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16,000 Utility Technicians From 30 States and Canada Already Stationed in Florida to Help Bring Power Back After Irma (VIDEO)

16,000 technicians from across the country are waiting to assist Florida Power and Light (FP&L) in Florida.

Hundreds and hundreds of power trucks have come to Daytona Beach from across the nation and Canada.

30 states have sent utility crews to join up with FD&L which services about half the people in the state of Florida.

What a great country!
The utility and landscaping trucks are lined up in the Daytona Beach parking lot ready to head out after Irma hits the Sunshine state.

Rick Leventhal at FOX News reported:

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Tancredo: Hurricane DACA Targeting Washington Swampland: Are Republicans Prepared?

President Trump's six-month reprieve for Obama's "Deferred Acton on Childhood Arrivals" (DACA) program could be a lifeline to the Republican party, but it can turn out to be a death sentence if Republicans swallow the Democrats' amnesty plan.

DISGUSTING! Evil Liberals Attack Eric Bolling Over the Death of His Son

Eric Bolling’s teenage son passed away last night, according to Huffington Post journalist Yashar Ali. A source told Mediate that the cause of death was suicide although a new report suggests he may have accidentally overdosed on drugs.

Bolling broke his silence on the death of his only son, 19-year-old Chase Bolling, saying he was devastated and needed prayers.

He also sent out an update from authorities regarding his deceased son’s condition and asked for respect during his family’s grievance period.

But that didn’t stop the evil liberals from attacking a man who is in excruciating pain over the untimely death of his own son. Nothing is too low for liberals.

TMZ reported on the tragic death of Eric Bolling’s son and the liberals savaged the comments section with outrageous attacks. Many people were saying this is ‘karma’ for being a Trump supporter. Sick.

Liberal cretins on Twitter also attacked Bolling:

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Eerie Footage Shows Devastation From Hurricane Irma on U.S. Virgin Islands (VIDEO)

The U.S. Virgin Islands was absolutely devastated by Hurricane Irma. A video obtained by ABC News shows the utter destruction caused by the record breaking storm. 

All eyes are on the state of Florida as Hurricane Irma is set to make landfall. The country came together as Hurricane Harvey destroyed parts of Texas and surely we’ll see the same in Florida.

Governor Rick Scott has officially ordered the largest mass evacuation in U.S. history — a whopping 6.3 million people have been asked to vacate the following areas:

USA Today reported earlier in the week that Irma may prompt the largest evacuation in U.S. history:

People in parts of three Florida counties faced mandatory evacuation orders Thursday and officials in two other counties issued voluntary orders to leave in advance of Hurricane Irma, a storm that could create one of the largest mass exoduses in U.S. history as additional evacuations are announced.

The eye of the storm is expected to make landfall Sunday morning in the Florida Keys and travel up the Atlantic coastline, according to the National Hurricane Center.

“Do not sit and wait for this storm to come,” Gov. Rick Scott said. “Get out now.”

And Florida residents and visitors are doing just that, causing traffic delays on portions of Interstates 95 and 75 and the Florida Turnpike, according to a Google map of traffic-cam data from the Florida Department of Transportation.

Many people in Florida are evacuating their homes as Irma approaches the United States. President Trump is working with Florida Governor Rick Scott to get supplies to people affected. A state of emergency has been declared in Florida.

The First Lady sent out a heartfelt message, “If you are in or near projected path of Hurricane Irma please listen to local law enforcement in the area. Stay safe!!!”

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Anita Green Is Miss Montana USA’s First Transgender Contestant

She wouldn’t last 24 hours in Butte, Montana. Via Daily Mail: The first openly transgender woman to compete in the race to become Miss Montana USA pageant has revealed what motivated her to enter her first pageant ever: Donald Trump’s election. Anita Green, 26, will compete among 20 contestants on Sunday night in Missoula. The […]

Irma Pushes Miami at FSU Game back to Oct. 7

Hurricane Irma kept Florida State and Miami on the sideline this week — and will do so again next weekend. The powerful storm has already forced the postponement of the annual Seminoles-Hurricanes showdown, which was scheduled to be played on Florida State's campus in Tallahassee on Sept. 16.

Florida Governor’s Sign Language Interpreter Kills It – Flaps, Shakes and Drops Tongue During Presser (VIDEO)

Is sign language even real?

Governor Rick Scott delivered a hurricane warning on Saturday morning.
But all eyes were on his very enthusiastic sign language interpreter.

There’s no way you can focus on Governor Scott with this guy up there.

Hat Tip Andrew-

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Irma begins battering Florida, aims for Tampa

Trump: Get out of its way!

Irma begins battering Florida, aims for Tampa

Trump: Get out of its way!

Surfers Drink Beer and Party on South Beach Screaming “F*ck You Irma!” (VIDEO)

The outer bands of Hurricane Irma have began to barrel down on South Florida after it ravaged St. Marteen and other islands. What began as a category 5 storm has been downgraded to a category 3, however; it is expected to gain power as it slams into Florida.

The hurricane didn’t stop a group of surfers from drinking beer and partying in Miami!

Via The New York Post:

On Saturday night on Miami’s South Beach, it was surfing — and partying — as usual, even as wet winds began lashing the Atlantic into a seething froth.

Shouts of “F— you, Irma!” rose from a group of some 20 surfers as they drank beer, white wine and champagne on the beach.

“Block party, baby!” artist Jonah Cerwimske, announced.

“South Beach, friends and family,” said Annie Tworog, 38. “We are related by the water — that sounds so cheesy. But we’re all surfers, and our good friend died a year ago today so we’re celebrating him.”

“We will be partying all night long,” promised Megan Turnbow, 31, who’d come to the beach with a backpack jammed full of liquor.

Surfers drinking beers:

Guy riding his skateboard upside down:

Photos/Videos via New York Post

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Burgess Owens: Today’s NFL Players Who Are Sitting During National Anthem Are Failing Our Kids

[email protected]: "These young men who are now millionaires because of the country, because of the price paid, are… failing our kids." — Fox News (@FoxNews) September 9, 2017

Florida AG Pam Bondi Warns Price Gougers: ‘I Will Be Saying Your Name All Over This Country’

7-Eleven already doing damage control. Via Washington Examiner: Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi condemned companies that plan to gouge prices ahead of Hurricane Irma, vowing to prosecute and publicly shame them. “When I see babies, when I see women, when I see children, when I see elderly people who cannot afford a $30 bottle of […]

WATCH: Florida Shopper Gives Last Generator to Stranger Behind Him in Line

A Good Samaritan in a Florida store brought one customer to tears after he gave up the store's last generator to a stranger behind him in line.

New York Times Accepts Full-Page Anti-Trump Ad from Venezuelan Despots

<p>Ben Kew at Breitbart reported <em>The New York Times</em> ran an full-page advertisement on Wednesday paid for by Venezuela’s socialist regime, claiming President Donald Trump seeks to “manufacture a political crisis” in the country.</p> <p>Venezuela’s economy is a basket case, with dramatic shortages that led to protests and violence. Trump didn’t “manufacture” that. The <em>Times</em> is publishing fake news as an ad.</p>

WashPost Columnist Brewer Says Kaepernick-less NFL Does Not Respect Humanity

<p>Reasonable people can agree the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell are deserving of criticism for their mishandling of discipline and the game's ongoing concussion problem. Those are clearly shortcomings for the league. However, <em>The</em> <em>Washington Post's</em> Jerry Brewer, already a confirmed Colin Kaepernick cheerleader, lumps those universal concerns in with the Left's rally for the one man most conspicuous for his absence from the game this season.</p>

Alabama Couple Grills Hot Dogs to Feed Florida Evacuees

As thousands of Floridians flock to Alabama to avoid Hurricane Irma, one Alabama couple is ensuring that evacuees are well-fed on their journey to higher ground.

U.S. Launching New Phase in Battle Against ISIS After Discovering Massive Trove of Intelligence

The U.S. is ready to take its fight against ISIS to another level after recovering a massive trove of intelligence from the terror group’s former facilities in Iraq and Syria.

L.A. Times reports:

U.S. intelligence analysts have gained valuable insights into Islamic State’s planning and personnel from a vast cache of digital data and other material recovered from bombed-out offices, abandoned laptops and the cellphones of dead fighters in recently liberated areas of Iraq and Syria.

In the most dramatic gain, U.S. officials over the last two months have added thousands of names of known or suspected Islamic State operatives to an international watch list used at airports and other border crossings. The Interpol database now contains about 19,000 names.

The intelligence haul — the largest since U.S. forces entered the war in mid-2014 — threatens to overwhelm already stretched counter-terrorism and law enforcement agencies in Europe, where Islamic State has claimed responsibility for attacks in Paris, London and Stockholm this year.


In recent weeks, U.S.-backed ground forces have sent an estimated 30 terabytes of data — equal to nearly two years of nonstop video footage — to the National Media Exploitation Center in Bethesda, Md., a little-known arm of the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency, according to officials who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the intelligence.

Analysts there are scrutinizing handwritten ledgers, computer spreadsheets, thumb drives, mobile phone memory cards and other materials for clues to terrorist cells or plots in Europe or elsewhere.

The Gateway Pundit was recently granted a live interview with Dr. Gorka where questions about ISIS were addressed.

The threat of ISIS and the Trump Administrations strategy to combat the terrorist group was the first question Dr. Gorka was presented with during the interview. Questions appear at 3:50 minutes in, and at 6:16.

Wintrich: Are we on track to defeating ISIS? What do you see that timeline looking like? Is there anything you’d recommend to expedite it?

Dr. Gorka: So, when it comes to a specific group like ISIS, we very much are on track . . . We’ve gone from a misdiagnosis under the Obama years that there is no such thing as Jihadism, it’s just poor guys who need jobs, remember the classic line from Marie Harf of the State Department, ‘Oh, we need jobs for Jihadis,’ we ditched that on January the 20th, we understand that this is an ideologically motivated group of people. They’re not refugees, they’re not people who grew up in, you know, Palestinian refugee camps, they are people who have chosen jihad. On top of that, comes the very first moment after the Inauguration, we unleashed our military to do the job they’d been trained to do because this White House trusts them. As a result, Secretary Mattis, to be technical, has gone from a strategy of attrition, of bombers, of a policy that wants to nibble at the edges, a drone strike here, a drone strike there, we’ve gone from attrition to a strategy of annihilation. To quote one special operations guy, ‘Our forces are stacking ISIS like cordwood,’ so, we’re killing them with an aggressive stance that has simply not been seen for the last eight years . . .

Wintrich: Do you think that we created ISIS? Under the Obama years, ISIS was more or less nurtured, do you disagree there?

Dr. Gorka: We did not create ISIS. This is a scurrilous conspiracy theory, this is as bad as saying we created Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden and 9/11 was an inside job, anybody who thinks that is un-American. ISIS was a former part of Al-Qaeda, it was Al-Qaeda in Iraq, it was the local Al-Qaeda franchise, what happened was the Obama policies of leading from behind, the strategic patience, of misdiagnosing the threat and of drawing our troops out of Iraq long before everything was ready. Those helped to facilitate the rise of ISIS but that is very different from saying that ‘we created ISIS,’ which is not true.

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Transient Charged with Attempted Murder in 7-Eleven Ax Attack

A transient has been charged with attempted murder following a September 2 ax attack outside a 7-Eleven in Santa Monica, California.

Al Sharpton’s Daughter Arrested for Allegedly Attacking Cab Driver, Stealing His Keys

Al Sharpton's daughter got arrested on her 30th birthday after she allegedly attacked a cab driver and stole his keys.

Democrats Use Loophole To Push Discharge Petition On DREAM Act

Republicans asleep at the switch. Via Roll Call: House Democrats, led by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, used some procedural creativity Thursday in filing a resolution to discharge a bill that could ultimately lead to a vote on the so-called DREAM Act. The DREAM Act is a measure that Democrats and some Republicans want to pass […]

U.S. Park Police Abort An Anti-Trump Attempt To ‘Occupy’ Farragut Square, Tear Down Camp

This is the ‘Charlottesville to D.C. March against White Supremacy.’ Strangely enough, involving the very same people in Occupy and BLM. Neilani Stamp was part of Occupy NYC as well as part of an ACORN organization. The idea was to ‘occupy’ as they had in the past. It didn’t quite work out that way. And […]

Eric Bolling Gives Update From Authorities Regarding His Deceased Son

Eric Bolling’s teenage son passed away last night, according to Huffington Post journalist Yashar Ali. A source told Mediate that the cause of death was suicide. 

Bolling broke his silence on the death of his only son, 19-year-old Chase Bolling, saying he was devastated and needed prayers.

He also sent out an update from authorities regarding his deceased son’s condition and asked for respect during his family’s grievance period.

Reports say Bolling’s son committed suicide. Eric Bolling sent out a tweet with an update from authorities, “Authorities have informed us there is no sign of self harm at this point. Autopsy will be next week. Please respect our grieving period.”

Please pray for Eric Bolling, his wife and loved ones who are hurting during this time.

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Illegal Aliens In Central Florida Worry About Seeking Shelter

Report to the nearest Mexican consulate. APOPKA, Fla. (Reuters) – With Hurricane Irma barreling down on Central Florida, Apopka resident Carmen Nova had a decision to make. A Mexican immigrant living in the country illegally, she knew her mobile home was at risk in the storm. But the 30-year-old mother of three also knew that […]

Illegal Alien ‘DREAMER’ Allowed Back Into US to Sue Trump Admin For Unlawful Deportation

On Tuesday President Trump announced an end the Obama-era program that grants work permits to illegal immigrants who arrived in this country illegally with their lawbreaking parents or guardians.

At least 22 times Obama said he couldn’t do executive amnesty himself. Then he implemented an immunity scheme via executive fiat. “In bypassing Congress, Obama blatantly ignored the rule of law that is the foundation of our democracy and violated his presidential oath to uphold the laws of this land.”

President Trump is now stuck cleaning up the DACA disaster created by Obama.

Politico reported:

Department of Homeland Security officials have agreed to allow the temporary return to the U.S. of a so-called Dreamer who claims he was unlawfully deported to Mexico on two occasions earlier this year.

Officials from Customs and Border Protection agreed to allow Juan Manuel Montes Bojorquez, 23, to enter the U.S. for his deposition and trial in connection with a lawsuit he filed in federal court in San Diego in April claiming he was deported despite his participation in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA program.

Clearly this ‘DREAMer’ is our country’s best and brightest using Obama’s term to describe them (via Politico):

Montes claims he was waiting for a ride in Calexico, Calif., on Feb. 17 when he was approached by a CBP officer. Montes says he’d forgotten his wallet in a friend’s car, so couldn’t prove his DACA status. He says agents wouldn’t let him retrieve the documents and deported him to Mexico, where he was robbed and beaten.

Montes was caught trying to climb a border wall to re-enter the U.S. two days later and he was deported again. Homeland Security officials say that action was justified because Montes left the U.S. without permission, which nullified his DACA status. They say they have no record of him being deported earlier in the month.

DACA recipients are a huge burden to American taxpayers as it is and now they are filing lawsuits. Who is paying for his lawyers? This is just another reason why these illegal aliens shouldn’t be here at all. They think they are special because their parents brought them here illegally then sue when they don’t get their way.

President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton said in a statement Tuesday that the Obama administration bypassed security background checks for DACA recipients which of course puts Americans in danger:

“We exposed for instance how President Obama’s administration bypassed security background checks in ‘lean and lite’ procedures to grant amnesty to these illegal aliens, contrary to their promises to the American public that there would be thorough vetting and so as a result we can be sure that there are many people who have this amnesty who don’t deserve it,” Fitton continued.

Breitbart News reported on the murder and rape that DACA brings to our communities. Remember, the median age of a DACA recipient is 23 years old. The liars in the media continue to push the narrative that DACA recipients are helpless toddlers and babies.

DACA Imports Crime

DACA has kept a population of roughly 900,000 young adult illegals in the United States and also encouraged 400,000 Central American migrants into Americans’ neighborhoods and schools.

Some of those young illegals and migrants have drifted into various criminal gangs, such as MS-13. Obama’s deputies even sent some known MS-13 members into the United States.  The inflow of gang-bangers is causing a growing pile of dead teenagers and youths in New York, Texas, Virginia and several other states.  MS-13 members are also facing rape charges. Other non-DACA young migrants add to the background level of crime. In June, for example, a young migrant from Central America was charged with killing an American girl on her way to a mosque in Virginia.

Even if the rate of crime by the illegals is lower than similar-aged Americans, Obama’s inflow has killed a few handfuls of Americans and immigrants. Each of those additional dead Americans is dead, regardless of the relative crime rate.

The federal government has yet to release data about the numbers of crimes by DACA-approved people.

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Review: Vox Day vs. Andrew Anglin

My thoughts:

Andrew Anglin’s Opening Statement

In terms of the substance of Anglin’s definition of Left vs. Right, there is nothing that anyone who is Alt-Right can argue with here. This is a good definition:

“Right wing is the preservation of the natural order, which is generally done through established traditions being carried through generations, and

Left wing is the push for “equality” to override the natural order by dragging all human beings down to the level of the lowest common denominator.”

Anglin expands on the distinction between Left and Right from here:

“Vox has defined “right-wing” as the celebration of the individual, but it is absolutely absurd to assert that the average person who identifies with the right wing genuinely believes in this definition. …”

Rock solid.

There isn’t a word that I disagree with here. Anglin isn’t defining himself as a National Socialist. Instead, he is saying that the economy should serve the nation, not the other way around. The nation isn’t merely an economy whose sole goal is economic efficiency and growth. The Right is defined by the preservation of the natural order, which is to say by our culture, NOT by economics. We’re not merely atomized, rationally calculating “individuals” and “consumers” as libertarians and conservatives believe. We’re an organic community with ties to each other and past and future generations.

Vox Day’s Response

Vox claims that National Socialist Germany’s embrace of equal rights and duties is proof that it is a leftwing movement. By this standard, American conservatism is even more of a leftwing movement because it acknowledges the existence of no duties whatsoever.

He dives into the heart of the disagreement:

“To get to the heart of what we are talking about … Economics is not one little aspect of society. Economics is the study of every single calculation of value by every single member of that society. That is how value is ultimately calculated by the insanely complex combination of all those different decisions taking place at various points in time. And that is why the individual does matter. That is why the individual does factor in. You cannot make those decisions. You can’t simulate those decisions without allowing each of those separate parties to make those decisions …”

From this statement, Vox pivots to Friedrich Hayek and Ludwig von Mises and their economic theory of “the impossibility of socialist calculation.” He glosses over the fact that Hayek and Mises were not rightwing conservatives. Both of them identified as classical liberals. They were men of the Left, not the Right. Their entire worldview was derived from the liberal tradition.

Vox couldn’t be more wrong that every single calculation of value by every single member of society is an economic calculation. In fact, this statement reveals that Vox’s worldview is liberal and modernist like his mentors Mises and Hayek. What about aesthetic value? What about religious value? What about cultural value? What about genetic value? To be perfectly honest, large families are an economic burden in our society. The reason we value our children (who carry more of our genes) is because we are organic beings who have a genetic interest in the next generation like other species.

As Anglin pointed out, the truth is that we live in a cornucopia of abundance in the West. Even the poorest members of our society don’t have much trouble finding sustenance. Economics is of less importance than ever before because our most basic needs are largely satisfied. The real economic challenge we are facing is automation throwing millions of people out of the workforce and adapting to a post-industrial economy in which most of the wealth is concentrated in the hands of a tiny minority.

We are capable of being more than an economy, more than consumers and more than deracinated individuals. The Alt-Right is about identity which is a higher order good. As a Christian, Vox should know we are in a spiritual crisis, NOT an economic one.

Andrew Anglin’s Response

We care about “fixing the situation as it exists now.” That’s absolutely right. We don’t care about the Third Reich. It is a historical curiosity like the Confederacy. We can glean insights from the past but we are fundamentally focused on the present and future.

Vox’s Response

“The side that we are on is determined by our identity and ideology. … I’m not convinced we are on the same side. I don’t believe you are on the side of the Right in any shape or form.”

Vox is defining the Right as liberal free-market economics. He also draws a bizarre distinction between Plato and Aristotle. Both Plato and Aristotle agreed that man is a social being. The same was true of the Romans and Medieval Christians. Ancient Greece and Rome were slave societies that didn’t have anything resembling universal individual rights or free-market economics. The Roman Republic explicitly rejected equality. Roman society was divided into formal classes which was the total opposite of the French Republic with its liberal modernist ideas of universal natural rights.

The funny thing is that Vox doesn’t seem to realize that his ideological ancestors who were the political economists and Enlightenment scribblers were the original Left. Classical liberalism, which inspired Hayek and Mises, is the fountainhead of the Left. It is rooted in Locke and Whiggery. In contrast, the Tories who championed mercantalism were the Right. Locke’s great opponent was Sir Robert Filmer. It was only after the Industrial Revolution devastated the European working class that the 19th century Left began to adopt traditional Tory ideas. Thomas Carlyle ridiculed the political economists whose ideas about the free market, free trade and abolition had devastated the British Caribbean.

Vox goes on to say that everyone is under attack by the “globalists.” He neglects to mention the fact that Adam Smith, Jean-Baptiste Say, David Ricardo, not to mention Friedrich Hayek and Ludwig von Mises, were “globalists” and proud liberals. Liberals have always pushed for a globalized economy based on the notions of free trade, the free market and perpetual peace.

This puts Vox on the Left, not the Right.

Andrew Anglin’s Response

Anglin says he believes in the family, the order of nature, the nation and race and the defense of these institutions which are “the foundations of Western society.” Liberalism, which celebrates the freedom and equality of the individual and the moral relativism of all religions, has systematically undermined and corroded all of these things over the course of the last two centuries.

It started with aristocrats and kings and queens. Then it moved on to abolition. Then it was women’s rights. Then it was civil rights. Then it was feminism and gay rights. Most recently, it was open borders, gay marriage and now it has moved on from there to gender identity in which the use of gendered pronouns is the new tyranny. The final result is the destruction of leveling of all social hierarchies. In Charlottesville and Berkeley, the thin line of law and order collapsed into anarchy.

In the United States, the Right and Left are two forms of liberalism. As Louis Hartz pointed out, it is a debate that takes place within the same liberal family which shares all the same fundamental assumptions. Libertarianism is an even purer form of liberalism.

Vox Day’s Response

Jews are blamed for everything. This is Vox’s strongest point in the debate. Anglin has the casuality reversed here. It was the triumph of Enlightenment liberalism which destroyed the old order in the 18th and 19th centuries. This is what unleashed all the problems with the Jews in the 20th century who were emancipated and accumulated vast wealth and power.

Are Jews the cause of all our problems? No, that is obviously not the case. At the same time, Jews have made all those problems dramatically worse because the effect of the presence in our society has been to tilt everything far to the Left of where it would otherwise be.

Andrew Anglin’s Response

To paraphrase, “are you actually suing Andrew Torba after calling so many people pedophiles?” Vox Day spent months spreading the Pizzagate conspiracy and refused to disavow MILO.

Andrew Anglin’s Response

“Would you burn down Gab because someone called you a name?” Vox says, yes, he would burn down the world.

Note: You can watch the video on YouTube.

U.S. Bishops Decry Dems’ Hazing of Catholic Judicial Nominee

The United States Bishops have denounced the faith-based harassment of judicial nominee Amy Coney Barrett for her Christian beliefs as “anti-Catholic bigotry.”

Organizer of Black Lives Matter Protest That Left 5 Cops Dead Is Arrested for Felony Theft

On July 7, 2016, a crazed Black Lives Matter supporter fired on a group of police officers working a Black Lives Matter march in Dallas, Texas.

Five officers were killed in the mass shooting.
police killed dallas black lives matter
The deceased officers were veterans and fathers: From top left clockwise, Brent Thompson, Patrick Zamarripa, Michael Krol, Lorne Ahrens and Michael J. Smith.

Black Power activist Micah Johnson slaughtered the five police officers and wounded several more at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas.

Micah was a black racist who hated whitey.
He told police he wanted to shoot white people and white cops before he was taken out by a police bomb.

mica johnson black power
Micah Johnson raising the Black Power fist. (Daily Mail)

Al-Qaeda and ISIS cheered the cold-blooded police shootings last night that left five officers dead.

During the memorial service for the slain officers Barack Obama went off on a tangent and started to lecture the crowd on racism in America.  The police officers in attendance refused to applaud the hateful remarks.

On Thursday Dallas County Sheriff’s deputities arrested Dominque Alexander at his home in North Dallas on theft charges stemming from a 2016 dispute with an employer.

Alexander, a Black Lives Matter leader, organized the July 2016 protest against police brutality that left five police officers dead.




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Another Hoax: Report Of Racist Note On Black Student’s Windshield Was ‘Fabricated’

It was ‘good’…except for the person who lied about it and created upset. NORTHFIELD, MINN. – A racist threat against a St. Olaf student that touched off campuswide protests and forced the college to cancel classes earlier this month was a hoax, the school revealed Wednesday. A student confessed to writing the note, St. Olaf […]

Billionaire Elon Musk’s Mother Is Fashion’s New ‘It’ Model at 69-Years-Old

Maye Musk, the mother of Tesla billionaire Elon Musk, is shaking up the fashion industry at 69-years-old as she walked the runway during New York Fashion Week this season.

Liberals Still Hoping and Praying Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Property Gets Destroyed by Irma

Liberals are still hoping President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property is destroyed by Hurricane Irma.

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FAIL=> Jim Acosta Gives Speech About Fake News – Gets Destroyed by Trump Supporters

Anaheim, CA – Very fake news CNN’s Jim Acosta participated in a panel discussion with the National Association of Hispanic Journalists after they honored him with the 2017 Presidential Award on Saturday.

Acosta told the crowd, “When people use the term fake news, it’s because they can’t handle the truth and can’t stand the heat.”

CNN has reported on the Trump-Russia hoax with zero evidence for almost a year while nearly blacking out coverage of Democrat Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Pakistani IT staffer who was arrested and charged for bank fraud. But we are the ones who can’t handle the truth…got it.

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists sent out a tweet quoting Acosta’s speech Saturday. “Acosta speaks about the phrase ‘fake news’.

NAHJ said this about Acosta:

“For the past years, I’ve seen Jim Acosta in action. He’s covered President Obama and President Donald Trump, always pushing both sides to answer the tough questions,” commented Brandon Benavides, NAHJ President. “As a voice for the people, Acosta is not afraid to hold our elected leaders accountable. Regardless of criticism, he remains focused in a pursuit of truth for our communities. Acosta is among an elite group of journalists covering the White House.”

Acosta also reportedly gave interviews to students in attendance on Saturday.

Trump supporters destroyed Acosta who was famously called ‘very fake news’ by President Trump on more than one occasion:

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George Clooney: Hollywood Is ‘Well Represented Right Now in the West Wing’

Actor George Clooney told reporters Friday that America won't look back at this moment in history and be "proud" and claimed that Hollywood is well represented in President Donald Trump's administration.

Triggered: George Clooney has Full Blown Meltdown Over Steve Bannon — ‘Licking My Ass’

Actor-director George Clooney attacked Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival, saying the former White House chief strategist would be "licking my ass" to gain success in Hollywood.

UC Berkeley Mocked For Offering Counseling To Students Stressed By Ben Shapiro Speech

Sticks and stones… Via Mediate: There has been a lot of buildup ahead of Ben Shapiro‘s speaking engagement at UC Berkeley. Between the university initially blocking him from its campus and its efforts to limit the crowd size, it’s becoming quite the anticipated event. Shapiro, conservative author and editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire, has stirred […]

Growing Hepatitis A Outbreak in San Diego Forces Extreme Measures

San Diego's nearly year-old Hepatitis outbreak is getting worse, forcing the Southern California port city to take extreme measures, including sanitary street washing in the downtown area, according to Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s office on Friday.

Axios: Trump Hoped for Elites’ Approval with Democrat Debt Deal — and They’re Giving It, for Now

President Trump’s decision to side with Democrats to make a deal on the debt ceiling was reportedly made due to Trump’s desire to be loved

Watch: Pamela Geller, Milo, Raheem Kassam and More Discuss The Islamic Jihad Against Free Speech in ‘Can’t We Talk About This?’

Can’t We Talk About This? The Islamic Jihad Against Free Speech is a shocking new film and follow-up video series detailing the concerted effort by international organizations to compel the U.S. and other Western countries to curtail freedom of speech and criminalize criticism of Islam. Featuring exclusive interviews with Pamela Geller, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Geert Wilders, Mark Steyn, Milo Yiannopolous, Raheem Kassam, Robert Spencer, Douglas Murray, Ezra Levant, Lars Vilks, Garland Muhammad cartoon contest winner Bosch Fawstin, and many other heroes of freedom, this web series will be the first ever to expose the war on free speech. It is certain to shock the American public and awaken many. These interviews reveal events at Garland and its aftermath that have never before been made public and demonstrate how far advanced the war on free speech really is. “In this film, we’re setting the record straight about our Garland free speech event, at which we were not only targeted by Islamic jihadis but apparently by the FBI as well,” Pamela Geller wrote at Breitbart News. “But we’re doing much more as well: we’re telling the whole, as-yet-untold truth about the war on free speech.” Breitbart readers can enter the code “BREITBART” to watch for

Bill Nelson: Greenhouse Gases Are Causing Sea Levels to Rise

Saturday as the state of Florida prepared for Hurricane Irma to hit, the state’s senior U.S. Senator, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL), blamed greenhouse gases for the rise in sea levels. “[T]he measurements, not forecasts, show that up to eight inches in South Florida over the last four decades, but as the Earth heats up because of trapping, the greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane, the Earth will continue to heat up. And that heat is absorbed by the oceans. And when water is heated, what happens, it expands. And that’s the phenomenon of sea level rise. And that’s particularly happening in South Florida,” Nelson explained on MSNBC. Follow Trent Baker on Twitter @MagnifiTrent

And The Winner Is=> Bitter Hillary Blames Obama For Her Campaign’s “Biggest Gaffe”

Will the blame game ever end? Not if Hillary Clinton has her way. The failed presidential candidate is hustling her new book What Happened, and chapter after chapter is filled with blame for Trump, Obama, WikiLeaks, Sanders, Russia and the mainstream media. According to Clinton, her campaign’s ‘biggest gaffe,’ was prompted by Obama’s climate change plan.  

LawNews reports:

The latest drip-drip release from What Happened? contains an altogether gem-like case of deflection. Part of a review by Mark Landler in the New York Times, reads:

She made a connection between Mr. Obama and what she called her biggest gaffe of the campaign: telling voters in Ohio, “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” Mrs. Clinton insisted that the line was taken out of context, but said Mr. Obama had fed the narrative of Democratic hostility toward coal miners by announcing a plan that set state-by-state targets for carbon emissions reductions, and a framework for meeting them, at the White House, next to the head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

That plan, known as the Clean Power Plan, was issued by President Obama and then-Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, Gina McCarthy on August 3, 2015 in order to combat climate change. The section of the plan related to coal mining states:

Investing in Coal Communities, Workers, and Communities:  In February, as part of the President’s FY 2016 budget, the Administration released the POWER+ Plan to invest in workers and jobs, address important legacy costs in coal country, and drive the development of coal technology. The Plan provides dedicated new resources for economic diversification, job creation, job training, and other employment services for workers and communities impacted by layoffs at coal mines and coal-fired power plants; includes unprecedented investments in the health and retirement security of mineworkers and their families and the accelerated clean-up of hazardous coal abandoned mine lands; and provides new tax incentives to support continued technology development and deployment of carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration technologies.

Failed Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders recently fired back at Hillary Clinton’s comments regarding Sanders in her upcoming book detailing her election loss.

Sanders speculated whether anyone actually believed any of her ridiculous stories. While on “All In with Chris Hayes” on MSNBC, Sen. Sanders responded to an excerpt from Clinton’s book wherein her policy adviser Jake Sullivan called Sanders’ policy ideas reminiscent of a scene from “Something About Mary” wherein a hitchhiker comes up with a plan to make 7-minute abs to top 8-minute abs:

“I.e., Bernie Sanders just stole all of Hillary Clinton’s ideas. Does anybody really believe that? The truth is, and the real story is, that the ideas that we brought forth during that campaign, which was so crazy and so radical, have increasingly become mainstream.”

Sanders went on to cite his ludicrous proposal of a $15 minimum wage, $1 trillion infrastructure overhaul program, his bogus “tuition free college” (meaning – free at the expense of taxpayers) and “Medicare for all.”

The excerpt via the Hill reads:

“That’s what it was like in policy debates with Bernie. We would promise a bold infrastructure investment plan or an ambitious new apprenticeship program for young people, and then Bernie would announce basically the same thing, but bigger. On issue after issue, it was like he kept promising four-minute abs, or even no-minutes abs. Magic abs!”

Watch the video below:

Excerpts from Hillary’s book have been released and she reportedly takes a few swipes at primary opponent Bernie Sanders.

CNN contributor Brianna Keilar responded to Hillary’s swipes:

It speaks to an issue that Hillary Clinton has had. I think we’ve all seen this where she struggles sometimes to take responsibility… But she came in with weaknesses that were completely self-created and for an opponent to ignore those things, to not really run the emails, and those things, to not really capitalize on them would have been political negligence.

And this was after Bernie endorsed Hillary and campaigned with her after she stole the primary from him!


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WINNING! After Rally Against #NeverTrump Lawmaker Charlie Dent Last Week – Dent Announces He’s Retiring

One down, dozens to go…

On September 1, 2017, Trump supporters held a rally in Allentown’s Jordan Park against #NeverTrump GOP lawmaker Charlie Dent.

Hundreds of Trump supporters came out for the rally.

Charlie Dent is frequent critic of Republican President Donald Trump.
He even goes on MSNBC to slam President Trump.

On Thursday Charlie Dent announced he is retiring.

Good riddance.

Then he continued to slam Republicans. He must be vying for a job on MSNBC.

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