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Duterte Sings Different Tune: Urges U.S. to ‘Help’ Philippines Fight Terrorism

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte (C) gestures as he talks to members of the media after a joint press conference with Senate president Aquilino Pimentel III and Speaker of the House Pantaleon Alvarez (not pictured) at Malacanang Palace in Manila on March 13, 2017. Duterte on March 13 said he agreed to Chinese ships surveying a strategic body of water despite warnings by his defence minister. TED ALJIBE / AFP
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, who said "goodbye" to diplomacy with the United States last year, is now urging his American counterparts to work with Manila in combating terrorism and other mutual threats.

Top House Intel Democrat Rejects Call to Recuse Himself from Russia Probe

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, rejected a call by the panel's former chairman Sunday for him to recuse himself from an investigation into Russian interference.

CBS’s ‘Superior Donuts’ Declares ‘Framing’s What Chicago Cops Do Best’

Just when CBS’s Superior Donuts makes me think it can avoid a racial argument, it jumps into something just as bad: insulting all Chicago police as corrupt. Why can’t we just watch a show that doesn’t have either?

Anti-Immigration Party Becomes Largest Party in Sweden Following Islamist Terror Attack

On Friday morning an Islamic terrorist stole a truck and ran down innocent pedestrians in the street in Stockholm, Sweden.

The terrorist then rammed into a department store. The Uzbek Muslim was later arrested by police.

The anti-immigration Sweden Democrat party hit a record and became the largest party in the country following the terror attack.

Fria Tider reported (rough translation):

Sweden Democrats set a new record in the News Today / Sentios poll for April. The party would receive the full 27.2 percent if elections were held today.

27.2 percent is the largest support SD ever received in a Sentiomätning.

The measurement was carried out with the help of web panel between 7 and 10 April, that is, for the most part after Friday’s terrorist attacks. Total was asked 1001 people about their party leanings of whom 764 declared party preference.

According to the News Today answered 29.6 percent of the respondents in the raw data that they intend to vote for SD, but the share has been weighted down to one of the polling institute. Such weights are made to get a result that is representative of the population at large.

While SD increases backing the Social Democrats, the Left Party and the Center Party, while the Moderates, Liberals, Christian Democrats and the Green Party is growing. KD is continued during the parliamentary latch.

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Exclusive — RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel on 2018: ‘We’re Not Going to Concede Anything’

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Republican National Committee (RNC) chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview last week in her office on Capitol Hill that Republicans are preparing already for what they expect may be a landslide midterm electoral victory that sweeps in as many as 14 GOP pickups in the U.S. Senate and not only holds but strengthens the House GOP majority.

Mosque of Radicals who Plotted to Blow Up Famous Venice Bridge Ordered to Close – Angry Muslims Plan Mass Protests

Italian authorities announced the closing down the Mestre Mosque in Venice (run by Bangladeshis) after three Kosovar members were arrested for plotting to blow up the Rialto Bridge.

The Rialto Bridge is the oldest of four bridges spanning the Grand Canl in Venice, Italy.
The bridge was completed in 1591.

The local Islamic community is furious.
Gates of Vienna reported:

The local Islamic community is furious, and Muslims are mau-mauing the government, threatening to shut down the schools, shipyards and city if there is no agreement by Wednesday. They will pray in the streets and go on strike.

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Fresno State Professor Who Tweeted ‘Trump Must Hang’ Is Victim Of A Right-Wing Smear Campaign…

Lars is doubling down on stupid. Update to this previous story. Via KMPH: Back in February, a California State University, Fresno professor, who is not a fan of President Donald Trump or the Republican Party, tweeted some politically charged tweets. Over the weekend, those tweets were picked up nationally, leading to a statement by Fresno […]

After Trump: Making Dixie Great Again

The Trump Train seems to have run off the tracks as of late, or at the very least, lost most of its steam. Though the “Make America Great Again” effort has not been successful, the movement has in many ways been beneficial to the alt-right, including the alt-South. If I may, I would like to propose a few positive aspects of Trumpism that we can build upon to help the Southern identity movement.

1.Federalism. As a reaction to Trumpism, blue states have once again started to rediscover the beauty of states’ rights. Sanctuary cities have vowed to fight the federal government attempts to enforce federal immigration law. There has even been some talk of making all of California a sanctuary state. In response, musician Charlie Daniels proposed creating sanctuary cities for unborn babies. I’m not sure how serious he was, but the idea has merit.

As foolish as we may find the blue states’ reasons for pushing states’ rights, we can be pleased that the supremacy of the federal government is being challenged, and take the opportunity to challenge it ourselves. We may keep the notion of Southern independence as a long-term goal, but focus on smaller, more manageable steps in the meantime. I think a short-term goal should be cultivating local and state-level leaders who will, like sanctuary city mayors, use selective law enforcement and their bully pulpit to push back against federal and administrative overreach.

2. Culture. We have always known that Hollywood and the entertainment industry were run by people with lifestyles and values far different from our own. During the nastiness of the 2016 campaign, the facade slipped like never before, and the contempt with which our celebrities view red-state America was on full, ugly display. Some celebrities even openly called for our demise.

We don’t need them. They need us. We need to stop giving our money to people who not only hate us, but who in many cases use their money and fame to actively work against our interests. Cut the cable. Stop going to movies. Use social media to make known why you are doing this, and encourage others to rethink their blind consumption of Hollywood garbage.

Another offender, though to a lesser degree, is Nashville. The music of Dixie has been distorted and exploited by music industry suits turning what was once an honest expression of the Southern soul into pablum to maximize profits. Not all big artists have “sold out,” and there are plenty of lesser-known artists doing wonderful, authentic music. We should seek out and support these artists.

3. Commerce. Big business has been part of the cultural juggernaut pushing our culture to the left. Lately there has been some successful push back. During the campaign season, several large companies made their distaste for Trump supporters known and were called out for it. In the past year, Target embraced the LGBT agenda with their trans-friendly restroom and changing room policies, and Starbucks announced their intention to hire 10,000 refugees. Both chains suffered headline-grabbing hits to their bottom line. As with Hollywood, they have forgotten that they need us more than vice versa.

We can take this trend further. We can actively seek out local alternatives to businesses with agendas counter to our interests. Besides not giving money to our adversaries, small business owners will appreciate the support, and our communities will benefit.

4. Communication. The alternative media, which used new technology to bypass the legacy media outlets that were once the gatekeepers of information, played a large role in Trump’s upset electoral victory. As they attempt to regain control, online censorship efforts have been steadily increasing. Big Social sometimes bans disfavored accounts entirely, and also employs more subtle algorithmic methods to surpress communication of black-listed topics or users. Lately, they have begun to hit independent media in the pocketbook, demonetizing content that is “controversial,” “hateful,” or otherwise not “advertiser friendly.”

We can help by supporting worthwhile independent reporters and outlets with clicks, shares, and even financially if possible. Many honest, brave researchers and reporters who are not supported by the establishment depend on their readers and viewers, and if enough regular viewers and readers make small donations, it can make a big difference in their ability to do the work we value. We should also seek out, and support, smaller alternatives to the Big Social sites that have demonstrated a commitment to the free exchange of ideas.

5. Identity. One of the greatest services that the Trump phenomenon did for us is to break the stranglehold that political correctness had on our national dialogue. Ideas that were once left unspoken, or only whispered, are now being discussed and debated. This can only help the cause of Dixie.

The cultural Marxists have, in the past few decades, succeeded in stigmatizing the Confederate flag and all things Southern to the point where many of our fellow Southrons have been deterred from defending their identity at all. Because of the taboo against respectable people speaking well of Confederates, many others have only heard the Yankee revisionist version of American history. We are now freer than ever to correct the record and defend ourselves and our forebears. We should do this as often and aggressively as possible.

Nets Downplay Gorsuch Swearing In, Ignore Tom Daschle Scolding Senate Filibuster

On Monday, Judge Neil Gorsuch became the 113th associate justice to sit on the Supreme Court after he was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts. The event was a culmination of many hours of testimony, a damaging filibuster by Senate Democrats, which forced Senate Republicans to use the so-called “nuclear option” to proceed with Gorsuch’s confirmation. But despite all of those historic obstacles, the Big Three networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) treated it as though it was nothing special, and ignored Democratic icon Tom Daschle who scolded Democrats for filibustering. 

POLL : More Than Half of Americans Support Trump’s Syria Strike

A new CBS News poll shows that more than half of Americans believe the President’s recent airstrikes in Syria were a good thing for the country.

From the Washington Examiner

CBS News poll showed 57 percent of Americans approve of the strike, but only 18 percent of those polled want to see the strikes followed up with the deployment of American ground troops.

The poll also said 70 percent of people want Trump to go to Congress for approval before taking further military action in Syria.

This shows that whilst the media will have you believe that the mission was a failure or unsuccessful, the reality is that the American people are 100% behind and in support of the President.

As whilst some may not agree with the President, most can see the overwhelming leadership quality’s and skills that the President showed.

Trump also showed his intelligence and decisiveness in the way that the attacks had maximum success with very little deaths.

We should welcome this idea as we could either have this plan or Obama’s policy of dropping bombs that killed hundreds to find out that no intelligence our political gain was been achieved what-so-ever.

What do you think?

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Breitbart News Daily: Border Security

On the Tuesday edition of Breitbart News Daily, broadcast live on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125 from 6AM to 9AM Eastern, Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow will continue our discussion the first 100 days of the Trump administration. Breitbart Texas’ Brandon Darby will discuss the latest on the border wall and the record low number of border crossings. Breitbart’s Rome bureau chief Dr. Thomas Williams will discuss the Vatican’s response to the Islamic State’s savage bombings of two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt during Palm Sunday services – a massacre which left at least 43 dead and wounded another 100. Breitbart’s senior White House correspondent Charlie Spiering will discuss the Trump administration’s evolving Syria policy and the results of China’s Xi Jinping’s visit. Breitbart’s national security correspondent Kristina Wong will discuss Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s trip to Russia. Dr. Susan Berry will discuss Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ recent statements about in-state tuition for illegal immigrant students, as well as a measure passed by Utah state lawmakers calling for the abolishment of the U.S. Department of Education. Live from London, Rome, and Jerusalem, Breitbart correspondents will provide updates on the latest international news. Breitbart News Daily is the first live, conservative radio

Star Trek Actor Blames United Airlines Incident On…Trump?

Really what would that connection be? Dumbest tweet of the day. He’s going for the ‘Stupid Sulu’ crown in a fight with George Takei.

Jason Johnson Ties Trump to ‘Neo-Nazis,’ ‘Bigot’ Bannon to ‘White Nationalist Terrorists’

Appearing as a panel member on Monday's MSNBC Live with Steve Kornacki, The Root's Jason Johnson engaged in his latest smears against President Donald Trump and White House advisor Steve Bannon as the recurring MSNBC guest tried to link Trump to 'Neo-Nazis' and Bannon to "white nationalist terrorists." The race-obsessed politics editor of The Root was quick to bring up "Neo-Nazis" as he began his analysis: "The Trump supporters are really split. I mean, you have his far-right and alt-right and sort of neo-Nazi supporters who've said this is terrible and he's getting into this sort of global cop thing that he wouldn't do. You have some mainline Republicans who think it's great."

EXCLUSIVE: Sister of Christian Pastor Jailed in Turkey: ‘We Love Him and Want Him Back’

Family: Turkey Holding North Carolina Pastor Prisoner for Being a Christian
It has been six months since Andrew Brunson reported to a local police station, hoping he would finally be granted permanent residency in Turkey, a country where he has been a pastor for 23 years.

DOD Discounts Associated Press Report Claiming Russia Knew In Advance About Syrian Chemical Attack

Update to this story. Via Daily Caller: A Department of Defense spokesman discounted an Associated Press report that claimed Russia knew in advance about the chemical weapons attack in Syria last week that left more than 80 people dead. “I’ve seen nothing that corroborates this definitive statement,” Major Jamie Davis told the Daily Caller in […]

Black and Blue Life Matters

“Teen” raped a teen. WE’RE ALL VERY worried about those poor sand babies in Syria. While it’s incredible that deadly nerve gas just makes you look sad instead of, you know, killing you, I think it’s fair to say we need direct intervention and World War 3 for the benefit…

Russia and Iran Warn U.S. ‘Crossed Red Lines by Attacking Syria’

FILE - In this file image provided on Friday, April 7, 2017 by the U.S. Navy, the guided-missile destroyer USS Porter (DDG 78) launches a tomahawk land attack missile in the Mediterranean Sea. The U.S. missile attack has caused heavy damage to one of Syria's biggest and most strategic air bases, used to launch warplanes to strike opposition-held areas in central, northern and southern Syria. (Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Ford Williams/U.S. Navy via AP, File)
A joint statement issued by Russia, Iran, and their allies in Syria denounced the U.S. missile strike on a Syrian airbase said to have launched a chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians and threatened retaliation if further such attacks occur.

Eric Trump: The President “Will Not Be Pushed Around” By Russia

In the aftermath of Trump’s decision to bomb a Syrian airbase following Bashar al-Assad brutal nerve gas attack on his own citizens, Eric Trump has decided to weigh-in on his father’s recent military actions. Speaking to his father’s character and demeanor Eric Trump says that his father is “not a guy who gets intimidated. I can tell you he is tough and he won’t be pushed around.” More of the interview can by found Via the Telegraph:

Donald Trump’s decision to launch a cruise missile attack on Syria proved he is not in league with Russia and will not be “pushed around” by Vladimir Putin, the US President’s son has told The Daily Telegraph.
Eric Trump said his father was not intimidated by President Putin’s talk of war, and there would be “no-one harder” than President Trump if they “cross us”. […]

As foreign ministers of the G7 group of nations met to agree the best way to put pressure on Mr Putin, Mr Johnson said the US missile strike had “changed the game” and Russia now “needs a way out” because association with Assad’s “toxic regime is…poisoning the reputation of Russia”. […]

He said: “If there was anything that Syria did, it was to validate the fact that there is no Russia tie.”

Speaking at the Trump Turnberry golf resort in Ayrshire, he said: “If they disrespect us and if they cross us, fine. There will be no one harder – he has got more backbone than anybody. We’re no worse off than we were before. Maybe we’re finding that we can’t be.”

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Mattis: Syrian Strike Destroyed 20% Of Operational Aircraft

Gen. Mattis answers liberals who try to claim there was no damage.

Assad, Syria, and Jewish Deception in a Nutshell

by David Sims THE QUESTION was asked: “Al-Assad is fighting ISIS. Why are we trying to stop him?” ISIS is covertly run by Israel, and Israel’s minions control the US government with media influence and financial leverage. Assad is an Arab leader whom the Jews are trying to undermine,…

Krauthammer: ‘Hard to Believe’ That Obama Admin Didn’t Know Syria Couldn’t Be Trusted on Chemical Weapons Disposal

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that it was “hard to believe” that “any adult in the Obama administration” didn’t realize that Syria’s claims that they had gotten rid off all their chemical weapons wasn’t believable. Krauthammer said, “I find it hard to believe anybody — any adult in the Obama administration was not aware of the fact that the Syrians are not people you can rely on when they make a promise about weapons of mass destruction or anything else. They — or the Russians. The Russians are ruthless about this. The Russians lie every day and twice on Sunday. The Russians are denying any involvement in this. Of course the Russians knew about this. The idea that we have to have an investigation is ridiculous, but that’s who they are. And the fact that the Obama administration never understood that is a blot on their record.” Follow Ian Hanchett on Twitter @IanHanchett

U.S. Official: Russia Had Advance Knowledge of Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack

Vladimir Putin, Bashar Assad
On Monday afternoon, the Associated Press quoted an unnamed "senior U.S. official" who said the United States government has concluded Russia had advance knowledge of Syria's chemical weapons attack in the Idlib province.

Chicago PD Issues Statement On Man They Ripped Off United Flight: He “Fell”

No, he didn’t fall. You ripped an old man out of his seat in front of dozens of witnesses who filmed you as you banged his head int oa headrest and knocked him out. Because the airline wanted their employees to fly. @United overbook #flight3411 and decided to force random passengers off the plane. Here's […]

NY Makes Tuition “free,” But Students Must Stay in State Afterward

Only families earning less than $125K qualify...

Politico: Trump Repealed Social Security Gun Ban Behind Closed Doors to Hide Benefits for ‘Severely Mentally Ill’

On April 10 Politico Magazine's Michael Grunwald suggested President Trump signed repeal of the Social Security gun ban behind closed doors to keep people from noticing the repeal would allow "severely mentally ill" individuals to buy guns.

Wells Fargo Board Says Leaders Shrugged Off Scandal, Then Hid It

Wells fargo board claws back $28 million more from ex-CEO.

Charleston Church Shooter Pleads Guilty, Gets 9 Life Sentences

Dylann Roof had been unapologetic at his federal trial as he listened to days of testimony from survivors.

NPR explains White GeNOcide Project

National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition” aired a 5-minute interview this morning with Emerson College’s president Lee Pelton. President Pelton commented on the recent emailings to Emerson done by Educators and Students Against White Genocide:

“…in March of this year, more than 500 emails were sent to our faculty, student life staff, students and senior administrators with the subject line, ‘Help President Trump stop White Genocide.’

“And the White Genocide Project was formed to resist what it calls “White Genocide” that occurs when White areas are forced to accept diversity or White assimilation.”

Well said, President Pelton! 🙂

But if next time you want to step up your game, try this:

EVERY White country and ONLY White countries are being flooded with third world non-Whites, and Whites are forced by law to integrate with them so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

Massive immigration and forced assimilation is called genocide when it’s done in Tibet.

When it’s done in White countries it’s called “diversity.”

Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.

H/T White GeNOcide Project

EndGame Exotica April 10, 2017

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GEO = Geopolitical News

News & Views: Aircraft carriers cruising to North Korea!

April 10, 2017GEOa

News & Views: The Donald is going to war?

April 10, 2017GEOb

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Putin Punks Rex Tillerson, Refuses To Meet With American Secretary Of State

I was – and still am – hoping that the planned meeting between Rex Tillerson and Sergei Lavrov goes well enough so that we can at least get a grasp of how things are between the United States and Russia following one of the dumbest executive actions I have ever seen in my entire life.

Trump may be cucked and/or compromised by the Jewish Deep State due to blackmail or whatever, but the main mission here goes far beyond a single President and his issues.

This meeting could go a long way to determining whether a Third World War – or a vicious proxy conflict – erupts in the immediate future, and we need everything to go smoothly just like back in the day when Tillerson and Putin were BROS.

But, unfortunately, we’re not going to be seeing any of the above this coming week.

Putin isn’t buying the diplomatic ploy, it seems, and will require that everyone stick to cold, hard protocol during negotiations.

From Reuters:

The Kremlin said on Monday that U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will not meet President Vladimir Putin when he visits Moscow on Wednesday, a move that could point to tensions over a U.S. missile attack on a Syrian air base last week.

John Kerry, Tillerson’s predecessor, often met Putin as well as the Russian foreign minister when he visited Moscow, and Putin granted several audiences to the Texan when he ran oil major Exxon Mobil before taking his current job.

Putin even personally awarded Tillerson a top Russian state award — the Order of Friendship — in 2013, and it was widely expected that the former oilman would meet Putin on what is his first trip to Russia as secretary of state.

But Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters on Monday that no such meeting was planned, suggesting Tillerson will follow strict diplomatic protocol and only meet his direct counterpart, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“We have not announced any such meetings and right now there is no meeting with Tillerson in the president’s diary,” Peskov told reporters on a conference call.

He did not say why Putin was not planning to receive Tillerson.

These sorts of things might be part of the problem, methinks, and my educated guess is that Putin isn’t too thrilled at having some sort of Paki brag about plans to hurl hundreds of thousands of American troops into the region in support of ISIS.

And the whole, “Russia supported muh baby gas attack,” spiel probably hasn’t helped matters all that much, either.

Reacting to media reports that Tillerson would use his visit to press Moscow to back away from supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Russia’s biggest Middle East ally, Peskov signaled that was a non-starter.

“Returning to pseudo-attempts to resolve the crisis by repeating mantras that Assad must step down cannot help sort things out.”

Peskov, buddy, you’re going to have to talk to Jew Kushner and Jewess (convert) Ivanka about that one.

They’re the ones running the show now (with Neo-Con terrorist McMaster acting as a supplementary agitator), and last I checked they want to Make Israel Great Again by walking over the bullet-riddled body of Assad and his beautiful family.

Only by dealing with those enemies can you ever hope to attain agreement and peace.

L.A. Times: Southwest Border Crossings at ‘Lowest Point in at Least 17 Years’

Jenny Jarvie of the Los Angeles Times writes that the "Rio Grande Valley is unusually quiet as Southwest border crossings drop to lowest point in at least 17 years."

Ed Secretary Betsy DeVos: Illegal ‘Students Should Not Be Concerned’ About Losing In-State Tuition

While U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos toured schools in Miami, Florida last week, she told the Miami Herald that illegal immigrant students in Florida “should not be concerned” about losing in-state tuition because the Trump administration is “very supportive” of states deciding for themselves on such policy.

2 Adults and 1 Child Dead, 1 Student Critically Injured in Shooting at San Bernardino Elementary School

The shooting appeared to stem from a domestic violence dispute involving the shooter and teacher, Garcia said.

Lawsuit: Sanctuary City Mayor Accused of ‘Raping and Molesting’ Teenage Boys

A lawsuit alleges Seattle mayor Ed Murray, who has defended the city's policy of refusing to turn over illegal alien criminals to federal authorities, raped drug-addicted, teenaged boys.

Lawsuit: Sanctuary City Mayor Accused of ‘Raping and Molesting’ Teenage Boys

A lawsuit alleges Seattle mayor Ed Murray, who has defended the city's policy of refusing to turn over illegal alien criminals to federal authorities, raped drug-addicted, teenaged boys.

The Most Important Thing To Know About Trump And The Globalists

A breakdown of the complex geopolitical situation Trump has gotten into.

Press Gazette Launches Campaign to Fight Facebook and Google Advertising Duopoly

Press Gazette, a British media trade magazine dedicated to journalism, has begun a campaign to highlight the advertising duopoly that Facebook and Google have established.

FAKE NEWS: The New York Times Wins Pulitzer Prize For ‘Russian Hacking’ Hoax

The 2017 Pulitzer winners were announced today and among the winners awarded was the New York Times. One of the three articles they were awarded for was their ‘Russia Dark Arts Series‘ which included the ‘Russian Hacking the DNC’ hoax in the ‘international reporting’ category.

Yes, you read that correctly.

One of the 3 articles that won The New York Times a 2017 Pulitzer prize is titled, ‘The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.’ dated December 13,2016.

Excerpt from one of the New York Times fake news articles:

It was the cryptic first sign of a cyberespionage and information-warfare campaign devised to disrupt the 2016 presidential election, the first such attempt by a foreign power in American history. What started as an information-gathering operation, intelligence officials believe, ultimately morphed into an effort to harm one candidate, Hillary Clinton, and tip the election to her opponent, Donald J. Trump.

Like another famous American election scandal, it started with a break-in at the D.N.C. The first time, 44 years ago at the committee’s old offices in the Watergate complex, the burglars planted listening devices and jimmied a filing cabinet. This time, the burglary was conducted from afar, directed by the Kremlin, with spear-phishing emails and zeros and ones.

By last summer, Democrats watched in helpless fury as their private emails and confidential documents appeared online day after day — procured by Russian intelligence agents, posted on WikiLeaks and other websites, then eagerly reported on by the American media, including The Times. Mr. Trump gleefully cited many of the purloined emails on the campaign trail.

Another article from the ‘Russia Dark Arts’ series is title ‘Efforts to Expose Russia’s ‘Troll Army’ Draws Vicious Retaliation’.

HELSINKI, Finland — Seeking to shine some light into the dark world of Internet trolls, a journalist with Finland’s national broadcaster asked members of her audience to share their experience of encounters with Russia’s “troll army,” a raucous and often venomous force of online agitators.

“Everything in my life went to hell thanks to the trolls,” said Ms. Aro, a 35-year-old investigative reporter with the social media division of Finland’s state broadcaster, Yle Kioski.

Abusive online harassment is hardly limited to pro-Russian Internet trolls. Ukraine and other countries at odds with the Kremlin also have legions of aggressive avengers on social media.

But pro-Russian voices have become such a noisy and disruptive presence that both NATO and the European Union have set up special units to combat what they see as a growing threat not only to civil discourse but to the well-being of Europe’s democratic order and even to its security.

Pulitzer prizes don’t hold the prestige they once did. It is very obvious that the committee is biased towards leftist media. Judicial Watch was denied entry and Wikileaks is ignored.

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Islamist and Anti-Semitic References Were Hidden in an X-Men Comic Book by the Artist

Contained Quranic verse prohibiting Muslims from electing a Christian or Jewish leader.

Fitton: Documents Confirm that Obama IRS Improperly Targeted Conservatives

Barack Obama
We continue to undercover the details of the Obama IRS’s arbitrary and capricious behavior toward those presumed to be “enemies” of President Obama.
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