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SEXIST: Obama-Biden National Security Aide Gossips About KT McFarland’s Work Attire

Obama administration senior officials waging war to rid the presidency of Donald Trump of conservatives danced a victory jig with the news that Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland was being removed from her position.

K.T. McFarland.

One of those celebrating was Colin Kahl, whose Twitter bio reads, “Georgetown Prof. Former Dep Asst to President Obama & Nat Sec Advisor to Vice President Biden; former DASD (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense) Middle East. Husband. Father. Music junkie.”

Colin Kahl, Twitter avatar.

Kahl took to Twitter Sunday night to brag about beating the New York Times in gossiping about McFarland’s shoes, “I want it known that I scooped @nytimes by 6 weeks on the KT McFarland Ivanka heels story.”

The Times reported Sunday night:

“Ms. McFarland’s style had grated against some of the professional staff members on the National Security Council, which sees itself as apolitical. For example, while addressing the staff at a meeting after Mr. Flynn’s ouster, Ms. McFarland noted that she was wearing shoes from Ivanka Trump’s brand, according to an official who was present.”

Kalh proceeded to gossip about McFarland allegedly wearing a fur coat to a transition meeting, “McFarland walks into SitRoom during transition wearing fur coat. Obama official: Nice coat. Never seen a fur in the SitRoom…1/2 KT: Thanks. I’m sure they wore them during Reagan admin O official: Pretty sure women weren’t allowed in the SitRoom during Reagan admin 2/2”

Remember kids, it’s sexist to attack a women for her professional attire in the workplace–unless you’re a Democrat attacking a Republican woman.

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The Krypto Report: Episode X – March or Die

Daily Stormer
April 10, 2017

On this tenth episode of The Krypto Report, Azzmador flies solo, and the entire show centers around Trump’s missile attack on Syria and the program to oust Assad from his position as the leader of Syria.




Russian State Duma Speaker Warns US of Further Attacks in Syria

Russian Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin

The Russian chairman of the Lower House, Vyacheslav Volodin, said the United States could reap undesirable consequences if it continues to act as world policeman.

This comes after the US launched missiles into Syria following a chemical gas attack this week.
Russia Today reported:

The chairman of Russia’s Lower House, Vyacheslav Volodin, has said that the United States could reap undesirable consequences if it takes on the role of world policeman, though Russian would prefer not to see this happen.

“The role of world gendarme, especially one that acts while ignoring international laws, is fraught with ominous consequences,” Vyacheslav Volodin was quoted as saying by TASS on Friday, soon after the media reported that the US had launched a massive missile strike on the Syrian military’s Shayrat air base.

Two US ships launched 59 cruise missiles at the base. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 23 hit their targets, destroying a material storage depot, a training facility, a canteen, six MiG-23 aircraft in repair hangars, and a radar station. According to Syrian officials, at least five people were killed in the strike, of whom two were soldiers and three civilians.

The State Duma speaker said that the US missile strike had attacked a sovereign state and United Nations member using “an absolutely fictitious excuse,” noting “we all remember exactly how the same excuse was used to start airstrikes and other military action against Iraq.”

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Breitbart News Daily: Palm Sunday Massacre

On the Monday edition of Breitbart News Daily, broadcast live on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125 from 6AM to 9AM Eastern, Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow will continue our discussion the first 100 days of the Trump administration. Breitbart London’s Oliver Lane will provide the latest details on the Islamic State’s savage bombings of two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt during Palm Sunday services – a massacre which left at least 43 dead and another 100 wounded. He’ll also discuss the new details emerging about the Stockholm terrorist. Breitbart national security editor Frances Martel will discuss the latest developments on the Syrian missile strike. Dan Gainor, the Vice President of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center, will weigh in on the media’s reaction to Justice Gorsuch’s confirmation and the Syria missile strike. Breitbart legal editor Ken Klukowski will offer a final analysis of Justice Gorsuch’s historic confirmation vote and what we can expect in the future for Supreme Court nominations. Breitbart business and finance editor John Carney will discuss the March job numbers. Live from London, Rome, and Jerusalem, Breitbart correspondents will provide updates on the latest international news. Breitbart News Daily is the first live, conservative radio enterprise to

NY Times: Doctors Right To Give Transgender Kids Puberty Blockers, Hormones At Younger Ages

Doctors are right to give transgender kids puberty-blockers and hormones at younger ages. — NYT Opinion (@nytopinion) April 9, 2017 Crazy…

Surveillance Video Captures ISIS Killer Blowing Himself Up at St. Mark’s Church in Egypt (VIDEO)

Church surveillance camera revealed the Islamist who blew up the Church of St. Mark in Alexandria on Palm Sunday.

Video captured the ISIS killer entering the church.

At least 16 people were killed and 41 others wounded in a suicide bomb attack outside St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Alexandria.

ISIS identified the bomber as an Egyptian national.

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Donald Trump’s Pick For Top Economic Adviser Is Pro-Immigration, Pro-Outsourcing

President Donald Trump has picked an economic advisor who believes in growing the nation's economy by importing workers and consumers, and by expanding free-trade outsourcing, despite Trump's "buy American, hire American" campaign promises.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Helps Vietnam War Veterans Wash Their Memorial Wall…

Bravo Zulu. Via IJR: The Vietnam War Memorial is hallowed ground. In a city of gleaming white marble monuments and pink cherry blossoms, the black, sunken facade, etched with the 58,307 names of the fallen, stands out as a haunting tribute to the sacrifice of a generation. The memorial itself stirs emotion. When anyone, young […]

D.C. March Group Report: Alt-Right Protestors Clash with Kike Shock Troops in First Battle of Lafayette Square

Eli Mosley
Daily Stormer
April 10, 2017

Reports of Richard Spencer being punched again at this event are entirely untrue.

On Friday, April 7th, the night after God-Emperor Trump succumbed to the trickster (((Jared Kushner))) and his Israeli induced missile strike on Syria, Richard Spencer called to action the Alt-Right for an anti-war protest outside of the White House. While most of us were drowning in black pills or theorizing far-fetched 4D chess scenarios, Spencer took to the streets and encouraged anyone who was anti-war to stand by his side.

Upon reaching the site of the protest, antifa nigger-in-chief Daryle Jenkins and a coterie of subhumans were already there filming the protest while demonstrating their support for the Pro-War (((globalist))) agenda. Not even five minutes after Richard had told a group of school children on a field trip, “tell your mommies and daddies: no more neo-con wars,” the antifa faggots arrived and began their autistic screeching as they marched across the lawn.

Mike Enoch of led the intellectually diverse crowd in chants such as: “We want walls, not wars!” and “anti-white,” as well as urging the revolting antifa mob to “Take a shower!” Having a good amount of experience with Antifa in NYC and Philly, the one important difference that I noticed in D.C. was the higher proportion of white trust fund children. They were particularly nonplussed by when Enoch began chanting “Trust fund commies off our streets,” and earnestly offered up such winning clichés as: “Communism has never been tried”.

After protesting the kikeification of Trump’s foreign policy advisors, the police started to escort us away as antifa followed while screaming “Fuck the police”. Soon after we had started to leave, a faggot decided to blow up a glitter bomb in the face of Richard and his bodyguards. Yours truly gave the faggot a left hook and tackled him to the ground in hopes the police would grab him up; instead, he was able to flee within the chaos, and I also kept moving to avoid arrest. I truly hope that the degenerate is okay, so we can see each other again next time he decides he wants to sprinkle fairy dust.

The MSM couldn’t quite wrap its head around the EEEVIL NAAAHTZZIIS actually striking the most reasonable anti-war stance.


Spencer has long been an outspoken supporter of Trump and his policies, including building a wall on the southern border and banning refugees from entering the country. But his decision to lead a handful of protesters to speak out against the strike has been emblematic of the split between Trump and some of his most ardent and far-right supporters.

Spencer and his supporters also seemed to be focusing much of their attention against Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump’s husband and one of the president’s closest advisors.


If the alt-right’s core ethos could be reduced to a single maxim, it would be this: to each his own. This is the attitude that undergirds the support for racial and cultural separation and white nationalism that the movement is most closely associated with.

Richard Spencer, whose support for Trump has dimmed as Trump’s stances on immigration have, according to Spencer’s harsh measure, softened, issued what is perhaps his most forceful rebuke of the president so far in a video titled “The Trump Betrayal.” “I have to be brutally honest,” he said. “I am deeply disappointed in Donald Trump. I’m shocked, and I’m angry. And I am ready to condemn Donald Trump.” He was far from alone.

Some of the far right’s opposition to Middle East intervention was driven by anti-Semitic theories about the role of shadowy Jewish globalists in setting American foreign policy. But overall, the stance of what would become the alt-right on the Iraq war, nation-building, and interventionist foreign policy was motivated by opposition to the idea that Western-style democracy could be delivered by force to people seen as backwards—and also by the desire, voiced by Brimelow, to see resources devoted to making the country whiter and more prosperous. “Does anyone want to consider what our aims are in all this?” Spencer asked of the Iraq war in 2008.

Regardless of who wins the battle between Bannon the bulldog and Kushner the kike, everyone will know the Alt-Right were the only ones supporting peace.

The cops were slowly leaving when Richard and his Brown-shirts snuck out from the crowd to try for a taxi. We quickly found one driven by a Paki, while the antifa found us and surrounded the vehicle. The poo-in-loo didn’t know what to do, as we screamed for him to drive if he wanted to live. Instead, he made his people proud and abandoned the vehicle while Richard and his bodyguards had to evacuate the vehicle straight into a crowd of violent commie rabble. The police quickly arrested some of them; however, instead of guiding us to safety, they merely told us to keep moving.

We ran down the street, searching for a new cab. In an exemplary display of the merits of diversity, every Paki driver refused to accept Richard’s fare, whilst a horde of antifa chased us on bikes and on foot. We ran across the Washington Monument’s lawn — beseeching the cops to do their job and maintain order — but seeing as they were a bunch of colored beneficiaries of affirmative action hiring, they decided that doing their job was not on the agenda and simply ordered us to continue running. Eventually, after what seemed to be a mile or two of running to safety, we split into two different cabs.

Post-protest we rendezvoused for an Alt-Right party where we swapped stories, drank milk, and hailed Bannon. All paths lead to total Aryan Victory regardless of the outcome with Trump in Syria, and at some point we need to take our destiny into our own hands.

I am talking more about this on episode 26 of Caerulus Rex’s Salting the Earth– live now as of the time of this publication.

[Editor’s note: this is an excellent comprehensive ground report from a local Stormer Book Club member. Hope to see more of these on the BBS.]

Russian Computer Programmer Held In Spain ‘Under U.S. Warrant,’ May Be Related To Alleged Hacking

It will be interesting to see if this guy lives to give testimony or winds up dead from some mysterious cause. Via The Guardian: A Russian computer programmer has been arrested in Barcelona, a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Madrid said on Sunday. It was unclear why Pyotr Levashov was arrested. The embassy spokesman […]

Fareed Zakaria: ‘The President Struck a Blow Against Evil, for Which I Congratulate Him’

Sunday on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS,” host Fareed Zakaria said although questions remained about President Donald Trump and his policies and what will come in the long term after the United States’ strike against an airbase in Syria, he congratulated Trump for attack because he called it “a blow against evil.” Transcript as follows: There is much to applaud in President Trump’s decision to attack the Assad regime this week. It punished a regime that has engaged in war crimes against its own people. It upheld an international norm against chemical weapons. It ended Trump’s strange flirtation with Vladimir Putin on the Middle East. And, most significantly, it seems to reflect a belated recognition from Donald Trump that he cannot simply put America first — that the president of the United States must act on behalf of broader interests and ideals. Trump, as candidate and as president, had so far avoided the language of global norms and international order. Yet in explaining his actions Thursday night, he invoked both and ended his remarks with a prayer that Barack Obama would never have dared to make: “God bless America — and the entire world.” But as former Defense Secretary William Cohen

ISIS Bombs Baby Girls at Church on Palm Sunday (VIDEO)

The Islamic State murdered 35 Christians in two different attacks on Coptic Churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday.

Including one little baby girl who attended mass with her mother.
The baby girl had blood running from her ears.

Will the liberal media run these images nonstop for the next 24 hours?
Why does this baby girl’s life not count?

The first explosion took place inside a Coptic church in Egypt’s Tanta, north of Cairo.

Here’s the video:
(warning on content)

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K.T. McFarland tapped as U.S. Ambassador to Singapore

Kathleen Troia 'K.T.' McFarland, Deputy National Security Advisor Designate speaks during a conference on the transition of the US Presidency from Obama to Trump at the US Institute Of Peace at the US Institute Of Peace in Washington DC, January 10, 2017. / AFP / CHRIS KLEPONIS (Photo credit should read CHRIS KLEPONIS/AFP/Getty Images)
Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland is expected to be tapped as U.S. Ambassador to Singapore, according to Bloomberg.

Left Eats Left: Latina Muslims Find Hijab Hides Ethnicity From Latinos…

Always a victim. Via The Detroit News: Magdalena Al Omari, a Mexican-American convert to Islam, slipped on the hijab and braced for whatever may come. It happened a few months later, in the checkout line of a grocery store in Santa Ana. “No tiene calor en esa cosa?” one woman asked another. Isn’t she hot […]

Police: Double Amputee Robbed of His Wheelchair, Money

Police: Double Amputee Robbed of His Wheelchair, Money
Police found a man who is a double amputee crawling up the street in the rain Friday morning in Massachusetts after two men robbed him of his wheelchair and his money.

Ms. Magazine Pushes Muslim Feminist Rapper’s ‘Wrap My Hijab’ Video

The radical feminists at Ms. magazine are thrilled by a hip-hop mishap. It’s a video for a rap song that “makes a feminist statement” titled “Hijabi.” Women repeatedly chant “wrap my hijab, wrap my hijab, wrap my hijab.”

Somehow, there is no ideological or theological tension between the secular libertinism of the Ms. crowd and the Muslims who appear orthodox enough to hide their hair from anyone but their husband in the home.

British Police Poisoned While Investigating Fatal Poisoning Of Russian Defector

Via Daily Caller: British officers investigating the fatal poisoning of Russian whistleblower Alexander Litvinenko claim they were also poisoned while pursuing the case in Moscow. Litvinenko was a former KGB officer who defected to London shortly before his death to expose corruption within Kremlin’s security services. Litvinenko fell ill November 2006 after his tea was […]

Mexican Citizen in U.S. Guilty of Food Stamps Fraud: Ordered to Pay $1.5M

food stamps
Raul Carlos Monarca-Gonzalez, a Mexican citizen, 40, was sentenced to 30 months in prison and three years supervised release on Friday in federal court in Hartford, Connecticut, in connection with a massive food stamp fraud scheme, according to a statement from the U.S. attorney's office.

All Hail Diversity! Hawaii LGBT Couples Seek Equal Access To Fertility Treatment…

You can’t fool Mother Nature and we shouldn’t have to pay for it. Via ABC News: Sean Smith and his husband paid more than $20,000 for a fertility procedure when they decided to have a child using a surrogate mother. They did not know at the time that if they were a heterosexual couple, they […]

Tillerson Set To Chair UN Meeting on NK as U.S. Warships Head to Korean Peninsula

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrives at Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's official residence in Tokyo on March 16, 2017. Tillerson is on an Asia trip that will see him visiting Japan, South Korea and China. / AFP PHOTO / POOL / FRANCK ROBICHON (Photo credit should read FRANCK ROBICHON/AFP/Getty Images)
As U.S. warships head to the western Pacific Ocean to establish a presence near the Korean Peninsula, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is preparing to chair a meeting at the United Nations later this month focused on North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, Voice of America reported.

Tim Kaine Calls Prior Use Of Military Force Including In Obama/Clinton Use In Libya, Illegal

Via Free Beacon: Sen. Tim Kaine (D., Va.) said on “Meet the Press” Sunday that several prior military actions to protect Americans were illegal. Kaine condemned President Donald Trump’s decision to attack a Syrian airfield with missile strikes on Thursday in response to the Assad regime using chemical weapons on Syrian citizens. Kaine said Trump […]

Fake Fact Check: Politifact Pulls ‘Mostly True’ Rating of Kerry’s 2014 Syria Chemical Weapons Claim

On April 5, Politifact, the website which uses "fact-checking" as a shield to advance a left-supporting, right-bashing "truth squad" agenda, decided that "Revisiting the Obama track record on Syria’s chemical weapons" was necessary. I'll say.

Fake Fact Check: Politifact Pulls ‘Mostly True’ Rating of Kerry’s 2014 Syria Chemical Weapons Claim

On April 5, Politifact, the website which uses "fact-checking" as a shield to advance a left-supporting, right-bashing "truth squad" agenda, decided that "Revisiting the Obama track record on Syria’s chemical weapons" was necessary. I'll say.

Conservatives Admit their Guilt: Plan Was To Dispossess Whites All Along

Ross Douthat, the New York Times‘ pet conservative Toward the “redefinition” of a nation… or another American Revolution? by A Dissident Millennial IN AN editorial titled “Who Are We,” New York Times’ “conservative” Ross Douthat portrays the divide in American politics…

Food For Thought: Ten Ways to Save the White Western Countries

The White Western governments should:

1. Expel all non-Whites (that includes Jews, who are not genetically White)

2. Close and secure all the borders (certain types of commerce and trade could be exempted from the closures)

3. Practice eugenics and discourage dysgenics (low-IQ people should be discouraged or prevented from breeding)

4. Ban leftist and Marxist ideas from being practiced or advocated

5. Ban feminist ideas from being practiced or advocated

6. Ban pro-homosexual propaganda, and ban homosexuals from adopting children

7. Ban wars and acts of aggression against other countries unless absolutely, vitally necessary – in other words, practice “isolationist” foreign policies

8. Restrict voting and political-office-holding to males only

9. Discourage women from working outside of the home

10. Ban for-profit banking (create government-run, not-for-profit, taxpayer-funded banks which operate only as a public service).

Phil Simms: ‘I’m Not Done Yet’

Bill Cowher, Phil Simms
You won’t have Phil Simms to kick around anymore, at least as the lead color analyst at CBS. But, you may have him to kick around somewhere else.

Pentagon Official: ‘No Credible Alternative’ to Syrian Regime Carrying Out Chemical Attack

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon on Friday laid out its case for why it believes the Syrian regime conducted the April 4 chemical weapons attack, which led to President Trump ordering a cruise missile strike against a Syrian military airbase.

The “Mainstream” Owns Syria

The Alt-Right is pushing all of its chips onto the table. Even if it means breaking with Trump, we’re making a historic bet on Syria. Let the so-called “mainstream,” the political establishment and all the neocons and chickenhawks own this upcoming quagmire and clusterfuck in Syria:

MEGA BUST: Pro-Illegal Alien ‘Mega March 2017’ in Dallas a Dud

A pro-illegal alien march and rally held in Dallas on Sunday called Mega March 2017 drew several thousand attendees, way short of the 100,000 planned for by organizers. The turnout pales in comparison to the 2006 Mega March in Dallas that drew an estimated 500,000 and stretched many packed city blocks. In contrast the 2017 Mega March only thinly fills half the lanes of about six blocks as seen from aerial video by KXAS-TV.

Aerial photos posted by the Dallas Police show the less than impressive turnout as compared to 2006.

It appears the organizers compressed the march to half the width of the road in order to make the march appear better attended it actually is.

Here is a photo of the 2006 Mega March in Dallas from the same perspective of the church that shows a wall of people packing the street as far as the eye can see.

Image via Dallas Morning News Twitter post.

Organizers of the rally made their pro-illegal alien agenda clear in a tweet on Saturday promoting the march, “We demand that the aggressions against the #Undocumented and #Immigrant community stop. #Resistance #HereToStay #NoBanNoWall #HumanRights”

The Dallas Democratic Party also posted their support for unchecked illegal immigration with the use of the hashtag #NoBanNoWallNoRaids.

Curiously, the photo the Democrats displayed features Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins at the march giving a thumbs up to the camera. (So much for that oath to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law, right, Your Honor?)

The organizers have ensured that American flags are prominently displayed at the march, unlike the marches where illegals are free to show how they really feel and carry the flags from their home countries while burning American flags.

Dallas Police posted twin photos of the march at the end point of City Hall.

A reporter posted side by side photos of the 2006 and 2017 Mega Marches.

This Dallas reporter gave an honest apparaisal of the turnout.

In case anyone was fooled by the enforced display of American flags, these protesters delivered the true message behind the Mega March

A report by KTVT-TV put attendance as “several thousand.”

“Several thousand people marched through the streets of downtown Dallas Sunday for immigration reform.”

KTVT posted a photo of the thinly attended march as it made its way through Dallas.

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CBS’s ‘Blue Bloods’ Promotes Assisted Suicide, Turns BLM on Its Head

Friday night’s episode of CBS’s Blue Bloods, “Love Lost,” took a turn for the worse in promoting assisted suicide, but also showed the true dedication officers have for everyone in their communities, regardless of race.

Biographer Claims Barack Obama Called America ‘Racist Society’ in Unpublished Manuscript

A biographer who is writing a book about former President Barack Obama claims that Obama once called America "a racist society" in an unpublished manuscript from his law school days.

‘Peak TV’ Point of Contention as Writers, Studios Negotiate Amid Strike Threat

So-called "Peak TV" and its expansive array of series has been great for viewers, say Hollywood scribes, but not so much for writers. On Monday, the Writers Guild of America will resume negotiations over a new contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents broadcast and cable networks and movie studios.

‘Peak TV’ Point of Contention as Writers, Studios Negotiate Amid Strike Threat

So-called "Peak TV" and its expansive array of series has been great for viewers, say Hollywood scribes, but not so much for writers. On Monday, the Writers Guild of America will resume negotiations over a new contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents broadcast and cable networks and movie studios.

Russia Draws Red Line In The Sand For Trump, Warns Of Consequences For Future Attacks

This is really starting to get nasty, Brothers and Sisters, and I honestly never thought that I would be talking about Trump possibly setting the stage for a Third World War over some ridiculous Kebab children gassed by pure accident and coincidence.

America is a weakened country both militarily and financially, and is certainly not at the height of her power by any stretch of the imagination.

In a Syrian conflict with boots on the ground en masse, I could maybe see our troops hold some sort of Iraq-style stalemate if things were simple and straightforward, although with Hezbollah, Iran, Assad’s full army, and a Russian expeditionary force in the area, defeat would be almost certain.

Escalation would also be nearly guaranteed according to most experts.

Russia is trying to give us the message that it may be time to back down, but I honestly don’t see things going in that direction.

Jew Kushner – and the other war-mongering scum in power – would have to go to make peace possible, and to be honest, you have a better chance of seeing snow hit Alabama in July than a purge of the Neo-Cons.

From Haaretz:

A joint command center made up of the forces of Russian, Iran and allied militia alliance supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad said the U.S. strike on a Syrian airbase crossed “red lines” and it would now respond to any new aggression and increase their level of support to their ally.

At the same time, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson blamed Russia’s inaction for helping fuel a deadly poison gas attack against Syrian civilians last week, saying Moscow failed to carry out a 2013 agreement to secure and destroy chemical weapons in Syria.

On Thursday, the U.S. bombed an Assad regime military base in response to the chemical weapons attack launched on Syrian citizens, in which 90 people including 30 children were killed.

According to a Pentagon spokesperson, 59 Tomahawk missiles were fired at Shayrat airbase outside of Homs, Syria, the site from which the U.S. suspects the chemical attack originated. Targets included “aircraft, hardened aircraft shelters, petroleum and logistical storage areas, ammunition supply bunkers, air defense systems and radars.”

The overnight missile attack, which marked the first time the U.S. has directly targeted Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces, was condemned by his allies in Russia and Iran but welcomed by the Syrian opposition and its supporters, who expressed hope it signaled a turning point in the devastating six-year-old civil war.

In its statement, the joint command center of Assad’s allies said: “What America waged in an aggression on Syria is a crossing of red lines. From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well.”

The statement said that the alliance, which includes the miitant group Hezbollah, will not be deterred from “liberating” Syria.

Also Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iran’s Hassan Rohani said in a phone call that aggressive U.S. actions against Syria were not permissible and violated international law, the Kremlin said.

The two leaders also called for an objective investigation into an incident involving chemical weapons in Syria’s Idlib and said they were ready to deepen cooperation to fight terrorism, the Kremlin said in a statement on its website.

The Kremlin said the phone call took place on Iran’s initiative.

On Saturday, the governor of Homs confirmed that the airbase was back in operation. “The airport is operating as a first phase,” Homs governor Talal Barazi told Reuters. “Planes have taken off from it,” he added, without saying when.

The statement by the joint command center on Sunday also condemned U.S. military presence in northern Syria as “illegal,” saying its aim to control the area makes them “occupation” forces.

Almost 1,000 U.S. troops are in Syria as part of the ongoing preparation for the fight to oust the Islamic State group from its self-declared headquarters of Raqqa. Around 500 soldiers were deployed into Syria with heavy artillery guns, the U.S. said in March. According to the Pentagon, an additional “400 or so” Marines and Army Rangers have arrived early March.

The deployment is temporary, said Coalition spokesman U.S. Air Force Colonel John Dorrian, and the additional forces were sent to Manbij in the country’s north in order to create “reassurance.”

‘Russia’s failure’

Also Sunday, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson blamed Russia’s inaction for helping fuel the chemical attack, saying Moscow failed to carry out a 2013 agreement to secure and destroy chemical weapons in Syria.

“I think the real failure here has been Russia’s failure to live up to its commitments under the chemical weapons agreements that were entered into in 2013,” Tillerson said on ABC’s “This Week.”

“The failure related to the recent strike and the recent terrible chemical weapons attack in large measure is a failure on Russia’s part to achieve its commitment to the international community,” he added.

It’s going to be very interesting indeed to hear of what transpires during Tillerson’s visit to Russia this coming week, although I’m not going to be very optimistic until we see some sort of deescalation commence.

Until then, meme, meme, and then meme some more.

Get the average White Trump supporter on the same page as the rest of us, focusing especially on the fact that our President has gotten ensnared by evil men who wish destruction on both this country, and the rest of the world.

Bipartisan Pitch To Revoke The Harry Reid Nuclear Option Gets 61 Senators’ Endorsement…

Suck it up, buttercups. Via Politico: Sixty-one senators urged their party leaders to preserve the filibuster for legislation on Friday, backing the procedural tool after Republicans scrapped the minority’s power to block Supreme Court nominees. But 37 senators declined to endorse the effort, including senior members of both parties as well as firebrands on the […]

MANHUNT for WI Man Joseph Jakubowski: Threatened TRUMP in Manifesto and Video, Then Stole 16 Guns

Wisconsin officials are searching for Joseph Jakubowski a career criminal who wrote a long manifesto threatening President Trump, stole several guns, and released a video mailing the manifesto to the White House.

Jacubowski has a long history of crime.
He promised to conduct an unspecified attack.

Jacubowski stole 16 high-caliber rifles and handguns from a Wisconsin gun store after threatening President Trump.

NBC News reported:

Wisconsin police were widening their hunt Saturday for a 32-year-old man who allegedly burglarized a gun store after mailing an anti-government manifesto to President Donald Trump.

Joseph Jakubowski has been on the run since Tuesday, when police say he broke into the Armageddon Gun Shop in Janesville, south of Madison, and stole 16 high-caliber rifles and handguns. He is believed to be armed and dangerous, and traveling with a bulletproof vest and helmet, according to authorities.

At a news conference Friday, Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden said Jakubowski had been highly agitated by national politics recently and had confessed to friends that he had plans to steal guns and conduct an “unspecified attack.”

Janesville Police Chief David Moore said his department has also had multiple run-ins with Jakubowski over the years.

Jacubowski filmed himself mailing his envelope to President Trump.

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Trump Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland Removed From NSC in Another Reshuffling

Following another reshuffling, K.T. McFarland was reassigned to be Singapore envoy.

One of POTUS Trump’s top national security advisers, K. T. McFarland, is being reassigned to a new role, Fox reports.

McFarland was originally part of Trump’s White House as a deputy to Michael Flynn, Trump’s first National Security Adviser. The McFarland removal and change of role was confirmed Sunday by an anonymous senior administration official. Official statement is pending as the post requires Senate confirmation.

Fox report:

A top national security adviser to President Donald Trump is the latest official heading out in an ongoing shuffle within the National Security Council.

Another White House official, Dina Powell, was recently named deputy national security adviser for strategy and has been present in the recent high level meetings with delegations from Egypt, Jordan and China.

McFarland worked as a Fox News analyst before joining Trump’s national security team. She previously worked for three Republican presidents — Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan.

Speculation has already arisen regarding who is next in line to take McFarland’s place.

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Exclusive: Massive US Invasion of Syria Has Already Begun

High level sources tell Infowars Trump administration set for full-scale Syria invasion.

Bill Kristol’s Victory Dance

Take a look at this:

Violent Leftist ‘Militia’ Attack at Le Pen Rally in Corsica (VIDEO)

Saturday saw “Antifa” protestors turn violent in Corsica ahead of a campaign rally for Le Pen.

The altercations this Saturday in Corsica saw over a dozen violent, leftist protestors removed from the location and shortly after an evacuation of the hall where French National Front candidate, Marine Le Pen was supposed to speak in Ajaccio, Corsica.

Breitbart London reports:

Around 50 people demonstrated in front of the venue in Ajaccio, chanting “We do not want the National Front”, according to local newspaper Corse Matin.

Some of them managed to enter the hall where Le Pen was expected to speak. They clashed with Le Pen’s security team and fired teargas, prompting the evacuation of the hall, the newspaper said.

The event was moved to another venue, French television BFM TV said.

David Rachline, the campaign manager for Marine Le Pen, indicated on Twitter that the local authorities had failed at securing the venue and had not done enough to keep everyone safe. Rachline also stated that a National Front activist was seriously injured during the attack by the far-left “militia”.

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