism allegations against top male staffers on the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in a newly obtained excerpt of her upcoming book, in which she claims to have responded to their behavior by challenging the men to expose their genitals.

“Gentlemen, let’s just put our dicks out on the table and see who’s got the bigger one, because I know mine is bigger than all of yours,” Brazile writes in the sixth chapter of her tell all book “Hacks,” obtained by the Huffington Post.

Brazile claims the sexist behavior occurred during a conference call amidst an argument regarding the possibility of hiring a CEO to rehabilitate the financially struggling DNC. The top male aides dismissed her desire to bring on a CEO because of her gender, she said and responded by challenging their collective phallic endowment.

Brazile says her long career in politics has equipped her with the ability to pick up on sexism.

“I have worked with men all my life in politics and I can sense when they get to this part about not being able to deal with a woman. This is not a racial thing. This was a gender thing,” Brazile told the left-leaning Huffington Post.

Newly released excerpts from Brazile’s book reveal the Democrat operative felt like a “slave” over the poor treatment she experienced by the Clinton campaign.

In addition, Brazile has choice words for former President Obama and ex-DNC head Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who she believes destroyed the Democrat Party with their massive egos.

Washington Post reports:

Brazile alleges that Clinton’s top aides routinely disrespected her and put the DNC on a “starvation diet,” depriving it of funding for voter turnout operations.

As one of her party’s most prominent black strategists, Brazile also recounts fiery disagreements with Clinton’s staffers — including a conference call in which she told three senior campaign officials, Charlie Baker, Marlon Marshall and Dennis Cheng, that she was being treated like a slave.

“I’m not Patsey the slave,” Brazile recalls telling them, a reference to the character played by Lupita Nyong’o in the film, “12 Years a Slave.” “Y’all keep whipping me and whipping me and you never give me any money or any way to do my damn job. I am not going to be your whipping girl!”

The DNC has been plagued by poor fundraising efforts and soaring operational costs, while the RNC has excelled since President Trump won the White House. Brazile shines light on some of the outlandish spending habits under Wasserman Schultz, who spent big on “ridiculous” perks such as an assistant known as a body woman and a personal driver. According to Brazile, Obama was draining the DNC’s coffers with expensive polling projects in the twilight of his presidency.

According to the Washington Post’s Philip Rucker, Brazile claims that she “inherited a national party in disarray, in part because President Obama, Clinton and Wasserman Schultz were “three titanic egos” who had “stripped the party to a shell for their own purposes.””

The post ‘Dirty Donna’ Brazile Challenged Top Male Hillary Aides To ‘D*ck Measuring Contest’ appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Driver Who Chased Down Texas Church Attacker: ‘I Had to Make Sure He Was Caught’

The driver who chased Texas church gunman said he never hesitated because he knew he "had to make sure [the attacker] was caught."

Clinton Campaign Members Relive Stunning Election Night: ‘We Were Waiting for the Coronation’

That’s exactly how they think, a ‘coronation’ to rule over us. Via Free Beacon: Hillary Clinton campaign alumni relived a brutal election night as part of an oral history of Nov. 8, 2016, compiled by Esquire, showing they initially felt strong confidence that was soon replaced by the shock of losing to Donald Trump. “We […]

Former NRA Instructor Used AR-15 To Shoot Texas Church Gunman As He Was Reloading His Weapon

Via KBHS: Stephen Willeford shot and chased the man who killed 26 people in a Texas church on Sunday. He spoke to 40/29 News in an exclusive sit-down interview on Monday. Willeford was at home when his daughter came into his bedroom to tell him she heard gunshots at the First Baptist Church nearby. Willeford, […]

This Week in #WhiteGenocide 23

This Week in #WhiteGenocide 23

Its okay to be a Black Jew

1:24 D’Marcus libowitz red pilling tale

12:00 Johnny joins “me Too” campaign with tale of gang rape

14:00 New York Post claims terrorism is price of dieversity

23:40 Rand Paul attacked

32:40 White babies be racist and sheeit

37:10 Dieversity lotto

42:50 Anti-Whites cried wolf too much on White Supremacy

52:49 MLK documents reveal he was a total degenerate

1.00:30 Papa Johns cucks

1.03:30 last words

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Trump on Virginia Gov. Race: ‘If You Vote Ed Gillespie’ the VA Economy ‘Will Come Roaring Back!’

President Donald Trump tweeted on Monday, “If you vote Ed Gillespie tomorrow” the Virginia economy "will come roaring back!”

Jorge Ramos Goes to Puerto Rico, and Takes a Side

<p>Last week, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos traveled to Puerto Rico in order to, in his own words, “see how things are after the hurricanes.” The interview segments of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and Governor Ricardo Rosselló that aired on the most recent edition of <em>Al Punto</em> compel the question: why even bother?  </p> <p> </p>

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News & Views: Chaos hits Saudi Arabia!

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News & Views: US Airforce wants Russian tissue samples?

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CNN, Other Media Push Another Fake Trump Story That He Didn’t Know Japanese Car Firms Have Plants In US

For every one of these fake stories, it dupes thousands if not millions if they don’t already know of the propensity for lying. Via WaPo: Appearing with U.S. and Japanese business leaders in Tokyo on Monday, Trump said something that seemed to suggest he didn’t know Japanese auto manufacturers, in many cases, make their cars […]

AIR FORCE FAILURE Allowed Texas Mass Shooter to Purchase Guns

As previously reported, Texas church gunman Devin Kelley was denied a gun permit, says Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Nonetheless, Kelley was able to purchase a Ruger AR-556 rifle at a hunting store in San Antonio after lying on the background check. 

How was Kelley able to obtain a gun and deceive the hunting store owners?

The Air Force admitted they failed to enter Kelley’s domestic violence offense into the NCIC database!

Reporter for the Texas Tribune, Alexandra Samuels tweeted a statement released from the Air Force, “NEW: U.S. Air Force issues statement saying shooter’s domestic violence offense was NOT entered into the NICS database.”

“Kelley bought a Ruger AR-556 rifle, used in the attack on the church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in April of last year from an Academy Sports & Outdoors store in San Antonio,” reports Business Insider.

Kelley wrote on his background check that he didn’t have a “disqualifying criminal history.”

The Democrats are calling for more gun control and condemning the NRA when systems were already put in place to block Kelley from purchasing a firearm.

Again, law abiding citizens stopped this criminal and murderer from possibly killing more people with their bravery and legally owned guns.

The post AIR FORCE FAILURE Allowed Texas Mass Shooter to Purchase Guns appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

BREAKING: Secret Service Arrest Man On WH Lawn After Threatening To ‘Kill White Police At WH’ And Trump

North Korea’s Official Newspaper Cites U.S. Senator Bob Corker to Attack Trump

Bob Corker
North Korea's official newspaper Rodong Sinmun on Sunday cited Sen. Bob Corker to support its own attacks on President Trump, as he arrived in the region.

Ralph Northam Ad: Ed Gillespie ‘Won’t Stand Up to Donald Trump Because He’s Right Next to Him’

A new Ralph Northam campaign ad said that “Ed Gillespie won’t stand up to Donald Trump because he’s right next to him.”

USAF ‘Mishandled’ Reporting Texas Church Shooter’s Conviction to Background Check System, Says Report

The gunman who opened fire in the Texas church was able to pass a background check because the Air Force "mishandled" the process for reporting his domestic violence conviction, according to a report.

USAF ‘Mishandled’ Reporting Texas Church Shooter’s Conviction to Background Check System, Says Report

The gunman who opened fire in the Texas church was able to pass a background check because the Air Force "mishandled" the process for reporting his domestic violence conviction, according to a report.

White, Male Students Called on Last in Some Classrooms


Controversy erupted recently after tweets from an Ivy League teaching assistant showed her admitting she only calls on white male students as a last resort.

“I will always call on my black women students first. Other [people of color] get second tier priority. [White women] come next. And, if I have to, white men,” University of Pennsylvania teaching assistant Stephanie McKellop tweeted in October.

McKellop’s tweets spotlight a method known as the “progressive stack” in which speaking priority is given to minority voices while those deemed as having privilege must wait their turn.

McKellop’s comments ignited a firestorm over the controversial teaching method and prompted her university to look into the situation, but a College Fix review of online documentation shows McKellop is far from the first instructor to employ the “progressive stack” in the classroom.

Use of the progressive stack, which is lauded by advocates as amplifying oppressed voices and criticized by others as discriminatory, has been used in college classrooms for years, and has roots in liberal activism.

The College Fix review found several instances in which scholars have engaged in the practice. Additionally, a sociology professor told Inside Higher Ed progressive stacking dates back at least a couple decades.


The method has been met with resistance by students as well. It drew complaints in one college course because students felt it “silenced straight white male students on the basis of their identities,” according to an article published by the course’s instructors.

According to the conservative website Legal Insurrection, the tactic traces back at least to the well-known Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.


A 2011 article from the liberal magazine The Nation highlighted how Occupy Wall Street protesters used progressive stacking as a means to allow those from “traditionally marginalized groups” to speak at events.


In a 2014 essay published online, then-UC Berkeley Ph.D candidate Genevieve Painter explained how the Occupy Wall Street movement taught her “how to occupy my own classroom” and explains how she and her colleagues “brought techniques from the movement” into a course.

One of those techniques included the “progressive stack” method, which Painter mentions was used by a professor she assisted in a legal theory course to moderate discussion. Painter inferred that white male students were actually called on first since they were a minority in the class.


Painter did not respond to a request seeking comment.

In a 2013 article published in the journal “Radical Teacher,” a cohort of instructors who taught an “Occupy Wall Street-inspired” course admit to using the progressive stack in the class.


However, the method was met with criticism from some students who complained progressive stacking muzzled white men in the class. In their article, the instructors said the complaints led to a meeting with their department chair and that they “took this opportunity to clear up some misconceptions about the class.”


In 2015, Saint Mary’s University professor Jody Haiven said at a panel discussion on misogyny that women should be allowed to speak first in public settings. Haiven, a management professor, said she practiced the technique in her own teaching, according to a news article.

“[[n] the management department, women get to speak first. I think that that is a primary issue that we actually have to look at, how to do question and answer [periods]. And we can start today,” she said.

When probed about whether that tactic could lead to sexism against men, Haiven reportedly said “yes, I suppose at some point that could happen.”

Haiven did not respond to a request seeking comment.

The “progressive stack” method was also used at a 2014 conference on “Transnational Feminisms” that was hosted for scholars at Ohio State University.

“Since some people feel more comfortable than others in settings like these, we ask facilitators to keep a ‘progressive stack’ of speakers, asking those who have already spoken in the session to wait until all others have spoken once before speaking again,” the conference’s welcome packet states.

The packet asks “all participants to privilege the voices of those who might easily be
marginalized in academic conversations in the [U.S.].” It goes on to list students, foreigners, non-native English speakers, junior faculty members and the disabled as those who fall under that category.


[Cornell Ph.D candidate Jesse] Goldberg added that “the method is flawed” but refuted accusations it’s discriminatory.


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