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The Bee Team’s Confused: Are They Insult Comics? Or Journalists? Or Political Philosophers?

HefferlumpTBS late-night host Samantha Bee and her Full Frontal writing partner Jo Miller gave an interview to These women are deeply conflicted about what they're making weekly. Are they insult comics? Are they journalists and fact checkers? Are they deep thinkers? They're not conflicted about how terrible Trump must be taken apart.

No Deal on Health Care as Congress Goes into Recess

The failure of Republicans' recent health care reform bill to pass through Congress and win popular support means there will be no changes to America's crumbling health care system as lawmakers head into a two-week recess.

Adam Schiff Blames ‘Breitbart Crowd” For Susan Rice Spying on Trump (VIDEO)

Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s national security adviser and UN ambassador, reportedly requested on several occasions the “unmasking” of identities of private citizens linked to President Trump’s transition and campaign.

The Washington Free Beacon reported today on Rice’s PBS interview last month where she denied having any knowledge of the intelligence community’s alleged incidental surveillance of Trump’s transition team.

Since this news broke earlier this week several lawmakers have called for criminal charges against the former National Security Adviser for spying on her political opponents during a national election.

The Democrats didn’t handle the news well.
Leading Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) continued to embarrass himself today by blaming the shocking development on the “Breitbart crowd.”

Rep. Schiff: The accusation against Susan Rice by the Breitbart crowd and by people in this building that I think are tossing around slanderous accusations without evidence.

For the record… Susan Rice admitted to the unmasking of intelligence this week after denying it two weeks ago.

Democrats are unhinged.

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Court Jew Rising: Kushner Agitates To Have Steve Bannon Removed From National Security Council

Update: Apparently some of the talk about Bannon being totally removed from the NSC was Fake News, and he will still be able to attend meetings. 

That being said, we need to remain vigilant when it comes to what is happening behind closed doors at the White House. We can’t lose a man like Bannon – it would be a nightmare catastrophe.

Today in Alabama featured some nasty hot and humid weather that seems to have been a preview of the summer ahead, and like the temperature, my blood has been boiling over the news hitting the wires over the last twenty-four hours.

Gentlemen, we seem to have a rodent problem in the White House, and I shouldn’t even need to tell you who I’m talking about at this point – use some brainpower and think for a moment.

It’s getting ugly over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Brothers and Sisters, and I don’t like hearing about Steve Bannon losing even 0.0000033 percent of his authority and influence over the President in favor of Jared Kushner and whichever cuckold he finds most appropriate.

Bannon is OUR GUY, and Trump only won this election thanks to Bannon’s scorched-earth tactics and savvy in dealing with Washington establishment filth, and not Kushner’s weird Jewish subterfuge.

From Politico:

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has been removed from an important seat on the National Security Council — a posting that had stirred controversy for placing one of President Donald Trump’s top political hands in a key national security position.

The change represents the first real diminution of authority for Bannon, who has been cast as an all-powerful whisperer to Trump in the administration’s first 75 days, mocked by his critics as “President Bannon.”

In recent weeks, Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, has asked searching questions — sometimes for hours — of inside and outside advisers about the White House’s performance and complained about Bannon in particular, according to people who have spoken with Kushner. Kushner, a onetime New York Democrat, and Bannon, a hard-right nationalist, have clashed as Kushner has told people that Bannon’s desire to deconstruct the government is hurting the president.

One person familiar with Kushner’s thinking says Kushner believes Bannon is more of a problem than Reince Priebus, the chief of staff.

“Big fight is between nationalists and the ‘West Wing Democrats,’” one senior administration official said.

Translated into common speech, we’re seeing a fight between Nationalists and a Jew/Cuck alliance that is seeking to neuter the Trump Presidency into something that Jeb! or Little Marco – or Aggro Granny – would have felt comfortable with.

The White House tried to downplay the significance of Bannon’s removal from the NSC — it went unannounced by the press office — depicting him as simply moving on after successfully completing limited tasks.

“It’s not like this is a major shake-up,” said another administration official.

But Bannon’s exit, revealed in a federal register filing and confirmed by multiple White House officials, is perceived to represent a significant long-term increase in authority for H.R. McMaster, Trump’s new national security adviser, who now has greater authority over the council’s agenda without one of Trump’s closest aides watching closely over him.

“McMaster won,” one NSC official said.

Great, so now we have some Neo-Con maniac general taking charge of things that directly involve NATIONAL SECURITY – read “invade Syria and Iran because muh missiles, muh gassed Kebab Peasants, and muh Holy Land.”

And if this wasn’t some big deal, why even mention anything at all about it?

Better yet, why change the dynamics of the NSC at all?

Lawmakers of both parties welcomed the return to a more traditional NSC structure.

“I’d be very pleased that he would not be on the National Security Council,” Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said on Capitol Hill. “My hope is that he would have no role in government at all and would be completely out.”

Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain (R-Ariz.) said downgrading Bannon was a “good move” — and he praised the reinstatement of the Joint Chiefs chairman as a permanent member of the security council.

“The chairman of the Joint Chiefs should be in a permanent position, so I think it’s the right thing to do, but it’s a decision of the president’s,” McCain said. “I said at the time that I didn’t think a political adviser should be a member of that body because it’s never been, so I think it’s the right thing to do.”

And Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), former chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, tweeted, “Steve Bannon’s removal from National Security Council is welcome news.”

This is not a good day for us, especially with the scum crawling out of their caves to praise this most foolish of decisions as some sort of epiphany on the part of Trump.

My guess on the next steps?

I’m going to wager that they’ll go after Bannon directly after this, and will seek to remove him as one of Trump’s key advisers – complete with a revocation of his security clearance.

That would mean three people would then have the ear of the President in almost all matters foreign and domestic:

A blood Jew, a Jewish convert who has been a Leftist for most of her adult life, and a bloodthirsty general who doesn’t even have the balls to say “radical Islam” when discussing his plans for slaughtering White military men.

Great time, Goys.

Great times indeed.

Intelligence Reports in Unmasking Scandal Resembled Private Investigator’s File, Had Info About ‘Everyday Lives’

New details are emerging regarding the unmasking of Trump and his private associates by former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice and others in the Obama administration. The reports were very detailed and tracked the everyday lives of private citizens.

Fox News reports:

The intelligence reports at the center of the Susan Rice unmasking controversy were detailed, and almost resembled a private investigator’s file, according to a Republican congressman familiar with the documents.

“This is information about their everyday lives,” Rep. Peter King of New York, a member of the House Intelligence committee said. “Sort of like in a divorce case where lawyers are hired, investigators are hired just to find out what the other person is doing from morning until night and then you try to piece it together later on.”

On the House Intelligence Committee, only the Republican chairman, Devin Nunes of California, and the ranking Democrat Adam Schiff, also of California, have personally reviewed the intelligence reports. Some members were given broad outlines.

Nunes has consistently stated that the files caused him deep concern because the unmasking went beyond the former national security adviser Mike Flynn, and the information was not related to Moscow.

Well of course this unmasking was all ‘incidental’. Trump and his private associates accidentally got caught up in routine surveillance coincidentally during one of the biggest elections in modern history. The spreadsheets Rice kept were also by accident. She had no political motives whatsoever. Nothing to see here, move along.

After all, Susan Rice is just so trustworthy and she told Andrea Mitchell at MSNBC, ‘I leaked nothing to nobody’.

Read the rest of the report by Fox News here.

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Rare ‘Pink Star’ Diamond Becomes Priciest Diamond Ever Sold at $71.2M

The Pink Star diamond, the most valuable cut diamond ever offered at auction, is displayed by a model at a Sotheby's auction room in Hong Kong, Wednesday, March 29, 2017. It is the largest internally flawless fancy vivid pink diamond ever graded by the GIA. The diamond estimated in excess of 60 million US Dollars will go for auction in Hong Kong on April 4. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)
A 59.6 carat pink diamond smashed the world record for the priciest diamond ever sold.

Rory McIlroy Caves to Fan Pressure, Would ‘Think Twice’ About Golfing with Trump Again

Rory McIlroy had cited concerns over the Zika virus when he pulled out of the Rio Olympic Games
When Irish golfer Rory McIlroy accelerated his rehab stint for a stress fracture to his ribs to play a round of golf with the newly elected 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, he took a pounding from fans and the press.

15th Century Spain – Problems With Multiculturalism

I’m re-posting this Instauration history lesson on 15th Century Spain. I posted this article many times on OD and I apologize to our long term readers for being repetitive. But, we have lots of new readers. Many of these reader are inquiring about our stance on the Jewish question. They ask why so many supposedly Liberal Leftist, American Jewish political leaders and Jews in the media are now strongly supporting mass Muslim immigration in to the USA, Europe and the UK?

Most White Americans, White Southerners probably have no idea that the European country – Spain was invaded and occupied by Arab Muslim Moors and this occupation lasted…..

700 Years!

Arab Muslim occupied Spain had a very large and influential Jewish community. How did the Muslim Moors, the Jews and Spanish White Catholics get along? Well, not always so good. And this best ever Instauration Magazine Spanish History lesson explains that the Jews were basically “given the boot”in 1492 for taking the Muslim’s side against local White Europeans, same as the Jews are doing now to us here in the USA, Europe, UK, Australia etc this year 2017.

Spain Might Have Had Some Good Reasons to Expel the Jews

Instauration Magazine November 1992

(Presented for the educational, non commercial use, “fair comment” protected by the 1st Amendment)

“Every schoolboy is or should be familiar with the year 1492, the year of the (re)discovery of the New world by Christopher Columbus, a Genoese in the service of the Spanish monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella. For Spain, 1492 was to be the most important year in its history, as well as one of the most important in world history. It was the year the Spanish nation was consolidated, the year it said adios to the Middle Ages, the year when the splendorous Spanish State took center stage in the political evolution of the West. In the beginning of the year, on January 2, after a long siege, the army of the Spanish monarchs marched into the city of Granada, thus re-conquering the last of the real estate seized by the Arabs and moors seven centuries earlier. Then, on March 31, the Catholic monarchs signed a royal edict that ordered all Jews in Spain to convert to Christianity or ship out. Five months later Columbus sailed out of the Spanish port of Palos hoping to discover a new route to the Indies. His tiny fleet passed boats loaded with Jews sorrowfully complying with Ferdinand and Isabella’s expulsion order.

In this 500th anniversary of Columbus’s epochal voyage, much of the celebration has been marred by media inspired attacks on Spain for her “cruelty” and “foolishness” in expelling Jews. No one seemed to care what was done to the Muslims, who were also given the choice of conversion or expulsion a few years later, just as no one these days seems to care much about what was done to non-Jews in WWII German and Soviet concentration camps, where the death toll of Gentiles was probably ten times greater than the number of Jewish fatalities. Actually, any Jew who converted to Christianity was perfectly free to stay in Spain. Those who left could take all their earthly possessions with them, except gold and silver coins and trinkets.

The current media story line is that the Spanish, in a fit of blind religious fanaticism, cut off their noses to spite their faces by kicking out the clever and enterprising Jewish community. Having heard these tearful tales over and over again, history buffs could be forgiven for thinking that only mass insanity could have led Spaniards to commit such an enormous gaffe. Jews, today’s spin doctors insist, were the cultural and economic backbone of Spain, the most educated and verbal segment of the population. Only greed, envy, ignorance and Christian bigotry could possibly explain this act of pure folly. Once again, a peaceful, unoffending people were driven out into the cold because of the heartlessness of their wicked neighbors. But that is not the end of the story! As is almost always the case, there was a price to be paid for persecuting the Jews. The price for Spain, according to the Jewish version of history, was its decline and fall, following the loss of so much Jewish brainpower and the economic and cultural benefits which Spain’s rivals, Portugal and Holland, received from swarms of Jewish refugees.

Per usual, when it comes to Jews, the story they tell is, shall we say, at variance with the facts. Fourteen hundred and ninety-two was the year Spanish civilization took off like a rocket. Within a century or two, Cervantes was writing Don Quixote; Velasquez was painting his incomparable portraits; Calderon was writing his brilliant plays. It almost seemed as if the presence of the Jews had kept Spanish culture under wraps and their forced removal unloosed tremendous bursts of artistic, literary and economic energy. (Might it be possible that the same unshackling of cultural forces would produce similar results if the Jews left the U. S.?) In A History of Medieval Spain, Professor Joseph F. O’Callaghan provides us with perhaps the most scholarly and precise treatment of Spanish history in the time between the Arab conquest and the Moors’ surrender of Granada. Spain had its origins in the Roman Empire. The Roman provinces in what is now Spain and Portugal furnished the Empire with some of its greatest Emperors. With the fall of Rome, Spain was transformed into a kingdom of Visigoths, one of the German tribes which had inherited remnants of the Empire. The Visigothic kings were Christianized and ruled over a population comprised partly of Nordics and largely of Mediterraneans, with a heavy sprinkling of Jews. Later, when the Arabs imposed Islam on Spain, the composition of the population was not greatly changed. The overwhelming majority of Arabs and Spaniards belonged to the Mediterranean race, though Nordic racial traits, such as fair complexions and blue eyes (Isabella had them), were discernible in the ruling circles of both peoples. Some Nordic genes had been implanted by the Vandals who swept through Spain before the Visigoths and fought their way as far as Tunis in North Africa. Here, it might also be noted, that the Muslim rulers and Caliphs of Spain were not exactly cultural throwbacks. The Alhambra Palace in Granada is the most beautiful and most graceful pleasure dome to be found on any continent. In 675 the Muslims launched their first raid on Spain, which was repulsed by the Visigothic fleet. By 711, the Arabs had conquered North Africa and were ready to invade Western Europe. in only 21 years they penetrated as far north as Tours in France before being defeated and thrown back by the Franks under Charles Martel.

The reasons for the woefully poor showing of the Visigoths vis-a-vis the Arab invaders had to do with treason in high places. As O’Callaghan remarks, “Certainly the Jews and others who had suffered under Visigothic rule welcomed the invaders as liberators and collaborated with them.” As O’Callaghan also points out, perhaps to avoid endangering his academic standing, the Jewish renegadism was justified by the “disorder” of the Visigothic Kingdom. The re-conquest of Spain started in the rugged mountains’ of Asturias in northern Spain. There a Visigothic knight, Pelayo, refused to bow down to the Muslims and won the first battle in a 700-year-war between Islam and Christianity. The Reconquista, as it is known, was a glorious era in the history of the West. A proud and fierce people would be tried and tested in a thousand battles. The Jews, as is their custom, quickly burrowed into the Arab fabric of Spain. Generally preferring Muslim to Christian overlords, the People of the Book were allowed to practice their religion without interference and became key elements in Muslim society. it need hardly be added that the Christians who had suffered from Jewish money men in Visigothic times, came to loathe them more than ever in Muslim Spain.

By the 11th century the situation in Spain had become fluid, with the Christians slowly nibbling back parts of their lost lands, while constantly under the threat of fierce Muslim counterattacks. It is not surprising that the eternal “middlemen” should rise to the surface in these troubled times. In both the Muslim and Christian parts of Spain, Jews engaged in all their age-old occupational specialties: usury, the slave trade, prostitution, tax “farming” (contracts to collect taxes for the kings and nobles), the law, medicine, administration and any other type of employment that required little or no physical labor. Worst of all from the point of view of the pious Christian population, they were able to infiltrate the church in large numbers. It was this last activity that led to their downfall. As Muslim power waned, Jews relied more and more on the expanding Christian kingdoms of Spain to provide them with their customary perks. Employed by Spanish monarchs in the most sensitive matters of state, especially in finance, Jews never had it so good since the good old days of Solomon. The Chosen, however, could not enter the church without converting. It was not too long before true Christians realized that the Christianity of most “New Christians” was only skin deep. That converted Jews mocked the Christian religion, celebrated Jewish feast days, and were slowly and subtly introducing Talmudic themes into Christian theology were open secrets. It was no wonder they came to be viewed as a hostile element, busy weakening the Christian nation in the very face of the Muslim enemy.

High-Octane Religiosity

Jewish White slavers sell to Muslim buyers

In the Middle Ages religion was the fault line of the world. In the same way that the West fought communism in this century, so the Christian West fought the power of Islam in those crucial years. Religion was central to all aspects of life, there being no such thing as a secular state. It is a waste of words to argue that Christian Spain should have made room for Jews and Muslims. Such an accommodation was quite out of the question in the Age of Faith. When Spain expelled the Jews, England, France and other European nations had long since sent them on their way, for approximately the same reasons. The main difference was that the number of Jews and their influence and affluence in Spain were vastly greater than elsewhere in Europe. Ironically the European nations that would later condemn Spain for expelling Jews were the first to voice suspicion of Spain’s “purity” because it had been “defiled” by the presence of so many Jews and Muslims. Queen Isabella agreed up to a point. She knew very well that as long as Jews remained in her kingdom they would constitute a political, cultural, philosophical and theological fifth column, not to mention a military liability in the event of a Muslim attempt to retake what they had lost, a scary scenario that was always a possibility.

Isabella and her husband, Ferdinand, knew in their hearts that only by building one undivided and indivisible Spain could they carry out the tremendous task they had set for themselves. They understood what we seem to have forgotten: You cannot build a nation out of disparate population groups widely separated by culture and religion. Either Jews and Muslims would leave or renounce their faith, or Spain, as a united Christian country, would never endure. Although Jews are not a race, they act like a race and should be treated as one. Anthropologically speaking, they are various mixtures of the Nordic, Alpine and Mediterranean races, with a few distinctive facial traits showing up in many of them. Isabella’s relying on religion to define a Jew may have been adequate in her day, but it would be wide off the mark in 1992. Today, in the U.S. about 70% of Jews are non-religious. To use Judaism as a basis for expelling Jews would allow the more intelligent and more devious Jews to remain in our midst.

The Jews in the Christian Spain aborning were not fools. They were quite aware that popular sentiment was rising against them. Fighting back in any way they could, they bribed powerful and corrupt nobles and worked their way into high positions in the government and church. All in vain. In 1391 massive anti-Jewish pogroms broke out across Spain. In that year, thousands of Jews were killed in Aragon and Castile, in the words of O’Callaghan,

Hostility towards the Jews had often been manifested in the past, chiefly because of their involvement in money-lending and tax-farming. Complaints about Jewish usury and Jewish tax collectors occur again and again in the records of the Cones [the Spanish parliament or assembly] . . . . Though the Crown usually promised to attend to these complaints, Jews continued to figure prominently in the management of royal finances. The riots of 1391 spelled the beginning of the end for Spanish Jewry, although it would still hold on for another hundred years. The simple truth was that Spain had outgrown Jews, just as it had outgrown Muslims. The Jews, as stated previously, had no part to play in Spain’s great years, which, some cynics say, is why Spain had its “great years.” The Encyclopedia Britannica (1963 edition, vol. 2 1, p. 122) adds: “The tide of national enthusiasm, religious fanaticism and indignation at Jewish financial operations reached its high-water mark about three months after the fall of Granada. . . .” Apparently there were early-bird Milikens and Boeskys in the ranks of Spanish Jewry. Professor Philip W. Powell, in his book, The Tree of Hate (published in 1985) attributes the expulsion of the Jews to a religious conflict between Judaism and Christianity. He is not afraid to meet the issue of anti-Semitism head on: ‘The very misleading term of ‘anti-Semitism’ is so carelessly, or malevolently, tossed about these days that it virtually has no meaning except as a convenient rock to hurl in anger–but, like a rock, it can hurt.” He goes on to say: “The Jews’ impassioned opinions hamper the writing of fair and unbiased accounts of Spain. Jewish emotion, when aroused by historical memory of [the] Spanish Inquisition and expulsion, exaggerates and distorts, and certainly gives little shrift to the Spanish side of the story …. Jewish writers are aided by a popular opinion, much of it created by themselves, which for centuries has influenced writing upon these themes.”

Powell points out that while it is true that all the 165,000 or so Jews who refused to give up Judaism were expelled in 1492, many more chose to stay and converted. Those who only converted superficially underwent various forms of capital punishment. Jews and other writers of anti-Spanish tendencies, have preferred to focus attention upon these Spanish crimes as a means of demonstrating Spanish cruelty and bigotry. The usual groundwork for this is a morality of later centuries applied to 15th and 16th century historical situations, without that sense of justice so essential to historical interpretations. Or, sometimes more simply, it may come from the well-known Jewish propensity for cultural replenishment out of martyrdom. Professor Powell gets to the nitty-gritty in these words: “But the majority of the Spanish people, witnessing [all the] evidence of Jewish-Converso influence . . . . and simply the numbers of Jews daily discernible in the population would, and did, view the situation with antagonism.”

Explaining that this antagonism sometimes led to mob attacks on Jews, Powell dryly adds, “If there was anything uniquely Spanish in all this, it was not intolerance or bigotry, but rather a notable forbearance in comparison to the ways the Jewish problem was handled elsewhere in Europe.”

Inquisition Hype

The chief purpose of the Spanish Inquisition, established in 1480, was to ensure that Jews did not create a “state within a state.” The Inquisition was a defense of the monarchy and a defense against treason. Many European states applauded its creation as a needed step to rein in Jewish power. Whatever the Inquisition was to become once the Jews had gone, it served its primary purpose in ridding Spain of a hostile force of infiltrators and subversives at a time when the church and nation were in grave danger. The ferocity of the Spanish Inquisition may well stem from the fact that it was in large part staffed by Jewish converts, who amply demonstrated that they had lost none of their innate venom by switching religions. Jewish converts who fell all over themselves to prove their loyalty to their new faith were the driving force behind the grim and fanatical persecution of other Jews. Tomas de Torquemada, the ferocious Inquisitor General, who sent so many of his brethren to the stake, is said to have been of Jewish descent. No less an authority than Salvador de Madariaga, one of modern Spain’s leading intellectuals, holds to the view that the peculiar intolerance of the Spanish Inquisition can be traced, in part, to the presence of Jewish converts in its highest ranks. Madariaga, by the way, made up for this “anti-Semitic” opinion by stating that Columbus was a converso, but not necessarily a marrano (pig in Spanish), a derogatory term for a convert who practiced Judaism secretly. Several Jewish scholars, including the non-scholars of Time magazine, have accused King Ferdinand of being “part Jewish,” though they never satisfactorily explain where the Jewish genes came from. To sum up, Spain’s expulsion of the Jews was logical, rational and, for the times, not overly cruel – far less cruel than what modern Jews have done and continue to do to the Palestinians. The Spanish have no need to apologize for their actions in freeing their nation from a harmful internal enemy. The Jews resented their expulsion, as they have resented other forced exoduses in their history. The truth is, contemporary Jews should not blame Spain for their ancestors’ misfortunes five centuries ago. They need only to look in the mirror.


N.B.F. and W.R.

TRUMP BOOM! 263K New Private Sector Jobs in March, Beats 185K Estimate (VIDEO)

The jobs numbers are out and it’s looking good for the Trump economy. 263,000 new private sector jobs were added in March.

Fox Business reports:

U.S. private employers added 263,000 jobs in March, more than the number they hired in February and well above economists’ expectations, a report by a payrolls processor showed on Wednesday.

Economists surveyed by Reuters had forecast the ADP National Employment Report would show a gain of 187,000 jobs, with estimates ranging from 110,000 to 225,000.

Private payroll gains in the month earlier were revised down to 245,000 from the originally reported 298,000.

Economists polled by Reuters are looking for U.S. private payroll employment to have grown by 175,000 jobs in March, down from 227,000 the month before.

Total non-farm employment is expected to have risen by 180,000. The unemployment rate is forecast to stay steady at the 4.7 percent recorded a month earlier.

Consumer confidence is at a 16 year high. Americans are very optimistic about the future.

From The Blaze

For the first time since the so-called Great Recession, a majority of Americans believe the U.S. economy is in good shape, a new poll revealed Monday.

According to a new Pew Research Center survey, 58 percent of Americans said the current economic situation is “very or somewhat good,” while 40 percent said it’s bad. At this time last year, only 44 percent of Americans described the economy as good, while 54 percent said it was in bad shape.


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Venezuela: Catholic Church Calls for Resistance Against Socialist ‘Self-Coup’

Demonstrators who are against the Venezuelan government chant outside of the Organization of American States (OAS) during the special meeting of the Permanent Council, in Washington, Monday, April 3, 2017, to consider the recent events in Venezuela. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)
Venezuela's Catholic leadership has called for citizens to take up peaceful resistance against the socialist government this week, following a Supreme Court decision meant to grant the courts lawmaking power. The Vatican has also weighed in with a front-page feature in official publication L'Osservatore Romano.

Venezuela: Catholic Church Calls for Resistance Against Socialist ‘Self-Coup’

Demonstrators who are against the Venezuelan government chant outside of the Organization of American States (OAS) during the special meeting of the Permanent Council, in Washington, Monday, April 3, 2017, to consider the recent events in Venezuela. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)
Venezuela's Catholic leadership has called for citizens to take up peaceful resistance against the socialist government this week, following a Supreme Court decision meant to grant the courts lawmaking power. The Vatican has also weighed in with a front-page feature in official publication L'Osservatore Romano.

Nuclear Option: Forget RussiaGate, Rice Scandal Constitution Crisis

All these months, it turns out, it was his right-hand hatchet gal and exposed serial prevaricator Susan Rice who was behind the scenes in his administration working all the levers of the most powerful espionage machine on planet Earth to spy on Mr. Obama’s political enemies.

Valerie Jarrett: We Should Thank Susan Rice For Her Service

"Susan [Rice] thought for her reputation and peace of mind it was important to just go out and speak the truth," @vj44 told @ZerlinaMaxwell. — SiriusXMPolitics (@SXMPolitics) April 5, 2017 I agree, let’s thank her and you with a time in jail.

Wall Street Journal: What Happens After We Strike The Syrians?

The Wall Street Journal is already quoting U.S. military officials on their plans to attack Syria:

“Pentagon officials said Wednesday that they have the ability to quickly strike the Assad regime if asked by the president. “We can strike the Syrian regime if we want to, but that’s not the question,” said one senior U.S. military official. “The question is what happens after we strike the Syrians?”

The U.S. military has hundreds of forces operating inside Syria, where they are setting up new bases and working with Syrian rebel forces fighting Islamic State. A U.S. strike against the Assad regime could trigger a military strike on American forces operating in northern Syria.

“You’ve got to war game out: We do something militarily and strike something of Assad’s, what does he then do?” the military official said. “Maybe I’ll lob a few missiles your way, kill a few Americans, then what happens? We obviously won’t stand for that.”

Russia is providing Mr. Assad with a sophisticated air defense system and Russian jets that would make it difficult for American pilots to enter Syrian airspace to strike the regime. But the U.S. could fire cruise missiles from outside Syria that would eliminate the immediate risk to American pilots. …”

Am I missing something?

Have we been attacked by Syria or the we being railroaded into another Middle Eastern war that we unequivocally rejected, or so we were led to believe, in the last presidential election?

Alabama House Passes Bill Extending ‘Stand-Your-Ground’ to Armed Church-Goers

On Tuesday, the Alabama House passed legislation extending stand-your-ground laws to cover armed, law-abiding church-goers.

Remember When Obama Claimed He Got All The Chemical Weapons Out Of Syria?

Remember when they claimed that they did? If they had we wouldn’t have this question now. Yay Obama deals! Let us hope we don’t find out about the failure of the Iran nuclear deal in the same way… Via Free Beacon: Reports on Tuesday revealed that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his allies again targeted […]

Russia Stands Behind Assad After Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack

AP Photo/ Sergei Karpukhin
Russia is standing firmly behind the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria, despite growing international outrage over the latest chemical weapons attack.

Police: Home Invasion Suspect Brings Crowbar to Gun Fight, Is Hospitalized in Stable Condition

A home invasion suspect armed with a crowbar was greeted by a Pittsburgh resident armed with a gun and was hospitalized in stable condition after being shot.

Chelsea Clinton Gives Advice on How Millennial Women Can Be as Successful as Her

Have money-hungry, power-grabbing parents who will set me up for life? Via Free Beacon: Chelsea Clinton gives advice to young women in a new interview published Wednesday about how they can ask for raises and advance their careers. Clinton told Levo that she was happy when she learned that women are beginning to ask for […]

ESPN Slam Dunks Conservative Steele off NBA Countdown

ESPN is becoming something akin to television’s version of the Cleveland Browns, who won one game in the 2016 NFL season. The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network’s losing streak includes the staggering loss of 12 million subscribers since 2011, according to Nielsen. In the last two months of 2016, the subscription loss topped the one million subscriber mark.  


Islamic State Taunts Trump: America Being ‘Run by an Idiot’

A fighter of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) waves a flag as they celebrate in the city of Mosul, June 23, 2014.The flag reads, ''There is no God but God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God.'' REUTERS/STRINGER/FILES
ISIS has finally made its first official comments mocking the new President of the United States, in an audio recording that says America is "run by an idiot who does not know what Syria or Iraq or Islam is."

Matthews Stays in Gutter, Re-Ups Ivanka Trump/Jared Kushner Comparison to Saddam’s Sons

A ring-leader of the loony bin that is MSNBC just can’t let it go. On Wednesday’s Hardball, host Chris Matthews pedaled for the second time in nine days (and third time in as many days for the network) the devilish insinuation that Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner are akin to the murderous dictator Saddam Hussein’s equally-horrific sons Uday and Qusay.

BREAKING: CIA Director John Brennan Targeted General Flynn and Sean Hannity For Surveillance

Yesterday, we reported on a breaking story by GotNews that Sean Hannity and Blackwater founder, Erik Prince were also spied on and unmasked by the Obama administration.

GotNews has just revealed that it was Obama’s CIA Director, John Brennan who was targeting them and other Trump supporters for surveillance.

Via GotNews:

Barack Obama‘s CIA Director John O. Brennan targeted Trump supporters for enhanced surveillance, intelligence sources confirm to GotNews’ Charles C. Johnson.

The surveillance took place between Trump’s election on November 8 and the inauguration in January, according to White House and House intelligence sources.

The focus was on General Mike Flynn, billionaire Erik Prince, and Fox News host Sean Hannity — all of whom had close ties to Trump before and after the November election and had helped the future president with managing his new diplomatic responsibilities.

Hannity was targeted because of his perceived ties to Julian Assange, say our intelligence sources. Hannity was reportedly unmasked by Susan Rice at Brennan’s behest thanks to his close relationship with Trump and Julian Assange.

Blackwater founder Erik Prince, a former CIA covert asset, has long criticized the CIA’s bloat and incompetence, including the Brennan-run CIA drone program’s failure to properly target terrorists rather than Afghan civilians. Prince has repeatedly called for restructuring the CIA and argued against Brennan’s tenure.

GotNews’ Chuck Johnson went on to explain the feuding history of Brennan and General Flynn…

The motivations for Brennan’s dislike of Flynn date back years. The two had publicly feuded during Flynn’s time as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Flynn was producing intel documents that showed how the supposed Syrian moderates were actually assets of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Brennan also brought in disgraced Syria analyst Elizabeth O’Bagy to brief the CIA. O’Bagy was outed by this reporter for manufacturing her credentials and for being paid by the Syrian rebels. O’Bagy worked for the defense industry funded Institute for the Study of War, a neocon think tank headed by the Kagans, a controversial family which advised David Petraeus. Petraeus was brought down. Intel sources I’ve spoken to believe Brennan was behind his ousting.

Former CIA agent John Kiriakou discussed John Brennan’s “deep-seated hatred of Trump” and decision to make “Russian intervention… the hammer he is going to hit Trump with.” “Flynn has been screwed by the agency in the past and Flynn has had a difficult personal relationship with Brennan,” Kiriakou said in January. “Even though Brennan is gone, the CIA is still being run by Brennan’s people.” Both Flynn and Trump called for reorganizing the CIA–a direct threat to Brennan’s remaking of the CIA.

Chuck Johnson also pointed out Brennan’s love affair with Islam (he is most likely a convert)…

Brennan, who speaks Arabic and has a prayer rug in his office (he is rumored to have converted to Islam), favored the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood while he worked for Obama. No wonder President Donald J. Trump and his supporters were targeted and surveilled by these people.

Read more about Brennan’s radical past here.

It really is no surprise that the Trump administration and Trump supporters are being spied on by Obama’s globalist cohorts. Trump is a huge threat to the globalist movement and they are doing everything they can to stop Trump and intimidate journalists who also support him.

Here is a video of Brennan speaking Arabic and praising ‘the beauty of Islam’:

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Left Revels In Media Narrative on Bannon and NSC: ‘Huge Victory for the Resistance’

As soon as the media learned Steve Bannon, one of President Donald Trump’s senior advisers, would no longer have a “permanent seat” on the National Security Council, the headlines shouted he’d been “removed,” “booted,” and “demoted.”

GOP Senator Lee Annihilates Chris Cuomo; He ‘Absolutely Manipulated What I Said’

During Wednesday morning’s edition of the Cable News Channel’s New Day program, Chris Cuomo interviewed Republican Senator Mike Lee on a number of topics, but the co-host added extra pressure regarding the case of Susan Rice, who has been accused of “unmasking” politicians to the public. Cuomo asked: “Did you mean to suggest that Susan Rice may have done her unmasking for political reasons?” Lee replied: “That is an absolutely absurd manipulation of what I said!”

Trump Is Methodically Undoing Obama’s Policies Bit By Bit

Underneath all the drama of Russia, spying and Obamacare, Trump is actually undoing Obama. Via Daily Mail: Amid the turmoil over staff shake-ups, blocked travel bans and the Russia cloud hanging overhead, President Donald Trump is steadily plugging away at a major piece of his agenda: Undoing Obama. From abortion to energy to climate change […]

Jesuit Superior: Jesus Was Not ‘Black and White’ on Man/Woman Marriage

ROME, ITALY - OCTOBER 15: New Superior General of The Society of Jesus father Arturo Sosa Abascal delivers his first homily as leader of the Jesuits during the Thanksgiving Mass at the Church of Jesus, on October 15, 2016 in Rome, Italy. The Superior General of the Society of Jesus is the official title of the leader of the Society of Jesus, the Roman Catholic religious order, also known as the Jesuits. The position sometimes carries the nickname of the Black Pope. Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal was chosen to succeed 80 year old Fr. Adolfo Nicolas as the head of the 16,000 members in the Jesuit order. Father Sosa from Venezuela became the first non-European superior general of the Society of Jesus in the order's almost 500 year history. (Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)
The new superior of the worldwide Jesuit religious order said recently that, as Jesus Christ’s words about marriage were never recorded, there is no basis for a “black and white” church doctrine centering on lifelong marriage between one man and one woman.

Indignity at UVA

Andrew Jackson’s birthday was respectfully observed by President Trump on March 15th, and celebrated by some on social media. I happened upon the Twitter profile of a Mr. Siva Vaidhyanathan when he chose to scold a stranger for her post honoring Jackson. Siva had chosen to insult an honorable lady who has a strong connection to her pre-Revolutionary roots in Virginia. He maligned her from his post at, of all places, the University of Virginia, at its Center for Media and Citizenship.

He went on to say:




Could the subversion of Jefferson’s legacy be any more effectively encapsulated that in an exchange where the child of an immigrant uses his post at a university built by one of America’s most revered forefathers to heap scorn upon the people to whom the institution was bequeathed?

Here he demonstrates how much cherishes the legacy of Jefferson:








A further scan of Vaidhyanathan’s timeline unearths more venom. Here he compares Robert E. Lee, a gentleman widely admired for his accomplishments and character, to Osama Bin Laden: 







Actually, this is not true. “We” have not decided not to honor Robert E. Lee. “We” have been invaded by those who never did.

Here is what he said before, and then after, the election of Donald Trump to the presidency:






One wonders why Vaidhyanathan’s father, who “could have chosen any country in the world,” chose to immigrate to a white-majority country if white-majority rule is so objectionable, particularly when many those white people are apparently “terrible racists.”

One also wonders how an immigrant, whose child broadcasts contempt for the founding population of his adopted country, fails to understand the cause for that same population’s rising anti-immigrant sentiment. And what might we say about the character of a person who profits from what others have built, then devotes the profits to maligning the builders?

Whatever his family’s academic contributions, it is difficult to imagine what would be enough to justify the haughty contempt with which Vaidhyanathan treats our nation’s Founders and those who today still cherish their memories and wish to celebrate their accomplishments. And we certainly do not suffer from a dearth of habitually fault-finding social justice warriors.

Vaidhyanathan’s profile header states in bold type “I AM AN AMERICAN,” but in what sense? Other than being born on American soil, it seems to mean little. He uses his platform to malign and destroy the things the historic American population hold dear, and advocate to bring in others who wish to do the same.

Breitbart News Daily: WWI Centennial

On the Thursday edition of Breitbart News Daily, broadcast live on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125 from 6AM to 9AM Eastern, Breitbart London editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam will continue our discussion the first 100 days of the Trump administration. Doran Cart, the senior curator at the National World War I Museum and Memorial, will discuss the Centennial Commemoration of the United States’ entry into World War I, which occurred 100 years ago on April 6, 1917. Ned Ryun, the Founder and CEO of American Majority, will discuss the recent reports about White House re-shuffling. Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton will discuss this week’s state visits to the White House, the Susan Rice surveillance scandal, and the U.N. Security Council’s response to the Syrian chemical weapons attack. Phillip Haney, former Department of Homeland Security official and author of See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad, will discuss how to deal with the Muslim Brotherhood. Live from London, Rome, and Jerusalem, Breitbart correspondents will provide updates on the latest international news. Breitbart News Daily is the first live, conservative radio enterprise to air seven days a week. SiriusXM Vice President for news and talk Dave Gorab called

‘Other Fish to Fry’: Despite Screaming Headlines, Bannon News Considered ‘Logical Evolution’

One has to read beyond the headlines about Steve Bannon and his role in the President Donald Trump administration to understand that he remains a senior adviser to the president with top security clearance and is welcome to attend any National Security Council meeting.

Nightly News Live: Why Bannon Was Ousted

Media over-exaggerates Bannon removal to fuel false narrative of friction

WTF, Donald: President Trump Falls For Syrian Gas Hoax, Alludes To Possible Military Action

Remember the time when Donald Trump messed up his response on H-1 Visas during one of the debates, and got justly shredded on social media for waffling on immigration?

Well, that was probably the last time that I was this mad at the guy over words said in public, although now we’re playing with far more than a few stupid comments on live television.

We are now talking about the lives of thousands of White Americans – potentially now on the line thanks to Trump’s gullibility on the Syrian issue of Bashar al-Assad allegedly using poison gas against his own people.

Never mind the fact that this is like the fourth or fifth time (((certain elements))) have tried to pin ISIS/rebel atrocities on the rightful leader of Syria, and never mind the fact that both the Russians and Syrian military have come forward to explain that the gassing was caused by an airstrike on a terrorist munitions factory storing chemical weapons.

None of that matters anymore – even apparently in the mind of the President (at least when certain elements whisper nonsense into his ear).

Instead you must look to your feels in a way that seems more at home in a Bush-era nation, or in Sweden.

From RT:

Trump has said his attitude toward President Bashar Assad and Syria has “changed very much,” when asked at a joint news conference with Jordan’s King Abdullah if the alleged chemical attack in Idlib crossed a red line.


“It crossed a lot of lines with me. When you kill innocent children – innocent babies – with chemical gas… that goes beyond red lines,” Trump told reporters on Wednesday.

Trump said the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria “cannot be tolerated,” but he did not say what the US might do in response. He blamed the incident on the government in Damascus.

“These heinous acts by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated,” added Trump. “My attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much. What happened yesterday is unacceptable to me.”

Pressed by reporters to reveal what he intended to do in response, Trump declined.

“Militarily, I don’t like to say when I’m going and what I’m doing,” he added. “I’m not saying I won’t do anything one way or another, but I certainly won’t be telling you [the media].”

Jordan’s King Abdullah praised Trump’s “realistic approach to the challenges in the region,” adding that Syria requires a political solution “that ends the conflict with the country preserving its unity and territorial integrity.”

At least 58 people, including 11 children, reportedly died and scores were injured after a hospital in Khan Sheikhoun was targeted in a suspected gas attack on Tuesday morning, Reuters reported, citing medics and rebel activists. Soon after a missile allegedly hit the facility, people started showing symptoms of chemical poisoning, such as choking and fainting.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, the Syrian Air Force destroyed a warehouse in Idlib province where chemical weapons were being produced and stockpiled by rebels before being shipped to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq.

The warehouse was used to both produce and store shells containing toxic gas, Major-General Igor Konashenkov said. The same chemical munitions were used by militants in Aleppo, where Russian military experts took samples in late 2016, Konashenkov said.

Trump himself harshly criticized the Obama administration’s intentions to intervene in Syria back in 2013, saying that the rebels were “just as bad as the current regime” and the US should stay out.

Asked about it on Wednesday, however, the president said his position has changed.

“I do change, and I am flexible. I am proud of that flexibility. The attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me,” Trump said.

“The world is a mess. I inherited a mess,” he told reporters, pointing to Syria and North Korea before adding, “we’re going to fix it.”

Donald, I want you to understand – you actually already might – that the Alt-Right supported you partly because of your commitment to ending foreign wars in desert hellholes as part of an initiative to benefit the Jews.

We’re sick of dead, we’re sick of wounded, we’re sick of our money being sent to support the infrastructure of useless nations that mean nothing to actual White humans, and we’re sick of “refugees” entering our nation thanks to our own military attacks.

Again, Mr. President, understand that we created you, and know that we could easily guarantee that you only exist as a one-term leader if you keep up with this foolishness.

Talk to Bannon, and have him explain to you just exactly what is going on in Syria.

Read RT, and have Tillerson ask the right questions in his upcoming meeting with Lavrov.

And at the end of the day, remember three simple words that will all but guarantee continued support in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.


Exclusive–Sen. Ron Johnson: ‘What We Do Know About Susan Rice Is You Can’t Believe What She Says’

The chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee told Breitbart News that he is very concerned about allegations that Susan Rice, President Barack Obama's national security adviser, abused her access to intelligence reports that included incidental collection of information about associates of President Donald Trump.

Paul Ryan: ‘We Will Need More Time to Do Tax Reform’

Wednesday in Washington D.C., House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said tax reform will take “more time” and could take longer than health care legislation. Ryan said, “We will need more time to do tax reform. The House has a plan but the Senate doesn’t quite have one yet. They’re working on one. The White House hasn’t nailed it down. So even the three entities aren’t on the same page yet on tax reform.” Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN

CORRUPTION: Top Mexican Official Paid to Tip Off Cartel on Probe

A top Mexican official is shown to have been an informant for the cartel.

Wednesday, U.S. prosecutors have let information loose regarding an embarrassing and horrific situation involving Mexican police. New documents, made public today, state that the commander for the Mexican law enforcement’s intelligence-sharing unit was giving pertinent information to the Beltran Leyva drug cartel in exchange for monetary kickbacks.

The AP reports:

Ivan Reyes Arzate was named in a U.S. district court indictment, just hours after Mexico’s federal police revealed an unnamed agent had been charged with obstructing an investigation.

What Mexican police commissioner Manelich Castilla did not reveal was that Ivan Reyes Arzate, the officer charged, was the commander of the federal police agency’s sensitive investigative unit.

The important things to note about this case are as follows:

  1. The U.S. have been integral in vetting and training the officers in the unit.
  2. There have been problems in the past from top commanders who “refused to be vetted or submit to background checks.”
  3. This indictment is fresh on the heels of the scandal involving the attorney general for the Mexican state of Nayarit which we reported on here at TGP.

This is only part of an ongoing saga between Mexico and the United States and another reason why we should protect our border.

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EndGame Exotica April 05, 2017

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GEO = Geopolitical News

News & Views: Xenophobic people are just unhappy?

April 05, 2017GEOa

News & Views: Susan Rice gets Trump'd!

April 05, 2017GEOb

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Neocons Beat War Drums For Intervention In Syria

If you haven’t heard the news, the neocons are agitating for a new war in Syria:

“BEIRUT, Lebanon — One of the worst chemical bombings in Syria turned a northern rebel-held area into a toxic kill zone on Tuesday, inciting international outrage over the ever-increasing government impunity shown in the country’s six-year war.

Western leaders including President Trump blamed the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad and called on its patrons, Russia and Iran, to prevent a recurrence of what many described as a war crime.

Dozens of people, including children, died — some writhing, choking, gasping or foaming at the mouth — after breathing in poison that possibly contained a nerve agent or other banned chemicals, according to witnesses, doctors and rescue workers. …”

At the UN, Nimrata Haley went so far as to hold up photos of dead children to get a kneejerk emotional reaction and and to threaten an outright unilateral American intervention:

“UNITED NATIONS—Nikki Haley, the new (or “fresh,” as she’s often described here) American Ambassador at the United Nations had been seen by Turtle Bay insiders as more of a star politician than detail-oriented diplomacy wonk.

That may have changed Wednesday, when Haley acted as the president of the UN Security Council for the month of April at a moment of major international crisis. In an emergency session, she hinted that America could act unilaterally if the council failed to meaningfully address a horrific and deadly chemical attack in Syria.

She also inserted a particularly poignant paragraph to a proposed council resolution. If adopted by the 15-members, that provision could create a world of trouble to the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and particularly to military officials responsible for the attack at Khan Shaykhun, an area in the southern part of Syria’s Idlib province. …”

The New York Times just published a new article by Russell Goldman called “Assad’s History of Chemical Attacks, and Other Atrocities”:

“In six years of war, President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has overseen a campaign of carnage, turning an enormous cache of deadly weapons against the very people they were presumably stockpiled to protect.

In a campaign to crush rebels and jihadists, Mr. Assad and his allies have relied on tactics that go far beyond the norms of modern warfare to kill many thousands of Syrians. Here are the ways they have done it. …”

President Trump condemned Syrian President Bashar Assad in a press conference. We’re being railroaded into a new war in Syria by the neocons with lightning speed:

Note: I’ve heard credible reports from Ramzpaul and The Ralph Retort that YouTube is demonetizing their videos opposing American intervention in Syria for not being “advertiser-friendly.”

Toxic Alec Baldwin’s New Memoir ‘Nevertheless’ Typical Leftist Drivel

Crazy liberal Alec Baldwin’s new memoir proves the left’s hypocrisy.

The far left is notorious for their worship of people with questionable morals. Look no further than the Clinton machine and how much power they have within the Democrat party. Alec Baldwin has been enjoying his stint on SNL where he portrays President Trump as an unstable maniac and the liberals are eating it up! In his new memoir, “Nevertheless”, he reminds us of what an upstanding person he is.

He wrote about his drug and alcohol problems during the 1980’s:

Playing a recurring role in the 1980’s prime time soap “Knots Landing,” Baldwin passed out in an Oregon hotel room after bingeing on cocaine and alcohol. He wound up in an ER, where he slept for 36 hours.

He also shot an indie film where he had racy scenes with a 17 year old actress then claimed the producers didn’t tell him she was only 17:

Baldwin recalled that when he shot the 2006 indie “Mini’s First Time,” he played a man having an affair with his stepdaughter. “I was forty-seven, and it never occurred to me to ask how old Nikki Reed was. When I found out, just as we finished, that she was seventeen

Fox News has reported that the Producer of the film claims Baldwin knew the actress was 17 and that he is lying in his memoir.

And of course who could ever forget the voicemail message to his daughter:

He also discusses the notoriously threatening, foul-mouthed voicemail he left for his daughter Ireland in 2007 in the midst of a custody battle with ex-wife Kim Basinger — a recording that was leaked to Harvey Levin’s TMZ.

It’s no wonder the left loves this man and what he stands for!

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Kendall Jenner Was Nice To A Police Officer In A Pepsi Ad, And The Left Is Mad

Are leftists upset because Pepsi's ad appropriated their tradition of protest to sell soda, or because Kendall Jenner was nice to a policeman?

Trump Authorization Rescues Ranchers Racked By Wildfires

Via Daily Caller: The government will allow ranchers affected by devastating wildfires to graze livestock on protected grasslands for a limited time, the Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced Tuesday. President Donald Trump directed the department to open emergency grazing in certain lands in the Conservation Reserve Protection program in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma following wildfires […]
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